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Found 9 results

  1. Item: 2 X Martin LOGAN Dynamo 700W 10inch Subwoofer (wireless capable) Location: Melbourne (Western Suburbs) Price: 1200.00 for Both 1050.00 I need to fund my new purchase. Reasonable offers considered. Item Condition: Used (Excellent condition) Reason for selling: Moved up a level Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with original boxes, wireless setup for anyone wanting to do so. Items are in excellent condition except for my grubby fingerprints, which will be wiped clean. Would prefer pickup, but could post at buyers expense, but they are heavy and large boxes so would be expensive I would imagine. I currently have the subs setup in a front firing config, but you can modify theses to be downward firing. Quite a clever little feature actually. Product Info: https://www.martinlogan.com/en/product/dynamo-700w RR: https://www.apollohifi.com.au/martin-logan-dynamo-700w-10inch-wired-wireless-subwoofer.html I know, my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. Pictures:
  2. Calling on the dual idler experts here! Feeling very out of my depth. I've just picked up a 1214 idler turntable...always wanted one and even though I realise it's not the best model it's in nice condition and the seller said she thought it worked. Sadly not. Anyway, the motor is stuck fast... Won't turn at all. Seems common. I've been trawling audiokarma etc and had a look at at least one service manual. First step seems to be to try and put some light mineral oil down the shaft. But here's the thing...got the platter off and lifted the plate off its plinth, but I can't access the bottom of the shaft past the plate it rises up through. Just can't get near it to put oil in. Do I need to remove the motor?? Is that easy to do without removing the idler which seems rather less straightforward with c clips and what not. Any advice gratefully accepted. 🙏
  3. Item: Dual 1214 turntable Location: Adelaide CBD Price: $140 $120 $90 - local pick up only Item Condition: see below Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pick up only Extra Info: This Dual turntable is in amazing cosmetic condition and all automatic functions appear to work fine however it would need some TLC to get it properly setup. Originally bought with the intention of doing it up myself but I'm not that savvy and haven't got around to it. Comes with original manual and purchase receipt from 1974. Pictures:
  4. OK! this is hard for me to do, but I'm in a bit of a pickle with finances so need to make some extra money...I'll be selling 90% of my collection, some of it is untested, some of it is currantly being used for my personnal use. I will try my best to provide as much info as I can remember on each unit. Item: Assorted Location: Monbulk, Victoria Price: Assorted Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Need money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, I will provide pics when asked, please note all units will need a clean as most have been stored for a while. Turntables: Thorens TD 145 Un tested, but assumed working, these are like the Sherman tanks of turntables! Stylus included but unsure of condition, no cover, reviews rate this turntable very very high!. SOLD Dual 1210 Tested and works, Stylus needs replacement but will be included, sounds amazing even with right channel distortion, compact design so would suit smaller area if space is an issue. $200 Luxman PD 291 Tested and sort of worked, it was a while ago and I can't remember what was wrong with it, but I kept it to fix up, so couldn't of been too bad, this is a truly beautiful turntable! comes with Ortofon OMB-5 cart, unsure of stylus condition. cover needs a polish, but would be well worth it as it is a master piece of design! $100 Micro Seiki MB-18 Tested and working, needs a new stylus or cart, cart delivered flat lifeless sound, I was going to replace the cart and use this in my personnel system, is a very dark mahogany look, and dark tinted cover, a very nice looking unit! Sold Sansui SR-212 Un tested, clean condition, unsure if working, found it not long ago and have not had a chance to look at it yet. $80 Pioneer Rondo 3000 I have a soft spot for Pioneer, I've had this one for a few years in storage, I'm sure it works, but I will list it as un tested as I've not touched it for a while, can check for perspective buyer if I find some time and have interest in it. $80 Amplifiers: JVC A-X1 Great little amp, very underrated, I used this for months as a stereo cinema set up, and it never disappointed! I upgraded years ago and have no use for it, but it's taken me until now to let it go! very clean condition, and I believe I cleaned all the pots and switches when I got it. $50 JVC VN-300 Nice unit, beautiful design, very under rated little unit, I was using this for a while until one of the channels popped, I have been meaning to fix it but never got around to it $60 Technics SU-7300 I actually don't want to sell this, but I have no use for it I was using it up until a few day ago in my sunroom system, but have now acquired a Rotel system that better suits my needs for the room, these are a great little amp, and sound way more powerful than specs would lead to believe. it's a great looking little unit as well. $150 Sansui AU-101 x 2 I have 2 of these, one with crackling channels, the other only one channel working, but these are pure sound at its best! would suit someone willing to repair and service. $60 each or $100 for both Sansui AU-2900 Un tested, good unit from reviews I’ve seen around, take a chance! it could very well work, I've never even plugged it in! $50 Sansui 331 Un tested, I don't even remember acquiring this one! I didn't even know I had it! I had a 221 years ago, and it was a great sounding unit, can only assume this is as well, but it is sold completely un tested never plugged in. $50 Akai AA-5000 Un tested, I purchased this from a very mature man selling up to travel Australia, he loved it and assured me it worked, but I’ve never checked it, needs a clean, assumed working, I also have the Akai speakers to go with it $40 the lot (what I paid) Tape Decks: Hitachi D-720 Un tested, rack mount handles, black in colour, top quality unit! $20 Onkyo TA-2022 Un tested, this was a quality unit back in its day, Onkyo used to make great tape decks! $20 Technics M225 I think I remember testing this and it worked, but the display on the front is wonky, would need to be opened up and fixed. $20 CD player: Pioneer PD-5010 Works, sounds great, black not silver, Pioneer quality! $50 Stereo System: Pioneer Amp - VSX-454 Amp was brought to me by a friend who thought they would "service" it and failed, it didn't need anything! it worked perfect, sounded fine, volume had a mind of its own at times but nothing un-controllable, they pulled the facia off and broke a ribbon wire, it's a good unit, lots of power! so I was going to fix it, but never had the time. CD player - PD-104 Works, not as pretty as the other one on offer but still has the Pioneer quality! Tape Deck - CT-W103 Works fine, double deck, nothing more to say really Tuner - F204 This is a great tuner! easy to use, lots of pre-sets! doesn't even look as ugly as all its family component’s! $40 the lot! Speakers: A.M.I Jorgan SE-50 These are a rare Dutch brand (I think) 20w, 8ohm, nothing spectacular really, vintage look, sound fine. $20 Wharfedale Veldus 300 100w, 4-8ohm, need to be re-coned, but otherwise very nice speakers. $40 Thorn 508SS I love these speakers, they look like terrible vintage low quality speakers, but they are anything but! they supply amazing sound paired with the right solid state amp, I had them set up with the Technics SU-7300, and they never ever failed to impress! they don't look the part, but are comparable to much more highly sort after speakers. As they are very durable little things might be great put to use in a garage or deck system, if you ever find a pair grab them! you won’t be disappointed! not rare, they do pop up from time to time in op-shops. $30 Well that about does it! I hope for all these units to go to a loving home, and to be appreciated for what they are!
  5. Item: Dual 1225 Turntable Location: Monbulk, Vic Price: $200 ono Item Condition: 100% working and sounding amazing, but dirty! Reason for selling: Plinth is the size of a small planet and I only have earth to put it on. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I don't know what more to say about these Dual tanks, they don't break, they sound amazing, and if I was to go into war I'd want a suit of armour made from these turntables. Pictures:
  6. Item: Dual 1225 Turntable Location: Monbulk, Vic Price: $100 (Not Neg) Item Condition: 8/10 cosmetically Reason for selling: Doesn't suit my requirements, or fit where I was going to use it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Only thing that doesn't seem to work is the Start Stop switch, Stylus seems to be in reasonable condition, produces good sound on a decant amp, this video is on a low end Technics amp with issues, so don't judge by this amp! Pictures:
  7. Item: Dual 1229 Fully Automatic Turntable, with new plinth and OM10 cart (<150 hours) Location: Sydney - Carlingford Price: $450 ono Item Condition: Very Good. Everything works except for record changer. Had a full service and new plinth rebuild about a year ago. I have an old Garrard cover in excellent condition that I use on this but not hinged. It is included. Reason for selling: Not sure - upgrading I think? Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash Extra Info: This is considered to be one of the best Duals ever made. It has a 1 year old OM10 cart and a new plinth. This was serviced by Chris Radford in Hornsby and he spent a lot of time getting everything smooth and working again. I think in it's current form it sounds very good. With a better cart, who knows? Now this model has the record changer function where you can stack a bunch of LPs and it will drop each one. I never used this and can't confirm if it works. I like it how it is. Speed is good and all of the auto functions work. It has a built in strobe light and plays 33/45. No idea about 78s. Sound is very dynamic and I have never had any problems with the tracking. Note: When the arm first moves across to play it makes a small creaking sound. Once the arm drops in place to play it is silent. That mechanism only engages when moving the arm. It can be fixed but never bothered me. Put the LP on, press the button and go and sit down. You get to hear the first note from your seat and not standing next to your speaker. For the anal retentive I believe that the next upgrade to this would be to service the motor/bearings but it has no noise and Chris confirmed he could do this if required. It is a beautiful turntable and I am not sure about what I need to spend to upgrade from this but I guess that is part of the journey! The asking price is way less than I spent on the service and plinth. Edit: Also the black parts of the table were resprayed as part of the service. Pictures:
  8. German made Dual 505-3 with Dual tonearm with Ortofon OM10 cartridge with a new stylus. Works very well but no 45rpm, comes with a lid. This unit has an automatic arm lift and works well. I have had no issues with it. Asking $120. Reason for selling, too much gear. Happy to ship, buyer pays shipping costs. Relatively light turntable so shipping should be reasonable.
  9. Item: this is a Dual 1216 turntable Location: Western Suburbs Melbourne Price: $SOLD Item Condition: Looks good - see photos. Serial number intact. "Made in Germany" labels are clear. Platter rotates by hand with ease. Please note - (1) does not go when plugged in. (2) 33 to 45 adjustment lever is sloppy, I suspect the grease hardened and the switch was pushed over too hard against it (3) no counterweight on the arm (4) sold without the cartridge, see below (5) sold without dustcover, see below. This is definitely a refurbishment project. Reason for selling: WAF and a learning curve. "You can't store that on the living room floor" "You're never going to have the time to fix that" "I don't care it's worth $250 working, you have 4 others already". Tip: keep the old gear in the garage, because out of sight is out of mind. Payment Method: Will ship; double-boxed. Shipping at buyer's expense. Or pick up from Melbourne, or can arrange delivery within much of Melbourne or Geelong. Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: The base is genuine wood not plastic. The Dual 1216 is an idler drive turntable featuring a 4-pole asynchronous pole motor with radialelastic suspension. The unit has a 3.2 lb platter and 3-speed selection with pitch control of 6%. The 1216 tonearm is a torsionally rigid, aluminium type with vertical needle bearings, horizontal 2-layer precision ball bearings in hardened and polished races. The cartridge holder (headshell) is removable and accepts 1/2" cartridges with a weight of 1-8g. This is the 10" platter. Includes the Dual spindle device, I think this is for multiple records. Dual have a very good site to help refurbishers who love German engineered turntables. Interweb resto info on this is here: http://www.audiokarm...hp/t-39253.html Please PM me Item: Dual turntable lid - suits many Duals Location: Western Suburbs Melbourne Price: $SOLD Item Condition: very good - some light scratching, holes in it for screws, no cracks, no gouges, corners are intact. Reason for selling: as above. Payment Method: Will ship, double-boxed. Shipping at buyer's expense. Or pick up from Melbourne, or can arrange delivery within much of Melbourne or Geelong. Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: lid is sold separately as these lids are apparently quite sought-after and fit many Duals and they are hard to reproduce in the colour and Dual contour. [s'funny that something would break after fifty years use]. Minor surface scratching is restored using motorcycle or aircraft windscreen plexiglass cleaners, says the Dual website. Please PM me Item: Cartridge - Audio Dynamics ADC 220X. Location: Western Suburbs Melbourne Price: $withdrawn Item Condition: without stylus. Visually is complete. Unplayed in recent years and no guarantees on performance. Reason for selling: as above. Payment Method: Will ship. Shipping at buyer's expense. Or pick up from Melbourne, or can arrange delivery within much of Melbourne or Geelong. Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: Is the 220X: .7 conical Please PM me Pictures:
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