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Found 11 results

  1. Hiya! I wanted to share my recent experience with my power setup as it surprised me and might be worth an experiment or two for you. Bit of a mega post but stick with it for teardowns and polarity adventures. I bought an Audio by Van Alstine humdinger to try and nail the very faint hum from my Innuos LPSU. Turns out it didn't. The hum is very faint but I have a million smart devices around and I thought it couldn't hurt to leave it. Recently I decided to sell the humdinger to 'tidy up a bit' after a speaker upgrade and as it didn't remove the hum. But I was
  2. Hi There I have developed a plan to build 5 tiny cube active speakers and a sub woofer to make up a 5.1 surround system with my Theta Casablanca III surround processor. I am looking for sound quality rather than volume but our AV space is fairly large and I’m a DIY newbie so I’m looking for advice. I can think of a few areas where informed experience could advise, but of course I don’t know what I don’t know so I am open to thoughts in other areas. Tiny speakers are a priority so I’m not really looking for advice on which 2 or 3 driver speakers in bigger boxes might give better qua
  3. During this pandemic I've had more time to get things done around the house including sorting out some speaker crossovers issues. These diy speakers were built by my old-school teacher and somehow they ended up in my hands. Originally they were setup with active crossovers but were changed back to a passive setup. Unfortunately, the crossovers were slapped together but still sounded great. Me being me I had to sort it out. I also decided to upgrade with better spec components still using the hand wound inductors. Performed a freq sweep and even though they look pretty good they needed tweeking
  4. Further information: A pair of as-new Dayton (Parts Express) DC160-8 "Classic" series coated paper woofers, detailed specs attached. Dayton's Classic DC160 is a very smooth sounding woofer, used in a range of DIY projects such as Paul Carmody's "Classix II" TM and 2.5TMM, the "Dayton III" MTM and the "Affordable Accuracy Monitor" TM. Excellent bass for a 6" woofer, sounds particularly good with music which is less well recorded, such as 60s pop/rock. I use them in the Classix II with a VIFA BC25TG tweeter(photo of amateur looking cabinet att.), which are great spea
  5. Tube amplifier homemade? With this post, I would like to advise all of you who believe that output transformers must be purchased that there is an alternative. Purchasing or reusing 'lacqer-insulated' copper wire can be used to make your own output transformer with the help of a computer program created by Yves Monmagnon. Here are two videos where I first make a chatode biased amplifier, then rebuild it into a fixed biased amplifier. In the last video, each tube is checked to be adjusted, and then the entire amplifier is benchmarked with the help of an ocilloscope and RMS voltmeter. Here is
  6. Further information: Pair of Peerless SDS Paper Cone woofers, tested but as new condition. Good sounding woofers, suitable for 2 or 3 way DIY project, I tested them with a VIFA BC25TG tweeter in a two way, but they are also used in Paul Carmody's well known "Tarkus" 3 way DIY design. Surface mount so no countersinking required. Manufacturer supplied specs: 88.2 dB (1w/1m), Fs: 45 Hz, QTS: 0.46, VAS 30.7l, Xmax: 3.46mm Surplus to requirements, I have too many drivers. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multi
  7. Item: Loudspeaker Design Cookbook - Vance Dickason Price Range: up to 40 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'd like to kick off my day speaker building career. If anyone has a used, preferably later edition I'd be interested. $40 or a bit more depending on condition and I'll pay postage to Sunny Coast. Thanks for reading Craig
  8. Further information: Smart looking in vivid red and even better sounding SRPP tube preamp. Built on a Hammond Wood cheek chassis with external PS. A 24V wall wart (provided) powers the PS which joins to the preamp via a heavy cord. Tubes are Gold Lion Gold pin E88CC. This original design was re-tweaked by the designer to work even better with this specific tube. Two selectable inputs from small front Switch one set of output RCAs. Drives into heavy loads with ease and powers my Holton amps well. 4oz solid brass gold plated knob on Alps blue velvet pot. WBT silver solder throughout
  9. For the first time, I have a dedicated room for HT and Gaming and I have finally finished the acoustic treatment of the room. To create this space of 3.4 x 4.9 x 2.5 meter, I had to move the laundry, toilet and bathroom and knock some walls down. Yes…….. the missus really, really loves me. I had a look at soundproofing the room but decided to not go through with that idea, because the room was rather smallish to begin with and the build a bit complicated, with all the different walls and joist intersecting with each other and with the rest of the house. The room has a double brick
  10. COVID-19 took a real toll on postage time but I eventually received all of the components from various sources and started my build of a Stereo Coffee within the last week or so. Chris Daly (@stereo coffee) is an amazingly responsive and knowledgeable designer and I could always rely on him replying to my emails with extreme rapidity and clarity; he's a pleasure to deal with. I believe that I could have ordered a built up unit from Chris for the ongoing cost of everything I have amassed, however I enjoyed this voyage of discovery, having never before built any electronics,
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