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Found 512 results

  1. FS: Chord Mojo

    Item: Chord Mojo Dac Location: melbourne Price: $425 Item Condition: superb almost never used Reason for selling: not getting used Payment Method: Pick up Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with original box, almost never used Note1: this is the cheapest price I've seen one of these listed for (by some margin). Please don't haggle, price is firm Note 2: rather than upset anyone I'm stating upfront that I'll sell to whomever I choose to sell to. Even if you are first, it's my choice… just so no-one complains Pictures:
  2. Item: Holo Spring DAC level 3 "Kitsune Tuned" + Singxer su-1 Location: Melbourne Price: $2500 for both Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Holo Audio’s Spring DAC – This model is the fully loaded version with Silver transformer upgrade and Jensen Cap upgrades. Patented R2R technology. This is the first discrete DAC that has linear compensation and this allows for ultimate music reproduction accuracy. Dual R2R network for PCM, and Dual R2R network for DSD Singxer SU-1: if you don't know what this is have a look at this SNA thread that describes it as a "game changer for USB and computer audio" To quote For those not quite up to speed with what this thing does, it takes the USB data output from a computer or dedicated music server and converts the information to be outputted to a DA Convertor, via an HDMI i2s connection (the best option); or out through a spdif/coax (almost as good); a three pin balanced out connection or BNC connector(likely better than coax). I'd prefer to sell these locally as I don't have the box for the Holo Pictures:
  3. FS: Topping D10 DAC

    Item: Topping D10 DAC Location: Princes Hill Price: $90 + postage ONO Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I just wanted to see what it was like. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this DAC from Topping via Alibaba about two weeks ago just to try out upsampling PCM to DSD using roon. The DAC, for the price, is amazing - lots of detail, good bass control and quite a nice top end. The build quality is also very good. Given the price I was extremely impressed. The DAC uses the power from the USB input so no external power supply is required. I was driving it using a Raspberry Pi and it worked well. The DAC comes in its original packing and is in excellent condition. It was only used for about four hours. There isn't much information available on the web but here is a link to the manufacturers website: http://www.tpdz.net/en/products/d10/index.htm Now my experiment is over it's time to move it on. Pictures:
  4. Item: iFi Audio - micro iDAC2 - USB DAC and Headphone Amp - up to DSD256 and PCM384kHz supported Location: Sydney Price: $300 with free postage around Aus Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I bought this for dad last year and he's enjoyed it with Roon DSD and PCM up-sampling. He's since upgraded his DAC. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - All features and specs here: https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/micro-idac2/ - Full user manual here: http://ifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/data/manual/micro iDAC2-Manual.pdf - See photos. This is a fully USB 5V bus powered DAC (there's no input for external DC power in). - The only input is USB. The outputs are RCA and Headphone Amp output. It also has a SPDIF digital coax RCA output so can act as a USB to Digital Coax converter up to PCM192kHz and DSD64 via DoP (see photos and manual and website above). - Comes with USB cable and RCA cable. See photos. Pictures:
  5. Item: Bel Canto DAC2.7 Location: Sydney Price: $1800 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: DAC and Pream. Very good Head phone amplifier as well. Five digital input, one analogue input.Can set up as HT bypass for home theater. Have remote, manual and box. Can ship interstate on buyer's cost. RRP $3995 https://klappav.com.au/products/dac-2-7 A lot of reviews on net https://www.pressreader.com/australia/australian-hifi/20160905/283437780934303 http://absolutehiend.com/ahe_files/pdf/BC2.7.pdf https://www.hifitoday.com/bel-canto-dac-2-7-e-one-review/ http://absolutehiend.com/ahe_files/pdf/2.7.pdf Pictures:
  6. Item: Asus STX II 7.1 24-bit 192Khz pcie sound-card with MUSES01 and MUSES02 op-amp upgrades in original box - relist with price drop Location: Lower North Shore Sydney Price: $375 firm Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrade HT amp so using HDMI audio now Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The standard Asus STX II 7.1 is $449 from most retailers. This was then upgraded with 3 x MUSES01 and 3x MUSES02 opamps on the Left, Right an Center Channels. and the Muses8920 were put on the side L & R channels. See pics for current op-amp config. The opamp upgrades cost $350 themselves and made a significant improvement over the standard opamps, which are also included. This is a surprisingly high-end sound coming from a sub $1000 device. I would recommend not using the stock drivers, but using the UNi Xonar Drivers. The ASIO drier with low latency DPC is rock solid and provides excellent results. http://maxedtech.com/download/uni-xonar-w10-1825-v1-81a-r2/ I can get the latency down to 8ms using 24-bit multi-channel with these ASIO drivers. If like me you had a reciever that could not do the high definition audio conversion (DTS-MA. Dolby TruHD etc) then this is a perfect solution as you lan let your computer decode through this card and then input through the multi-in on the receiver. This solution has work well for me aprat from the fact my Denon ACV-1SRA was having difficulty driving 5 Dynaudio 4 Ohm speakers at higher volumes, so I found something with even more power than the Denon and went for that. I still have the original box as pictured. Receipts for OPAMPS pictured to prove genuine Japanese units, not chinese knock-offs. Pictures:
  7. Item: Audio-GD NFB-5 DAC, Headphone Amp, Digital PreAmp Location: North Melbourne or Surfcoast Victoria Price: $300 including Postage Item Condition: Very Good to Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Purchased ~ 4 years old Comes with additional Moon Op-amps as extra (never got around to fitting them), as well as standard ones which are currently fitted. Dual WM8805 chips, USB 24-96, Optical and Coaxial 24-192 Info about DAC / Headphone Amp on Darko Audio site. Pictures: JJ
  8. Item: Meitner MA-1 DAC (version 2 upgraded) Location: Melbourne Price: $4,800 & I will donate 1% of sale to SNA. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Trying a pre-amp/DAC approach Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or Paypal Extra Info: Recently (Dec 2017) upgraded to version 2 - see back photo, which brings this up to the current model and performance levels. Comes with remote from Meitner that enables selection of input source. I purchased from PureMusicGroup 2 years ago. To quote from the Version 2 upgrade announcements: MDAC™ is now fully discrete DSD512/8xDSD D/A converters completely built in-house at EMM Labs' manufacturing facility in Canada Their multi-award winning MDAT2™ DSP has also been refined and updated to synergistically work with the new 8xDSD MDAC™. The new MDAT2™ DSP does real-time transient detection, processing and up-conversion of all incoming audio, PCM and DSD, before sending it to the new MDAC™ The DSD audio signal path has been re-designed allowing for further enhancements in transparency during the DSD to Analog conversion process Proprietary hardware galvanic isolation for the USB Audio interface Supports sampling rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz at word lengths up to 24 bits through all 6 digital inputs, Support for DSD128/2xDSD and DXD streaming via USB Audio Support for DSD (DoP) streaming via TOSLINK, SPDIF and AES No configuration necessary, just plug and play. And the V1 URL: https://www.meitner.com/ma-1.html For anyone asking (or interested), I'm looking to move to a pre-amp/DAC directly connected to a power-amp. Have original packaging - able to ship (at buyers additional cost). Pictures:
  9. SOLD: FS: iFi Nano iDSD

    Item: iFi Nano iDSD Location: Brisbane Price: 140 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Was doing duty at work but Im using my AMR DP777se now so it may as well go Pictures:
  10. Item: Cyrus 8 Qx integrated amp with DAC Location: Lindfield, Sydney Price: $1600 o.n.o. Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Smaller accommodation so am not using amp or speakers now Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: DESCRIPTION Cyrus is a renowned British manufacturer of quality audio equipment. This award-winning model is now discontinued but was the premium integrated amplifier from the Cyrus range and includes the high-performance Qx DAC card. It can be upgraded with other Cyrus components to build a complete hi-fi system. https://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/other-resources/legacy-products/integrated-amplifiers/8-qx-dac/ This compact model has plenty of control and detail with good bass. The DAC produces fast dynamic sound, clear and well-balanced, and provides 5 digital inputs. High-quality modern integrated circuits are used for most signal-handling functions, including volume control. It has a large mains transformer to provide ample power. The aluminium die-cast chassis minimises resonance and is very durable. The IR remote control handset is included, and so is the original box. Please note that the picture with the towels shows the actual item for sale. The others are supplier's images. Retail price was over $3,000. SPECS Inputs: 6 analogue, 2 electrical SPDIF, 2 optical SPDIF + 1 USB (Computer slave input) Power: 350VA transformer Output power: 115W into 4 Ohms; 70W into 8 Ohms Outputs: Zone 2, preamp out, headphone, bi-wire loudspeakers Total harmonic distortion: 0.002% 1kHz into 8 Ohms Damping factor at 8 ohm: (1 kHz) - 150 Signal to noise ratio: 104 dB Frequency response: 3 dB Origin: UK Weight: 6 Kg Dimensions: 215 (W) x75 (H) x 365 (D) mm SUPPLIER REVIEWS http://audiodream.hr/product/cyrus-8-qx-dac/ https://www.hifix.co.uk/cyrus-8qx-dac-amplifier http://www.analogueseduction.net/category-1349/8-2DAC.html http://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/cyrus-8-2-dac-integrated-amplifier.html USER REVIEWS https://www.avforums.com/threads/cyrus-8-qx-dac-stereo-amp-with-dac.1857259/ MANUAL Available online, or I will supply a soft copy. CONDITION Mint condition. I bought it new and am very careful with my equipment. This amp has had minimal usage and has never been pushed hard, as I live in a small apartment with close neighbours. From smoke-free, pet-free, child-free home. Externally, both the amp and handset are pristine without any marks, scratches or other signs of wear. MY HISTORY To confirm my reliability as a private seller, please view my feedback on Ebay (you will need to look at previous years as I have been using Gumtree recently): http://feedback.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=winner.grinner&ftab=AllFeedback&items=25 Pictures:
  11. Item: Schiit Multibit Gungnir Gen 5 DAC! Location: Brisbane, Queensland 4053 Price: $1400 OBO (or best offer) Item Condition: Good, Missing ONE Screw due to losing it when installing the Gen 5 module. Will post pictures once I dust the unit. Reason for selling: Want to get a Geiseler GroB DAC! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from @markm1111 in August last year, this DAC has served me faithfully over these last six months. It was purchased for $1650 including shipping. Functionally excellent though some smudges may exist on unit due to having the Jotunheim amp stacked on top of it. Also, one or two screws are missing as I lost them when installing the Gen 5 USB board. The installation was successful and I still have the Gen 2 USB board if you want that too! Pictures: Incoming!
  12. Item: Cambridge CXN Network Streamer Location: Melbourne, NE suburbs Price: $900 Item Condition: Excellent - 9/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this unit from an SNA member a couple of months ago, but I rapidly found that I rarely used it & tended to stream direct the amp. Apart from investigating the DAC (yes, it’s pretty good), and the balanced outputs which makes a significant difference to the SQ, Its rarely been used. Now I’ve upgraded to streaming to a SOtM & a Chord 2Qute this needs a new home. For the money, these units are great value - The unit is excellent condition. I can’t see a scratch on it. It comes with remote, Bluetooth dongle, power lead. It’s double boxed so it can be shipped pretty easily at purchaser's expense. However, prefer a local buyer if possible. There are many reviews out there, and they a rightly supportive https://www.whathifi.com/cambridge-audio/cxn/review http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/cambridge-audio-cxn Pictures:
  13. Item: Schiit Jotunheim + iFi iDSD Micro Black Label + 1.5m Audioquest Carbon USB cable Location: Brisbane, Queensland 4053 Price: $400 for the Jotunheim, $300 for the Black Label, $110 for the Audioquest Item Condition: Black Label is in fair condition, Jotunheim is in good condition and the Audioquest has no box. Reason for selling: Want to get PicoWatson's Auralic Taurus and not have to save for a Ifi ICan Pro! $700 vs $2500! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Jotunheim is a bit over a year old and bought locally from A2A on the 27th January last year. I have the receipt in my email and I will help buyers with warranty. Jotunheim has original box and has not been modified. The Ifi Black Label was bought from Galactic Soap a few weeks ago for $400. Condition is roughly the same as the pictures on that thread indicate. Will provide more pictures once I get access to phone camera. The Audioquest Carbon comes without box and was bought from The Audio Tailor/Aussie Hifi in Camp Hill last year. All prices inclusive of shipping Pictures:
  14. Item: LH Labs Geek Pulse Location: Lower North Shore Sydney Price: $300 + shipping Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I backed this DAC around 1.5 years ago, it wasn't used as much as I thought I would. I think the total listening time was less then 20 hours in the first two weeks it came, and then i packed it back in the box. Prefer local pickup but willing to post at buyer's expense. I still have the original packing box. All accessories that shipped from LH Labs are included. Pictures:
  15. SOLD: SOLD: Bricasti M1 DAC

    Item: Bricasti M1 DAC Location: Sydney Price: $5,500 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, buyer pays for delivery costs Extra Info: Firmware upgraded to 1.3.2. Power supply also upgraded. Well reviewed product. Comes with original box and remote control unit. This is the highly reviewed audiophile grade M1 DAC from Bricasti Design, who also manufactures professional equipment for the music industry. This is a high end DAC and competes with DACs selling at 2-3 times the RRP price. Just Google and you will see all the positive reviews from hi fi reviewers and consumers alike. The M1 digital to analog converter is a dual mono design; there are two completely isolated channels, each with its own dedicated linear power supply, D/A converter, DDS clocking, and analog circuitry. This design ensures that analog crosstalk is virtually nonexistent, that the necessary power requirements for each channel are well met and isolated from each other and the digital processing is isolated, having its own power supply. With the twin DAC design, the dynamic range for each channel is optimised by using the stereo ADI 1955 D/A converter in a mono configuration. The M1 also includes Bricasti's own proprietary filter technology. This DAC produces the most natural and organic sound based on my years of audiophilia and has been partnered with a Antipodes DX music server feeding into a Vitus RI-100 amp serving a pair of YG Acoustics Carmel 2's. A number of SNA'ers have been to my place to listen to this combination and have had the usual "jaw dropped" experience. For the complete specifications on this unit you can check out the manufacturer's website http://www.bricasti.com/en/consumer/m1.php I respect the well researched consumer so will leave it here. PM me if any questions. Pictures:
  16. Item: Perpetual Technologies P3A DAC + P1A Upsampler + Monolithic Power Supply . Location: Melbourne Price:Total Cost $3,900 US, sell for $650 firm . Postage: Buyer to pay Item Condition: perfect working order. Reason for selling: No longer required . Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer . Extra Info: Modwright level 2 modifications and also Emperical Audio Turbo mods. Power supply modded with Jensen 4-pole cap + Bybee quantum purifiers. Includes - Audio Magic Mystic Reference IS2 cable for between DAC and upsampler . Bonus extras are: Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Silver- Reference Digital IS2 for connecting P3A to P1A and 2 x Revelation Audio Labs Cryo Silver Reference cables to connect Monolithic Power Supply to DAC and Upsampler. REVIEWS - http://stereotimes.com/acc040201.shtml https://www.stereophile.com/content/perpetual-technologies-p-1a-dd-p-3a-da-processors-followup Pictures:
  17. Item: JK Ciúnas USB-to-SPDIF Converter Location: Perth Price: $300 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Excess to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This model is the direct upgrade from John Kenny's JKSPDIF Mk3. Unlike the JKSPDIF models, this one isn't based on the M2Tech HiFace. Instead, he re-designed it from the ground up on an Amanero board. VERY GOOD CONDITION. The unit is silver and is in perfect cosmetic condition. Comes with a power cable that connects to a computer via USB. I'll throw in a BNC cable for free. The only negative is that the blue light only stays on for a short while before dimming. This has NO effect on anything, aside from the visual aspect. The Ciúnas uses a LiFePO4 battery to take to remove Power Supply noise from the equation altogether. The Converter uses a trickle charger (included) and can run completely off the grid. It doesn't even use the 5V from the USB connection removing yet another source of noise. It uses Async USB and can handle bit/sample rates up to 24/192. This unit has been a fantastic companion for vintage DACs (Adcom GDA600, Theta Pro Progeny/Basic III, Sonic Frontiers TransDAC, and a Parasound D/AC 1000) as well as DIY units that benefited from using coax over USB (the AMB Labs Gamma2). More details can be found at JK's website here https://sites.google.com/site/jkciunas/converter. The price for one purchased new is €385 + €20 Shipping (~$615 AUD); they also include a 7-14 day wait time just to ship. I'm looking for $300 AUD. These don't come up for sale that often on the forums - for a damn good reason. Please message me and tell me your postage address and I can give you a total price including postage costs. Pictures:
  18. FS: Metrum Hex DAC

    Item: Metrum Hex DAC Location: Melbourne Price: Cost $3,600 Sell $1700 Firm . Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to a Metrum Adagio ($11,000 ) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash on Pick up, Paypal, Bank Transfer , COD Extra Info: Owners are very satisfied with this DAC , that's why you hardly ever see them available for sale . Includes built in USB module and Synergistic Research Red Fuses . Excerpt from the Absolute Sound Review = The Metrum Hex is a truly inspirational sounding DAC, it is relaxed, open, extremely revealing and has superb timing and dynamics. The Octave is good, but this is in another league to most of the other converters on the market . I didn’t have one to hand but the DAC that comes to mind as being close in many respects is the MSB Platinum IV Signature, a £12,000 converter last time I looked and among the very best on the planet. The Hex really does punch at that level. It is high definition in terms of detail resolution, very strong on dynamics and beautifully timed. You get all the life out of a recording without the grain that often accompanies vibrant sounding digital audio. It is vinyl standard in all except noise levels which are naturally much lower. It doesn’t sound like vinyl because there isn’t the character of mechanical playback that is intrinsic to the format but it does all the good things that vinyl can; energy, excitement and considerable musical communication. Put on a decent hi res recording and the musicians are placed firmly in the room in such living, breathing form that only your eyes will tell you it ain’t so. The Hex reveals almost as much about the quieter instruments in the mix as it does for those at center stage. This is clearly an extremely quiet converter, one that keeps highs clean and presents them in a solid, tangible fashion so that they recreate the defining edges of each note in a convincing fashion. The Hex is a high end bargain. Pictures:
  19. Item: Olive One player Location: Sydney Ultimo Price: $410 Item Condition: Used but in as new condition. Reason for selling: Buying new player Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Olive One hd player, DAC and amplifier All in one Olive One hd player DAC with buildin amplifier with 250GB SSD hard drive You can play music from buildin hard drive( if you need more space you can change hard drive) or you can listen music from your network via WiFi or Bluetooth. It has bluetooth receiver and transmitter so you can pair it with your bluetooth headphones. It comes with Apple/Android app for full control. Also it has internet radio. You can just add pair of good speakers and enjoy in great HD sound or connecting as streamer with your HiFi amplifier. RRP: $2250 Specs and more info: www.myoliveone.com Ultra HD Sound Digital-Analog-Converter Based on Burr-Brown PCM5142: 32-bit/384kHz Dynamic Range / SNR: 112 dB THD+N: - 93 dB @ - 1 dBFS (Typical) 8X oversampling Dual amplifiers and DSP 2x 32W/channel into 8 Ohm, high-efficiency (92%) 1 amp per channel provides perfect channel separation DSP with Olive's patent-pending SMART technology Supported Audio Formats WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis Audio Output Analog: 3.5mm Gold-plated speaker binding posts Digital: Bluetooth Digital out (Coax, RCA) USB Digital Audio Input Bluetooth DLNA/UPnP Pictures:
  20. Item: Audiolab M-DAC Location: Lara VIC 3212 Price: $600 ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Everything must go! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent DAC - multi award winner. Black. Excellent condition with the plastic screen cover still attached. Remote included. I don't have the box and would prefer local pickup / delivery. Review: https://www.whathifi.com/audiolab/m-dac/review Pictures:
  21. Item: PS Audio Directstream DAC with Bridge II Location: Sydney Price: 5250 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this Directstream from Magenta Audio in February 2017 and it blew me away. In my system, it was one of those 'step ups' that gets you excited about the music all over again. This is from the PS Audio website: “Astounding“, “Gave up vinyl finally“, “Never heard anything like it!” Product of the year in both Stereophile and TAS, Darko Knock Out award, Editor’s choice and Golden Ear awards. DirectStream is one of the most remarkable DACS ever built and the reviewers agree. Hand written, discrete, perfection based conversion that uncovers all the missing information hiding in your digital audio media. CD’s, high-resolution PCM or DSD based media are expertly upsampled in the DirectStream to ten times DSD rate and output as pure analog directly into your amplifier or preamplifier. Now, full MQA, Tidal (including Masters), and Roon ready with Bridge II installed. I should point out that my unit is not an off-the-shelf Directstream unit, but a PWD mk2 that Mike at Magenta upgraded with the latest DSD kit. Mike assured me that there is no difference at all between this and a new bought Directstream other than it is in the original PWD case - which is why Magenta badges it a 'Directstream' post the upgrade. The warranty runs until Feb 12 2018. I should point out that under certain light, you can see swirl marks on the top - like you get where you clean a car - I've tried to show this in one of the pics, but it's not easy! NB Like all this PS Audio gear, is still benefitting from firmware updates to improve the performance still further! In my system it was connected directly to my power amp, which doesn't have a remote, so the ability to use the Directstream as a DAC/PRE, and to use the Directstream remote was a huge bonus. I have the double box/air cushion so interstate is possible - but would prefer a Sydney buyer/pickup if possible. Remote is still in original packaging as I had another PS audio remote to use. Pictures:
  22. Item: Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Location: Collingwood Park, Qld (Brisbane) Price: $325 + postage if required (must be registered) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: Cash, Paypal (+3%) or Bank Deposit Extra Info: Excellent DAC for the money with plenty of input and output options. This is the asynchronous model.
  23. Item: Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 network streamer and DAC (silver) Location: Newport, VIC Price: $490 ONO Item Condition: Great condition Reason for selling: Need cash for home theatre upgrade Payment Method: Cash at pickup Extra Info: I have a silver Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 network streamer and DAC, in great condition, incl. all of the original accessories. Has never missed a beat since I purchased it. Audition can be organised upon request. Specs: Network music player with 20,000 internet radio stations Music streaming from computer / NAS / USB Digital audio pre-amp featuring optional digital volume and channel balance control Upsampling Digital to Analogue Converter featuring S/PDIF and Toslink digital inputs and USB audio input (all 24 bit compatible) Twin Wolfson WM8740 DACs ATF2 audio up-sampling to 24-bit/384kHz USB audio input allowing streaming of up to 24-bit/192kHz audio from computer Gapless playback supported Selectable digital filters – linear phase, minimum phase, steep Free Apple/Android app giving control of unit Support for optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver, allowing audio to be streamed and upsampled from any paired aptX or A2DP Bluetooth device Balanced and unbalanced analogue audio outputs for superior connectivity Full metal casework design with thick brushed aluminium front panel and dual layer damped feet, giving enhanced resonance control Eco-friendly <0.5W Standby power consumption Azur Navigator remote control with Cambridge Audio amplifier control Further information and specs: https://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/200268701/Stream_Magic_6_Technical_Specification.pdf Detailed review: https://www.whathifi.com/cambridge-audio/stream-magic-6/review
  24. Item: Geek Pulse Xfi (2 available) + LPS + Geek Out 720 Location: Melbourne Price: Geek Pulse Xfi + LPS AUD650; Geek Pulse Xfi AUD400; Geek Out 720 AUD60; Shipping to be paid by buyer Item Condition: Geek Pulse Xfi and LPS - Brand New Unopened; Geek Out 720 - used for a few times only Reason for selling: Surplus, never used or needed them actually... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from Indiegogo campaigns. Basically just want to get rid of them... Pictures:
  25. Item: DA-06 and Tortech Step-down Isolating transformer Location:Denmark WA Price: $1,900 plus shipping Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Rationalising gear, down to my last two DACS. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This unit is only several years old and is in excellent condition in all respects. Comes with original packaging. Note that it is the japanese model and hence the Tortech Step Down Isolating transformer. It is of course an outstanding DAC and has a very smooth sound but nevertheless I dont want it anymore and hence the very good price. Australian price is around $5,000 I believe. Reviews are readily available on the net. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask or PM and discuss with me. Pictures: