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Found 8 results

  1. (This discussion, has been migrated from @Sir Triode's Affordable Ultrasonic RCM from Poland thread.) This project was inspired by @EV Cali's DIY machine & advice from biochemist guest110 on Audiokarma. Based on the same 6L China-made Ultrasonic cleaner tank (avail on ebay.au), with a bit of engineering input, we rigged up a simple & affordable-to-manufacture prototype, using sheet stainless steel, a locally avail inexpensive rotisserie motor (same as @EV Cali's), a rod, spacers & a couple of record clamp nuts. here's the prototype running..... Cheers, Owen http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  2. Item: Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ, 64 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW Price: $598 Item Condition: Excellent Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal Extra Info: With great cleaniness comes great(er) fidelity-ness when it comes to playing your vinyl treasures - so behold one of the strangest sounding product names in the business! Note: Apparently Okki Nokki is Dutch for 'Thumbs Up'. What isn't strange is the fact that this unit comes with not one but two bottles of cleaning solution, enough for many a record to be restored to it's former glory! It works by loosening via powered rotation, cleaning solution and goat hair brush and then sucking (via it's vacuum) any grime present on the vinyl surface. Once you've used it, you'll wonder why it took you so long to get one. Footnote: We aren't the only folk to sing it's praises, You can read Mr Marc Rushton's experiences with it here Pictures:
  3. Hi all. I've set up my 20yr old Pro-Ject 6.1 that I bought new in my new system, and I must say it sounds lovely. The downside is, as it's now got a ho e in a very revealing system, the sound of gunge has also been revealed! I'd love to try cleaning a bunch of my faves (al, the 'Zeps, all the Doors, Hendrix, all,Beatles, some jazz, Lou Reid, lots of the Cure - what fun!) with a proper machine. I'm thinking I'll likely get one of the 2 mentioned here. Consonance available locally but a bit pricey. Doctor about 1/2 that price. I'm inner north Melb. Would consider buying one 2nd hand too if price right. Perhaps I can offer some replenished cleaner stuff bottles on return? Cool! Mat
  4. Hi All, Thought I'd share some work I did over the weekend with you DIY Audio enthusiasts. The item is my recently acquired AC ReGenerator Power Inspired AG-1500. The link to the official website is > http://www.powerinspired.com/ag1500-ac-regenerator-1500w-psu-p-1742.html . I got this last week from an SNA member who had got it from another SNA member before. Just a look through the front grilles & judging by the amount of dust gathered I thought that this has seen at-least a minimum of 2 years work. So I decided that I will take a risk and do a little experimenting in trying to clean it and make it look close to new (Sets my heart & mind at ease knowing that my equipment are all clean). Just a Caution if any owners want to try this, Removing the cover of a product almost always voids any warranty. And there's obviously a Hazard of an Electrical Shock if you are not careful enough. However, if you have your basic electronic skills & servicing skills, you should be able to properly clean it and put it back together without causing any harm to the device or yourself. Basic Service Skills needed > Ability to remember how/which cables/parts were connected originally & Put them back properly before plugging back to AC (I usually take pictures) / Skilled enough to leave no additional screws when fixing the parts again (We've all done this more than once) Basic Electronic Skills needed > Know-how to properly drain the residual current inside (I usually disconnect the mains and switch the device on... I know this wont work for some cases, but for this, it was enough) / Carry out the whole operation without damaging any components by mishandling. So, I started by draining the residual current (as I explained above) and opening the case. I saw the input & output circuits next to the power sockets with the rest of the area covered by a plastic cover held by 3 plastic pins. These pins can be lifted initially by a flat screw driver & then lifted by hand once they come up. The whole disassembly was pretty easy with the exception of removing the fan controller circuit. This circuit is bolted from within to the same screw that has a philips head on the outside. So you should never use the philips screw first. you have to remove the small bolts (2 bolts for each screw before and after the small fan controller PCB) inside with a pair of nose pliers and then remove the screw with the screw driver. I almost completely damaged the screw head before figuring this out. Overall I found the whole device to be Extremely well built. When you see the components inside you realise how much of work and how much of a fine finish have been given to each and every component inside. And Now After only 1/2 a day's work, I'm a happy owner of this nice and cleaned unit which gives properly ReGenerated power to all my Equipment. Cheers Pics are Below...
  5. I think its time to replace the brush I got with my KAB EV-1 RCM, which is a velvet pad type. So from experiences, what are the better types of brushes to use with RCM? The velvet/microfiber type brushes like Disc Doctor, or the bristle type brushes like Osage or VPI?
  6. I just recently purchased a VPI16.5 and although I am very happy with the machine I can't seem to find a decent solution to use for it. I purchased a locally made liquid from eBay. It seems to be popular (they have sold 100+ of the 250ml bottles) however I'm certain they are using crap ingredients as it seems to be leaving a very slight film on the vinyl (I even checked it out under a microscope haha). I also tried an imported version but it doesn't seem to be very effective as it does not appear to have alcohol in it. Anyone got any suggestions?... and please... I do not have any desire to make it myself. Yes, I know I can but I really don't have the time or patience. Thanks In Advance. All advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. I am cleaning up some cases, and have been using Orange Power. I remember this did a great job on some old stickers on my PS1 game cases, although the caveat is it did stuff up 2 or 3 (out of over 100) and make them cloudy. Got some original 'swirl' Vertigo Dire Straits CDs in, with the original plain cases, and just stuffed them using Orange Power last night - both went cloudy. hmm... what do use that works (on everything)? And what about your actual CD's - what do you use to clean those?
  8. Hi all Figured I'd share with stereo.net.au folks the cleaning deck I've thrown together. The legs were from an old office drawer thing, cut a piece of chipboard (not ideal) and fixed to the top. Mounted/salvaged a platter/bearing from an old all-in-one turntable thing which was beyond repair. Bought a pair of the VPI 16 to 16.5 upgrade kits. I know, could have saved myself about $10 here but it's all they had in stock where I was buying. Why a pair? Same reason I have a pair of brushes, one brush/pickup for alcohol and one brush/pickup for the distilled water rinse. My cleaning solution is a homemade mix of roughly 10%-20% isopropyl to distilled water. I say roughly, because it varies - I know I'm staying in a safe range but I'm really mixing to a roughly marked line drawn on the side of the bottle I keep it in. Brushes are a pair of paintbrushes - they're a little harsh but do a great job. I do notice ultra-light fuzzy lines in the dead wax after cleaning if I'm too rough - but it's a battle between actually dislodging embedded chunks of whatever or being ultra careful and not actually doing much. I'll probably replace the brushes, but as long as I'm careful with them they seem to work good without leaving any noticeable damage. What I am noticing is a static buildup after cleaning. Thicker, nicer pressings seem to be much in this regard - those really thin RCA Dynaflex pressings come out perfect. I've noticed that keeping a wet brush on the record for about 80% of each vacuum cycle seems to help but not eradicate this problem. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been thinking about getting some sort of anti-static gun for a while now but have heard mixed reports ranging from "essential, must own" to "useless, does nothing". Or should I even try grounding the platter? I'm getting excellent cleaning results - too bad they're immediately going the opposite way after cleaning.
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