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Found 12 results

  1. Item: Moon Calypso A CD Player Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ, 64 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove Price: Was $1900, StereoNET Member Special $1549 Item Condition: Very good secondhand condition Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Shipping: to where ever you are, POA Extra Info: High end reference style CD transport is a very special device. In very good order and it sounds fantastic. Pictures:
  2. Item: Pro-Ject CD Box DS2T Location: South Brisbane Price: $500 plus postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving to CD ripper/ Music Player combo. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This item presents and operates like new. and has not had a lot of use. I purchased it from Kolumbus Audio in Germany the end of April 2018 before this model was available here. New price locally now is close to $1000. Original receipt available. It comes with a remote, operating instructions, and original packaging. Plug on transformer power supply has an adapter to suit Australian sockets Package dimensions are 400 x 300 x150mm, and weighs 3 kg. Please PM with any queries or interest. Pictures:
  3. Hi guys I have been using a Rotel RCD-1072 for the past decade as my CD transport, and its time for an overhaul. I was wondering if anyone here has done any comparative auditions of the following (or other) CD players (as transports) - 1. The new Rotel RCD-1072 2. Cambridge Audio CXC 3. Marantz CD5005 or 6006. I have a budget within AUD$1000 and was wondering if jumping up to the Cyrus CDt will give me a big performance boost. Your inputs are welcome.
  4. Hi all. This is a call out to Wadia and Esoteric owners mainly in a plight for enlightenment . I am in a bit of a dilemmer as my Esoteric P700 which is in great condition other than a fault which basically needs another doner unit to fix. So far I have not found another suitable doner unit. I use an MSB Power Dac which I relly like and have no real need to swap out. So, I am considering buying another tansport which would ideally have balanced output. I have always admired the Wadia' after hearing my firends 7&9 a few years ago now. I guess hte basic questions are:- how reliable have Wadia owners with 90's- say 2000 machine found their units? Also, how "good" do they sound in your opinion? I am thinking WT2000, WT3200, 20, 8 and maybe others Are Esoteric's of similar vintage "better"? I am thinking P700, P30, P70, P2 and maybe a few more is it REALLY time to give up on transports of this vintage and move into the modern cdp/transport ageI have a need for a redbook transport rotand other good transport owners I have heard some of these modesl above and have read up as much as I can but havent quite come to the conclusion I need yet. Maybe you can throw some light on the picture. I am sure there will be a variety of opinions out there. Thanks for reading this
  5. Item: PS Audio Perfectwave Transport Location: Melbourne Price: $1600 -- RRP was $5500 (comes with remote and original box) Item Condition: Excellent (~250 hrs play time) - some minor scuff marks on top acrylic surface that can be buffed out. Reason for selling: Purchasing a house so looking to free up some cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Supports playback of 24-bit 192Khz Flac/WAV files stored of DVD-R files as well as regular CDs. It does not so much ‘play’ discs as it reads them and then loads their contents sequentially into a 64MB solid-state buffer memory that PS Audio terms a ‘Digital Lens’. This means that disc contents are played solely from memory (hence the name ‘Memory Player’)—never directly from the disc. Also, it has a touchscreen display that can display album cover art if the unit is linked to the internet or file data is stored on it's rear SD card. All in all it is among the best CD transports out there, and given that it can read and transport CD-R and DVD-R based HD music files is a cut above most. Compared to other transports I listened to in the lead up to buying this (admittedly most in the $1k-2.5k range), it's coveys more of a sense of flow, more micro-detail, and was less edgy - plus the stereo image and bass was more solid. There are plenty of reviews on this unit on the internet -- apparently it really shines with an I2S link to a DAC, but I've never heard it unfortunately. Pictures:
  6. Item: Cambridge Audio CXC, CD Transport, RRP $799, Clearance Price $499 Designed specifically for the new CX Series, the Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport delivers stunning CD playback. It works in perfect harmony with the Cambridge Audio’s CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers, as well as other external DACs. At the heart of the Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport is the Cambridge Audio’s legendary ‘S3’ servo design. Designed for efficient recovery of CD digital data with state of the art error correction, it’s been engineered to play audio CDs brilliantly. Multi-purpose drives simply can’t compete. With no digital to analogue conversion in the Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport , when used in conjunction with the CX Series amplifiers it outputs the CD signal in digital form, relying on the high quality Wolfson DAC in the Cambridge Audio CXA amplifier for the crucial digital to analogue conversion stages. The result is detail and clarity from your disc collection that will astound you. Specifications: CD Transport Designed specifically for the new CX Series Legendary ‘S3’ servo design S/PDIF coaxial and TOSLINK optical digital ouputs Dimensions (HxWxD): 85 x 430 x 315mm Weight: 4.7kg Color: Silver Location: The Audio Experts, 03 9545 5152, 2065, Dandenong Road, Clayton, Vic 3168 RRP: $799 Clearance Price: $499 Item Condition: Ex Demo, Minimal use, Comes with invoice and full Manufactures Warranty, Item can be demonstrated before purchase if desired located in Clayton. Payment Method: Cash, Bank Deposit, Eftpos or Paypal Extra Info: Original packaging, manuals and remotes Included. Delivery: Pickup available in Clayton, Postage available at buyers expense, please contact us for a price if you require delivery we have all original packing for this item.
  7. Item: A pair of Sony SS F-60 ES floorstanding speakers (Elevated Standard range) and a Sony CDP-CE525 5-disc CD changer / player / transport (comes with a remote) Location: Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW Price: REDUCED TO $400 $520 ONO. I'm not offended by offers, so please don't hesitate to message me. That being said, you may not want to miss out on these, as they don't come up for sale very often in this part of the world. Item Condition: Great to Excellent condition Reason for selling: I need money. Money is good. I have many speakers. Speakers are also good, but money is slightly more important right now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash after full demo/inspection. This process will likely be accompanied by the old obligatory lengthy conversation about hi-fi gear. In light of this, do set aside additional time! If you're interstate and particularly keen on these, you'll need to PM me and convince me of your Sony fandom. Extra Info: Really hard to find this Sony ES speaker line in Australia, and in such great condition at that. Can't even remember the last pair of Sony ES floorstanders for sale here on SNA. You'll find that on the used market, the greatest number of examples of this line come from Germany and the Netherlands, where it seems to have been not only made, but more widely distributed. I found this particular model listed in a German 1995/96 Sony catalogue of high-end components ( hfe_sony_es_high_end_hifi_components_1995-96_de.pdf ). It's quite clear from the catalogue that this was one of Sony's top-of-the-line speaker offerings at the time. Two snippet of the specs listed in that catalogue (which, naturally, is in German) are included here: Though it can be hard to interpret the German info I've come across in learning more about these, I believe they are of German design, made in Germany with all Danish Vifa drivers. The frequency response is rated at 32-20,000 Hz , and each cabinet weighs 22.5kg. Not your standard Sony speaker by any means! These are in really nice shape. Cabinets have very, very minimal wear, as is the case with all of the drivers and the grilles. The foam surrounds on the mids have some light wear, but there is no tearing or deformity: they still seem to be going strong, which is why I haven't felt the need to replace them. The speakers sound great: get them off the floor!! Whether you isolate/couple them or use small stands, getting these babies off the floor really opens up the mids and takes any boominess out of the bass. I use 60-80cm stands with them, which makes them look absolutely ridiculously tall but seems to hit the spot for me in terms of sound-stage (BIG). Once correctly set-up, you end up with a performance marked by control and clarity. The CD player is in good shape, with only light wear, and comes with a remote. If you have any questions at all, or would like to set-up a demo time, feel free to message me. I have plenty of other hi-fi that I'm looking to sell, so please do let me know of what things you're looking to add/change within your own setup. Pictures: sony_ss-f60esl_f60esr.pdf
  8. Item: Cyrus CDXTSE Location: Heidelberg, Melb Price: $300 Item Condition: Exc ... other than laser! Reason for selling: out of the cd game .... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Just been checked out by the Cyrus importer tech. Pictures: later today ...
  9. Item: Bel Canto CD3t - CD Transport Location: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Price: $800.00 Item Condition: Excellent, looks almost brand new, plays perfectly Reason for selling: Too Many CD Players Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this from another SNAer a year ago, played about 5 discs and then went into storage as my room was being renovated. The sound was beautiful and sweet even though it was plugged in to my humble Onkyo AVR. A good DAC will certainly do it more justice. For those unfamiliar with Bel Canto, they produce very good solid products that work flawlessly. This CD3t is solid as brick (8.2kg). Comes with remote control, BNC to RCA adaptor for digital out, and power cord. No original box. The current RRP of this unit is more than A$2,100. Trust me, if you are in the market for a good red book CD transport, you don't want to miss this! Please note this is a CD transport, and it requires connection to a digital input (AES/EBU, BNC, or coaxial) in an Amp or DAC to deliver music. This digital cable is not included. I can deliver for free to Kilsyth or Knox areas at mutually agreed and convenient time, if sold at my stated price, and provided payment is made up front via bank transfer. Otherwise, I need cash payment on pick up. For more information on the Bel Canto CD3t, please refer to this website: http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Bel-Canto-e.One-CD3t-CD-Transport.html
  10. Item: Trade In PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport in Black Location: Tivoli Hi-Fi 155 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123 Price: SOLD Item Condition: Trade in item in very good condition. Payment Method: Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Credit Card including AMEX with no fees or penalties. Extra Info: Customer used this as part exchange to upgrade his Perfect Wave DAC to the lastest Direct Stream and he's longer using those round shiny silver thingys. Item is in very good condition with original box and packaging. The Memory Player plays both standard and high resolution audio on CDs and DVDs sending perfect digital audio data from its solid state memory directly to your DAC and then onto your loudspeakers, eliminating jitter. All music extracted from your CD or DVD disc plays from the PWT’s internal solid state memory, not the disc itself.
  11. I need some sage advice as to a difference in SQ I discovered this week by chance. I hadn't run a dedicated CD Transport in my rig for a long time and on a whim decided to get a cheap second hand CDP with a decent laser pick up and use as a transport to feed into my Beresford Bushmaster Dac, just to see how it sounded. My usual music set up was digital music files stored on a NAS - connected to MAC Mini running Audirvana+ - USB audio out via Musical Fidelity V Link 192 - to Gefen Audio extender over Cat5 - spdif coaxial from V Link 192 to Gefen to Beresford Dac - to Rotel pre/power amp - Monitor Audio speakers. I was already very happy with the SQ I was getting from this system, and ALAC and FLAC files sounded great. The Mac Mini is located in one room and the Dac /amp/CDP in another room. Gefen audio line via Ethernet Cat 5 is approx 5m. But to my surprise when I put a Sony CDPCE245 5 disc player into the mix as a transport with digital Toslink connection to my DAC the SQ of the audio from the CDP was very very good and in fact smoked the digital files played on my Mac Mini. I even compared CD's that I had ripped to ALAC to playing direct through the Sony CDP and the CD Transport had way better SQ. More immersive, better soundstage, detail/clarity and bass response. My question is why? I always thought that a ripped CD to ALAC or FLAC should give you the same SQ as a physical disc in a CDP, digits are just digits right? I checked the settings on my Mac Mini midi audio settings and made sure I was using the MF VLink at the correct BR and SF. But yes the good ol' Sony CDP sounded better then some of my so called high res files! Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm Ideas welcome!
  12. All, I've seen the advertisements for the Cambridge Audio CXC https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/products/cx/cxc If I was after a CD transport - intending to use external DACs - how would this product rate and what would its competition be? I suspect that Esoteric would smoke-it, but for substantially more $$$.
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