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Found 9 results

  1. Item: Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Black Location: Melbourne, Australia Price: $250 Item Condition: Excellent condition, no dings or external damages Reason for selling: Upgraded to another set of bookshelves Payment Method: Cash / EFT - Pickup preferred or ship at buyer's expense The Diamonds are in perfect working condition and mint cosmetically. Comes with front grille, box, papers and even vintage JB Hifi Diamond brochure!!! I will also include as part of this sale, a pair of QED Original Bi-Wire MkII, directional speaker cables (Made in UK), ca. 80cm. Perfect for the bi-wirable Diamonds. Cheers
  2. Item: Polk Audio - LSiM 703 - Bookshelf Speakers Location: Bayswater North VIC 3153 Price: $1450 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Restructuring home theatre Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are some serious bookshelves for the money. I was using them as rear speakers in my home theatre but i have used them in a stereo setup and they sound magnificent. built quality is pretty decent and fairly heavy. Pictures:
  3. Item: Dynaudio DM2/7 with all original packaging in as new condition Location:Perth Price: $700 or $800 with stands, bought with naim man on SNA very recently to start to create a home cinema system but changed mind and selling and cleaning out my system. Payment add 3% for Paypal or pay as friend, bank deposit no extra charge, postage at cost as require or local pick up. Item Condition: in as new condition 10/10 boxes for speakers and stands would need to be boxed using other options, stands can be filled and have cable routing and the grey stands work quite well contrast wise with the grey coloring of the fronts of the speakers. Reason for selling: too many speakers and simplifying system overall. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only bank deposit Extra Info:these punch well above their weight, great bargain in the Dynaudio line, they were a 5star winner, CHECK THE DYNAUDIO EMIT20 THESE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME DIMENSIONS AND HAVE THE SAME TECHNICAL SPECS AS THE DM2/7. Seriously good value for money. pics are of the genuine pair you will get.
  4. Item: Focal 706v bookshelves and cc700v Location:lane cove Price: 600 or make me an offer Item Condition:excellent no marks Reason for selling: Upgrading - is their any other reason. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Fantastic little book shelves and center channel. Happy to sell separately but prefer to sell together. Pictures: will upload tonight
  5. Item: Paradigm Reference 30th Anniversary Inspiration Bookshelf Speakers and matching stands. Location: Sydney - 2193 Hurlstone Park Item Condition: Excellent Price: $2,400 (RRP for speakers and stands was $4,500-5,000) - $50 donation to SNA on sale. Reason for selling: Not currently used, was trying to hold on to these for second system but boss says some of the stuff needs to go Payment Method: Pickup – Cash or PayPal (prefer not to post at this point, as I do not have the original boxes for the speakers or the stands. If there is serious interest interstate, I can drop of at your preferred courier/pack & send etc, but this will be at the buyer’s risk). Extra Info: I bought these new from Eastwood Hifi in Sydney in 2013. They are a stunning set of stand mounts, both visually and sonically. The high gloss garnet finish looks spectacular, almost a glossy black in low light settings, turning into a deep dark glossy red with more lighting. Matching stands with chrome bases, including adjustable locking spikes and chrome disks with rubber backing for hard floors. Two way speakers, featuring the Paradigm Signature Series Beryllium Dome Tweeter and 7inch midrange which is a modification of their Studio Series Driver. Great soundstage, imaging and very detailed and lively upper range and good resolution in the mids and lower mids. Lower end is surprisingly good for a speaker this size, but if you are a bass aficionado and want good punch into the 30s you will need a sub to go with these (I had a REL sealed box running with these speakers and synergised really well). Happy for serious interest to inspect/audition in person (pm me please). Also happy to deliver these within Sydney Metro and surrounding areas at no extra charge. Link Paradigm Website: https://www.paradigm.com/products-archived/collection=reference/model=inspiration/page=overview Absolute Sound Review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/paradigm-30th-anniversary-inspiration-monitor/ Soundstage HIFI Review: http://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/577-paradigm-reference-30th-anniversary-inspiration-loudspeakers As my active life on SNA has only started very recently, here is the link to my ebay profile for those that need some extra reassurance :-) http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/sunbird-76 Cheers, Ralf
  6. Item: Bose 201 Series V Bookshelf speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have been using this pair as my rear surround speakers and I've just replaced them with new set to complement to the rest of my new speakers. The pair comes with the original box, still in excellent condition as there's no damage on the cabinet, dust covers and etc. Having it used at the rears, it's hardly being driven hard at all. I've had used them as my alternate front speakers for music and I was quite pleased with the clarity and soundstage. This unit is still selling at retails at $399 and I'm letting it go for $250. Originally purchased from Myer about 2-3 years ago. Local pickup preferred but will ship at the buyers expense.
  7. Item: PMC DB1i Speakers in Oak Location: 3130, VIC Price: $950 $895+ shipping Pending payment Item Condition: Excellent condition Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, paypal, direct deposit Extra Info: These are fantastic speakers from PMC. Its a small box and ideal for desktop HiFi or in a small room. Amazing detail and soundstage from these speakers, and bass is pretty good for a speaker of this size. There are a lot of very positive reviews on these speakers. I used these previously in my bedroom, however, since moving a few months ago, we cannot fit a system in the bedroom anymore. I really like the PMC sound and continue to use its bigger brother, the TB2i in my lounge room system. A demo and pickup is possible from Blackburn South. I have all the packaging for the DB1i and can courier at buyers cost. Pictures:
  8. Hi everyone I'm trying to make a decision on a new, sort of multi-purpose, speaker setup for my bedroom. I currently have a pretty average set of Logitech's at the moment. They do ok, but I need to upgrade them. However, I won't be using these speakers purely for listening. I would also be using them for some mixing and mastering of music (I'm getting into recording my own stuff). That said, I want them to perform well as listening speakers also. I know that studio monitors are designed to have a flat response, and should be revealing, which may not be ideal for listening to music (though what I heard of the Adam A5xs in store was pretty damn good). And I know that HiFi/Audiophile speakers, including bookshelves, are designed to have varying degrees of 'colour' to improve the sound as per an individual's taste. It also appears that bookshelves seem more available second hand, compared to studio monitors, and so I suppose I get more bang for my buck there. Do you guys have any thoughts, coming mostly from the listening community? My budget is around $800-$900. I don't particularly like a lot of bass, but some is nice. My options so far are: -Adam A5x at around $800/pair. Out of all the studio monitors I auditioned, these were my favourite. Apparently their new X-ART ribbon tweeter has a lot to do with that. They have enough bass for me, I suppose, but I miss 'feeling' just a teeny bit through the floor. I can't find a lot of studio monitors second hand, so this is brand new. -Adam A3x at around $600/pair, plus work out how to add a hifi sub to this. These have very minimal bass. Midrange is also lacking a little from the A5x, but not a huge amount. I have the opportunity to buy a really really good second hand sub at around $300 as well. Not sure how to wire this in just yet, as studio monitor systems with subs run the input into the sub, and then the sub outs into the speakers. Any suggestions? -Keep my eyes peeled for a pair of second hand bookshelves and maybe a T-Amp to go along with the sub. There is a pair of Leema Xeros in the classifieds right now for $490 (jijiband) The Adams are going to be around 20% off on Sunday in store (which is much cheaper than I can find online) so I'm trying to make a quick decision, which is hard for me, because I am super indecisive. Do you guys have any thoughts, coming mostly from the listening community? Most people in the recording/mixing/mastering community have suggested the monitors. My budget is around $800-$900. I don't particularly like a lot of bass, but some is nice. I like fairly clean sound, and they are going to be on a desk, maybe 1.2m apart, maybe 50cm from my head. Thanks
  9. Item: Dynaudio Audience 52 (Cherry) with Dynaudio Stands Location: Sydney Price :$1400 Item Condition: Great condition, some tiny scratches on the bottom, but you'll never see them being on the stands. Reason for selling: No longer used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The stands have never been filled, so they are in perfect condition. I have a nad c352 and a nad cdp542 for sale too if you want a nice complete system with great sound character. If I could afford to keep them around for future use I would as I do love them and hope somebody can enjoy them as much as I did.
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