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Found 17 results

  1. Look out, Oppo has something planned for the year end http://www.phileweb.com/sp/news/d-av/201605/06/38759.html
  2. Item: The Deer Hunter Blu Ray Version Location: Sydney Price: $9 incl postage Item Condition: Mint watched once Reason for selling: only watch a movie once Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The Deer Hunter is a 1978 American epic war drama film co-written and directed by Michael Cimino about a trio of Russian American steelworkers whose lives were changed forever after they fought in the Vietnam War. The three soldiers are played by Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and John Savage, with John Cazale (in his final role), Meryl Streep, and George Dzundza playing supporting roles. The story takes place in Clairton, Pennsylvania, a small working class town on the Monongahela River south of Pittsburgh, and in Vietnam. The film was based in part on an unproduced screenplay called The Man Who Came to Play by Louis Garfinkle and Quinn K. Redeker, about Las Vegas and Russian roulette. Producer Michael Deeley, who bought the script, hired writer/director Michael Cimino who, with Deric Washburn, rewrote the script, taking the Russian roulette element and placing it in the Vietnam War. The film went over-budget and over-schedule, and ended up costing $15 million. The scenes depicting Russian roulette were highly controversial after the film's release. The film won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Michael Cimino, and Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken, and marked Meryl Streep's first Academy Award nomination (for Best Supporting Actress); she would go on to become the most nominated actor in history. In 1996 it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant", and was named the 53rd greatest American film of all time by the American Film Institute in 2007 in their 10th Anniversary Edition of the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies list.[4] Pictures:
  3. Item: OPPO UDP-203Location: MelbournePrice: $800 ONOItem Condition: As newReason for selling: Upgraded to 205Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Selling my as new OPPO 4k blu ray player. I purchased this on 11/05/17 and it has only played 1 dvd and 3 or 4 cds. Plays flawlessly and beautifully a superb player. I liked it so much I purchased the 205 hence the 203 has become surplus (and I need the money!). Demo is available if required and pick up is available from Melbourne CBD during business hours or Caroline Springs Melbourne. Tax invoice will be included for warranty purposes.
  4. Item: Panasonic PWT520 Blu Ray Player , Twin TV Tuner and HDD recorder Location:Keysborough, Melbourne Price: $150 (neg) Item Condition: 7/10 - Has small dent on top panel does not effect operation Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Had this for a few years in my listening room but not really being used anymore Pictures:
  5. Item: OPPO 4k blu ray player Location:Melbourne Price: 800 ONO Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: upgraded/surplus/need the money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,COD Only Extra Info: Selling my as new OPPO 4k blu ray player. I purchased this on 11/05/17 and it has only played 1 dvd and 3 or 4 cds. Plays flawlessly and beautifully a superb player. I liked it so much I purchased the 205 hence the 203 has become surplus (and I need the money!). Demo is available if required and pick up is available from Melbourne CBD during business hours or Caroline Springs Melbourne. Tax invoice will be included for warranty purposes. Pictures:
  6. Item: Pioneer LX55 Blu Ray Player Location: Mundaring (Perth) Price: $250 Item Condition: 7/10 (some scratching to rear panel) Reason for selling: 4K Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Fantastic player, If you have a Pioneer AVR this player allows you to use the PQLS feature, which is supposed to reduce jitter over HDMI There are some minor scratches around the HDMI plugs and they in no way affect the performance of the player. There are some minor scuff marks on the top from components that have been placed on top of the player, and again, pretty minor marks. Too hard to get in the photos anyway. Comes with original packaging, remote, power cord and Manual. Pictures:
  7. Hi all, For sale is my Oppo 105-D Blu-ray player with Darbee Visual Presence. Purchased new from authorised reseller here in Brisbane. First and only owner. No faults have been found on the unit in past or present. Like new condition. Selling purely due to no longer needed. Will come in original box and packaging, inclusive of original purchase receipt, manual, remote, wireless adapter and all factory accessories. Can deliver nationwide within advertised price. $1,050
  8. Item: Oppo BDP 105 Audiophile Blu Ray Player with Pro Mod Location: Canberra Price: $950 ONO Item Condition: Very good with boxes for shipping. Reason for selling: Moving to 4K player. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, COD Only Extra Info: Needs no introduction. Best value for money audiophile universal media player. Used for up scaling of set top box and occasional music and Blu-ray viewing. Never any issues. Solid unit. Great DAC, Network streamer and universal player. Will post at buyers expense. Pictures:
  9. Item: a number of Blu ray, DVD and Wii empty cases Location: Leichhardt, Sydney Price: free Item Condition: good to excellent Reason for selling: no longer required - have put all the kids DVDs into CD wallets to save space Payment Method: Pickup only - sorry, not interested in posting Extra Info: I have 24 DVD, 14 Wii game (same size as DVD) and 36 empty Blu ray cases all in good to excellent condition to give away to a good home. A number of them have inserts for multiple discs. If no one wants them I'll drop them in the recycling bin. Pictures:
  10. Nice step-up Pete and a very good review on the Japan Edition of 105.
  11. Hi Is there a way to play a High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc easily on a PC equipped with a BD-ROM? I'm not really interested in trying rip the music from the disc, just playback. Thanks.
  12. I am looking for an Oppo 103 Au in good working order. I dont mind the odd bit of dust, a nick in the casing etc, but it must be fully functional. I am not sure if they come in any colour other than black, but would prefer silver if it exists. I live in Bathurst NSW postcode 2795. I am willing to pickup within 50km range, otherwise happy to pay reasonable postage. If you have one and are willing to sell at a reasonable price, please PM me with details Thanks Lars
  13. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get a slot-load multi-format blu ray player for my tv. I don't want to use a PS4 or an Xbox since it will need a separate controller, I'd prefer to stick to using my tv remote. Slot-load is important for me for aesthetic reasons, to place it vertical behind the mounted tv. Thanks.
  14. I am considering moving on my Cambridge Audio 751BD Upscaling Blu-ray player. Unit is located in Brisbane. I have no problem arranging and including shipping to a metro area nationwide included in the price. Unit was $1,299 1-2 years ago when bought. Looking for $650 inc delivery. Unit is absolutely like new, all parts present. Plays international Blu-rays. Will come in original box with manuals, remote, etc. All features and functions 100% working, no scratches or any visual, physical or operating defects. Potential reason for sale: to fund Oppo BDP-105D that I'm considering which I want for the 32bit DACs and "4k" upscaling. Sonically this unit is impressive, I run analogue audio out as you get 5 x Wolfson 24-bit DACs across 7.1 channels that was as opposed to I think just 1 that runs across if you use HDMI. It loads fast and you will still get many years out of it. Latest firmware is loaded on it. Review the specs for yourself.... http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/products/azur-751bd-universal-upsampling-blu-ray-player
  15. There is a very interesting article on What Hi Fi. I have actually heard some of these disks at a recent Marantz Demo. Please see the article. Of Particular interest to me is the following reply to other comments. "Everyone thinks 24/96K is the same thing as the original recording, which is different from the studio master. Its complicated and confusing.Uncompressed" is not the same as "lossless compression", lets be clear. Only the tangible hard copy Blu-ray disc contains the uncompressed multi-channel audio, it would be illegal to download it from anywhere, its not possible. For playback, the content must be transferred in the digital domain from the source to the preamp/processor or AVR. HDMI is the interface to use, its high speed and data rate Bitstream were developed just for this purpose, with a specific security protocol called HDCP. In the age of DRM, the studios make us "authenticate" a secure connection that cannot be copied or hacked. Without that, the audio content is down rezzed to the still-compressed Dolby Digital EX or DTS Digital Surround ES, both at 24/96K. For most people, thats still fine. However, if you are looking for the ultimate listening experience at home, you must conform to the security protocol. Without HDMI v1.3 or higher, you cannot hear and see the best content. The OPPO player is the last to offer analog outputs, it can do the audio processing on board and output the Dolby TruHD, dts MasterHD, and LPCM 2.0 fold-down of the Dolby TruHD. I've compared the HDMI digital throughput to the analog version from the OPPO, there is a modest increase in clarity, resolution, and dynamic range when you stay in the digital domain, as you said, its worth the cost of the upgrade to HDMI, of that there is no doubt. Where we get into trouble is thinking that DVD-A is a one to one copy of the original recording because its 24/96K The people trying to sell you another copy of an old vinyl album or CD want to believe it too so they dont tell you about Blu-ray, they cant sell you those via a download, that would be illegal. Makes you wonder, what are the studios protecting? HD soundtracks at 24/96K can be copies of the commerical CD, which as we know are bound by the RedBook standard, compressed 4 to 1 to fit 12 songs in 60 minutes on a single sided disc. Upsampling and reclocking these does not increase the dynamic range. There are downloads of the PCM 24/96K "losslessly compressed" versions, those are better than CD but be careful, there are a lot more CD copies than original masters when downloading. In order to hear the difference, it takes a big system and the privacy to turn it up. I am fortunate, my HD projection system has a screen 111" diagonal, with electrostats and double subs in surround, I can reach higher SPL's than ever before on Blu-ray, its better than live. Shows like Adele at Royal Albert Hall can make you choke up you are so close to her, so intimate, those eyes and voice on those songs, its simply sublime. SADE produced new ultra 4K video, with multiple projectors creating a staging event that raises the bar to a new art as well. 3D texture mapping is creating new realities in space, live shows are evolving. Roger Waters The Wall will be out on Blu-ray this year, just wait till you see what can be done now. To recap, MLP on DVD-A, or DVD movies,or broadcast tv, is not HD, not as good as Dolby TruHD or dts MasterHD even though its 24/96K. For the best resolution, a secure connection must be established. DRM allows them to manipulate the output of the disc and control its use, thats legal now. check out the new Essence electrostats, I am just introducing them now. www.essenceelectrostatic.com Really good looking and not too big." The pictures on that Essence site looks great.
  16. Calling all would be movie critics... My name is Charlie and I work for Shock Entertainment. We have a range of Blu Ray titles that I would be happy to send review copies in return for an honest an impartial review on this forum. Upcoming blu ray titles for July include; Peter Gabriel; Secret World Duran Duran: A Diamond In The Mind Bachman & Turner: Live In The Roseland Ballroom We also have a number of upcoming titles for September, including natural history documentaries and entertainment shows. If you are interested please get in touch with your details and I will arrange to have a copy sent to you.
  17. Hi All, Finally got around to picking up the BR 5 disk set for Game of Thrones this week and chucked on the first episode last night. Absolutely first class, as I expected But there was a problem. On two occassions, the picture just froze (for about 10 seconds I reckon) then resumed, appearing to after missing footage slightly - i.e. jumped ahead. I had a close look at the disk surface and nothing absolutely physically obvious. Anyone else have the same issues? I'll return it of course for an exchange.
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