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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to introduce new Reality Audio RE-AU or, another word, Reality Fidelity Re-Fi class/concept which would refer to the very top audio experience – post Hi-Fi. The idea of Reality Audio class came to my mind for the first time when I had opportunity to listen to a demo of Cymer Audio “Southern Cross SE-35” power amplifier (I have NO connection with this maker or audio business, also I hardly do any posts in forums) and later bought this truly extraordinary tube amplifier designed and manufactured by Mr. Elson De Silva. The was the only amplifier I have ever heard which you can call Reality Audio. The sound was coming from this amplifier is overwhelming, the closest approximation of live music which I have ever heard. The sound is so good that you feel there is no need to analyze it. If you leave the room and listen, you could SWEAR that the band is playing in the other room because the sound is so natural and realistic. I would describe the sound as natural, big, thick, clear, highly detailed with excellent sound stage, soft, but not muddy at all, equally good throughout the sound spectrum, warm, and easy to listen many hours without getting tired or annoyed. In my experience, the sound is as good as it gets. My audiophile journey has been over 12 years long and now I feel that my journey is finished as I am perfectly happy with Cymer Audio “Southern Star SE-35” sound. During my journey, I have had 9 amplifiers. Every time I upgraded power amplifier, I have compared the current and new one, in my home: In succession one after another Simultaneously side-by-side, connecting 1 speaker to each amplifier With tube amplifiers, I listened simultaneously using non-inductive resistance load for idle channel Usually I did my complex comparison tests alone. Often, especially when I had doubts, I invited audiophile friends to listen blindly, who usually arrived to the same conclusions as I. Most of amps I had were tube, except for Denon, Redgum and Orpheus. With tube amplifiers, before listening tests, I always upgraded to the best tubes available on the market, regardless of price. Once I finished listening tests, I kept the superior amplifier and sold the inferior one. I used different high-end speakers in the past. Current speakers are Tannoy “Kensington”, ranked as no.1 by Mr. Patrick Turner of Turner Audio. Current source is Oppo BDP-105D Blu-ray player/HDD player/streamer with in-built Sabre reference pre-amplifier. This list is in chronological order. My retrospective rating on a scale of 1 to 10 (as you can see, price has little do to with rating): Denon PMA-1500AE (Japan) – good entry level amplifier, everything OK. 6/10 Jungson DA-88Ti (China) – superior to Denon and Redgum, clearer voice and bigger sound. 7/10 Redgum Rgi60 (Australia) – similar to Denon. 6/10 Orpheus “Two and Three” (Switzerland) – probably the clearest and most pleasant voice of all I heard, however, sound is small, a bit like radio. Rated 9-10 for speech (in films) reproduction, otherwise 8/10 Transcendent “Son of the Beast” OTL type (USA) – clean sound, but not engaging. 6-7/10 Melody “Astro Black 300B” (China) – natural sound, but muddy. Rated 8 only with Russian metal 1578 tubes, otherwise 6-7/10 Ayon “Crossfire” (Austria). Clean, but skinny, not natural sound. Sound was worse than upgraded Melody's. 7/10 Euphony “Mary Ann” (Japan). Nice all around, but need very sensitive 96+db speakers. 7-8/10 Cymer Audio “Southern Cross SE-35” (Australia). Closest to natural sound. 10/10 (as reference point) Now I am very skeptical about big names and award winning amplifiers. I am skeptical even about forums because some audiophiles are hypnotized by price (“you get what you paid, mate”), too emotional and, sadly, can't be bothered to do simple blind listening test. I hope there will be more amplifiers in Reality Audio class which I have just introduced, but sound, produced by Southern Cross SE-35 (which i have over one year), killed my desire to explore any further.
  2. Some scenes simply pass us by, others make us writhe in our seats, and yet other make us stand up and cheer. I actually believe Superman could fly in his 1978 movie.. I gasped at the waterfall scene in Mission and this scene is all Indy.. So here's a thread asking everyone to share their favourite moments in movie history..
  3. it's all subjective... what's your favourite movie choice? what is a movie you'd recommend to someone you like? what do you rate as the best movie australia has to offer? Without a doubt the best contribution to cinema from Australia. Do not click on the image if you are sensitive.
  4. If you had to make the choice - what is your favorite album and why? Mine would be Miles Davis - Kind of Blue. Why? Because it is solid... and it keeps on giving. To be honest - I don't think there is a definitive best. But still - if you had to choose - what would be yours? edit: linked Kind of Blue.
  5. What is your best musical experience of 2014...
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