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Found 78 results

  1. Hi Guys , I am using a vintage Rotel integrated amplifier to power by stereo speakers and noticed that one channel is 10db louder than the other. Is that because of the amplifier is old? Using the same speaker cables on left and right speakers. Connected via mobile using the RCA cable. Attached the measurements using the db meter. It's approximate only. Thanks
  2. Current Setup is an LG smart TV, HDMI out into my Yamaha AV receiver. I watch & listen to my content through the apple tv or chromecast, both of which are hooked into the receiver. If I want to access apps through the TV, so the native Netflix app on the TV for instance, I get no sound - what's the easiest solution? Should add, the toslink optical input is being used on the receiver from my Google Audio Chromecast.
  3. 🎄It's Christmas, I would consider any reasonable offers!🎄 you can pick it up today and listen to great music toning! Also including cables as per picture. Item: Kef and Marantz surround sound system Location: Adelaide SA Price: Originally advertised for $6900 retail $9200 25% off Item Condition: Brand new, never been opened, have the original receipts Reason for selling: Financial fundrasing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD and buyer pays for shipment if not picked up Extra Info: KEF Q400B centre speaker retail $800 KEF Q 200C bookshelf speakers retail $800 KEF Q 300 subwoofer retail $1000 KEF Q 700 floor speakers (black oak) retail $2300 MARANTZ UD7007 AMPLIFIER retail $1100 MARANTZ 7009 MEDIA PLAYER retail $3200 This system is new we have never opened the boxes never used any of the items. It would suite a music lover that loves good quality sound. We are selling as we need to raise money to repatriate a dog stuck in transit overseas. Please don't make an offer if you are not serious and please be reasonable. This is NEW, it's just not in the shop anymore, the packaging has never been cut open. If you would like to buy seperate items please message me. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: marantz pm8000 Black Location: Hornsby NSW Price: 750 Item Condition: Good. No marks Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great amp, used it to power some B&W 603 S3s and was very pleased with the warm midrange and delicate highs. specs: Power output: 95 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 10Hz to 50kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% Damping factor: 150 Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 85dB (MM), 109dB (line) Channel separation: 70dB (line) Switchable class A switch Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. So recently I have been upgrading my hifi and Av set up, it's more centered around audio but I have just got a 4k tv and blueray player , which has the ability to play all audio formats including sacd and flac files, at a claimed 24bit 192kz . How much better is a dedicated cd player going to be? Is it really necessary
  6. Can anyone recommend me a great AV/HT Installer who can handle Krix speaker systems for HT? And does Intercoms preferably wireless. I need someone with advanced experience if possible. House plans available.
  7. Item: Event Opal Studio Monitors Location: St. Kilda East, Melbourne Price: $2,600 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling a pair of the famed Event Opal Studio Monitor. $2,600.00 (pair). The Event Opals are an amazing studio monitor, they have received endless praise and are now highly sought after. If you’re interested, I don’t really need to say too much, you’ll know the deal. They are 5 years old, and have spent over 2 years in storage at different stages over that period of time. They’re in excellent condition, perfect working order and have been extremely well cared for. Comes with original packaging and cables. Link: http://www.eventelectronics.com/opal Pictures:
  8. As new pair of KRIX Neuphonix speakers in Black veneer. These are seriously as new and I have not used them for over a year. These speakers RRP for around $3500. I have the box/manual for the speakers ready to go. More info can be found at http://krix.com.au/P....aspx?p=44&id=1 Price I'm after is $1500
  9. Item: FS: Dan A Digital Solid Silver Reference Interconnect XLR cables 0.6Metre (66cm-end to end) Location:Western Sydney Price: $300 (rrp +$870-direct form Dan A digital) Item Condition: Mint. Boxed as pictured. Are at minimum break in stage, no longer required(under 10 hrs usage) Reason for selling: No longer required, using Integrated amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Postage Australia Wide-$20-Registered Post Extra Info:ship Australia Wide-$20-Registered Post ***Having used many brands of interconnects over the years, I find Dan A Digitals to be , whilst expensive, about as state of the art as you can get. **Currently Boeing does all the testing for the purity levels in the silver of these cables** Pictures:as attached OPENâ„¢ Interconnect Cables Analog signal cables suitable for reference stereo and multi-channel audio RCA and XLR Dana Electro Acoustics OPENâ„¢ interconnect cables are made form pure silver that is drawn to form AWG 24 wire and then insulated with Teflon . The insulated silver wires make up a cable where conductors are formed in [tri:form]â„¢ geometry and connected in balanced single ended configuration (for RCA terminations) or balanced configuration (for XLR /Cannon terminations). The pure silver is tested after forming into the wire for purity at an independant laboratory, and must be at least ten thousand times more pure than pure sterling silver to conform to OPENâ„¢ interconnect cablestandard. Each cable set has a certificate of silver purity, issued after the metallurgical tests for each batch, currently carried out at Boeing Aerospace laboratory. The importance of using pure silver is that silver is the best conductor at room temperatures, providing the least resistance to the signal transfer. The extraordinary purity of OPEN silver gives unrestrained and uniform propagation of electric field and to flow of electrons within the conductors. OPENâ„¢ - the closest conductor to no conductor at all. The insulator around the pure silver wire is genuine Teflon (trade mark of Du Pont). Use of genuine teflon material gives assurance of continuous high quality from batch to batch. All insulators inhibit fast change of voltage within conductors, and consequently affect the sound in audio cables.Teflon has one of the lowest influence on the sound (together with dry paper, dry cotton and polypropylene). OPENâ„¢ - the closest insulator to no insulator at all. [tri:form]â„¢ cable geometry provides very low interaction between conductors, giving the least influence to transfer of audio signal. This feature is measured as cable capacitance, and measures 30pF per meter of OPEN cable. We do not know of any other cable that has such low capacitance. OPENâ„¢ - the closest to having no capacitance at all. All OPENâ„¢ interconnect cables are shielded from interference that may be present in the surrounding space, in order to provide fine resolution and detail to even the quietest music passages. OPENâ„¢ - the closest to no background noise at all. Balanced single ended configuration means that both signal and signal return conductors are treated as signal wires (and not as signal and ground), and both are made from pure solid silver. Most other cables are of coaxial design, which is best suited for antenna cables. For audio, the best RCA design is OPENâ„¢ balanced single ended. OPEN â„¢- designed for audio. Balanced signal consists of two signal wires, and above listed [tri:form]â„¢ features are ideal for XLR / Cannon interconnect cables. All OPENâ„¢ interconnect cables are very flexable, despite being made from solid silver, thanks to [tri:form]â„¢ geometry.
  10. Item: White Devialet Phantom - 1200 Watts - 25KHz to 16Hz - 101dB + Official Cocoon Case Location: Perth, Western Australia (Cockburn, Kwinana, Rockingham area) Price: AUD$3050 for Phantom and Cocoon Case (Can Negotiate) Item Condition: Perfect condition with no dents, marks, or scratches whatsoever. Is four months old now, has not been moved since unboxing. Works perfectly and includes all the original packaging and boxes, including shipping box. Reason for selling: I am moving countries and can not take this with me as much as I'd like to. I have taken a Phantom with me in the past for a long term stay away and it got damaged so Devialet replaced it for me with a brand new one, I don't want to take that risk again of it getting broken so it's best to just sell it. Payment Method: Pickup/Drop-off within W.A. - Cash Extra Info: I am willing to either have you pick it up, or I'll drop it off but I am looking to sell exclusively within Western Australia. This unit uses the newest DSP (the ADH2 chip) and also has the AirPlay hardware which older ones don't. The unit is still covered under Consumer Law within Australia. Pictures:
  11. Item: Campfire Audio Atlas Location: Gold Coast Price: $1350 Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: Couldn't get a good fit (proof of which is in the amount of ear tips i bought to try ) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling on eBay right now, or can do COD or paypal shipped anywhere in Aus, Has warranty activated at ALO campfire audio valid till June 2019 (Will provide offical receipt as well - purchased directly from their website). Pictures:
  12. Item: Woo Audio WA6 Location: Silverwater NSW, Australia Price:$650 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup preferred but will ship if needed. Accept Paypal and COD only Extra Info: Owned for 2 years and purchased from Addicted to Audio. Stock Tubes have hardly been used (less than 2 hours) as I purchased upgraded tubes which I am keeping. Have original packaging (including box) Pictures:
  13. Item: 6U Portable Audio Rack Location: Virginia (North Brisbane) Price: $25 Item Condition: Barely used Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: N/A Pictures:
  14. Item: Vintage Vitavox 12 inch woofers Location:Bittern Price: 650 Item Condition: Almost mint Reason for selling:Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: These would make an amazing project however I just do not have time,Peerless build quality in fantastic condition Quite heavy but could post Pictures:
  15. Hey Folks, I have noticed some really poor audio quality coming from Netflix lately. Especially during Netflix Original shows. When a show or movie is playing in surround sound, I hear very obvious squelching when there is dialogue taking place. Anyone that is familiar with the old days of MP3 encoding etc, would probably have heard this kind of compression issue before. It sort of sounds like a high pitched underwater noise. Ive scoured the net trying to find a solution and the best Ive found is "turn off surround sound". Which is not a fix, but an avoid. Anyone experiencing similar issues on their setup? Im running a Xiaomi Mi Tv Android 6 Smart Player to a Denon 3312Ci and on to Kef T301 fronts and Kef T101 centre. Cheers in advance!
  16. Afternoon everyone. I have a moderate stereo setup at my house which I've been enjoying for a number of years, which I run off of a windows based HTPC, which is now getting quite old and I'm noticing some issues. Now since I work in IT, I have a lot of equipment laying around, including a Mac Mini that I haven't used for quite some time. Decided to play with it, so I threw Kodi on it, installed Audirvana and a bit of music. I have the Lenehan PDX as a DAC and had to install the HiFace driver, but it worked pretty seamlessly after installation. Fired up some music and was immediately... disappointed. The music sounded muddled, which is not characteristic of my system. I tried a few different programs, including J-River which is what I've used on my PC, and I will admit that the difference is still fairly noticeable. To be sure, I plugged it back into my old HTPC and as best as I can tell, it simply sounds much better. Now, I understand that what I'm familiar with might sound better to me, but in this case I'm being as objective as I possibly can be. Does anyone have any advice as to why the Mac Mini might be so sub-par? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  17. Item: Beesneez Arabella Tube Condenser Microphone Location: Mitchell Park, South Australia Price: $2,400 Item Condition: Used once or twice, near new condition Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash prefered Extra Info: Beesneez Arabella Tube Condenser Microphone: with power supply and shock mount RRP $3,030 Great condition, been in dry clean storage for a while. Hardly used. Pictures:
  18. Item: Aurum Cantus bookshelf Location:Bittern Price: $650 Item Condition:Very very good Reason for selling:Need to reduce collection and off work atm surgery Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info:Amazing speakers,amazing finish ,can demo , prefer pick up as quite heavy Pictures:
  19. Item: Classe CP-60 preamplifier in BLACKLocation: Gladesville Sydney.Price: $1800Item Condition: ExcellentReason for selling: Saving to purchase preamplifier with USB inputPayment method: Paypal, CODExtra Info: Reviews: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/preamplifiers/classe/cp-60/prd_118234_1591crx.aspx Manual and specification details: http://bwgroupsupport.com/downloads/manuals/classe/CP-60-OM.pdf Up for sale is my much loved Classe Audio CP-60 preamplifier. It's in excellent condition and in perfect working order with a full health check from Chris at Kimil electronics. The unit is built like a tank and has MM / MC phono inputs, remote control and a separate power supply that has been converted to 240 volts as per Classe Audio instructions. It's a reluctant sale but I am saving to buy something with USB functionality to support my digital library. Local pickup preferred but can arrange shipping if required but this will be at your cost. Please note the unit is approximately 12 Kgs. Please feel free to contact me for further information. Thank you Tony Specifications :Frequency response.........................20 Hz to 20 KHz, + /- 0.1dbSensitivity........................................22VMaximum output voltage...................1 Hz to 150kHz, -3dBLine................................................120 mV..................................................3 mV (Magnetic Phono)..................................................0.1 mV (Moving coil Phono)S/N Ratio, A weighted.......................95 dB (Line)........................85 dB (Magnetic Phono)........................85 dB (Moving Coil Phono)Input impedance...............................50 KOhms (Line)................................47 KOhms (Magnetic Phono)................................Adjustable into 47 KOhms (Moving Coil Phono)Output impedance.............................Less than 1 OhmGain................................................18 dB (Line).................................................35 dB (Magnetic Phono).................................................22 dB, Adjustable 20 dB to 40dB (Moving Coil Phono)Power requirement............................50 WattsWeight.............................................12 kgDimensions(w x d x h).......................48.5 x 36.5 x 8.5 cmPower supplyDimensions(w x d x h).......................19.5 x 34 x 8 cmMiscellaneous :Made in...........................................CanadaOriginal remote.................................YesXLR.................................................XLR Input & XLR Output Available
  20. Hi there, We've used infocus projectors for many years and have just been upgraded to the 3118HD. We have noticed that when using HDMI as a source, the audio always 'fades in'. Usually this means missing the first 1-2 seconds of audio altogher. We use these for large scale presentations and a 1-2 second delayed start is not acceptable. Never had an issue with infocus before and can't get much help out of them now. Any ideas? We have tried a couple of different HDMI cables, but that doesn't seem to have made a difference.
  21. Item: SGR Audio Signature Hi-Fi Rack Monoblock standsLocation: Templestowe, VIC, 3106Price: $2000 for the pair.Item Condition: Ex displayPayment Method: Cash, bank transferExtra Info: 2 individual monoblock stands available with bright cherry red shelves. Currently optimised up to 30kg equipment weight. More isolators are available for heavier amplifiers. Measurements: These are 510mm wide by 600mm deep. Pictures:
  22. Item: Custom-built speaker stands Location: Melbourne Price: $1,000 Item Condition: As new Payment Method: Cash, direct deposit Extra Info: A pair of custom-built speaker stands, suitable for the majority of book-shelf speakers. 100x100mm tube can be sand or garnet filled. Spikes included. Measurements: Height: 550 mm, Width 270 mm Pictures:
  23. Item: Audio Research Reference 210 monoblocks Location: Currently in Brisbane Price: $12,000 Item Condition: Very good with 1102 tube hours on the clock Payment Method: Cash, direct deposit Extra Info: Trade- in, currently still with original owner in Brisbane. Pictures:
  24. Item: Audio Research Reference 3 pre-amp Location: Currently in Brisbane Price: $4,500 Item Condition: Very good with 1529 tube hours on the clock Payment Method: Cash, direct deposit Extra Info: Trade-in, currently still with original owner in Brisbane Pictures:
  25. Hi All. Hope this is in the right area. I have a Denon AVR-X1300W AVR, I use this on my desktop as a Stereo Receiver. I also have a Creative Sound Blaster X7 DAC/AMP, I use this for Headphones and real small bookshelfs for night time listening. My PC's internal sound card is a Creative ZxR. 2 sets of speakers, one larger than the other, Larger set used with Subwoofer, smaller set on separate AMP for direct 2 channel listening with no Sub woofer. Set of KriX KDM-Mains on AVR with Sub and Krix Equinox on X7 in Direct Mode. Also have a set of Dali Zensor 1's down stairs. Now before I ask the questions, I am not double Amping or chaining DAC's, so don't think that please. My questions are as follows. What connections into the AVR will give best sound quality? ZxR to AVR through Optical? Analog? Or skip ZxR and use the X7 pre-outs (Direct Mode) into AVR? Can be Optical or Analog there too. Or even use the X7's DAC, go analog into AVR and turn Direct Mode on (With LFE+Main on as Sub won't work in direct if that ain't on) Is it ok to put smaller speakers on top of bigger speakers with vibration pads between, but only run one set at a time? The Ohm setting on the X1300, my speakers are 6 Ohms, but I read you leave the AVR at 8 Ohm anyway? Thank you for any help!! Will happily take any other suggestions as well.
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