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Found 10 results

  1. Further information: Come with original manual and package. Very capable amp to drive most of speaker with ease, no worry about the power and bass control. Quote from http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/equipment/arc_dsi200.htm: The DSi200 is rated to offer 200Wpc into 8 ohms or 300W into 4 ohms, with dynamic outputs of 400Wpc into 8 ohms or a whopping 800W into 4 ohms. These power specifications are no doubt aided by the 160,000µF of capacitance in the amply specified power supply. Output power is of little concern; the DSi200 can drive even the most power-hungry spea
  2. Further information: This has been my beloved CD player for many years and works beautifully with my Audio Research VT100 Valve Amplifier and LS25 Line Stage. This CD player can be used as a high quality Transport if you have your own better quality DAC with optical, coax or AES/EBU input. The unit is 240V and does not require a transformer. I have compared the balance and non-balanced outputs in my system and prefer the balanced option. Your preamplifier and amplifier must both have this input for the benefit to be noticable. Selling due to an upgrade t
  3. A completely new direction for me, so I'm starting a new thread. Adding this to the old thread did not make sense. Said I'd stay away from valve pwr amps; and had reservations about horns, but stuff comes up and I made a change to what I never envisaged. It sounds good, but still more changes to come. From Magneplanar 20.7 to Trio XD. From AVM MA 8.2 to AR Ref 160M. From Koetsu Onyx to Ortofon MC Anna. The Onyx had a low output resulting in the phonostage running out of gain on the MG20.7. The MC Anna has even lower output, but luckily the change to Trio XD giv
  4. Here is my system. I have finally finished a lot of the tweaks I have been experimenting with. The MB2se's sound much, much better than they did at the AV show (thankfully). Assisi paid a visit today to try out a few things and have a listen. He owns ML2 limited's and a PS Audio PWDac as well. We both felt the PMC MB2se's have the same beautiful midrange and treble as the ML2's. The PMC's effortlessly disappear and reproduce realistic soundstage width and depth. In my space (quite large and open) the bass is perfectly proportioned and controlled. The sound is very much "live".
  5. Moving on this gorgeous sounding Pre Amp I intended to keep, but I've decided I prefer the functionality of my other pre amp so no need to have this collecting dust. I am clearing out a couple of things to make way for some other toys I can use with my main gear. There are a couple of chips in the paint on the handles, I thought I would take them off and drop them to a powder coater who'll charge $25 to do them but I just dont have the time during the day at the moment. It is a lovely sounding unit. Further information: http:/
  6. Item: Audio Research LS5 MK2 Preamplifier Price Range: Please get in touch to discuss pricing Item Condition: Very Good Extra Info: Looking to try out a Valve Pre-amplifier in my system. Looking for a LS5 Mk2 that is in 240 volts, not really fussed about the colour Black or Silver will do. Currently using a BP26 with MPS2 Power Supply. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  7. Further information: Has the upgraded USB board, recently installed by Kimil electronics. Original RRP $12k excellent cosmetic condition fully functional with no problems or issues Remote control included Original owners manual, windows driver cd (windows 7) Factory shipping carton for safe transport Smoke free, pet free home Buyer to pay PayPal fees if applicable Local pickup available or shipping at buyers expense What Hifi 5 Star rating "The pricey DAC 8 is one of the most organic-sounding digital products we've heard"
  8. Further information: What Hifi 5 Star rating "The pricey DAC 8 is one of the most organic-sounding digital products we've heard" "Wonderfully big, authoritative, refined presentation; mighty bass; top class refinement; solid build" -accept signals up to high-resolution 24Bit/192kHz level -inputs optical, coaxial and USB are here, accompanied by the rarer BNC and AES/EBU alternatives. -outputs include RCA and balanced Original RRP $12k excellent cosmetic condition fully functional with no problems or issues Remote control included Original owners man
  9. Dear All Stereonet members I am listing for sale Audio Research Ref 5se Pre-Amp and Audio Research Ref DAC. Both of them in excellence condition and working perfectly. They are come with remote control, Boxes and book i am not sure where they are since i am moving home. If you want more information just PM, I will reply ASA i can . Thank you for looking. Photos:
  10. Further information: For sale I have an Audio Research DAC 8 in excellent condition , I am the original owner , the unit was taken out of the box , sat on the shelf & left there . I have everything except the original box which I put in the recycle bin as I never intended to sell the unit ... Currently being used as an outboard DAC for my Oppo Bluray which seems a waste of such a superb unit . It will be very securely packed , happy to arrange delivery or meet up within 100klm of Byron Bay . Still available , 1st enquirer did not proceed . Photos:
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