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  1. Hi guys. Another help me choose thread. I am currently building my house and planning to have a 5.2.2 setup in my theatre room. Room measurements are 4240mm X 3080mm, ground floor of a 2 storey home in Sydney North West. My current speakers are all Richter MK4 speakers. Have not decided on a AV Receiver yet as the build still have a few months to go but leaning towards a Sony STR-DN1080. Usage would be 80% movies and 20% music. I am looking to get a pair of ceiling speakers for atmos use. My budget is around $500 but can be stretched if necessary. Any suggestions on ceiling speakers that I should look into, which would be a match for my current setup? Reading through some other forums, I am considering the below, but this is only based on my limited research. 1. https://www.selby.com.au/pair-of-8in-angled-glass-fibre-ceiling-speakers-xd8205b-x2.html 2. https://www.customht.com.au/products/ns-ic800?variant=14009024544820&currency=AUD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=CjwKCAiAj-_xBRBjEiwAmRbqYqUTjJD_qtRPY4ljtjTx-S0A6j8l8A5j_XWP0sUXE43JjFZ6SquQbxoC5rYQAvD_BwE Appreciate any help. Thank you.
  2. Item: Denon AVC-X8500B Location: Perth Price: $4000 $3800 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent (1.5 years old – but has been boxed for last 5 months) Reason for selling: Moved house with no room for theatre ☹ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info Denon’s flagship AVR with 13.2 channels. Allows for a very flexible arrangement with 9.2.4, 7.2.6 ATMOS, DTS-X or Auro layouts. The 13 channels are fully amplified, so an external amp is not required to fully use all channels. Comes with all documents and accessories. Have original box, so shipping is an option (fyi this thing is not light). If you search my name, you’ll see details of my previous system(s) so know that I am an enthusiast. Rest assured when I say this is a quality and very capable product. I was extremely happy with the Denon. If I still had my system, I would have happily kept it until it died (with the only reason to change out being going to a higher channel count). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Denon X4500H + Emotiva BasX A150, 7.2.4 Atmos / DTS-X Capability Location: Melbourne - Mickleham Price: $2700 Item Condition: As new! Reason for selling: Upgrading to Pre/Pro Setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Items are as new, only used for a couple of months. As stated above wanting to upgrade to a Pre/Pro setup for my dedicated home theatre. Have all boxes, plastics etc - kept everything. Will be boxed up like they are brand new! Reciever has been cooled by a AC infinity from day 1, I ran my full 7.2.4 setup with these with no problems and it sounded great. Pm for further. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. It Item: Pioneer SC-LX901 & SC-LX701 Location: Melbourne Price: $3000 & $2000 Item Condition: New BNIB Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: New Pioneer SC-LX901 and Pioneer SC-LX701 AV Receivers. Brand new in box never used or taken out of box. Was going to use them in various rooms but have gone in another direction. Pioneer SC-LX901 $2750 Pioneer SC-LX701 $1750 Shipping Aust wide can be organised if needed
  5. Item: Yamaha CXA5100 7.2.4 Surround AV Processor Location: North side of Brisbane Price: $2100 (plus PayPal Fees + Shipping where applicable) Item Condition: Excellent, looks new Reason for selling: System overhaul/upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit, Paypal. NOTE: Paypal Fees & Shipping within Australia at buyer's expense. Extra Info: Unit Purchased March 2016 with 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty ( near 2 years remain - applies until March 2021! and will provide buyer with a copy of invoice) Local pickup or buyer paid Australia wide courier delivery (with tracking) available. Allow around $45 (with insurance) for metro courier as boxed unit weights near 20kg - happy to confirm actual pricing and just need to know your delivery suburb and post code. 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos and DTS:x Processing. RCA and XLR outputs for ALL 11 main channels and 2 independent sub LFE outputs with RCA or XLR HDMI 2.0 with HDCP2.2 support on all (7) rear HDMIs. HDMI input on (1) front for HDCP1.4 (which is needed for some Foxtel users with 1080p displays.) 11.2-channel AV Pre-amplifier at the pinnacle of the AVENTAGE Series. Superb sound quality combined with fine craftsmanship ensures an unequalled listening experience. Latest technologies include high rigidity chassis, ESS DACs and reliable balanced connection. Dolby Atmos® support DTS:X™ support AVENTAGE Concept 11.2-channel pre-amplifier The next-generation CINEMA DSP HD3, compatible with all the latest formats Highly reliable balanced connections and high quality XLR terminals for long subwoofer cables ESS 9016 DAC for all channels including front and rear presence channels High density presence and richly detailed sound ensured by high sound quality parts and design Specially designed high rigidity chassis eliminates the effects of vibration for greater sound purity YPAO-R.S.C Sound optimisation with high precision 64-bit EQ calculation MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room Wi-Fi Built-in and Wireless Direct compatible for easy network Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and Compressed Music Enhancer for Bluetooth AirPlay, Spotify® music streaming service and AV Controller app DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz, FLAC/WAV/AIFF 192kHz/24bit, Apple Lossless 96kHz / 24-bit playback Gapless playback enables uninterrupted play AV Controller app for operating various functions from a smartphone or tablet 4K60p 4:4:4 Pass through, HDMI (8 in/2 out) with HDCP2.2 (7 in/2 out), 3D and Audio Return Channel Yamaha video processing optimises video content High-resolution Music Enhancer upscales compressed and CD-quality audio Advanced HDMI Zone Switching allows unprecedented AV switching to multiple zones Versatile Zone control up to four Zones including party mode Trigger control Pictures:
  6. SNA just announced the new SP4 in the news. Bryston has partnered up with Storm Audio for the digital part of the processor. Based upon what storm audio is already offering we might get an idea about what the SP4 is going to be like. https://www.stormaudio.com/en/products/av-immersive-sound-processors/7807-isp-3d16-elite.html You can email James Tanner jamestanner@bryston.com for a preliminary PDF of the SP4 as posted on audiocircle. http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=155431.0 Looks like this is going to be an more expensive unit then the SP3 (which is going to coexist with the SP4), most likely absolutely out of reach for many of us.
  7. Hi All, as title suggests looking to build a set of upfiring Atmos speakers to sit on top of my front mains. was looking at hivi b3s as i have a few laying around. arranging 4 in a square in an angled baffle around 30 deg, the baffle would be recessed so the front edge is hidden from listeners line of sight to eliminate direct axis hopefully achieving a more reflected sound. More of an experiment, but wondering if any one has tried this and was it worth it? thanks Dwayne
  8. Item: Denon AVR-X1400H 7.2 Channel 4K Network AV Receiver Location: Erskineville, NSW Price: $520 ONO Item Condition: Near New Reason for selling: Downsized to 2-channel Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Hi Guys. Looking to sell my AV receiver as I recently downsized to 2 channel stereo. This AV receiver has served me well with no issues. Included is the remote, Audyssey mic, stand and all manuals etc. Specs can be found on the Denon website. I'm sure I don't need to handfeed the stereo.net.au community Pick up only and cash. If you have any questions, feel free to fire away. Cheers, Stockholm Pictures:
  9. Ahoy! So I'm heading towards the pointy (purchasing) end of my home theatre kit out so I decided to draw up a diagram to help map out speaker placements, which will in turn drive my receiver purchase. One of the things that's come out of this is that I don't have anywhere to mount/install the side surrounds to be in spec for Dolby Atmos 😕 Ideally I'd like to go down the path of having a 7.2.4 setup, but unless the side surrounds can put in the ceiling without sacrificing sound quality then I'm not really sure how this is going to work 🤔 From pic: Left speaker can go above the window, but will be 2m further away than the right speaker if installed opposite. Right speaker can't be installed in spec due to tiled fireplace (floor to ceiling) Primary sitting position can't be moved due to WAF We'll deal with the logistical nightmare of convincing my infinitely better half that we should install 6 speakers in the ceiling at a later date 😉 Does anyone have any experience with ceiling mounting surrounds? Pros/cons? Cheers 🙂 RJ
  10. One extra feature. 5 thousand bucks!!! That's the ridiculous price tag I have come to realise for my own circumstance in order to add Dolby and DTS 3D audio. It's out of the question and it makes me pretty unhappy that I have to force myself to ignore the want. Sure, if I was a high income earner I'd be dedicated to spend that and maybe even more - because I want it!! Alas, my family deserve me to spend the money on them and not another set of home theatre upgrades. Now let me explain why I put a 5 grand price on this. Before hand though, I might just add that I have ZERO interest in adding Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1, HDCP 2.2 video switching features, am totally happy feeding HDMI cables to the TV with the video and one HDMI from the SONY X800 to the pre-amp for audio as I currently do with just one toslink coming back from the TV digital output when using Foxtel, Chromecast or inbuilt TV apps. I know I will get these extra benefits with any new components but it's not a value to me I would choose to pay extra for because we like having just the TV on from time to time ya know, don't need 1000W to watch TV. I currently run 7.1 with all VAF speakers and have an old but high quality Integra pre-amp DCH 9.9 , 1x Yamaha receiver ( RX-V1) used for 5 ch power and 1 x Yamaha (RX-V3000) for surround back power, so I do not wish to spend money and go backwards on quality, there's the biggest problem. How do I upgrade just one feature for a fair price without going backwards. Sure, I could get a Black Friday special 7.2 ch AV receiver for maybe a grand and run 5.1.2 ( boring) and there's my ATMOS> No thanks, those entry level or even mid level units are a step backwards in power and quality of power. What really upsets me is that these low to mid tier units do not have pre-outs OR if they do have pre-outs they never have enough pre-outs. If you want 7.1.4 the manufacturers FORCE you into the very high end receiver market or the separates market and you need 3 grand plus JUST TO ADD ATMOS to an existing capable 7.1 system. Why can't they make a sub $1000 receiver with low power amps or just 7 or 9 channels but at least have 11 channel pre-outs? If I am going to do something I am going to do it right, that means 7.1.4 and that means my cheapest option is the Marantz SR 6013 plus my existing RX-V1 to drive at least 2 channels. ( id probably drive 5 from it ). It also means I need 2 sets of quality height speakers ( $2 k ) and accessories, 5 k all up. I know a lot of people would say get cheaper speakers but I don't want the new feature to be the low point, from what I have read I would not be happy with 2 height channels either and best to go 4 up top? Sorry if my whining is hard to understand. I just can't play with the big boys like I was hoping to.
  11. Item: Denon AVR-X2300 7 x 150W Full 4K Ultra HD WiFi A/V Receiver (Black) Location: Perth Price: $650.00 Item Condition: New - in box Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling this amp as purchased from Grays Online with no profit margin and can provide Grays receipt, genuine sale just need to move this on as I bid for two amps and got both. This was marked as "resealed" which means they are new stock never sold to a consumer, never refurbished, but box has been opened. Item comes with 12 months vendor warranty with Qualifi Pty Ltd. Photos are stock as the item is in box. Local pick up in Perth or can ship at buyers expense. Packaged weights is 15kg. Denon AVR-X2300 7 x 150W Full 4K Ultra HD WiFi A/V Receiver (Black). 7.2 channel AV Receiver with 150W per channel: Enough power to fill medium size rooms with unique Denon sound • Built-in WiFi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support; built-in Bluetooth: Improved network stability especially in WiFi-crowded homes • 4K/60 Hz full-rate pass-through, 4:4:4 colour resolution, HDR and BT.2020: Latest HDMI standard for future-proof compatibility • 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 support; 2 HDMI outputs: Plenty of inputs for your digital devices; ready to feed a TV and projector in parallel • Advanced Video Processing with 4K Scaling for HDMI sources: Full HD and even Ultra HD video quality from existing DVDs or other digital video sources • Dolby Atmos (up to 5.1.2) and DTS:X (via firmware update): Blockbusting 3D sound with effects from overhead • AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Network Audio Streaming: Access to almost unlimited online music sources • DSD (2.8/5.6MHz), FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV support: High Resolution audio streaming for HiFi enthusiasts, even gapless • Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ: Delivering perfect equalization for your individual room • Colour-coded speaker terminals, Setup Assistant, Denon 2016 AVR Remote App: Hassle-free installation, setup and o Pictures:
  12. Hi Guys, Just brought a Denon AVR x3400H to replace an old Marrantz SR5004(not blown away by the Denon yet even tho I never ran the Marrantz Audyssey in the new room), and I would like to take advantage of the Atmos feature in a 5.1.2 layout as it seems more robust for different formats than a front heights layout which I had always planned on doing with the Marrantz. Attached is my layout currently minus the TFL and TFR Atmos ceiling speakers, TFL and TFR are located according to Dolby's specs of inline with FL and FR and 80º from MLP ear level. Luckily this is just outside of the ceiling rose, but I still really want to avoid cutting big holes in the ceiling for in-ceiling speakers. Room: plaster walls and ceiling, hardwood floors Ceiling Height: 3020mm Current speakers: Jamo fronts:S606 Center and Sur:S60 Sub:Sub300 Here's what I see my options are: Mount small bookshelf/surrounds/satellites to the ceiling on an omnimount and either down fire or angle slightly, these could either be the surrounds I currently have and replace them with Bipoles for better dispersion along back wall or something small like jamo A340. But I'm not sure if surround speakers like this have enough dispersion for Atmos ceiling duty, I can't find dispersion in the specs for most speakers? This would also be the ugliest solution. Mount flater more diffused speakers like https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Jamo-ART-wall-mounted-speakers-made-in-Denmark/253944970508 or some sort of low profile bipole? Mount outdoor speakers like option 1, not sure outdoor speakers are the best? If they were white shouldn't stick out too much. In-ceiling speakers like Jamo contractor series or Yamaha NS-IC800s, I really don't want 6-8" holes in my ceiling as it's a litte too permanent and close to the ceiling rose. Also regarding layout would there be much difference in mounting the ceiling speakers symmetrical to the MLP as Dolby wants it or symmetrical to the room? What do you guys think? I don't see a problem with mounting on ceiling except for aesthetics given the 3m ceiling allows plenty of room between ear level and speaker. Also any other suggestions you have to improve the less than ideal room layout would be appreciated? loungeHT.pdf
  13. Item: Excelent condition ! Oppo BDP-103 Universal Disc player Location: Canberra , Gungahlin Price: $520 Item Condition: excelent Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: brilliant player for all your Latest Dolby ATMOS sound Bluray Pictures: ask for it. stock image posted
  14. Hi all, An upcoming move of residence means I regretfully must part with the magnificent Jamo D600 speaker system. They're reference cinema sound quality and perform admirably for music. I currently have it configured in 9.4.2 FOR Dolby ATMOS/DTS X. I'm keeping my subwoofers. So, the system for sale includes : 7 x D600 LCR and 2 X D600 Surround Speakers. One of the surround speakers has a blemish on it but works perfectly. All other speakers are as new, with original boxes and packaging. I'm the only owner. The speakers are ideal for wall mounting. Pick up in West of Sydney is ideal or I can ship them interstate. Freight and cost would need to be arranged by the buyer. If bought new the price is about $7740 for these amazing speakers. I'm asking for $4500. If you are interested, let me know. I can text pictures to you or you're welcome to have them auditioned for you in Concord, Sydney . This is a regretful sale, believe me!! I wanted these for ages. See reviews below. http://www.whathifi.com/jamo/d-600/review http://www.trustedreviews.com/jamo-d-600-review http://www.avaustralia.com.au/jamo-d600-5-1-thx-ultra2-home-theatre-system/
  15. Item: Anthem MRX-720 Home Cinema Reciever Location: Kew, Vic Price: $2600 (or $2850 with 4x Onkyo SKH-410 Dolby Certified Atmos Modules included) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not Being Used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred, Bank Deposit, BTC Extra Info: Receiver with full Atmos and DTS:X support. Have box with accessories, receipt and can post Australia wide at buyer's cost. Pictures:
  16. Item: Rotel RB1552 mkii stereo amp Location:Brisbane Price: 800.. Price reduced Item Condition:like new Reason for selling:need funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash and COD Only Extra Info: 2x 120watts per channel at 8ohms. Second owner, minimal use for less than one month while waiting for the new marantz. 7.1.2 atmos ht setup driving the fronts. Very good conditions. https://www.rotel.com.au/products/rb-1552-mk-ii Pictures:
  17. Item: Klipsch RP-140SA elevation speakers Location: Canberra (and Sydney once every 2 months). Happy to post at buyer's expense Price: $900 Reduced to $700 Item Condition: Immaculate. Original box and accessories included. Reason for selling: We are moving into a small apartment and wife doesn't want to upset upstairs neighbours Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: They've been a great joy to listen to while watching movies. Even none Atmos/DTS:X movies have been great thanks to Dolby Surround/DTS: Neural X. Reluctant sale. Pictures:
  18. There is no option to rent Blu-ray but the video easy kisok . Hence I rented few titles to hear on my new dolby Atmos theatre . But to my surprise the rented Blu-ray did not have Atmos option when I put it my player. Its sad I can't check before renting if it has Atmos encoding in it? https://www.imdb.com/search/title?sound_mixes=dolby_atmos And disappointed that Australia is receiving disk which are not Dolby Atmos encoded? Where as on IMDb it does mention the movies released on Atmos. Feel like my money down the drain on this Atmos setup and can't buy every title from JB hi-fi. Dono what to do! Any suggestions?
  19. Item: Yamaha RX-V2079 4K Ultra HD Receiver Location: Melbourne Price: 1100 (offers please) ONO Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Upgrade to New Marantz Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, I can deliver if in Melbourne area. Postage could be arranged at cost to the buyer. Extra Info: In perfect condition only used as a processor, amplifies never used. Description The Yamaha Network AV Receiver Model RX-V2079 is the second from the flagship av receiver in The Yamaha Range. AV Receiver Specifications: 4K Ultra HD Pass-through and Upscaling Through HDMI Supports Bluetooth wireless streaming, Spotify, music cast 9.2 channel surround sound at maximum 220 watts at 8 ohms USB Music Playback Eco-friendly Design Front HDMI Input Features Dolby Atmos and Latest ESS DACS Front iPod and iPhone Connections Zone 4 Function with 4 Scene Buttons Built-in Network Streaming AirPlay, Spotify, Pandora & internet Radio AV Controller APP for Android smartphones & Tablets HDMI 8 in 2 output https://www.exeltek.com.au/yamaha-rx-v2079-9-2-channel-140w-network-av-receiver-with-4-zones-4k-upscaling Pictures:
  20. Item: Yamaha NS-IC600 In-Ceiling Speakers (x 4) Location: Melbourne (W Suburbs) Price: $400 Item Condition: BRAND NEW - Never used Reason for selling: Won't fit where need located in ceiling (trusses in the way) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ fees), COD Only Extra Info: I purchased 2 boxes (total of 4 speakers) 6 months ago to use in my HT that i am building over the next few months in my house getting built. Long story short, Unfortunately due to where the Trusses are and bulkhead, these are about 3-4cm too big and won't fit where they are needed to go for my 4 speaker atmos set up i am planning. To be honest I pretty miffed they won't fit, ans I researched and purchased these due to the enclosed rear of the speaker which is perfect for avoiding dust getting in to the speakers int he ceiling. I now have to search for an alternative for 5" woofers or less. They have NEVER BEEN USED or even PLUGGED in (and don't think i even opened 1 of the boxes) as they have been sitting in their boxes under a sheet for the past 6 months. Pick up only or buyer to arrange courier as don't have time to run around getting quotes. Details: https://au.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/speakers/ns-ic600/index.html#product-tabs NS-IC600 Price: 449.00 RRP (Pair) Yamaha’s new easy-to-install and versatile in-ceiling speakers deliver high performance sound in a low profile and unobtrusive design. The speakers are designed to fit all situations. The NS-IC600 is fantastic for 2-channel sound reproduction or home theatre use in a living room, dining room, family room or bedroom. Blue PP mica cone woofer Fluid-cooled soft-dome swivel tweeter 110W high power handling capacity Horn-shaped acoustic baffle with spiral pattern produces a clean and natural sound Thin grille with slim edge becomes almost invisible after installation Protective plastic cover on the back Light grill with magnetic catch is easy to attach and remove for spray painting and cleaning Large dog-eared clamp with non-slip tread for sure installation Pictures:
  21. Project Atmos I'm building a new house with a dedicated space for a Dolby Atmos Home Theater. I never thought my wife would let me! Dont tell her how much I've spent! My Wife and I have settled on a plan after god knows how many display homes and webpages. Its hard because of our land size of 512sqm is not that big compared to land that me and my friends grew up on on the edge of suburbia. I'm still waiting for the first draft of the house plans to come back and I know I need to amend things already. Like I haven't told them I need conduit throughout the walls for speaker wire LOL. And I'm yet to decide on the door type/style & position for entry. I also need to include an equipment closet, what do they look like? and where should I position it. I'm thinking I can pinch some space from the study next door to make a cupboard and run a vent fan into the ceiling cavity I guess. So if you want please feel free to help me through this journey and I will share all the info and photos as it comes along. I certainly need help. Like custom made subs I don't have a clue about and maybe there is something that I am missing that is obvious to you but not to me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks lads Room Size 5.7 Long x 4.5m Wide x 2.55m High Rough Sketchup The plan - 26th Feb 2016 Speakers: I already have a few KEF Q Series speakers for the ground level for the 7.#.# out of the 7.1.4. I just ordered two in ceiling Ci200RR-THX speakers from the states and I will buy another couple in a few days to try and avoid the import tax etc. Front L/R - Floor Standing Kef Q900 Surround L/R - Floor Standing Kef Q900 Surround Back - Kef Q300 Centre - Kef Q600c Atmos Ceiling - 2x Kef Ci200RR-THX - Will buy another 2 to make 4 total Subs I have one SVS PC13-Ultra and I love it. But I had a lad suggest to me maybe I should go custom and make 4 of my own custom 18" sub-woofers. Ive never done this before and I dont know what it would sound like but I am excited to hear and feel what that would be like. or I can go another/2nd SVS PC13 Ultra but it will cost another $2,999. So potentially I can sell the PC13U that I own and fund a better system but I will have to make it myself and I have never done this before, but I am very handy and could pull it off, or not lol. Screen & PJ Projector - Epson tw9200 Screen - 120" 16:9 In the Equipment closet AVR - Denon x7200 (Need to buy still) AMP - Rotel 1585 5 x 200w Blu Ray - Oppo 103D Satelite TV - Foxtel Game console of choice - PS4 PC - 5960x + 2x GTX Titan X Building Materials & Stuff So far its Rocakwall insulation and Soundcheck plaster and some special glue with 90mm noggins. Things I need help with: 1. Design for a component closet. What should it look like? where should it be positioned, what sort of fan system should it have, if any? etc 2. Custom made 18" subs - Where do I start I dont know. Do you know what would suit my room? Is there anyone near Geelong wanting to help me make them or be appart of the process in some way. What materials should I use and buy from where? 3. Is the Denon x7200 the best suited AVR for my 7.1.4 Atmos setup? 4. Should I do anything extra to the room? 5. I need to sort out position of the subs and what the center speaker will be sitting on. 5. Am I missing something? Thanks lads!! UPDATES: 25th Feb 2016 - House plan locked in. First drafts getting done will be ready for 29th Feb. 26th Feb 2016 - Investigating into Fire Hoods and backing housings for in-ceiling speakers and if they are not installed with the in ceiling speaker to they void my houses fire insurance? Looking into making my own subs!!! I am quite handy and don't mind giving it a crack just got to see if it will be an improvement over buying a 2nd SVS PC13Ultra. I'm guessing 2 or even 4 18" subs would be ridiculous but I want them to work 100 percent. I don't want to be fiddling with them all the time etc. Also got to work out how I incorporate a equipment rack into my design and what I need to do to make it actually effective and not do a dodgy mashed up job of it. So I have my home work cut out for me before the 29th Feb. 27th Feb 2016 - Sold a Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp, Kef LS50's and a Cambridge Audio Minx X500 Sub to help fund the atmos project.
  22. Item: Revel By Harman W380 8" In-wall High End Speaker Location: Perth Price: $390 for both (ONO) Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these with the intention of doing an ATMOS set up in my home but never got around it and couldn't be bothered anymore. Suitable for in-wall or on-ceiling RRP for the pair is $1050. Found used one on ebay for US $274 for one speker https://www.ebay.com/itm/Revel-By-Harman-W380-8-Inch-In-wall-High-End-Speaker-/192040038706 Featuring Revel’s low-distortion motor structure designs with aluminum tweeters and Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC) cone woofers for true audiophile grade performance and easy timbre-matching to Revel floor standing, monitor and center channel loudspeakers. Installation is quick and easy with a patented installation mechanism that doesn’t require any tools for clamping to the drywall and accommodates a wide variety of wall thicknesses and construction types. For the finishing touch, frame-less grilles attach magnetically giving the loudspeaker an elegant, yet unobtrusive look. All eleven in-wall loudspeaker models include square grilles to provide a perfect match for existing wall fixtures and lighting. With this new in-wall loudspeaker product line, there is a loudspeaker to suit any application from background audio to high-end multichannel home theater installations proving once again that Revel builds the World’s Finest Loudspeakers. Specifications: Quick and easy with a patented installation mechanism that doesn't require any tools for clamping frame-less grilles attach magnetically giving the loudspeaker an elegant, yet unobtrusive look 8 inch driver to provide excellent bass response. Pictures:
  23. Item: Integra DHC-80.6 Location: Melbourne Price: EOI now yammie is sold Item Condition: Manufacturer refurbished Reason for selling: Wanting to side grade to a Yammie for some extra features. soundwise though this is hard to beat. item will be withdrawn from sale if the yamaha I want has been sold. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought a month ago, 11months warranty left, does Atmos and has hdcp 2.2. Nice sounding pro. on eBay here https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Integra-DHC-80-6-11-2-Ch-Processor-Atmos-Thx-Ultra2-URGENT-SALE-MAKE-AN-OFFER-/302499216698?hash=item466e5bbd3a%3Ag%3A9U0AAOSwCMFZ7p2K&_trkparms=pageci%3Af1de63cf-b899-11e7-9d0b-74dbd18071d4%7Cparentrq%3A4d9da75115f0aca47352f1a1fffe3bde%7Ciid%3A1 Pictures: see eBay link
  24. Item: SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One in-ceiling speakers (pair) Location: Newport, VIC Price: $200 Item Condition: Great condition Reason for selling: Need cash for a new power amp Payment Method: Cash at pickup Extra Info: I have a pair of SpeakerCraft Profile AIM8 One in-seiling speakers for sale. The AIM series speakers were the first to feature an aimable woofer/tweeter module that aims the sound in any direction you choose. No longer are you bound by the design of your room. Just mount the speakers wherever it’s convenient and point them wherever you want sound. Key Features • Pivoting and rotating 8” injection molded polypropylene cone woofer • Flangeless appearance • Pivoting 1” treated silk dome tweeter • Timbre-matched to all One series speakers • 125W power handling Further information and specs: http://www.speakercraft.com/product/profile-aim8-one-ASM58101
  25. I am considering upgrading my 5.1 theatre set up to Dolby Atmos with some ceiling speakers. It is quite a costly affair with new speakers installed and a new amp, etc. There arent a lot of blu-ray titles that support Dolby Atmos or DTS:X right now and I'm wondering if it will be worth it? It will be justified if most/all movies in the near future will be released with a good Dolby Atmos soundtrack. It would not be worth it if is is like 3D movies where there are only a select few since it hasnt really caught on. In hind sight, I didnt need to get my 3D TV. What are your thoughts?
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