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Found 13 results

  1. Whilst physical media is not bound for the Smithsonian yet, streaming has taken off in a big way and you can have your ice cream in many different flavours now.. The current main players in this world of movie streaming are 1 - Apple TV and the iTunes ecosystem 2- Google 3- Amazon Video So, the million dollar question is are they all the same? Well a friend and I decided to do an informal comparison. He had access to VPN and we could use all three apps on my Sony, which can do very good HDR and Dolby Vision playback. It’s a light canon and you can read about my review below. https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/09/apple-tv-vs-movie-anywhere-vs-amazon.html Also when we were comparing HDR vs DV, there was a difference... What about you? Do you feel the same?
  2. Item: Apple TV 3rd Generation - 1080p Location: Melbs Price: $65 (+ postage if required) Item Condition: Very good - minor swirls on casing Reason for selling: Upgraded to latest model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm the only owner of this unit. It has worked flawlessly, and only upgraded to the latest model to get iView & SBS On Demand via ATV. The unit has been reset to the factory settings. The unit comes in original box, remote & power lead. Prefer pickup, but can post if need be. Pictures:
  3. Item: Apple TV 1080p streaming device Location: Oakleigh VIC Price: $25 Item Condition: new in box, never used. Bought from Good Guys a few years ago Reason for selling: Seemed like a good idea in the shop...but never installed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  4. Item: Apple TV Second Generation Location: Ballarat, Victoria Price: $50 plus postage if required Item Condition: Very good - unboxed but with remote and AC cord Reason for selling: Selling stuff so I can buy other stuff Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Selling my Apple TV as I'm no longer using it. These days I'm finding myself listening to music far more than watching movies and TV. Proceeds will go towards setting up a second system. Postage is fine should be about a tenner I expect. Pictures:
  5. Item: Apple TV 4th Gen 32GBLocation: Epping, VictoriaPrice: $170Item Condition: Rarely Used as i have an oppo and bought a ATV 4K. Reason for selling: Upgraded to the new modelPayment Method: Pickup/Post - Cash, Bank transfer, PaypalExtra Info: As new comes in box and everything with it. Pictures:
  6. Item: Apple TV 3rd Gen Location: Perth Price: $50.00 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is an Apple TV 3rd Generation. ATV 3 comes with remote and power cable. Pictures:
  7. Item: Apple TV 1st Gen 160GB Location: Melbourne SE Suburbs Price: $75 $50 Item Condition: Good apart from the box Reason for selling: No longer used, we've gone Amazon Fire TV throughout Payment Method: Cash on Pickup (CBD or Melbourne SE Suburbs), PayPal Extra Info: This has been used in the past as a "standard" Apple TV but once all our music and movies were moved into Plex we installed 'Kodi' on it, a very simple process using a USB stick. It has been restore back to original software but I can provide instructions of how we got Kodi up and running if that's of interest. This is another 'victim' of the Home-CEO telling me I have to clear out the things we're no longer using... Pictures:
  8. Item: Apple TV (Gen 3) A1427 Location: PerthPrice: $75 inc standard shipping.Item Condition: Excellent - no scuff marks or scratches.Reason for selling: SurplusPayment Method: Paypal (buyer pays fees) or direct depositExtra Info: Purchased new a couple of years ago. Hardly used. Supplied with original remote and power cord. No box but will be packed well. Pictures:
  9. So earlier this week I received delivery of a Luxman L-590AX. I plugged it in and started listening via my Apple TV ( => W4S Remedy Reclocker => Audio GD NFB 2.1)... then my ears started hurting with a sharpness in the treble. Thought, no worries, must be a bad recording, glad the Luxman has adjustments and tried the treble adjustment. Nup. I was thinking... oh no! This is an expensive mistake. Album after album was unpleasant to listen to... But then I put a CD into the Oppo BDP-93 (which follows the same path as the Apple TV) and then suddenly my world was right! Phew! Turns out even with a re-clocker cleaning up the Apple TV, it was making a mess of my music! I heard that it down samples most of the music before streaming, but not heard the reality of how it was changing the music until now. Turns out that my tube amp was just very forgiving I guess - tight bass, warm mid's, laid back highs. The Luxman across the board is very revealing! Has anyone else had this experience with an Apple TV (Gen 3 Revision A)? So now with the source of the issue diagnosed I started investigating alternatives. The decision was jump to the Auralic Aries, Sonore Rendu or even PS Audio Directstream with Bridge or go for something cheaper. Let's face it, I can't afford this kind of upgrade and I stumbled on the Bluesound Node. I was surprised to find it also supports Spotify Connect. I'm not sure why this unit hasn't got more airtime as it is excellent (I note a few people complain about the 90-100K cap on files).. A note in the box promised they are going to be releasing DSD support on top of the 24/192. Overall, I'm impressed. The treble now has more clairty, the sound is easier on the ears. I'm tempted to get another when I've got the money in order to create some multi-room audio. Pros of Bluesound Node: Optical out; Firmware Updates to offer improvements; 24/192 resolution; accepts a USB drive; iOS/Android/Windows/OS X apps; Spotify Connect; Hi-Res streaming like Tidal Cons: No DLNA support (yet); interesting form factor; not quite the detail resolution of Auralic Aries I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for a budget streamer to play their music off a NAS or computer. I've not compared the analog out on the Bluesound Node, nor the sound before using the Remedy Reclocker... Maybe this is the perfect companion to a budget DAC?
  10. Hi Guys … I have just purchased a Samsung Soundbar (HW-H551 for $229 from the Good Guys) and need some advice on how best to connect Foxtel, SD TV, Apple TV, use the Blu-Ray player I have and replace the home theatre speakers with the Samsung Soundbar. My set up is (including links to manuals for others that have been looking for them): - Panasonic 42" TV TH-P42G10A. Link to manual Refer p44-45 for connections diagram - Foxtel IQ2. Link to manual Page 80 for diagram - Apple TV2. Link to manual - Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player (part of the Home Theatre set: HT-BD1252W). Link to manual: Page 15 for diagram - Samsung Soundbar HW-H551. Link to manual. Page 14 for diagram. - Logitec Harmony One remote control. Link to manual I'm hoping to have all sound go through the Soundbar … grateful for any tips! Thanks in advance! Cheers, deers and happy-new-years from hurmeez and two bob
  11. tem: Apple TV v3 Location: Melbourne eastern suburbs Item condition: Used but in good condition (no box) Price: $45 Reason for selling: Not being used, originally bought to access US Hulu TV and Netflix. Only used for 1-2 month and has since been sitting idle Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only, direct deposit Extra info: Apple TV reset to factory settings. No box, only power cable and the apple remote. I can post this if required
  12. I hope this is the correct forum to post this. For some time I've had the following pieces of equipment that played nice together: Apple TV3 Samsung LA32B650 TV Panasonic SA-HT15 AV Control Receiver (yeah, I know it is old but it works) Apple TV was connect to the Samsung TV with an HDMI cable. Apple TV was connect to the Receiver with an optical cable. Samsung TV was connected to the Receiver with an optical cable. Apple TV had audio output set to Dolby Digital and 16 bit. If I played 5.1 content on the Apple TV, I would 5.1 output through the Receiver when the Receiver was set to either the Samsung TV or the Apple TV as input. i.e. the Samsung TV was doing passthrough (I think that's what it is called). All good... until we replaced the TV. I now have a Samsung UA60F7100AM TV. All I did was to swap the old TV out with the new one. Cabling stayed the same. Now I get no sound on either the Samsung TV or passed through to the Receiver (when the Receiver is set to the TV). It works fine directly from the Apple TV to the Receiver (it is just not all that convenient for various reasons that I won't go into here). If I switch Dolby Digital off on the Apple TV, I get stereo sound on the TV and passed through to the Receiver. With the Apple TV set to Dolby Digital ON, stereo content plays fine on the TV and is passed through to the Receiver. Is it possible to get the new Samsung TV to work like the old one did? If so, what settings would I need to change?
  13. Since I have taken delivery of a smart TV and additionally adding Apple TV I have noticed that my TV viewing habits have changed in such a way that my RF Input socket is almost redundant. How terrible is that. A whole new world of entertainment is now at my disposal when I want to watch it. It does make one wonder what the TV landscape will look like in 20 years time. And whilst on the subject kudos to Apple for their wonderful product, truly amazing, the Apple TV works flawlessly and it is so simple to use. What to do with my RF input socket?????
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