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Found 4 results

  1. Item: Rega Apheta (series 1) MC Cartridge Location: Hawthorn East Victoria (ships Australia wide) Price: $450 + $15 shipping Item Condition: Very Good (low hours) all documents and original packaging Reason for selling: NLR (gone to digital) Payment Method: - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup or Delivery I had the Apheta as a bundle, but have decided to split the system for the SNA community, and to allow for shipping of some of the cooler bits. Separate postings for the P7 turntable and Boston Design Mat online. Apheta cartridge is in excellent condition and has fairly low hours <100. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Rega Apheta 1 cartridge Location: Port Macquarie NSW Price: $500 plus freight cost if required Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I would estimate about 300 hours of use, I mainly listened to digital music while I had this cartridge in use. Don't have the original packaging, but I have a good quality cartridge case that will securely protect the cart during postage (if required). Original individual cartridge specification sheet included, refer to photo. I apologise for the average quality iPhone photos, it is the best I could do. Pictures:
  3. I just bought this TT from the classified and am thrilled with how it sounded but there is a problem. Perhaps you can help me. So eager was I to hear it, I went to Lens Wallis and bought an Avid Pellar phono stage preamp. I connected the TT's RCAs to Avid lower input RCA connection and from Avid's output RCA connection to my receiver aux input. I had set the MC low to on. Plug in my HD800 and no sound. No sound at all. Switch to MC high still no sound. Plug in the input load that comes with Avid on the upper input RCA - still no sound. Then I bypass Avid completely and just connect the TT's RCAs to the phono jack on the receiver. Lovely sound. This Rega is something indeed. I think it's even better than my Yggdrasil . So what did I do wrong with the Avid? It's an expensive phono stage at $1200. I'm planning on taking it back to Lens Wallis tomorrow and getting a Rega Aria instead. That should mate perfectly with the RP8. If you see anything that I have done wrong that's obvious, please let me know. Here's a photo of the Rega RP8 with Avid Pellar phono which is switched off in the photo.
  4. After posting a few pictures on the thread "Show Us Your Phono Stages and Phono Cartridges", for those who is interested, here I thought I would share my experience on the Apheta and Shelter 7000 on my RP8. I am not good at writing reviews but I thought I would give it a try. This is not so much a review but my experience with these two cartridges. Please excuse me with my poor grammar, the use of cliché audio jargons and the lack of creativity in writing. Setup By now I have had a total of 3 weeks spent with the Shelter, it now may have about 100 hours or more in my system. Setup is done with the Hi-Fi News Analogue Test LP. The setup has passed the Side A Band 8 test and failed miserably on Band 9 test. If I were to be super critical, the sound might have very slight distortion so I take it as a pass. On side B Cartridge alignment, it failed the first time on the Azimuth setting, sound came from centre towards my right ear. Fixed with a thin cardboard cut out as a shim to the cartridge and shell head on one side. All the rest seem fine. I have been trying all sort of settings but always come back to 100 and 47k, preferring a smoother presentation to a wider and deeper soundstage at the end and settled on 100 ohms. VTF 1.84g, gain 64db and resistance loading 100 ohms, raised 8mm on the Rega VTA adjuster, the centerline of the arm tube look slightly tilted when the cartridge touches a record, maybe about 5 to 8 degrees. A heavyweight Groovetracer Counterweight 150g, has replaced the stock tungsten weight 110g. Experience Shelter is a great all rounder but it really excels in the midrange and top end. Bass is also excellent but it's presented in a very different way to the Apheta's. Bass sounded a little sloppy at the very beginning but it quickly sort itself out. With Shelter, I often stopped from reading (I often put the music on and read at the same time) and listened to whoever that was singing, beguiled by their vocal performance and marveled at how beautifully done they were. I would sink deep into their music, thinking how wonderful this artist is. I enjoyed finding out all sort of qualities in a singer's voice which I have not realised before, this is very delightful and enjoyable with the Shelter. While the Apheta was at play on the other hand, I was often marveled by the sound, more on how a certain instrument is presented, where it was positioned. I was often surprised at how beautifully done it was. The soundstage was very 3D like, sounds would appear from behind my head, far left or right hand side, right in front of me just above my head or, deep into the space in between the speakers, but the speakers has now disappeared. It was like a 3D sound effect show. With the Apheta, I can't help but always put on an electronic or dance goodie I own. The more time I had with the Shelter, the more I realised it's magic. It's more refined and it conveys music and vocal subtleties excellently. When music needs to be gentle, quiet or sensitive, the Shelter delivers. Acoustic instrument sounds more real and more convincing, so is piano even on the limited CM8. Top end is always sweet, airy, and light, unless the music demands a screech, then it's a screech. Sweet, airy, gentle, soft and light, a few qualities I was looking for in Apheta and couldn't quite find easily. There is a sense of lightness, gentleness and poise Shelter have which are very delightful. Maybe this just shows how much a refined cartridge Shelter is. Shelter keeps me pulling out records with fine vocal performance like Beck's Sea Change, Jeff Buckley's Grace, The Walkmen's Heaven, Iron & Wine's The Shepard's Dog and Our Endless Summer Days, Radiohead, Grizzly Bears, Laura Marling, Lambchop, The National, Beth Gibbon & The Rustin Man, Tindersticks and the likes... Another great strength the Shelter has is the crystalline clarity, Lambchop's Kurt Wagner and Tindersticks' Stuart A. Staples both has their very unique "mumbling" style of singing, I often can't make out the lyrics they were singing, with the Shelter, I now can hear words easily. This is a big bonus! Apheta is by all means still a great cartridge, I still like it for a few tricks up its sleeves. By comparison, "Apheta is more like a street performer, it thrills you and wow you with its best tricks and leaves you wanting more, but it does not quite delivers what you really want at the end, and it does not do subtlety very well. It gives a tall and wide soundstage with each instrument and its position so clearly defined." Sounds like a review I read somewhere, that is because I finally agreed to it. Then again, Apheta is designed to be used with IOS, something I could not afford. Apheta will give you big slams with brutal force, leaving you amazed and stunned. I couldn't believe the CM8 could produce such slams but I felt it in electronic, dance, rock and bass heavy recordings, for example, Disclosure's Settle, The Black Keys' Brothers and El Camino. I could not finished listening to a whole album in one listening to the new Depeche Mode's Delta Machine 2LP. Too much high and low frequency constantly slamming with such force, Dave Gahan's vocal performance as fine as it is, was overwhelming and not enjoyable at the end, it all became too much and fatique. This is most evident in the song, Slow, which is one of my favorites on the album. Although I really like this album, I would play only 1 LP each time. On the other hand, Shelter handles this gracefully and poise. I still feel the force but not overwhelming. Bass attacks and decays in a way I have not experienced before and I love it. Special moments with the Shelter 1. The Walkmen's Heaven LP We Can't Be Beat starts with a guitar gently picked, it sounded so crystalline. Set against a very dark background. Hamilton Leithauser started singing softly, he has never sounded so sweet. When the drum finally kicked in near half way of the song, I can hear the skin of the drum vibrating, on my CM8s, this is very surprising. 2. Jeff Buckley - Grace. Mojo Pin starts with Jeff Buckley's gentle wailings, soft cries fades in from a dark background, guitar, cymbals and drums glide smoothly in and out of the air, it felt like they have just been freshly lubricated. 3. Totally captivated by Hellelujah, in the long take just before it ends, Jeff Buckley's voice has infinite sadness and free from restrains. 5. Lambchop - Mr. M Kurt Wagner is singing the lyrics not just mumbling! 6. Tindersticks The First Tindersticks Album. Stuart A. Staples is singing the lyrics not just mumbling! 7. Laura Marling I Speak Because I Can. Listening to Goodby England I feel sad leaving England too. I am obviously not from England and I have only been to London. I don't even like London after 3 visits. But at least for that few minutes, like Laura Marling, I too believe England could be a beautiful country to lie cold in, and I love her honest voice even more. Special moments with the Apheta 1. Disclosure - Settle. Bass slams like a maniac, it's deep and pounds right into my head. It transported me back to THAT club in the 90's where I was still dancing my head off at 10 am. Especially when I was listening to When Fire Starts to Burn and Latch. 2. The Black Keys - Brothers. Keeps it raw and rocking! That's how I like it! 3. Sound effects in electronics albums and bass slams hard in rock albums. Looks like the Shelter is going to stay and the Apheta would have to take a long break. It sounded like the Shelter does bass a lot worse than the Apheta, it's not at all, Apheta just have the extra "uhm" and make records which crave it sounds better, and maybe this is due to the limitation of the CM8s. With the CM8 now sold (though sounding better like never before), I am looking forward to hearing the 2 cartridges' capabilities with the new speakers. Finally, I would set aside the idea of integrating a SUT for now.
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