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  1. Item: One Exposure 2010S2D Integrated Amplifier Location: Sunny Nanango Price: $1450 (plus postage) I'll be using Aust Post. Item Condition: Demo unit, presents as new (Terry and I were very easy on it, it was only fed premium analogue signals and only hooked up to the best speakers in the room) Reason for selling: Bit of a story here. It was meant to go back to Andrew at Audiofix before he fled the country to attend some show or other but it didn't. So either it takes up space at my place until Andrew gets back or it gets sold off beforehand. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Links to the manufacturers website, my SNA review and Terry's and my GTG results below. Comes with the remote control, power cord, original box and packing. Full warranty applies via Audiofix. https://www.exposurehifi.com/products/item/2010s2d-integrated-amplifier.html https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/264806-exposure-2010s2d-review/ https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/263126-terry-o-and-cafads-integrated-amp-challenge/page/5/ Pics:
  2. Item: Musical Fidelity A1 Class A Integrated Amplifier Location: Sydney, prefer local sale but will consider shipping Price: $450 Item Condition: Very good, no marks or scratches Reason for selling: Moving to an apartment, will not have the space for component system Payment Method: Cash-Pick Up or Paypal Extra Info: I am the first and only owner of this iconic unit. It was the very best amplifier I could afford back in the day and has given beautiful and trouble free music since. I have only ever used it with two sets of speakers, the Linn Index stand mounted speakers I bought it with and more recently the very lovely Living Voice Auditorium floor standers. I have had no trouble driving either of these combinations. As you will likely know the top of the amplifier does heat up so I just leave the doors of my cabinet open whilst the unit is on. I have the original Owners Guide however no longer the original packaging. Pictures:
  3. Item: Accuphase E 213 integrated amplifier Location: Waterloo, Sydney Price: $ 3,100 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: almost no use - going for something smaller for the apartment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: - It is a wonderful amplifier, powerful and excellent sound quality - Ordered from Japan and converted into 220/240v by professional - The amplifier is in very good condition - The remote does not work properly (volume control buttons) - No box (box loss during home moving) - Power cable replaced with better cable - Prefer pick up only Pictures:
  4. Item: Simaudio Moon 240i Integrated Amplifier Location: Killara, NSW. Will only do local pickup or local delivery (no postage) due to the value and fragile item. Price: $2000 ono Item Condition: Mint Condition (no scratches) Reason for selling: Recently upgraded and no longer required. Keen to sell rather than hording old gear 🙂 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This is the Moon 240i amplifier which I bought from "Addicted to Audio" (Newtown) in Mar 2018. I have the receipt for the original purchase. It currently retails for $3999 from Addicted to Audio. See link below: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/simaudio-moon-240i-integrated-amplifier I bought this amplifier after reading about it in What Hi Fi Award for 2017 and 2018. See link below: https://www.whathifi.com/moon/240i/review Link for product below: https://simaudio.com/en/product/240i-integrated-amplifier/ This is a great amplifier for it's price point and I have had many hours of happy listening to this product. This product is in mint condition (no scratches/damage). It comes with all the original packaging including - box, manuals, remote control, Simlink cable. Let me know if any questions. Pictures:
  5. Item: Hypex NC502MP Class D stereo amplifier module Location: New Zealand Price: NZ$675 (firm) + freight. $25 donation to Stereonet on sale. Item Condition: New and unused Reason for selling: Bought for a project that didn't eventuate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Unused top-of-the line Hypex NC502MP module https://www.hypex.nl/product/nc502mp-oem/77 This is rated at 500 watts into 4 ohms and 350 watts into 8 ohms, so will drive pretty much any pair of speakers on the planet. This module includes a matching integrated Hypex SMPS, so it really is a plug 'n' play option offering superb sound quality. Just BYO case (and a few other bits and pieces such as IEC inlet, input connectors, speaker binding posts etc). I suspect you'd need to spend at least $3k - and probably more - to get anything close to comparable sound quality. From the Hypex website: The NC502MP amplifier module incorporates a low power standby power supply (meets 2013 ERP Lot 6 0.5W requirements), a highly efficient switch mode power supply and a high-performance Class D amplifier in one compact and easily applicable power brick. The amplifier used in the NC502MP is a self-contained high-performance class D amplifier intended for a wide range of audio applications, ranging from public address systems to ultrahigh-fidelity replay systems for studio and home use. Chief distinguishing features are flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency independent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI. Control is based on a phase shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output. The main SMPS providing the power for the amplifier is a compact, high power, highly efficient, regulated half bridge converter with synchronous rectification on the main output rails. These properties make this technology ideal for powering Class D audio amplifiers. For applications requiring a standby mode, a low power standby SMPS also has been integrated into this product. To achieve universal mains input compatibility this SMPS features an automatic input voltage doubler. Link to Datasheet here: https://www.hypex.nl/img/upload/doc/ncore_mp/nc502mp/Documentation/NC502MP_02xx_03xx.pdf Pictures:
  6. I thought the Technical Brain TB-Zero/int deserved its own review thread. I’ll put a copy into my “Addicts Guide” thread just for the sake of completeness but the TB has a big enough rep that it deserves a little space to itself. The asking price alone demands it, $26K US is pretty decent ask for a piece of audio gear, so it had better be special, and it is. I’m not sure if there is a fixed RRP for Oz, if you wish to find out Technical Brain are distributed in Oz by Zensati Australia, I’m sure they could supply a price if asked. http://www.zensatiaustralia.com/ First up I was a little apprehensive when I bought the TB Z from Rob, I knew it was a good piece of gear of course but the price and the fact that listening to it gave me a similar feel to when I was trying to work out how to get the best out of the Halcro DM-38 made me wonder if I was doing something that would turn out to be a difficult piece of kit to nut out. As it turns out it was a little difficult but nowhere near as complicated as the Halcro turned out to be. Difficult is not necessarily a bad thing of course, you can learn a lot from a component that sounds a little different to everything else or behaves differently. They make you think and can send you in a different direction to the one you thought you were moving in. I suppose the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention” applies here, if you have something that you know can be special and it isn’t living up to your expectations then there will be a reason why, all you have to do is find it. So far in my TBZ journey I have found that the resolution and detail retrieval of the TBZ seems to have found the capabilities of my usual source and cables wanting. I initially tried the TBZ out with my YBA cd spinner and Aurealis RC1 interconnects with Redgum Audio Pipeline speaker cables feeding into my Lenehan S2R stand mounts. I then moved to Aurealis Dragon interconnects and found a nice improvement. A change from my YBA to a Densen B420 cd player was initially confusing, the Densen was not a good match with the TBZ. (Densen has more a tubey sound while the TBZ is unashamedly solid state, they did not mix well) The second biggest change so far was when I brought in my Sansui cd917XR cd player, that was a much better match. The biggest change was moving from single ended cables to balanced. Yes, I know, many people claim balanced are infinitely superior to RCA but until last week I was among the group who could not find any differences between the two with any gear I tried them both on. I realize they are good for noise rejection but I was of the opinion that my lounge room was not that electrically noisy that they were required just for that reason. I am forced to assume then that balanced cables only make a significant difference when a certain level has been reached, or when a design requires something of the signal input that only balanced can provide. This would be when a true balanced design meets a true balanced design. (again an assumption, but I think it's a pretty safe one) The TBZ only sports balanced inputs (which really should have been a serious hint) but us audio hobbyists can be pretty thick at times so it took me a while to remember that I was working with a component that was way above the level of the gear that I play with most of the time. Anyway, the outcome of that part of the story is the TBZ will wow with true balanced designs but perform only as well as many other amps if you use an RCA/balanced adaptor and sub in an unbalanced source. The Sansui 917 and the TBZ is an excellent match, I was truly taken aback with the level of detail retrieval on display and just as taken aback with the way it was portrayed. (the fact that the cd player is 25 years old and is not any of the usually claimed "audiophile approved DAC designs" is also worthy of note I would think) The top end is so extended you can really hear all those little metallic sounds, things like strings, triangles and even brass ringing out. These sounds that are usually not present, probably because they usually sound hard and bright, but on the TBZ they can be heard easily in all their metallic character without coming across as hard or bright. Or, explained another way, they are still just as hard and bright as they should be but they are somehow just not fatiguing to listen to. Some components have a current connection that can be used instead of the usual voltage connections (Audio GD, Krell, Halcro, etc). I have tried both the Audio GD and the Halcro gear using these current inputs and found that I preferred them to the voltage alternative every time. The difference on the TBZ between true balanced and normal RCA is a bit like that voltage to current difference I heard on the Halcro gear only about 5 times as pronounced. Going back is not an option. (well, OK, maybe for TV, but only until I could get a balanced DAC) So now that I’ve got the front end sorted what about the back? Were the Redgum speaker cables up to the task? I tried out my RG213U cables and found a drop in details but an increase in vocal sweetness, the vocal improvement was nice but once the level of detail has been experienced its loss cannot be suffered so the RG213U was not an option. Next up was a pair of Aurealis UP420s, I’m not quite sure if I prefer these to the Redgums, they do drop the detail level just a touch* (I think, not completely certain on that yet) but they seem to give a lower background noise floor. This works really well with slower paced music but doesn’t work quite as well with fast paced rock and metal. My apologies to those who thought they were going to get a full review right from the word go but this is as far as I've gotten. I plan to get further this weekend and I was going to wait until I was done before posting but I had to do something while my washing machine was running this morning so I thought I'd write up my path so far. Next steps will be to investigate different speaker cables (emails have been sent) and different speakers. I did try the TBZ over at Gremrocks place a while back and I found I really liked it on the ML3s but not so much on the ML2 Ltds. Different source, cables and room of course but that's life. The ML3s are now sold so the only options I have available to me are the ML2 Ltds and the KEF LS-50s. I do like the little KEFs but I think this time they are way out of their league so I'll give the ML2s a run and see what I can hear. *Most people would probably say that the Aurealis cables were a definite step up as they cut down on the brightness and the hardness of the sound. I am not most people and the TBZ is not most amplifiers, I think it may have enough of a hold on the frequencies in the top end that we can afford to let that “nasty” sound through without it getting nasty enough to annoy. So this isn’t your typical audio situation. Notice how the TBZ looks smaller than in many of its brochure pics? I always thought it would be bigger in person. One close up. I'm listening to some Aerosmith to warm things up this morning. cd case included for scale. See, not a particularly big amp. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I hear a beeping sound coming from the laundry.
  7. Item: Holton Audio One-Zero-Zero Mini Supreme Location: Launceston, TAS Price: $2800.00 Includes Shipping Within Australia Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: On Sale! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit Card, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Normal Price is $3200.00 PM Me for details or email me at info@holtonprecisionaudio.com Pictures:
  8. Hello world, First of all....my knowledge of audio equipment is quite limited. I've bought a pair of Mission 753s and would like some advice on a good used amp (or combo) to power them. My budget is ~$1000. Any help would be great!
  9. Just thought I'd put up my amplifier build. This amp was up and running around 6 months ago, but I've just put the final touch in it. Replaced my 1000va Nuvotem transformer to a Torroidy "Supreme audio grade" transformer. I'll post some pics of the process here. I have called this the "Zeus Audio - Simamp". I had some cast silver "Zeus Audio" name plates made for my Tsunami speakers so I thought to carry on the tradition with the other projects I build. Original speaker Logo. 3d printed wax, then cast in silver. Expensive logo. I started by reading the Bob Cordell book "Designing Audio Power Amplifiers". I produced a schematic using the best bits of the book. Decided to use a nice symetrical layout. Not because it sounds better, but because of my psychological tendancies. The amplifier was also tsimulated using the same "Ltspice" program learned by reading the book..and google. Voltage out (green). Power across 8ohm load (blue) simulated power acros 8ohm load Current though 8ohm load at max power before clipping. FFT plot @ max power 1000hz THD @max power 1000hz To be continued Cheers Simon
  10. Item: Musical Fidelity X-Pre V3 Preamp Location: Melbourne Price: $350 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: surplus to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: half rack size, all functioning perfectly, built like a tank and punchy clean sound with MM phono stage and remote. Was being used with Vincent mono blocks but the wife has cracked the whip on space, so I'm back to integrated amps (for now). Sad to see this one go as it is a stunner and has served me trouble free all its like (unlike my previous Rega preamp!) Would prefer a Melbourne sale but it's small enough to box up and ship interstate at buyers expense Pictures:
  11. Item: NAD C356BEE + MDC DAC Integrated Amplifier Location: Sydney Price: $650 Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling: moved to separate pre/power amps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Hi there, up for sale is my absolutely flawless NAD C356BEE Integrated Stereo Amplifier Stereo Amplifier with additional MDC DAC 2.0 module. It's in pristine showroom condition - I've babied this thing which has been the very capable heart of my stereo set-up, but I've since moved to separate pre/power amps so keen for this NAD to go to a good home. This is a seriously capable audiophile unit and will give the next owner years of brilliant listening enjoyment. The DAC module is alone worth $250, and makes this amp a complete digital proposition. I ran both my Mac to the USB unit, and. Chromecast Audio to the optical input. Plenty of inputs, and two sets of outputs to run a power amp plus subwoofer. This thing is an absolute beast - with a conservative 140wpc of dynamic power at 8 ohms it's powered every set of speakers I've ever thrown at it including low sensitivity ones with plenty of headroom. Will be sold with original NAD retail box packaging and remote. Its around 10kg so naturally would prefer local pick-up from Bondi Beach, auditions are welcome. Pictures:
  12. Item: Yamaha HTR-3063 AV Receiver Location: Brisbane Price: $150 Item Condition: Used, good work condition Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Full specs here: https://www.cnet.com/products/yamaha-htr-3063/ 5.1 channel, 4 x hdmi inputs etc A solid performer for music or movies Good working condition Includes remote control and power cable The only issue is the round volume knob on the receiver has become a little loose over time. Knob still works perfectly though and most users prefer the remote anyway. Pictures:
  13. Item: ifi nano black label Location: Melbourne, Victoria Price: 199 Item Condition: used 9.5/10 Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  14. Item: Rotel RC-1550 Pre-amplifier and RB-1552 Power Amplifier Location: Eltham, Victoria Price: $1250 or separately RC-1550 $700 and RB-1552 $750 Item Condition: Good. The PCB on RC-1550 was replaced in Feb 18 Reason for selling: Bought my son's Consonance Cyber 880i Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: My son bought the amplifiers around 2014 and I bought them from him in 2017. He upgraded (and again and again). The pre-amplifier had the PCB replaced by JLS Electronics in Feb 2018 at a cost of $785. The amps have been driving a pair of Polkaudio RTi-A7s. Have the two remotes but no boxes. RC-1550 Preamplifier Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 100 kHz (+0, -3dB) Phono Input: 20 Hz to 20 kHz IM Distortion @ 1V out Input Sensitivity and Impedance Phono (MM) 1.2mV/68k Ohms Line Level Inputs 150mV @24k Ohms Phono Overload (MC/MM) 70mV Output Sensitivity/Impedance 1V/100 Ohms Tone/Contour Controls Bass +3,+4dB at 100Hz Treble +3@ 10kHz in Signal to Noise Ratio (IHF "A") Phono (MC/MM) 70dB Line Level 95dB Dimensions: 17 x 4 x 13.5 (WxHxD inches) Shipping Weight 15.8 lbs. RB-1552 Power Amplifier Power Output: 120 watts, two channels THD: < 0.03% IM Distortion: < 0.03% Damping Factor: 8 Ohms Input Sensitivity/Impedance 1.0V/ 33k Ohms Frequency Response: 4 Hz to 100 kHz S/N Ratio (IHF A): 120dB Dimensions: 17 x 5.25 x 13.4 (WxHxD in inches) Weight: 27 lbs Pictures:
  15. Item: Cambridge CXA 80 Ampilifier Location:Kelmscott, Western Australia Price: $850 Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:Updating to KEF wireless speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyPickup/COD Extra Info:In Immaculate order Pictures:
  16. Item: Parasound JC1(pair) Location: Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Shop 7/19 Victoria Avenue Castle Hill, NSW Price: $8,000 Item Condition: used in very good condition Reason for selling: Trade In Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Cards Extra Info: Recently traded Mono's in excellent condition and a steal at this price! Parasound JC 1 Key Features; Premier monaural amplifier Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl and CTC Builder Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation Exclusive two position bias level adjustment Balanced inputs with discrete circuits and XLR connectors Vampire Direct gold-plated OFC RCA input Dual heavy-duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker binding posts Direct Coupled – no capacitors or inductors in signal path Complementary MOSFET driver stage and JFET input stage 18 beta-matched 15 amp, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors 1.9 kVA encapsulated toroid power transformer Independent power supplies for input, driver and output stages 18,000 μF filters for driver stage 132,000 µF Nichicon Gold Tune filters for output stage DC Servo and relay protection circuits REL and Nichicon Muse capacitors Harris hyper-fast soft recovery diodes for all bridge rectifiers Auto turn-on by 12v trigger or audio signal trigger Ground lift switch , adjustable turn-on delay 4u Chassis with rear carry handles, rack mounting kit included THX Ultra2 certified Continuous power output, 20Hz – 20 kHz: 400 watts RMS x 1, 8 Ω 800 watts RMS x 1, 4 Ω 1200 watts RMS x 1, 2 Ω Class A power output, 20Hz – 20 kHz: 25 watts, bias set to high, 8 Ω 10 watts, bias set to low, 8 Ω Dimensions WHD = 432 X 178 X 508 each Weight 29.1kg each Pictures:
  17. Item: B&O Beocentre 2800 stereo with record player and tuner inbuilt Location: Sydney Price: $275 Item Condition: Very good - see notes Reason for selling: funds for other projects Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: Classic Jacob Jensen design featuring record player (33 & 45) plus radio AM/FM (needs appropriate antennas) and at rear there's one Tape input (use supplied 5-pin DIN adaptor) which could be used for other sources such as CD or iPod, or a streaming device like Sonos. The turntable has a functioning cartridge MMC20s with stylus, which most secondhand B&O turntables you see for sale no longer have intact, and replacements cost about $150 or more, so there's half your value right there. The ones advertised at cheaper prices are usually lacking the stylus. Just needs a suitable pair of speakers to make a charming retro setup. Will come with a pair of basic DIN speaker leads and original antenna. Condition: very good, a few marks, scratch on the OFF button which also sticks in "off" position and needs a fingernail to pop it back out, - but it's not too hard to do. Balance is best set a bit to the left side as the left is weaker. Antenna inputs at rear for FM and AM, basic antennas will be supplied, but you need to check what's required in your location. Delivery - best picked up due to fragile nature of turntables. Will drop off if you're in the Hills District, can meet part way if not. Freight might be organised at buyer's cost and risk, ask about this. Pictures:
  18. Item: Exposure 1010 Integrated amplifier Location: South Australia Price: 600 Item Condition: Used and functioning well Reason for selling: Looking for an amp with pre out or sub out (would consider swapping, will add cash if needed). Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm selling my 1 year old+ Exposure 1010 integrated amplifier. Price is negotiable as remote control is at rare times erratic. I have the original box and all that comes with it so I can ship Australia wide. Pardon the crappy pics. Pictures:
  19. Item: Simaudio Moon 240i Integrated Amplifier Location: Killara, NSW. Will only do local pickup or local delivery (no postage) due to the value and fragile item. Price: $2200 Item Condition: Mint Condition (no scratches) Reason for selling: Recently upgraded and no longer required. Keen to sell rather hording old gear 🙂 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This is the Moon 240i amplifier which I bought from "Addicted to Audio" (Newtown) in Mar 2018. I have the receipt for the original purchase. It currently retails for $3999 from Addicted to Audio. See link below: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/simaudio-moon-240i-integrated-amplifier I bought this amplifier after reading about it in What Hi Fi Award for 2017 and now it also won again for 2018. See link below: https://www.whathifi.com/moon/240i/review Link for product below: https://simaudio.com/en/product/240i-integrated-amplifier/ This is a great amplifier for it's price point and I have had many hours of happy listening to this product. This product is in mint condition (no scratches/damage). It comes with all the original packaging including - box, manuals, remote control, Simlink cable. Let me know if any questions. Pictures:
  20. Item: ASPEN NAKSA 80 Location: Canberra Price: $500 Posted AUS wide ($450 pick up) Item Condition: 8/10 (minor scratches on the chassis) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: A good friend has given me the opportunity to buy a Sansui AU-707i which at 130W works much better with my Schiit Saga PRE (unity gain) and my speakers. Although this amplifier has a beautiful sweet tube like sound with decent bass, I've found that at 80W (NAKSA 80) my 85db speakers cannot get loud enough with my vinyl set up. This is likely due to the unity gain of my PRE. My digital sources don't exhibit the same issues and sound very sweet with this amplifier. The amplifier has been modified at some point by someone and I was not made aware of this when I purchased the amp. The work is serviceable however and has not caused any problems with day to day operation. I have bypassed the two front pots myself so this is now a power amplifier. I can reattach the pots if nessecary. Physically the amp is in pretty good condition and only has a few slight scratches on the chassis. Pictures:
  21. FS: Musical Fidelity - A3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier Location: Belrose NSW Condition: Used (lovingly) and very well cared for. Price: $800 Negotiable https://www.musicalfidelity.com/uploads/manuals/English/a3int_eng.pdf “The A3 operates in Class A/B which in our experience offers the ultimate in musical accuracy and pleasure. The A3 is based on ideas and principles developed in the legendary X-A1 Integrated amplifier but with subtle changes and improvements.” Sadly, it’s time to let go of my much-beloved Musical Fidelity system. It’s time to down-size to a streaming system (Kef LS50W) Actually, the main reason to sell is despite her liking the awesome sound, my wife hates the look of my complete system. Comes complete with Remote Control and power cord. Will post/courier at buyer’s expense. You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Or you can collect with C.O.D.
  22. Location: Sydney Hifi Mona Vale Item: Audio Space AS-6i (300B) Tube Integrated Amplifier Price: $3800 Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Trade In Product Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only This product is available for in-store audition and is store pickup only Extra Info: https://sydneyhifimonavale.com.au/products/audio-space-as-6i-300b-tube-integrated-amplifier Outstanding Features Rugged stainless steel chassis High quality EI transformers and components Switching between direct and line input Switching between high and low negative feedback Headphone jack Innovative tube circuitry with choke coil Specifications Output Power: 2 x 21W (Triode – Class A Push-Pull) Output Impedance: 4, 8 ohm Input: Single-ended RCA x 3 Vacuum Tubes: 2 x 6N9P (6SL7 or ECC35) 2 x 6N8P (6SN7 or ECC32) 4 x 300B Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 190 x 300 mm Net weight: 22 kg Pictures:
  23. Item: Nad C 272 2 Channel Power Amp Location: Adelaide Price: 450 (offers welcome) Item Condition: Very good plus Reason for selling:Changing direction to my first Tube amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (will post if need be) Extra Info: Here is my near perfect condition amp for sale. Fantastic quality amp by Nad Solid state and plenty of power and well looked after. Am only owner and only selling as am entering the tube amp direction. Check out specs online and great reviews. 2 x 150W Minimum Continuous Power into 4/8 ohms Bridgeable to 300W mono (8 ohms) • Both fi xed and variable inputs, switch selectable • NAD Soft Clipping™ Pictures:
  24. Item: SC-LX78-K Location: Baldivis Price: $1000 ONO Item Condition: Used for an hour to check if it functioned well Reason for selling: Moved house before it could be set up and now nowhere to put it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: https://intl.pioneer-audiovisual.com/products/av_receiver/sc-lx78/ Pictures:
  25. Item: Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amplifier Location:Melbourne Vic Price: $1500 Item Condition:8/10 just a few very minor scuffs marks. Item works 100 percent Reason for selling:Upgraded to pre power setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Can ship at buyers expense. I had this item for about 4 years and is the original owner. This is a very powerful amp and will drive most speakers out there. Its rated at 200 watt per channel into 8 ohm I have the original box so shipping is not a problem. I prefer you come and listen for yourself what a Mf amp can do. Pictures:
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