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Found 9 results

  1. Mint condition, used infrequently and battery always kept charged. Legendary performance. Comes with original box and accessories including charger, USB cable, booklet, rubber strap bands for stacking with other devices, international power adaptors. Upgraded to Mullard 6021 and Sonotube tubes (great improvement over stock tubes). At the front: 3.5mm single ended headphone output; 5 LED sample rate indicator for DSD64 (white), 88.2kHz/96kHz (blue), 176.4kHz/192kHz (green) and 44.1/48kHz (red); a volume potentiometer (also serves as on/off switch); power LED indicator; high and low gain switch and 2.5mm balanced headphone output. At the rear: 3.5mm fixed 2Vrms analog output signal (straight from DAC); power/charging connection; micro USB digital input; input switch allowing you to choose from digital or analog input sources; a 2.5mm balanced input; and a 3.5mm single ended input. Dimensions: 145mm x 25mm x 82mm / 5.75″ x 1″ x 3.25″ RMS per channel, both channels driven: Single Ended: 80mW into 32 ohms 95mW into 50 ohms 75mW into 150 ohms 60mW into 300 ohms Balanced: 125mW into 32 ohms 145mW into 50 ohms 110mW into 150 ohms 95mW into 300 ohms Input impedance SE: 10k Input impedance BAL: 50k Output impedance SE and BAL: < 1 Ohm Photos:
  2. Item: ALO Studio Six Headphone Amp Location: Canberra Price: $3,950 plus postage and fees Item Condition: Perfect, like new. Reason for selling: NLR, gone back to a speaker system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: Well here it is - one of the grand-daddies of headphone amplifiers. The ALO Studio Six is all valve from start to finish, hand-made and employs point to point wiring. I bought it eleven months ago thinking that I was going to be limited to headphone listening only, but now circumstances have changed and I am going back to a speaker based system. That said, I have loved listening to music through this system knowing that it's quality is of the highest order. One can use many superlatives when describing this amp and they all apply. It's an Incredibly powerful yet nuanced and detailed SET amp with an amazing soundstage. It is a tube rollers delight and I also have several best of breed tubes that I will be selling separately. Don't be concerned that the headphone jacks are single ended with no balanced outputs. I compared this to a Woo Audio running balanced connection into my Sennheiser HD800S and, in my opinion the ALO came out streets ahead. It clearly had more body, a lower noise floor and of course that SET signature. There are also four headphone sockets so the amp can drive four sets of cans simultaneously without any loss of sound quality - perfect for shared listening and GTGs. For those who play vinyl, ALO make a matching phono stage which can be powered off the amps high quality power supply. This amp has been looked after meticulously in a pet-free, child-free home; it's never been over-driven or abused. This would be a terrific alternative to buying a new amplifier. Current RRP is $5.649 and with the falling Aus dollar, this is likely to get higher. The amp will be sold with the original valve set, all of which are unused apart from initial testing. Photos:
  3. Hi guys, After the Alo gateway or passport by themselves. Doesn't really matter if the passport won't hold its battery charge, as long as it still can still process the power for the amp. Or trade my Alo Panam + a bit of cash for a Woo wa3 Extra info: in Brisbane, got stock and Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV tubes for the pan am thanks, Yuhuo
  4. Item: ALO Pan Am Head Amp/DAC Price Range: Depending on condition and accessories Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for an ALO Pan Am headphone amp. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for an ALO The Island head amp/DAC. If you have one that you have for sale, please let me know. Cheers Bebop
  6. 30GB Black 5g iMod http://redwineaudio.com/imod ALO Audio iMod cable http://redwineaudio.com/cables#imod_dock_cable Location: 6150, Perth Price: $350 plus post Item Condition: Near new. The protective plastic film it was sent with hasn't been touched/removed. Silver back plate is scratch free and same goes for the black faceplate. It was assembled with a scratched click wheel, nothing major just surface scratches. Reason for selling: Never use it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct credit Extra Info: Has been used for <1h. Red Wine Audio assemble the iMod using refurbished parts as 5g iPods aren't available new anymore. Rockbox firmware (enables lossless format playback) is included and users have the choice of using stock firmware or rockbox firmware upon powering up the unit. Pictures: Attached. Once again, the protective plastic film hasn't been touched or removed so you'll have to excuse the crude look of the front and back.
  7. Item: RSA The Shadow - Portable Headphone Amplifier - BLACK - SALE PENDING Location: Melbourne, Victoria Price: $320 Item Condition: Very good condition Reason for selling: Lack of use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Brand new price is $525 AUD. Priced to sell quickly. One of the most highly rated portable amplifiers. Sounds amazing and is tiny! Will include a mini-USB cable for charging from USB port. Reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/products/ray-samuels-the-shadow http://www.headfonia.com/rsa-tiny-amps-the-shadow-or-the-mustang/ Pictures: Coming soon.
  8. Item 1: Audio-gd CD7FV Transport Location: 6150, Perth Price: $770, Pickup only Item Condition: No dents, marks, scratches. Read extra info. Reason for selling: Takes up too much space on my desk, surplus, and I have no use for it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct credit Extra Info: Owned for 2 days, bought off a fellow SNA member. Includes packaging, spare lasers, and the remote. Inspections welcome. The unit has a slightly loose faceplate (<1mm movement) which moves if you intentionally attempt to move it. I wasn't informed of this upon buying it so it bothered me a little bit as I'm a down right perfectionist. Quoted from previous owner Pictures: Upon request Item 2: 30GB Black 5g iMod http://redwineaudio.com/imod ALO Audio iMod cable http://redwineaudio....imod_dock_cable Location: 6150, Perth Price: $500 posted within Australia Item Condition: 8/10 The condition I'm selling it in is identical to how I received it Reason for selling: Never use it, surplus. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct credit Extra Info: Its had literally 10 minutes use. Unit is refurbished as 5g iPods aren't available new anymore. RWA assemble from refurbished parts, modify, and send these out. Protective plastic casing still on the unit from RWA. The silver back panel is scratch free and same goes for the front black faceplate. It was assembled with a scratched click wheel, nothing too major just surface scratches. Pictures: Packed up and ready to go, but will take some if I need to.
  9. Item: FS: ALO RX HEADPHONE AMP, CYPHER LABS ALGORITHM DAC, ALO SOURCE TO DAC TO AMP CABLES Location:Sydney Price: $650 FIRM Item Condition: Excellent DAC and Cables, Amp has transfer rubbing off. Reason for selling: Not using it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: This combo is truly and exceptional portable solution. You won't find better at this price. I am the first and only owner. The combo has been sparingly used. I'd be surprised if there is even 50 hours on it. I know the amp has less than that. I will post, at owner's expense. Pictures:
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