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  1. Items: A Large part of my personal collection - Various LPs - THIS IS THE VINTAGE ROCK SECTION but also see individual lists and the main thread which has all the common information to all threads. Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld - Will post to anywhere in Australia (O/S by agreement) Item's Condition: Very Good ++ to Mint + (Many bought, stored but unplayed) Reason for selling: To raise money to get my teeth fixed. Price: Various - See each item Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (Direct Deposit if you prefer) Extra Info: Some great music up for grabs - Buy with confidence as previous SNA buyers have done. Pictures: Covers graded first (where included) albums next. STOC = Slight tear on cover LTOC = Label tear on cover LOC = Label / sticker / label residue on Cover WD - Water Damage to cover - (a small number were affected after a storm at my parents house when I was a kid) NAC - NYP = Needs a clean, not yet priced. PHIC - Punch Hole in Cover / Cut-out / deletion mark or hole GFC = Gatefold Cover RWOC = Ring Wear on Cover SRWOC = Slight Ring Wear on Cover ILS = Inner Lyric Sheet or inner cover ST = Sticky tape NOTICE - Please record your wants in each LP list - Don't send me a PM to reserve anything as someone else may snag the same album as you wanted before I get to your message. Keeping all wants within the list keeps everything transparent. Hope this makes sense. Have a read of the reviews - they are designed to help let you know about music that may have escaped you earlier. (They are not my reviews however ) (Once an item has been reserved or sold, I may remove the review/s to save space / bandwidth for Marc and reduce the time needed to scroll through what has become a very large list. List # 6 - Vintage Rock & Other SOLD *** Love - Revisited - USA import on Elektra label - a fantastic compilation of some of their best music - 60's psych/ pop/rock at its best - Arthur Lee wrote some truly excellent songs which are all on here. EX - / NM Don't miss this - $18.00 - JOEY1125 Todd Rundgren / Utopia A few words about this eclectic musician and band of minstrels: Despite being very popular in USA but not as big as Springsteen / Bryan Adams / Jon Bon Jovi, his style makes no attempt to emulate any of these guys as his musical genius allows him to follow a different musical path. All of his / their albums are unique and contain some absolute gems along with a few clunkers here and there. Each release from this very creative ensemble unearths something fresh and challenging and with songs that leave you thinking, WTF? How can anyone create something so good. Whilst I always looked forward to buying any new release that came around, I knew instinctively that I may not necessarily like 100% of the contents. With this in mind I realized I might need to take the good with the bad. If a prospective buyer keeps this in mind also, they may just discover their new most favourite musician/s as the talent just cannot be ignored. Take a punt on any of these as you'll be amazed and pleasantly surprised. Here goes: SOLD *** Todd Rundgren - Todd - 2LP GFC on Original Bearsville Label - Classic Todd - NM / M+ Best copy for its age - $25.00 (JOEY1125) *** Todd Rundgren - Initiation - NM / M+ - $14.00 A review: The first six cuts are pretty cool prog-pop songs a la Rundgren. However, they are rather incongruous with the strictly progressive, monolithic, and very experimental synth laden 36 minute composition "A Treatise On Cosmic Fire". Initially, I was only going to give this album four stars but "Treatise" alone makes it worthy of five. Rundgren plays everything on this spacy symphonic masterpiece and proved himself to be a modern day Beethovan. There is nothing quite like it and it really has to be heard in it's entirety to be truely appreciated. So if you have 36 uninterrupted minutes to spare, a penchant for the experimental, and an open mind then enjoy. SOLD *** Todd Rundgren - Something / Anything - 2LP GFC - EX / NM - $25.00 (JOEY1125) *** Utopia (Todd Rundgren) - Deface The Music - VG / Mint - $12.50 SOLD *** Utopia - Oblivion - Ex / M - $14.00 (JOEY1125) *** Utopia - Utopia - Incl bonus 5 track EP - NM / M+ - $20.00 Here's a review: Democracy in action. Yes, it's Todd's group. Yes, Todd engineered and produced it. But this is truly a group effort. Lead vocals and composer duties are shared almost equally along side Todd. 15 three minute power-pop/new wave songs and not a bad one in sight. Kasim has lead vocals on three songs, Willie on two, Roger on Two, Todd on three, and Todd and Kasim share lead on four of them. Starts off with Libertinefeaturing Kasim on lead vocals. One of his best vocals ever and the song is a flat out rocker. Roger has the great keyboard solo that you would swear was Todd on guitar. Feet Don't Fail Me Now was their "hit" off this album and an accompanying video was on MTV for a little while. Roger does lead vocals on this tight keyboard driven Beatle-esque song. Neck On Upand Princess Of The Universeare two flat out rockers sung by Willie. Princess is one of the best songs/vocal on the entire album. I'm Looking At You But I'm Talking To Myselfis a typical Todd ballad, ala Compassion. It's a great song but sounds like it belongs more on one of Todd's solo albums. Hammer In My Hearthas Todd taking on lead vocals on a great shouting rocker. I believe he might have shred a vocal chord or two while recording this. Infrared and Ultravioletis a minor trip into psychedelia, with a little backwards guitar thrown in for good measure. Say Yeahand Chapter and Verseare both power-pop rock songs ala Badfinger/Big Star. Musicianship and production are simply outstanding. The band sounds tighter than it's ever sounded before, or after. That there was this great of a rocking album out there in 1982 and it went virtually unnoticed, should be a crime. *** Utopia - Swing to the Right - EX / NM - $12.50 SOLD *** Kevin Ayers - Sweet Deceiver rare Orig Island Label - ILC (SRWORC) NM/ M+ - Played bass and sang for Gong and Soft Machine. Intelligent and interesting musician - $14.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ** * Procol Harum - Something Magic GF M / M+ $14.00 (RANTAN) SOLD *** Incredible String Band - Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air - Original UK cover on Elektra label on mega thick GFC - NM / Vinyl is an Australian version in NM condition- (Must have swapped for a better vinyl copy when I could find one. Can't recall...... ) $20.00 (BUDDYEV) SOLD ** * Incredible String Band - No Ruinous Feud - EX+ - RWOC / NM - $14.00 (BUDDYEV) SOLD *** Michael Omartian - White Horse - EX / NM - G/F Small notch in cover - Orig Dunhill Import from 1974. Probably one of the only funk/soul /pop albums I owned excluding Sly & the Family Stone & a few others. If you like Steely Dan you'd like this as the playing is TIGHT! - $12.00 (SPIDER27) SOLD - Leslie West - Mountain - rare orig USA copy on Windfall Label - NM / Small notch in RHS / NM - $15.00 AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD *** Lindisfarne - Lindisfarne Live - Aust Charisma label - NM / M - $14.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ** * Lindisfarne - Dingly Dell - Orig Aust Charisma Label - EX- (Slight Water Damage to cover) - ISC / Poster - quite rare - $17.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD *** Godley & Creme - Freeze Frame - EX- /PHIC - M - $12.00 (GEE EMM) SOLD *** Blue Oyster Cult - Mirrors - ICS - EX / EX+ -$10.00 SIMO8989 SOLD *** Three Dog Night - American Pastime - G/F - M / M - $14.00 (SIMO8989) SOLD *** Three Dog Night - Suitable For Framing - Original 1969 Stateside G - RWOC - Splotches on rear / VG - $10.00 (SIMO8989) SOLD *** Three Dog Night - The Golden Era of Pop - (The Very Best of) - Exceptional vocals from this incredibly talented band - NM / M - $14.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD Bloodrock - Bloodrock 3 - Aust only release on WRC label - EX++ - / NM - The only other copy of this mega rare Australian only version sells for $60 for a NM issue. I'll take $45.00 (ANTHONYVINYL) *** Johnny Winter - Johnny Winter And - orig Aust CBS - NM / NM - $15.00 *** Magna Carta - Spotlight on Magna Carta - EX- (STOC) - EX- 2LP - UK Import - $15.00 *** Magna Carta - In Concert - Orig Vertigo Swirl Label - EX- (SRWOC) / NM - $25.00 Magna Carta - Seasons - GFC - EX (W.D. - Bottom parts of the inside cover peeled away after trying to open following water damage - 85-90% of the lyrics are still visible however. Rare original Australian copy on the Swirl Vertigo label / EX - Has been played a few times and has a number of scuffs on both sides. $22.00 Magna Carta - Martin's Cafe - rare original Dutch copy on the Vertigo label from 1977 NM (small crease in top RHS = normal shelf wear) / EX++ - Side 1 has a long mark which has passed a play test just fine - Side 2 looks fine. - $20.00 Magna Carta - Lord Of The Ages - NM / M - rare original UK copy on the Vertigo label - $25.00 *** Michael Quatro - Look Deeply Into The Mirror - Keyboard wizz Suzie's brother but more talented - Orig USA import - quite rare - NM / M - $14.00 *** Michael Quatro - The Best of - NM M - Orig USA import on Koala label - $14.00 *** Michael Quatro - Mirage - NM / NM V. rare import on Koala label - $16.00 SOLD - Jeff Beck - There & Back - EX+ - Features rare bobbled cover + insert / EX++ some scuffs here and there - Hard to find this one! $18.00 (GEE EMM) SOLD - Argent - Counterpoints - EX+ - 1" split on side - NM / - $13.50 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD - *** Argent - Encore - 2LP - Live EX++ / NM - Includes Time of The Season, Hold Your Head Up, God Gave Rock & Roll, It's only Money etc - Top band WOT? - $17.50 (PEGASUS) SOLD - Argent - Circus - EX - SRWOC / EX++ - $12.50 (WONDERING) SOLD *** The Edgar Winter Group - With Rick Derringer Orig Aust copy on CBS EX / M- - $12.50 (PEGASUS) SOLD *** The Edgar Winter Group - Shock Treatment (ICS) (SRWOC) NM / M - $14.00 (PEGASUS) *** Journey - Next - VG++ / Mint $14.00 SOLD - *** Ace - No Strings USA Import - Cut Out EX+ / Ex+ Features Paul Carrack who joined Roxy Music (1978-1980), Squeeze (1980-1981) then Mike & The Mechanics (1985 - 2004) - Good songs here - $9.00 (FULL RANGE) SOLD - *** Ace - Time For Another - USA Import - PHIC EX / M- $11.00 (FULL RANGE) *** V/A - Picnic - A Breath of Fresh Air EX-- SRWOC - pen marks on rear against song titles- V. rare 2LP set on UK green Harvest label - Only copy I've ever seen. A lot of obscure prog gems on here. Includes Deep Purple, BJH, Quatermass, Pretty Things, Greatest Show on Earth, Roy Harper etc. This goes for up to $100.00 or more. This copy for $40.00 SOLD *** Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) - K-Scope - EX++ SRWOC / EX++ - $11.00 CADDISGEEK *** The Tubes - Remote Control - Orig Aust copy on A&M label - VG+ (SRWOC) creases / Ex - $10.00 *** The Tubes - The Tubes NM (RWOC) / M - Features the classic track, "White Punks on Dope" - $15.00 *** Buggles - Age 0f Plastic - M+ / M - ILS - $10.00 SOLD *** 10cc - How Dare You - GFC - USA Import - ISL - NM - Small cut-out on BRHS / NM - $14.00 (GEE EMM) SOLD 10cc - 10 Out of 10 - ILS - NM - SRWORC / M - $12.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD 10cc - Sheet Music - NM / M - $12.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) ***10cc - Are You Normal - EX++ - SRWOC - Small hole punch - / M - $12.50 SOLD *** Procol Harum - Grand Hotel - GFC - Original Chrysalis label - SSOC - Ex+ / M- $14.00 (RANTAN) SOLD - Wishbone Ash - Pilgrimage - original MCA import from USA - NM (SRWOC) / EX - a few splotches / scuffs - great copy for its age - $9.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD - Wishbone Ash - Live Dates - 2LP Live set EX - (SRWOC + slight tear on RHS) / EX- Some scratches and scuffs on this one - $12.50 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD *** Mike Heron - Diamond of Dreams - EX+ ILS / EX + - dimples - $10.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD *** Mike Heron - Smiling Men With Bad Reputations - GFC - NM / M - $12.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) ***Utopia - Adventures in Utopia - GFC - Rare Australian only blood-red vinyl version in mint condition. Cover is M- with 2 small creases on the bottom. $18.00 Here's 2 reviews: There could have been four or five radio hits from this album. Excellent power pop, with a touch of intelligence. But that's Todd, isn't it? Great songs, great production, great performances. A solid effort by Utopia. They finally start to sound like a band, rather then Todd's side project. All four members are firing on all cylinders with composing, playing and singing. SOLD ***Amazing Blondel - Inspiration - EX / Ex - $9.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD - Small Faces - Magic Moments - M- / M - great compilation from 1976. $16.00 (WIMBO) RESERVED ***The John Renbourn Group - A Maid in Bedlam - M- (although a gift message on the top rear cover) / M- an original UK releases on the Transatlantic label - fantastic cover art- $14.00 (ANANTH) A few thoughts: Perhaps my favourite Renbourn album, a little bit straighter than some of his others (if you can apply "straight" to an album that tries to fuse traditional British folk with Indian classical music) and a little bit brighter too -- this is most definitely a morning album, not an evening one. But it's so delicate and joyful, and as an added bonus features Jacquie McShee's best singing since her Pentangle days. An absolutely essential album of British folk. The arrangements of these traditional songs are beautiful and Jacqui McShee's vocals are as good as it gets. Fans of Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span should definitely check out this album. SOLD - Diana Ross & The Supremes - 20 Golden Greats M- / M- some light scuffs - $10.00 - great compilation. (SPIDER27) SOLD ***The Guess Who - American Woman - EX - / Ex - Some of Randy Bachmann's best - $8.00 (JOEY1125) Split Enz - Mental Notes - GFC - M- / M- An original copy in near mint condition - fantastic music from this legendary band - $20.00 Split Enz - Dizrythmia - NM (ILS with some small blotches) (SRWOC) / M - great stuff WOT? - $16.00 West, Bruce & Laing (Mountain) - Why Dontcha - VG (WD - seam split - sticky tape on bottom) - / VG+ Orig 1972 Columbia Import - Typical Leslie West fireworks accompanied by Jack Bruce (Cream) and Corky Laing on drums - $7.00 SOLD ***Greg Lake - Greg Lake - EX+ (SRWOC) / M - A departure from ELP, Greg teams up with Gary Moore on guitar so there is less influence from King Crimson or the bombast on ELP. That said, there are some great tracks here and his voice is right up there with the best of them (John Wetton, for example) - $12.00 - (PEGASUS) SOLD - Queen - A Night At The Opera - GFC - NM (RWOC + a few grubby marks on the rear) + ILS (mint) / M - a fantastic copy in great condition with all those classic songs. $18.00 (WONDERING) SOLD - Queen - I - NM - (RWOC) / EX a few scuffs and light scratches - $8.00 (SPIDER27) SOLD - Queen - Queen II - GFC - NM (SRWOC + slight discolouration on inside cover but nothing serious) / M - $16.00 (JOEY1125) SOLD - Queen - A Day At The Races - GFC - NM / M - A fantastic import album in excellent shape on the USA Elektra label - $20.00 (TELECINE) SOLD ***Toto - Turn Back - Genuine Australian CBS promo - NM (SRWOC + ILS + promo insert) / M - Looks unplayed - $14.00 (SPIDER27) ***Nicky Hopkins - The Tin Man Was A Dreamer - GFC - M- / M - original Australian CBS release on orange vinyl. Played for Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jeff Beck Group so his ability is assured. Rare album from a talented guy. - $16.00 A review: Nicky Hopkins, known primarily as an excellent session piano player who contributed key parts to songs by The Rolling Stones, John Lennon, and George Harrison--just to name a few--turns in a refreshing effort on his solo LP The Tin Man Was a Dreamer. Hopkins' voice is surprisingly strong for a guy known to just tinkle the ivories, hovering somewhere in the range of a young Todd Rundgren trying to sound like Harry Nilsson. Tin Man is a remarkably consistent album, highlighted by "Edward" and the goofy rocker "Banana Anna." As a veteran session man, Hopkins was able to secure a solid lineup of musicians to help him out, including George Harrison (credited as George O'Hara), Beatles associate Klaus Voorman, soon-to-be hit maker Chris Rea, Chris Spedding, Mick Taylor, and Rolling Stones associates Bobby Keys and Jim Price. David Briggs, Neil Young's long-time producer, keeps things sounding sharp. This is one of those fine little early 1970s albums that's ripe for a rediscovery. SOLD ***Traffic - On The Road - 2LP EX+ slight crease on bottom LHS - (SRWOC) - / M - $20 -00 (WIMBO) SOLD - ***Traffic - Shootout At The Fantasy Factory - Original Aussie copy on the Island label - Comes with the originally hexagonally cut cover with slight de-lamination on the LHS + SRWOC - EX+ / NM - $14.00 (BUDDYEV) SOLD ***Roy Wood - The Roy Wood Story - 2LP M- (SRWOC) / M - Features great material from the legendary Move / Wizzard / ELO songsmith. (Night of Fear / Blackberry Way / Flowers In The Rain / Fire Brigade etc are all here along with his later material. A great testament to an outstanding contributor to 70's rock music - A bargain at $20.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ***Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) - The Power of Rock And Roll - M / M - Original USA import - $15.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ***Frank Marino - Full Circle - EX (tear on rear side) / EX+ (a few small clicks between tracks 1 & 2 but nothing too serious. This is the 6th release from his cattle-dog of 8 well regarded gems. - $12.50 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD - Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) - Wet Dream - GFC - M / M - promo copy probably played once. This O.O.P minor masterpiece now fetches big money but yours for $35.00 (I see a cassette version offered for $350.00!!!! WTF! (CHARLIE BIRD) ***Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) - The Red & The Black - NM (ILS) / NM - Often neglected solo outing from one of the best bands from the 80's. Never released on CD!! Go figure! $16.00 Here's a review: Sounds like Remain in Light with the edges filed off, which isn't as bad a thing as you might think. Jerry Harrison's voice comes across as a toned down David Byrne, and he's no substitute, but it suits the music, and the songs here are in a funky new wave style. When you put it together with Byrne and Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Tom Tom Club's debut, you get a better insight into how Talking Heads collaborated to rise above their individual talents. Byrne gets most of the credit, but Harrison is a force of his own, and even without Talking Heads, he likely would have come to some degree of success. This record unfortunately, has never been reissued, but it's worth tracking down and hearing. SOLD - Toto - Dune Soundtrack - NM / M - $15.00 (PEGASUS) SOLD ***The Albion Band - Rise Up Like The Sun - EX+ - (SRWOC - a few splotches / EX - some scuffs and marks. Includes all the dudes from Fairport / Steeleye Span - great songs - $9.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ***The Albion Band - The Prospect Before Us - NM (SRWOC) / NM - great songs as you'd expect - $14.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ***Men At Work - Business As Usual - No Cover - vinyl only which is Mint - $7.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD Peter Baumann (Tangerine Dream) - Trans Harmonic Nights - NM - (SRWOC) / M - An original Australian copy with the vinyl in pristine condition. The incredible and rare masterpiece that TD never wrote! An Australian copy has never appeared for sale on Discogs so I'd assume you would be hard pressed to score a better original copy, anywhere. This is awesome! - $30.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD Peter Baumann - Romance 76 - NM (SRWOC) / NM - a few faint scuffs - Rare original UK import on the green Virgin label - His highly regarded debut album - Hard to get a good copy of this. - $30.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD ***Hudson-Ford (Strawbs) - Nickelodeon - NM (small label residue on top RHS / M - Includes Rick Wakeman - This is pretty rare so don't miss it! $14.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD - The Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits - NM (RWOC) / M - great songs - $15.00 (CHARLIE BIRD) *SOLD **Brian Protheroe - Pick Up (NAC) - NM / NM - $8.00 (FULL RANGE) ***James Walsh Gypsy Band - James Walsh Gypsy Band NM - (SRWOC) / M - pretty rare copy in excellent condition - $14.00 SOLD ***The Bunch - Rock On - NM (SRWOC) / M- A pretty rare original Australian copy on the Island label features Fairport, Fotheringay, Steeleye Span members - Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, Dave Mattocks, Gerry Conway, Trevor Lucas etc. A nice collection of tracks from an all star cast - $16.00 (HUMBUG89) Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy - NM (SRWOC) / NM - $14.00 Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out - NM (SRWOC) / NM - dimples - His most popular album - $16.00 SOLD ***Quiet Sun - Mainstream - EX+ (minor age wear and splotches on rear otherwise excellent for age / EX - some dimples. This is the reissue on the Editions label from 1975 and features Eno & Phil Manzanera from Roxy Music - $10.00 (PLASTERCASTS) SOLD ***Rare Earth - Willie Remembers....GFC - NM An almost flawless cover with a trifold inner section of band photos / M - A really good example of yet another great album from this criminally unknown and underrated band. - $12.50 (SIMO8989) ***Andrew Leigh - The Magician (Formerly of Matthews Southern Comfort, Southern Comfort, Andrew replaced Greg Ridley who left Spooky Tooth to join Humble Pie). NM (SRWOC) / M - Very rare and obscure UK import on the Sire label. - $15.00 2 Reviews: Although there is a special stress on the guitar playing on Magician – a lot of pedaling and flowery guitar riffs – the songs are arranged quite generously. The good urban and country blues prevail in the collection. The balladic “Windy Baker Street” and elaborate “Take Me Back” are the songs that impressed me most. Mildly country flavored prog rock, with acoustic guitar, Harmonica, piano, and wah-wah gutar. consitent and surprisingly good overall. Grades - 1 B+, 3 B's, 3 B-'s, a C+, and a C. From the U.K. SOLD -- Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - 24 Greatest Hits 2LP - GFC - NM - small amount of shelf wear - nothing serious / NM - As close to mint as you'll see - a few very light scuffs that don't affect play. Quite rare German import compilation featuring all their classic hits. Nothing's missing here! Just poifect for yer next hippy party - $25.00 (AUDIOHOBBS) SOLD - Spencer Davis Group - The Best of Spencer Davis group EX+ (RWOC) / NM - An excellent compilation featuring all their classic tracks on the Island label. Great for its age. - $16.00 (WIMBO) SOLD - v.a. Nirvana / Spooky Tooth / Fairport / Jethro Tull etc. - $5.00 (SPIDER) SOLD - Santana - Borboletta Quadraphonic import from USA - EX+ (SRWOC + slight shelf wear + small label on top LHS) + ILS) NM - a few very light scuffs - It's always hard to find a decent copy of this great album but here's one for $18.00 (BUDDYEV) SOLD - Rotary Connection - The Rotary Connection - EX+ small deletion cut on bottom LHS / EX- a few scuffs and light scratches. A very rare original copy on the Cadet label. Mint copies of this album are very hard to find, (and expensive). Most copies were well played by adoring fans as the music is so good. Minnie Ripperton stars here - $12.00 (PLASTERCASTS) Rotary Connection - Peace - EX+ (SRWOC + 2 small tears on top RHS / EX++ - Not quite NM but as good a copy as you'll be likely to find of this rare original gem, also on the Cadet label. $22.00 Rotary Connection - Dinner Music - EX- (RWOC + general wear + seam split )/ NM - Needed 3 strong cleans to resurrect this old classic - Sounds great! Also on the rare Cadet label. - $18.00
  2. Items: A Large part of my personal collection - Various LPs and some CDs - THIS IS THE JAZZ LITE - JAZZ FUSION - AMBIENT - INSTRUMENTAL- ELECTRONIC SECTION but also see individual lists and the main thread which has all the common information to all threads. Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld - Will post to anywhere in Australia (O/S by agreement) Item's Condition: Very Good ++ to Mint + (Many bought, stored but unplayed) Reason for selling: To raise money to get my teeth fixed. Price: Various - See each item Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (Direct Deposit if you prefer) Extra Info: Some great music up for grabs - Buy with confidence as previous SNA buyers have done. Pictures: Covers graded first (where included) albums next. STOC = Slight tear on cover LTOC = Label tear on cover LOC = Label / sticker / label residue on Cover WD - Water Damage to cover - (a small number were affected after a storm at my parents house when I was a kid) NAC - NYP = Needs a clean, not yet priced. NOTICE - Please record your wants in each LP list - Don't send me a PM to reserve anything as someone else may snag the same album as you wanted before I get to your message. Keeping all wants within the list keeps everything transparent. Hope this makes sense. LIST # 8 - Jazz Fusion - Jazz Lite - Instrumental - Electronic - Ambient - Everthing Else Have a read of the reviews - they are designed to help let you know about music that may have escaped you earlier. (They are not my reviews however ) (Once an item has been reserved or sold, I may remove the review/s to save space for Marc and reduce the time needed to scroll through what has become a very large list. My wife and I used to enjoy a lot of jazz fusion and west coast jazz lite music from the likes of Steve Gadd / Lee Ritenour / Billy Cobham / Steve Khan / Will Lee/ Anthony Jackson / Bob James / Earl Klugh / Acoustic Alchemy / Lenny White / RTF / Joe Sample / Don Grusin / Steve Lukather (Toto) Crusaders and heaps of others - These musos all used to appear as guest artists on each others albums so you can be assured of some excellent music, even if you might not be quite as familiar with each name. You could easily pick any one of these as "a blind taste test" and be pleasantly surprised with any one of them. Great for background music at a dinner party too! EARL KLUGH Earl Klugh (Born September 16, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American smooth jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and composer. Klugh finger picks a classical guitar with nylon strings. At the age of 13, Klugh was captivated by the guitar playing of Chet Atkins when he made an appearance on the Perry Como Show. He has since been a guest on several Atkins albums. Atkins, reciprocating as well, joined Earl on his Magic In Your Eyes album. At the age of 13, Klugh was captivated by the guitar playing of Chet Atkins when he made an appearance on the Perry Como Show. He has since been a guest on several Atkins albums. Atkins, reciprocating as well, joined Earl on his Magic In Your Eyes album. Klugh was also influenced by Bob James, Ray Parker Jr, Wes Montgomery and Laurindo Almeida. His sound is a blend of these jazz, pop and rhythm' and blues influences, forming a potpourri of sweet contemporary music original to only him. Klugh became a guitar instructor at the young age of 15, and was eventually discovered by Yusef Lateef. His career rapidly progressed to working with the likes of George Benson, George Shearing, Chick Corea, and many others. Like several other Detroit-bred entertainers, Klugh attended Mumford High School (Michigan). For their album One on One, Klugh and Bob James received a Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance of 1981. He has since received 13 Grammy nods, millions of record and CD sales, and continues touring worldwide to this day. SOLD - Earl Klugh - Living Inside Your Love - NM - Sticker residue / M - Blue Note import - $14.00 (SINGLEENDEDAMP) Earl Klugh - Earl Klugh - EX+ SRWOC) / M - Blue Note - $14.00 SOLD - Earl Klugh - Dreams Come True - NM - SRWOC / M - $13.50 (Spider) * Earl Klugh - Soda Fountain Shuffle - NM - SRWOC / M - $14.00 * Earl Klugh - Low Ride - NM / NM - $13.50 Earl Klugh - Wishful Thinking - NM / NM - $13.50 Earl Klugh - Nightsongs - Promo copy with hole punch in TRHS otherwise NM / NM - $11.00 John Klemmer John Klemmer began playing guitar at age 5. He grew up in Morton Grove, an upper middle class white area of Chicago, and moved to the city upon graduating High School. After interests in graphics and visual art studying at The Art Institute of Chicago & with ambitions of being Dancer, Puppeteer, Painter, Sculptor, Writer, & Poet. He began Alto Sax at age 11, switching to Tenor Sax when entering High School. He spent years of extensive private lessons in Piano, Conducting, Harmony & Theory, Composition, Arranging, Clarinet, Flute, & Classical & Jazz Saxophone that continued through all his years in Chicago. He also attended Interlochen's National Music Camp immersed in the study of Classical Music & "Legitimate Classical" Saxophone etc. He turned down an offer of a four scholarship there to return to "study" in the jazz clubs etc. of Chicago. Immediately upon graduating from High School, noted jazz producer, Esmond Edwards, signed Klemmer to Cadet/Chess Records for five plus albums, his first 2 recordings being "straight ahead jazz", and then, abruptly & surprisingly if not confusing to many, of which would eventually become a trademark of his career, changed musical directions, recording the innovative hit album of the first, slightly preceding the release of Miles Davis "******* Brew", of the "jazz/rock fusion" genre, "Blowin Gold", co-produced by ex Rolling Stones Records producer, Marshall Chess, for the new Cadet Concept label on Chess Records. Here John introduced his use with electronics, primarily the "delay effect", which would become his life long "trademark sound", as well as, uses of the "wah wah" pedal & "ring modulator" etc. never before used on sax at that time as well as "vocal effects". At Chess Records he had access & exposure to recording sessions & relationships with Artists & their sidemen such as, Muddy Waters, Donny Hathaway, Minnie Riperton, Ramsey Lewis, Maurice White & many others expanding his knowledge of R&B, Blues & Pop music. Klemmer led his own groups in Chicago & touring using the greatest of Chicago sideman. He did his first PBS special for WTTTV Chicago. When not primarily performing with his own groups he was busy as a sideman exploring every genre of Music with Big Bands, Blues Bands, Dixieland Groups, Jazz Groups, the Avant Garde & Experimental, Classical & Church Music, R&B, Pop & Rock groups such as with musician friend James Guercio who was to move to L.A., preceding Klemmer, to Produce & Manage Rock groups Blood, Sweat & Tears & Chicago. Upon moving to Los Angeles, continuing leading & touring with his own group & still recording for Cadet/Chess Records, he took a brief break recording, arranging & toured as key soloist & arranger with The Don Ellis innovative big band for 2 months & then toured Africa, as a key soloist, for half a summer, with Oliver Nelson for the State Dept. All while also working with such diverse L.A. based Artists as Tim Buckley & Steely Dan etc. & being opening act for diverse Artists such as Janis Joplin & Miles Davis. He studied Film Composing with Albert Harris & vocal lessons with Seth Riggs. He still primarily focused on performing with his own groups & recording for the Chess/CadetConcept label continuing his experimentation's & innovations in the "jazz rock genre" including being one of the first Artists to use various Production Techniques such as Ambient Sound Effects of "children playing" & "oceans & forests" etc. SFX, and also with new combinations of instrumentation & new over dubbing concepts. He performed as quest soloist at the Newport, Monterey Antibes & Montreux Jazz Festivals as well as Carnegie Hall & Tanglewood etc. while also being an occasional quest soloist on recordings with Artists of a variety of musical genres such as, Steely Dan, Nancy Wilson, John Lee Hooker, Roy Haynes, Dan Siegal, Tom Snow, Gloria Lynn, Lauren Wood, Ray Manzerek & Osamu etc also being featured quest soloist for Movies such as Lipstick etc. The success of the "Blowin Gold" series of recordings were constantly breaking new musical ground & broadening & increasing critical interest & acclaim & steadily garnering a larger & more diverse jazz, rock, r&b & even country music etc. fan base. * John Klemmer - Mosaic - The Best of - 2LP - GFC - rare NZ copy - Disc 1 - M / Disc 2 - NM- $16.00 SOLD * John Klemmer - Waterfalls - Mega rare 1972 copy on Impulse label - stunning cover! Excellent sax driven prog jazz with a fairly commercial sound to it. Nicely relaxing. GFC - NM / NM - $14.00 (Full Range) Mongo Santamaria - "Workin' On A Groovy Thing" Has incorrect cover from "All Strung Out" - NM / Ex - a few scuffs (Wife's copy) - Original CBS copy from 1970 - $5.00 Mongo Santamaria - Red Hot - GFC - NM / M - Original CBS release from - Features Steve Gadd / Barry Miles / Hubert Laws / Eric Gale / Bob James - $10.00 Mongo Santamaria - Explosion - Original Australian copy on the Stateside label from 1968 - NM / Ex a few scuffs - (wife's copy) - $6.00 SOLD * The Crusaders – The 2nd Crusade – (feat legendary Joe Sample) - 2LP - EX+ (SRWOC) / NM $15.00 (ANTHONYVINYL) SOLD - * The Crusaders – Street Life - NM (SRWOC) + Insert / M - $10.00 - SPIDER27*************************************** SOLD * Sky - Sky - orig Aust copy on Ariola label - ISC - NM / NM $14.00 (Full Range) A short review: Great album by great band. Francis Monkman's 19 minute long composition "Where opposites meet" is a great piece of music. * Sky - Sky - orig Aust copy on Ariola label - ISC - NM / EX+ $12.50 (second copy) * Sky - Sky 2 - GFC - 2LP - NM - slight wear on rear/ M+ - $22.00 Sky's version of Vivaldi is the hardest rocking classical piece you'll ever hear. And the whole spectrum of instrumental music is harboured on this album. Brilliant.... * Sky - Sky 3 - Canadian Import - IC - M / NM - $14.00 * Sky - Sky 4 - GFC - NM - SRWORC / M - $15.00 Mannheim Steamroller Since no major label would handle its distribution, record producer / composer, Chip Davis founded his own music label, American Gramaphone (a play on the classical record label Deutsche Grammophon), to release the album. The result, Fresh Aire, was released in 1975 under the pseudonym Mannheim Steamroller, in the hopes of the album being a best seller. Fresh Aire II was subsequently released in 1977 and Fresh Aire III was released in 1979. Mannheim Steamroller quickly grew into a full band, with Davis on drums, Berkey on keyboards, and Eric Hansen on bass and lute. Berkey's wife Almeda joined them onstage as another keyboardist. The London Symphony Orchestra appears on Fresh Aire V, Fresh Aire VI, and Fresh Aire 8. Later, Davis collaborated with guitarist/composer Mason Williams for a remake of the 1968 instrumental "Classical Gas", which used the original arrangement. * Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire - Expensive American Gramophone Imports - Brilliant recordings - EX++ / M - Cost me $35.00 - Sell - $18.00 SOLD * Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire II - Expensive American Gramophone Imports - Brilliant recordings - M+ / M - Cost me $35.00 - Sell - $18.00 (Full Range) SOLD * Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire III - Expensive American Gramophone Imports - Brilliant recordings - M+ / NM - Cost me $35.00 - Sell - $18.00 (2nd copy) (Full Range) * Mannheim Steamroller - Fresh Aire - Interludes - Expensive American Gramophone Imports - - M+ / M - Cost me $35.00 - Sell - $18.00 * Michael Hedges - Watching My Life Go By - on Open Air label - M / M - $17.50 * V/A - Sweat of The Sun / Tears of the Moon - Andean Ethnic Music - EX+ / M+ - $8.00 SOLD * David Van Tieghem – Safety in Numbers – USA Import – features Ryuichi Sakamoto – NM / NM - Slotted into the following musical genre - Alternative, Electronic, experimental, Industrial, New Age. If you like Klaus Schultz's material you could enjoy this too. $12.00 Chris Freeman / John Shaw - Chris Freeman / John Shaw - NM / M - Mega rare collaboration between these 2 Aussie maestros - John owned at one stage the largest electronic music studio in Australia - You simply won't find this anywhere. $18.00 SOLD - Chris Freeman / John Shaw - Synthesized Orchestration - NM / M - $14.00 (Full Range) V.A. - The World of Private Music - NM / M - A compilation of great tracks from Patrick O'Hearn / Eddie Jobson / Jerry Goodman / Leo Kottke / Yanni / Lucia Hwong and others - $12.00 Steve Halpern / Susan Mazer / Dallas Smith - Lifetide - Contemplative chill out album perfect for massage or relaxation. - $10.00 David Sanborn David Sanborn is an American saxophonist, most commonly associated with smooth jazz and pop-jazz fusion, along with a slight rock 'n' roll/r and b style. He was born in Tampa, Florida and grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri. Sanborn has been a highly regarded session player since the mid 1970s. One of his first professional gigs was as a member of Paul Butterfield's band. One of Sanborn's earliest guest recordings was on David Bowie's Young Americans. Around this time his output as a session player became prolific and over the next ten years he played with a dazzling array of artists, such as Paul Simon, James Taylor (contributing to the remake of the Marvin Gaye classic "How Sweet It Is"), The Rolling Stones, The Eagles and Stevie Wonder. In the late 1980s he was a regular guest member of Paul Shaffer's band on Late Night with David Letterman. From 1988-89, he co-hosted a late-night TV music show on NBC with Jools Holland. The show, "Night Music", following producer Hal Willner's eclectic approach, drew Sanborn together with many famed musicians, such as Miles Davis, Lou Reed, Santana, Curtis Mayfield, and many others. Throughout his career, Sanborn has skirted the edges of free jazz: In his youth he studied with Roscoe Mitchell and Julius Hemphill, and performed on Tim Berne's Diminutive Mysteries, dedicated to Hemphill. His 1991 album Another Hand, produced by Hal Willner, features Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette, Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, and various other players not usually associated with smooth jazz. In television, Sanborn is well-known for his sax solo in the theme song for the NBC hit drama L.A. Law. He has also dabbled in writing for film, contributing to such scores as Lethal Weapon and Scrooged. In 2004, David Sanborn was inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame. * David Sanborn band – Promise Me the Moon – great sax - NM / M - $10.00 Michal Urbaniak Violinist, saxophonist, bandleader, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, born 22 January 1943 in Warsaw, Poland. Started his career in Poland and Scandinavia in the 1960's and formed the Michał Urbaniak Group in Poland in 1969. Emigrated to the USA in 1973, and formed Fusion in 1974. Has worked as a session musician with many jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Weather Report and Miles Davis. If you enjoy Jean Luc Ponty's music, this will be right up yer cul-de-sac * Michal Urbaniak - Serenade For The City - EX + / M - rare Aust copy on Astor Label - $16.00 * Michal Urbaniak - Fusion III - rare Aust copy on Orange CBS label - EX+ / M - $18.00 A review: Very engaging and funky fusion disc from 1975, featuring not only Urbaniak's soaring violin but also the other-worldly vocalese of his then-wife Ursula Dudziak. The songs combine a lot of twisty be-bop like melody lines with rip-snorting funk, chiming electric pianos and fiery rock sensibilities, particularly the searing guitar of John Abercrombie (check out the solo on "Metroliner") plus appearances by bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Steve Gadd. Very cool stuff. SOLD - * Michal Urbaniak - Fusion - EX + SRWOC - - rare Aust copy on Orange CBS label / M - $18.00 (ANTHONYVINYL) Vangelis - See You Later - M- (Inner sleeve - few blotches / M - $14.00 A review: We will find later "Memories of Green" in Blade Runner soundtrack. "Suffocation" was about Seveso catastrophy I guess. Short but excellent tape. SOLD - Vangelis - Heaven & Hell - NM (SRWOC) NM - $14.00 (PLASTERCASTS) Saturne EA1 – Magic Fly – Import – Ex+ / NM - rare copy - $15.00 SOLD * Stanley Clarke – I Wanna Play For You – 2LP – Ex (ILS) / Ex - Return to Forever bass maestro serves up a double liquorice pizza of great jazz fusion as always. $15.00 (WIMBO) SOLD - * Return to Forever – Light As Feather – USA Import M / M+ - $16.00 (WIMBO) Lenny White - Adventures from Astral Pirates - GFC - M / M - an absolute masterpiece in the jazz fusion spectrum. Very reluctant to let this go - Incredible copy in pristine condition - only one I've ever seen - Rare - $30.00 A review: Fantastic sci-fi fusion from drum-god Lenny White. Lets break it down--Lenny delivers, plain and simple. Inspired by the advent of blockbuster sci-fi classics like Star Wars and The Cat From Outer Space, "Pirates" is an instrumental concept album based on an apocalyptic tale of mutants and cosmic tumult penned by Lenny White and some obscure author. Several of the cuts have an oriental feel to them and are unlike anything I've ever heard in jazz-rock fusion. All of the tracks feature Lenny's unworldly percussion (as usual) , killer guitar, and enough synths to keep any prog rock fan riveted the whole way through. The cover art is also remarkable and complements the album to the tee. Why this man's solo material is so overlooked is completely beyond me. * Lenny White - Best of Friends - Import - M / NM - $12.00 * Lenny White - Streamline - Import - M / M - $12.00 Some thoughts: Goes well with a comic and a dutch. Night Games, Struttin' and Pooh Bear are solid six out of five stars ratings. * George Zamfir – Ete d’ Amour - $6.00 * Narada Michael Walden – Confidence – Unopened USA Import - $12.50 A review: Albums like this are why CD reissues exist and why Wounded Bird are so important. There are handfuls of classics from the jazz-funk-R&B world in the 70's and 80's that are definitely lost classics and many with huge commercial potential that never came close to getting it. Narada Michael Walden's 1982 date 'Confidence' is among them. It did okay on the R&B side of things but is barely acknowledged in the pop world-his pop productions during this time for Stacy Lattisaw and later Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin are. This album begins with the hefty funk jam "Your #1"-one of the best slices of funk Narada ever threw down!"Summer Lady" has yet more of that heavy 80's funk throb to it before again returning to the breezy and inspiring urban soul sound of "I'm Ready". The title track goes to the same place with great verve and style! The presence of jazz and fusion icons Randy Brecker, David Sanborn and the immortal Wayne Shorter really showcase Narada as the successor to Norman Connors; drummer and great assembler of talent. Another truely impressive track to be found here is the closer "Blue Side Of Midnight", a moody romantic smooth groove with some creamy sax from Sanborn and a great other-worldly guitar solo from Corrado Rustici! 'Confidence' is absolutely no misnomer; Narada delivers everything here with sincerity, conviction and so many hard-driving grooves to make you bug! SOLD * John McLaughlin – Devotion – Douglas 4 - SRWOC / Mint- Hard to find - $12.50 (CADDISGEEK) *** Alan Stivell - Raok Dilestra - Elusive French import GF- M / M - $15.000 *** A review: Raok Dilestra aka Before Landing is by far the finest album I ever heard from Alan Stivell. This is one of his more rock-oriented album, where he records a concept album about Brittany, the Breton people, and the dislike of the French imposing their culture on the Bretons. I was rather surprised to find out Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention) and Richard Harvey (Gryphon) make an appearance here! Not to mention Dan ar Bras as well as a bunch of unfamiliar (to me) names (Stivell always had a revolving door of musicians help him). "Ar Gelted kozh" starts off in a rather mournful tone, with bagpipes, and this piece really doesn't prepare for a good portion of this album, which tends to rock out, with only a couple of mellow tunes. "Ar Vritoned 'ba' Inis-Breizh" shows a more world-music influence, with percussion and vocals. All the songs are sung in Breton, but all the spoken dialog is in French. There's also a cut with Richard Harvey on krummhorn, and it reminds me a whole lot of early Gryphon (no surprise, thanks to Harvey's involvement), but vocals in Breton. "La Traité d'Union franco-breton" seems to have a jazz-rock fusion feel, especially the electric piano, but with Stivell's singing, in Breton. "Gwriziad difennet" is a rather rock-oriented number with some great fiddle playing. "Marw ewid e fobi" harkens back to Renaissance of the Celtic Harp, a rather mellow piece dominated by Stivell's Celtic harp, with fiddles in the background. "Naw Breton 'ba' prizon" has a rather urgent feel, while "Plinn-slogan" demands Brittany to be free, with the constant chanting that goes: "Free Brittany" (in English, so I can't dispute what's being said here, given my knowledge of French is very limited, and Breton, well, not at all). I really think this is his best album, the reason: many of his albums might contain one or two unbearably cheesy tunes you wanna hit fast-forward, but not here! It's great stuff, and one of the finest Celtic folk-rock albums ever! *** Alan Stivell - Legende - elusive French import - NM / NM - $13.50 *** *** Alan Stivell - Reflections - rare Aust copy on Philips label - VG+ / VG - few marks - $8.00 A review: While Stivell is more known for his fusing of traditional/folk music with heavy rock leanings throughout the seventies his earlier albums including the excellent and formative Reflets (or Reflections in English) is an album devoted to the his love of the Breton harp in its most organic fundamental form. The songs are mostly old traditional pieces but the instrument is one which is rarely heard and Stivell in his virtuoso like style brings a fresh impetus and meaning to the music in his idiosyncratic style which brings these old almost forgotten songs to a new generation during the late sixties and early seventies. His unique vocal is always distinguishable and towers above the generic form of the more accessible traditional performer with a definite approach and thought to progression in the music that always hints at a rock angle in the most formative sense. Listening to the electric guitar based songs From Celtic Roots (from 1974) and the similarities in arrangement ebbs through on Reflets however sparse but the roots of the merger he would undertake on future albums is still evident here as Stivel breezes through older songs with new arrangements including "Suite Des Montages" the Celtic/Gaelic tinged muse of "Suite Irlandaise" as well as the old Cyril Tawney folk song "Sally Free And Easy" and "Broceliade". The album is calm and hypnotic and clearly Stivell had a penchant for the myths and legends of the Celts, then_Reflets_ as a title makes sense as Stivell looks back through the music. Mystical and almost stoned like in presence Reflets is an album for those with an open mind wanting to hear and explore something different. It would be a good base to start for those wanting to explore the eclectic world of Alan Stivell and his music. *** Alan Stivell - A Day At Home (Journee A La Maison) NM / NM - $12.50 A review: Alan Stivell gave us another winner with this 1978 album, Journée à la Maison. Hard to believe that someone who started recording since the early '70s would still be going strong in '78. This guy seemed to have acted like punk rock and disco (which both were at their peak at that time) never happened, as this album could have sounded like at times it was recorded in the late '60s or early '70s. I have never been all that big on Celtic music, but Alan Stivell created some of the finest in Celtic music, to the point where it even convinces me! The Celtic influence is there, as usual, where you hear plenty of that Breton harp, whistles, bombarde (Breton double-reed instrument), Scottish Highland bagpipes, flute, plus electric instruments, and vocals. There's even a strong '60s psychedelic influence in one of the pieces complete with droning sitar. It must've taken balls the size of an elephant for anyone to pull something like that off in 1978, but Stivell did! There are some piece that emphasize Stivell's harp, and unsurprisingly, those pieces wouldn't be out of place on Renaissance of the Celtic Harp. There's this one vocal number that ends up sounding like a Celtic version of Crobsy, Stills & Nash. Overall, the album has more of an acoustic feel. *** Alan Stivell - Renaissance of The Celtic Harp - NM (RWOC) / M - Another Stivell album that comes highly recommended! $15.00 A review: Breton Harpist Alan Stivell, is celebrated as a ‘master’ in the Celtic and ‘World Music’ community and his contributions to the revival of not just Harp playing but of the Breton traditions is without measure. On ‘Renaissance de la Harpe Celtique’ (Stivells most renowned work) we are presented with an unmatched artistry and dexterity. An exhibition of the depth and beauty of the Harp as an expressive instrument. As an entirely instrumental album, with very little accompaniment from other instruments, apart from the occasional bass and drum drop in that seems an odd choice half way through the album,the sounds of the harp are enough to keep us engaged and impressed, all the while, allowing the listener to be swept away on a cloud of airy folk-ness. A critic once wrote on the album…. “People who hear this record are never the same again. Renaissance of the Celtic Harp, one of the most beautiful and haunting records ever made by anybody, introduced the Celtic harp to many thousands of listeners around the world. To call this music gorgeous and ravishing would be the height of understatement—indeed, there aren’t words in the English language to describe this record adequately. The opening work, Ys, is a piece inspired by the legend of the 5th century capital of the kingdom of Cornwall, [most versions of the legend place the city in the Douarnenez Bay on the coast of Brittany] which was engulfed by a flood as punishment for its sins. (Debussy wrote one of his finest works, “The Engulfed Cathedral,” later adapted by the group Renaissance into “The Harbor” on Ashes Are Burning, based on the same legend). The reflective “Marv Pontkellec” is every bit as sublimely beautiful, but the highlight of this record is “Gaeltacht,” a 19 minute musical journey by Stivell’s harp across the Gaelic lands of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man”. A delicate and pretty album of masterful playing and one I highly recommend for lovers of ambient, world or Celtic music. * Ormandy / Bernstein - 2001 - A Space Odyssey - EX - SRWOC - small label mark - M - $7.00 Patrick Moraz - Patrick Moraz (born June 24, 1948 in Morges, Switzerland) is a progressive rock keyboard player. He is best known as the keyboardist for progressive rock legends Yes, from 1974-1976, and The Moody Blues from 1978 - 1991. He was classically trained at the Conservatory of Lausanne, but played jazz primarily before entering progressive rock and has been highly acclaimed for his virtuosity. He first toured as a solo performer opening for major jazz artists throughout Europe in the mid 1960s. He first toured as a solo performer opening for major jazz artists throughout Europe in the mid 1960s. He then formed the group Mainhorse or Mainhorse Airline with Jean Restori in 1968, which released a self-titled album on Polydor. Another leading force of the band was David Kubinec (In 2007 an album with studio recordings the band recorded in Geneva 'The Geneva Tapes' was released on CD under the name David Kubinec's Mainhorse Airline.) He then moved to England and in 1973 formed Refugee with Lee Jackson and Brian Davison. Davison and Jackson had previously teamed with rock keyboardist Keith Emerson (famous for his work in Emerson Lake and Palmer) in the group The Nice. Moraz rose to prominence in 1974 when he replaced Rick Wakeman in Yes, playing on their Relayer album. In 1976 all current members of Yes released solo albums, and the Moraz album, titled The Story Of I, received acclaim from musicians. In the interim Moraz had moved to Brazil, and incorporated Brazilian rhythms and performers on the album, making it an important staple of world music. After Moraz recorded another album, Out In The Sun, which also was well-received, he began touring with the Moody Blues on their Octave tour in 1978, and later played on their 1981 album Long Distance Voyager, which was not their first album to reach #1 on the charts. He remained touring and recording with the Moody Blues until 1991. Even while with the Moody Blues, Moraz toured and recorded extensively. He toured with his group from Brazil, recorded with Chick Corea and two prominent albums of duets with drummer Bill Bruford, another former member of Yes. His solo albums Future Memories I, Future Memories II and Windows Of Time have been critically well received. * Patrick Moraz - Timecode - USA Import - NM / NM - $14.00 * Patrick Moraz - Future Memories - Import - NM / M - $14.00 * Patrick Moraz - Future Memories II - Unopened Import - M / M - $15.00 SOLD * Patrick Moraz - The Story Of I - USA Import - GFC - ILS - debut album NM - minimal wear on bottom / NM - $14.00 (FULL RANGE) A review: Born in 1948 in Morges, Moraz became known as a keyboardist of Refugee and later as a significant part of ''Relayer''-era Yes.But he also played with one of the very first Swiss progressive bands, Mainhorse, before relocating in the UK in early-70's.In 1976, after leaving Yes, he released his debut album ''The story of I'' (Charisma), partly recorded in Geneva and partly in Brazil, where he fused progressive elements with Brazilian Music. Several Brazilian percussionists and singers appear on the album along with more famous musicians, like Bruford's Jeff Berlin and Mainhorse' old band-mate Jean Ristori on bass, John McBurnie from Jackson Heights on lead voices and ex-Weather Report's drummer Alphonse Mouzon. I won't sink into Moraz'es equipment, because every known keyboard is displayed on the album, even an Orchestron! The material here is a blend of Jazz and Classical Music with certain references to percussion-driven acoustics and Brazilian rhythms, based on Moraz's keyboard capabilities, from tricky, complex instrumental pyrotechnics to soft Folk Fusion affairs on keyboards and hand drums and light piano-driven Classical introductions. There is a definite Fusion flavor throughout the album, especially on the synth/guitar parts and the regular drumming, but the stylistic diversity allows the listener to meet with Moraz's unique and wide musical taste. Lots of cinematic interludes and heavy instrumental stuff, only interrupted by occasional vocal pinches. He later played with The Moody Blues, for almost a dozen years, and released a handful of more solo albums, slowly moving away from his proggy roots for a straighter style of a Classical and Jazz background. SOLD * Patrick Moraz - Out In The Sun - ILS - USA Import - NM / M - $14.00 (QWERTYQAZ) A review: My local radio station played "Time for a Change" on its prog. rock programme and convinced me that there was interesting music out there and artists not afraid of long piano solos. I was hooked. The other tracks are not bad neither. A combination of disciplined synth, changing tempo and style (Brazilian but not over done) and simply good tunes that are up-tempo and happy. At the time I found it mind-blowing - making a refreshing change from the formulaic sounds that were around then. It is a pity that Mr Moraz was to copy these in his later albums. If you get a chance to listen to Moraz then this is the LP to try. * Patrick Moraz & Syrinx - Coexistence - UK Import - NM / NM - $14.00 A review: This album is rather pan pipe flute oriented. It has a very Latin style with many percussions. The presence of Syrinx playing the omnipresent pan pipe flute obliges Moraz to be more in the background, creating a well balanced exotic ensemble. The overall sound is very lively and original. I think Moraz works better with other musicians, as it is the case here: notice his amazing contribution in making masterpieces like Yes' "Relayer" or the Refugee's record. SOLD - Crossfire - East of Where NM / M - ISL - $14.00 (Full Range) Eric Gale - He began playing guitar at the age of 12. Although he majored in chemistry at Niagara University, Gale was determined to pursue a musical career, and began contributing to accompaniments for such stars as Maxine Brown, The Drifters, and Jesse Belvin. He soon began to attract the attention of King Curtis and Jimmy Smith, who began recommending him for studio work. He became known first as a session musician in the 1960s, eventually appearing on an estimated 500 albums. Among the many artists he recorded with were Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Lena Horne, Quincy Jones, Grover Washington Jr., Herbie Mann, Esther Phillips, Lalo Schifrin, Joe Cocker, Carly Simon, Van Morrison, and Billy Joel. He also had a spell in Aretha Franklin's stage band. *** Eric Gale - Blue Horizon - M / M - unplayed / unopened - $14.00 A review: medium easy-jazz, reggae, pop. 97th Columbus is a 5 star cut, that contains a strong groove funky blues like Stuff period. Eric Gale play really slow and mid-slow rhythms but I don't like the speedy guitarists. *** Eric Gale - Part of You - NM but with crease on LHS / NM with dimples - $9.00 Here's a review: Part Of You is a Ralph MacDonald production, and Lookin' Good may serve as an anthem for his New York recording style. Part of You is a very disciplined production. The musicians are old buddies - Richard Tee, Harvey Mason, Anthony Jackson, Steve Gadd, Ralph MacDonald. A song like Lookin Good convinces me that Eric Gale was one of the finest guitar players. His sound is so warm and human. He never plays a redundant note. There's not a hint of that self-importance so many guitarists have. Grover Washington, Jr. plays a relaxed solo on his tenor, then Gale and Washington improvise one after another. *** Eric Gale - Ginseng Woman - Import - NM / M - features Grover Washington / Steve Gadd / Bob James / Richard Tee / Ralph McDonald etc plus all the usual family - it's a bit incestuous isn't it? - $12.00 Here's 2 reviews: In demand session man takes a solo bow and the resultant music relates why he's so often hired to work other people's sessions - his playing is warm, likeable and unobtrusive. This is a Crossover-Jazz release, typical for the mid-seventies but also one of the best examples. The songs are pleasant, Bob James' large scope production is well-balanced, only New York's best studio cracks are part of the session and last not least, there's Eric Gale who is one of my favorite guitar players in spite of his not being a guitar legend in the usual sense (which usually means fast and loud and a lot of it). His playing is mellow, warm and economic - a rare combination. *** Eric Gale - Multiplication - NM small crease on bottom LHS / M - $12.00 *** Eric Gale - Touch of Silk - M- / M - includes Allen Toussant / Grover Washington - His most highly rated album.....$12.00 SOLD - Allan Holdsworth - Atavachron - M / M - Scarce Canadian copy - $20.00 (Full Range) SOLD - Allan Holdsworth - Road Games - M / M - Unreal musician - $18.00 (Full Range) SOLD - Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue- M / M- - $18.00 (Full Range) SOLD - The Dixie Dregs - (Steve Morse on guitar) - Industry Standard - NM / M - exceptional band, exceptional condition , exceptionally hard to find - This version not even listed on Discogs - $25.00 (Full Range) *** John Tropea - To Touch You Again - EX - a few blotchy marks / M - (I.S.) A rare Australian copy not even listed on Discogs - features Steve Gadd, Will Lee, Rick Marotta, Don Grolnick, Luther Vandross, Randy Brecker etc. Insanely talented guy backed by some seriously good session musos and some great music - $12.00 SOLD - *** John Tropea - Short Trip To Space - GFC NM / M- a few light scuffs - same great musos - excellent stuff - $12.00 (Full Range) Lee Ritenour - Guitarist and composer, born 11 January 1952 in Los Angeles, California. With over 30 charting "contemporary jazz" hits since 1976, Ritenour has been busy, contributing to over 3000 sessions. At the age of 16, while providing guitar at his first session with The Mamas & The Papas, he was nicknamed "Captain Fingers" due to his dexterity. This guy is awesome! SOLD - Lee Ritenour - Captain Fingers - M (ILS) /M - This is just insane with more stars than in Ben Hur - Harvey Mason, Anthony Jackson, Victor Feldman, Dave Grusin, Patrice Rushen, Alphonso Johnson, Jeff Porcaro - A must have excellent guitar based jazz album- similar to Steve Khan / Eric Gale etc. $17.50 FULL RANGE *** Lee Ritenour - Feel The Night - (I.S.) M / features the usual crowd of excellent support musos - great album as always - $14.00 *** Lee Ritenour - First Course - M / M His excellent debut from 1976 includes Patrice Rushen / Chuck Findley / Tom Scott / Michael O'Martian, Harvey Mason, - $14.00 SOLD - David Sancious & Tone - Transformation - (The Speed of Love) US Import - EX+ with insert - bit blotchy/ M - vinyl is pristine! Only copy I've ever seen - took me over a decade to score a copy! This is insanely good - $18.00 (FULL RANGE) David Sancious & Tone - True Stories - Import - promo copy - EX - a few creases and a clipped corner / EX - this has been played a bit by the previous owner and it shows somewhat. Again, this is the only copy I've ever seen but I updated to a CD copy some years later - I have not played this IIRC so can't comment on its quality. - great music none the less. $8.00 SOLD - *** Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts - Parts 1 & 2 - NM / M - rare Italian copy - $15.00 (BUDDYEV) BOB JAMES Bob James (born December 25, 1939) is a two-time Grammy Award-winning jazz keyboardist. Though he has recorded a couple of straight jazz albums, most of his recordings contain "pop-jazz" which is a type of instrumental pop music. Bob James was an important figure in turning 1970s fusion jazz more commercial. For their album One on One, Earl Klugh and Bob James received a Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance of 1981. Bob James' recordings have practically defined pop/jazz and crossover during the past few decades. Very influenced by pop and movie music, James has often featured R&B-ish soloists (most notably Grover Washington Jr.), who add a jazz touch to what is essentially an instrumental pop set. He actually started out in music going with a much different direction.. James is a member of smooth jazz supergroup Fourplay and is a Yamaha Artist. *** Bob James - Lucky Seven - GFC M- / M a really great copy in excellent condition - usual stalwarts assist including Eric Gale / Steve Khan / Randy Brecker / Steve Gadd / Idris Muhammad / Ralph McDonald - $12.00 SOLD - *** Bob James - Three - GFC NM (Some label residue) / M - feat Ralph McDonald / Mason / Lee / Gale / Laws / - $12.00 (JOEY1125) *** Bob James - Touchdown - GFC - M / M - Another great copy - includes Mongo Santamaria / Gadd / Gale / Sanborn / Laws / - $12.00 * Bob James - BJ4 - rare Australian CBS promo copy not even listed on Discogs - EX++ / M - $13.50 Bob James - All Around The Town - 2LP GFCNM / M - $20.00 SOLD *** Steve Khan - The Blue Man - M- (SRWOC) - M - includes all the family - great album - $14.00 (HUMBUG) SOLD *** Steve Khan - Arrows - NM / M - Same excellent style - $14.00 (JOEY1125) SOLD *** Steve Khan - Tightrope - NM (crease on bottom LHS / M -m $14.00 SPIDER27 SOLD *** Friendship - Friendship - NM (SRWOC) / M - this is a pretty scarce album featuring / Ritenour / Alex Acuna / Steve Forman / Grusin / Ernie Watts - great tracks! - $12.00 (Full Range) SOLD - John Abercrombie / Jan Hammer / Jack De Johnette - Timeless - EX+ (SRWOC) / M - great album on the ECM label - $18.00 (HUMBUG) SOLD *** Dave Grusin - Mountain Dance - M- / M His masterpiece! $12.00 (SPIDER) *** Tim Weisberg - Tim Weisberg NM / EX+ smooth jazz / rock featuring excellent flute - has played with Frank Zappa - $7.00 *** Tim Weisberg - Listen To The City - M- / M - great flautist - $7.00 *** Tim Weisberg - Night Rider - M- / M - unplayed - $8.00 *** Tim Weisberg - Rotations - EX+ (sticky tape on front RHS but otherwise clean / M - $7.00 *** Tim Weisberg - TWB - M-/ M - $7.00 *** Tim Weisberg - Party Of One - M / M - $7.00 *** Tim Weisberg - 4 EX+ (SRWOC + some label residue / M - $7.00 (Will do a special deal of $40.00 for the 7 Tim Weisbergs) Just ask....) SOLD - Kitaro - In Person - (Digital ) original German import on the Kuckuck label - M- with a small amount of shelf wear on bottom / M - $14.00 - QWERTYQAZ Jan Hammer Group / Hammer Jan Hammer has been around for a long time and played with Mahavishnu Orchestra / Jeff Beck / Eric Clapton / Al Di Meola so his talents are prodigious to say the least. He may well be known for the excellent Miami Vice S/T but his collaborations with Jerry Goodman and co are hard to resist. His other work however, with the Jan Hammer Group & Hammer are not to be sneezed at either and are certainly worth exploring. He is one of my favourite composers (along with Rundgren / Mike Batt / Cope / Zappa / Sancious etc - Try this criminally underrated genius and take a punt as I did decades ago. I have not been disappointed with any of his work. SOLD *** Jan Hammer Group - Melodies - NM (SRWOC - some blotchy marks on inner sleeve / NM - $14.0 (FULL RANGE) SOLD - Jan Hammer - Melodies - NM (SRWOC - some blotchy marks on inner sleeve) / NM - 2nd Copy of this excellent album - $14.0 (SPIDER) *** Jan Hammer Group - Live - US promo copy that was for radio station airplay only - not a retail copy. This is exceptionally rare so you've unlikely never seen it. M- (SRWOC / M - vinyl looks unplayed. - $20.00 SOLD - *** Jan Hammer Group - Oh Yeah? M- (SRWOC) / M- His most highly rated album - $14.00 (SPIDER) *** Hammer - Black Sheep M (SRWOC) / M - (features a great version of Manic Depression + title track is brilliant) - $12.00 *** Hammer - Hammer - EX+ (SRWOC) ILS + LAbel residue/ NM - a few scuffs - One of my favourite albums with Jan Hammer $12.00 SOLD *** Jakob Magnusson - Special Treatment - USA import - NM / NM features Tom Scott / Victor Feldman / Ernie Watts / Michael Urbaniak / Jeff Baxter (Steely Dan) - tight playing - $9.00 (Full Range) SOLD *** Logic System - Logic - NM (SRWOC - small crease / M - Japanese Electro - Synth / Progressive Electronic keyboard minor masterpiece. This is very rare and highly sought after - The 2nd track, (cranked right up), "Unit" is just sensational and worth the price of admission alone - $30.00 (PLASTERCASTS) SOLD - *** Logic System - Venus - NM / M - The follow up album from 1981 - $18.00 (A new CD version of this is available for $634.00!!! WTF? (AKIRA 2558) SOLD *** Ruichi Sakamoto - Left Handed Dream - EX (SRWOC - small slice in middle of cover - knife perhaps) / NM - Features some excellent guitar from Adrien Belew $14.00 QWERTYQAZ SOLD *** Peter Howell & The Radiophonic Workshop - Through A Glass Darkly - NM (SRWOC) / M - Pretty rare UK import of this electronic / symphonic rock album from 1978 - $10.00 JOEY1125) SOLD *** Michel Colombier - Michel Colombier NM / M - $12.00 (Full Range) SOLD *** Caldera - Caldera - USA import - NM - (SRWOC) - / NM - Rather spiffy jazz fusion - pretty scarce these days - $17.50 (JOEY1125) SOLD *** Caldera - Sky Islands - NM (RWOC / M - more excellent jazz fusion from this tragically unknown gem of a band - highly recommended. - $17.50 (JOEY 1125) SOLD *** John Serry - Exhibition - NM / M - Cool jazz fusion - really well played - give yourself a treat! $8.00 (Full Range) *** Rod Argent / John Dankworth - Metro NM / (SRWOC) / M - This is an incredibly rare collaboration with Jon Hiseman (Colosseum, Tempest, Graham Bond Org ), John Mole on bass, (with Rod, John & Jon all adding excellent contributions to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Variations On A Theme" and Robin Jones (percussion) - $15.00 SOLD *** Andrew Lloyd Webber - Variations On A Theme - NM / M - The rather excellent reinterpretation of Paganini's work done with rock music embellishments. It works very well and just confirms how quality musicians can meld classical music with progressive rock to deliver something unique. Features most of the guys from Colosseum plus a few ring ins. - Great album and highly recommended. $12.00 (FULL RANGE) SOLD *** Osama Kitajima - Osamu - USA import on Island records label EX + (SRWOC + a few splotchy marks front & back) / M - pretty rare copy - $14.00 (AKIRA 2558) SOLD - Kazu Matsui - Time No Longer - NM + ILS and insert / M - An original 1981 Japanese import that is incredibly hard to find, especially in this condition. You will not have seen this before. Features excellent contributions from Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, (Toto), Robben Ford, Alphonso Johnson, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Forman and a host of other guests. Stunningly good music and a steal at $20.00 (AKIRA2558) *** Jack Lancaster - Skinningrove Bay - EX - slight edge wear (SRWOC + ILS + few splotchy marks) / NM - Features Rick Van Der Linden, (Trace), Brand X members, (Phil Collins & Robin Lumley), Rod Argent, Mick Rogers, Garry Moore, Clive Bunker, (Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig, Manfred's Mann's Earth Band) & John G Perry, (MMEB, Caravan, Curved Air & Utopia. A Serious line-up of talent here. Took me over 15 years to find this one!!!! $14.00 *** Jack Lancaster & Rick Van Der Linden - Wild Connections - NM (SRWOC + label residue on top RHS) / M - Rare Australian copy that most locals would not have been aware of as it was never promoted properly. Not quite as good as the excellent "Marscape" (featuring Brand X members) but not far off. $16.00 A review: I was unfamiliar with this album until recently, but am glad that I got a chance to check it out. It's all instrumental, with Van der Linden playing nothing but the Yahama GX1, and Lambert playing nothing but the lyricon. A rather good live drummer is added. The music will strongly appeal to fans of Ekseption and Trace. Even though the basic concept is the same, it's a bit more laid-back than either of the above-mentioned bands. SOLD*** Janne Schaffer - Katharsis M / M - Extremely rare and outrageously brilliant album from the guy that once played for ...... gulp....... er...... Abba! Forget that minor crime but grab this exceptional jazz fusion masterpiece from 1976 that never sold many copies here. Bargain at $22.00. (HUMBUG) SOLD *** Laszlo Benko - Lexikon - NM / M - Ultra rare Hungarian import from 1982 featuring the incredible keyboard talents of the guy that started Omega. This is labelled as Synth-pop, minimal, ambient but I find better influences from Roger Powell (Utopia) and others from Europe. Great album! I guarantee you'd never find a copy of this available in Australia. $20.00 (AKIRA) *** Yochko Seffer - Delire - NM / NM - Ultra rare 1976 French import on the Moshe Naim label - Probably impossible to find this in Australia. A classic example of Zeuhl / Avant Prog / Jazz-Rock / Jazz Fusion - $40.00 A review: Delire was the first release from Yochk'o Seffer's Neffesh Music (music of the soul) project, consisting of him as the composer and the instrumentalist along with a revolving cast of other musicians. On this album he's backed by fellow Zao cohort Jean-My Truong on drums as well as a string quartet led by Michele Margand. All other instruments are played by Yochk'o. What makes it musically unique is the lack of electric bassist. Therefore, this album includes less fusion/jazz-rock tinge, the dominant presence of acoustic piano and strings along with saxophones clearly hints at an avant-garde chamber rock sound reminiscent of Univers Zero, Henry Cow or possibly even late sixties Frank Zappa. Even within Seffer's varied discography this album is sonically unique, but unfortunately it's overlooked in favor of his other recordings, including Ghilgoul. "Heart" combines angular chamber-rock themes, rigid string orchestrations, melodies on sax, strings and Seffer's own unique vocalize. Halfway in the piece switches to a funky drum break backing a tenor sax solo, with interjections from synth and piano. "Jonetsu For Judith" combines lush strings, elaborate harmonies and passionately agitated tenor saxophone improvisations. The ending with a fast tempo driven by strings is orgasmic. "Orkana" combines relentless synthesizers with chamber-rock sound consisting of piano, drums and saxes. Very similar to Henry Cow. Compositionally very elaborate, but a kinetic and driving piece. "Streledzia" is a short, lush piece for electric piano, vocalize, strings and includes more freeform tenor sax outing. As a modern classical piece it sounds unique with its lush, empathic chord clusters, instrumentation and Coltrane-influenced tenor sax. On on the title track Seffer pulls all the stops and creates a fusion of atonal classicism and unstructured free-jazz that at times sounds ominous, at times rigid and at other times shows that Seffer as a pianist had a bit of a Cecil Taylor influence. A more difficult listening than other tracks. "Ima (1ere partie)" is a prelude to the title track on his next album Ima and the combination of sonic sculptures, reeds, synths and voice shows that he could make electronic avant-garde music very well. Delire is a rare and forgotten record that is unjustly overlooked. Nonetheless, it shows Yochk'o Seffer's boundless creativity as a composer, instrumentalist and improviser. This work transcends the usual trappings of jazz-fusion or progressive rock. *** Agori - Live In Montreux - (ILS) NM / NM - Features rare original tree cover still intact from 1975 - This fetches serious money in Europe and would be nigh on impossible to find here. Produced by Claudio Fabi - PFM) - $65.00 A review: An originally short-lived Italian jazz rock band, Agorà were formed in 1974 in Ancona as a quintet featuring bass, guitars, drums, keys and saxes.They had a good live activity and they even performed at the famous Jazz festival of Montreux in Switzerland in 1975.Surprisingly for a new band this short performance was meant to be the band's first official release.Agorà were a pure Jazz Rock band with high skills and great individual performances.It is easy to detect the strong Return to Forever/Weather Report influences, while from the Italian scene their sound is close to that of Perigeo or even Napoli Centrale.The five tracks of the album are great, groovy but very intense Jazz Rock with magnificent melodic saxes and smooth electric piano parts added next to the pounding bass lines, the solid drumming and the nice guitar solos.''Live in Montreux'' can also be very smooth at times with the slow- tempo rhythm section accompanying the crying guitars of Renato Gasparini, the background atmospheric multi-vocalization and the hypnotic sax of Ovidio Urbani.Light and professional interplays are all over the place and will please any fan of the style. *** Tasavalan Presidenti - Lambert Land - GFC NM / M - An almost flawless copy of this exceptional record on the rare Sonet label from 1973. - $70.00 A review: The third album by Tasavallan Presidentti was also their first with the lead singer Eero Raittinen. Frank Robson was the lead singer on their first two albums. Both of those are really good albums but I prefer Lambertland as the ultimate Tasavallan Presidentti album. I still consider Robson as a better singer than Raittinen because Raittinen's English isn't that great. However the instrumental work on Lambertlant is just superb five stars quality. Just like the songwriting too. Any of these six songs could be called as a highlight here but I still choose "The Bargain" and "Dance" as my favourite songs. "Dance" shows Tolonen's skills on the guitar once again. It's easy to understand why the instrumental work of Lambertland got so positive reviews at the time of it's release. Lambertland is often considered as the magnum opus by Tasavallan Presidentti and I have to agree with that. This is five stars jazzy progressive rock record and one of the greatest albums from Finland ever. Their absolute best. George Jinda - The Wheel Of Love - NM / M - Mega rare import copy from 1975 - You just don't see this anywhere. Don't let this gem pass you by as you'll never see another one. $50.00 Hungarian drummer, who is mostly known among Jazz Rock fans through his tenure with Speed Limit. He was born in Budapest in 1941, learned the piano as a child, but switched to drums at the age of 10. In 1966 he moved with his family in New York, where he would spent most of his career and life. Jinda formed Speed Limit in Paris in mid-70's and produced two albums with the band. In between he released ''The Wheel of Love'', a solo album with the help of Speed Limit bandmates Yochk'o Seffer on sax/flute and Jean-Louis Bucchi on keyboards with Didier Batard on bass, Tiboom on percussion and Pascal Bournet on guitar. Recorded at Marnes-La-Coquette Studios and released in 1975 on Motors, this was more of a team effort with the compositions being written by Jinda, Bucchi and Seffer. An overlooked gem of mid-70's Jazz/Fusion, ''The wheel of love'' is an excellent work of versatile, proggy Jazz/Fusion, led by Jinda's phenomenal drumming and with impressive instrumental work by Bucchi and Seffer, offering a very dense amalgam of short, jazzy-spiced pieces with great twists and turns. SBB, PASSPORT and IL BARICENTRO are the closest comparisons. Unlike Speed Limit, the music in here seems to be much more structured, less improvised and extremely tight with fantastic changes between electric piano and synthesizers and occasional sax, flute and guitar leads by Seffer and Bournet. The album contains light psychedelic (scratching guitar parts) and symphonic tendencies (mellow flute drives) over a furious rhythm section and a loose but extremely energetic keyboard work by Bucchi. Pounding grooves, funky touches, atmospheric textures and fiery, jazzy solos are well-linked for a monumental, instrumental effort, where the mood can be dreamy, aggressive and optimistic at the same time. No weak piece actually, all tracks are very rich in instrumental colours, virtuosic solos and extended interplays, changing from smooth underlines to smoky executions with a balanced sound. Jinda would meet guitarist Chieli Minucci in 1982 in New York and the two formed the Lounge Jazz duo Special EFX, which became quite popular. However Jinda's career would be cut short in 1995, when he was diagnosed with asthma and diabetes, leading later to a myoclonic disorder. He passed away in 2001 at the age of 60. One of the best Jazz/Fusion albums of the 70's. Neurotic, angular, passionate but also ethereal and haunting music over a wide spectrum of jazzy-flavoured influences. Highly recommended. Zao - Kawana -NM (SRWOC + small seam split on top + original insert) / M - Ridiculously rare, ridiculously brilliant, supreme example of the best from France - Don't miss this gem - $35.00 3 reviews: On Kawana, Zao recapture the dark Zeuhl spirit which eluded them on Osiris (the only earlier album of theirs I have heard). Opening with the mesmerising Natura, on which Fran'ois Cahen essentially uses his piano as a rhythm instrument to lend extra weight and urgency to the already powerful rhythm section of bassist G'rard Pr'vost and drummer Jean-My Truong, the album proceeds to offer a brooding, volcanic form of fusion-leaning Zeuhl, reminiscent of parent band Magma's earlier (pre-Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh) works. Particular praise has to be given to Didier Lockwood, whose violin contributions help to set Zao's sound apart from Magma's work. Zao's exploration of the fusion-Zeuhl route Magma opted against taking is an important contribution to the genre, and Kawana is one of the band's greatest achievements. A typical over the average Zao album with complex composition and vibrant jazz vibes. This album has the most ethnic influence here which is quite nice. Great atmospheric and ballsy fusion, one of the best jazz fusion albums that I've heard. Much Zeuhl here too. SOLD - Zao - Typhareth - NM / M (small mark on side 1 but plays fine! ) Their 1977 follow up to the excellent Kawana. Rare album from France on the RCA label - $25.00 (AKIRA) SOLD - Area - Maledetti - GFC + original insert- EX+ A few splotchy marks but otherwise in excellent shape - inside cover is almost mint / M - Original first issue on the Cramps label and highly sought after, a recent copy selling for over $230.00. This copy for $100.00. (AKIRA) Area - Arbeir Macht Frei (Il Lavoro Rende Liberi) - GFC + insert - NM (SRWOC) / NM - A fantastic rare original copy of their debut album in near perfect condition on the Cramps label. - Fetching big money now. - $125.00 A review: At a time when most Italian progressive rock bands were worshipping at the altar of Trespass-era Genesis, Area provided a breath of fresh air. Their major inspiration appears to have been Frank Zappa's work, particularly the fusion of Hot Rats to the classical-free jazz mashups of Uncle Meat, Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Weasels Ripped My Flesh. The major difference is that, firstly, Area generally play louder and heavier and more aggressively than the original Mothers of Invention did, and secondly keyboards and synthesisers crop up a bit more than in the Mothers' material - though Area are generally far less keyboard-reliant than most other Italian progressive bands of the time. This will be a shock to the system if you are a prog fan expecting something along the lines of Banco, PFM or Le Orme, but fusion fans will find a lot to like here. Area - Crac! - GFC + original insert NM / NM - A rare copy of the original Cramps label release from 1975. Also fetching big money. $75.00 SOLD - Area - Caution Radiation Area - NM / M - An excellent copy of the original Cramps release from 1974 - $80.00 AKIRA2558 SOLD - Area - Anto / Logicamente EX+ (SRWOC small creases / M - An excellent original copy on the Cramps label from 1977 - $60.00 (AKIRA) Uno - Uno - A mega rare original import copy on the Les Disques Motors label from 1974. NM /M - $80.00 Potemkine - Triton - NM (SRWOC / M - Mega rare original French copy on the Voxigrave label - This is a highly sought after example of excellent French Zeuhl influenced Avant-Prog so typical of this region. $50.00 A review: With this second album of theirs Potemkine continues to develop into a more complex direction. Triton is a mostly intrumental package of skilled jazzy avant-prog with some zeuhl influences. The instrumental work is strong and the album manages to stay highly interesting from the start to the finish. They've done very good job with the songwriting and in my opinion Triton is a clear step forward from their debut album Fœtus. Fœtus was a decent package but everything in Triton is just more developed. Highly recommended for everyone who enjoys the more jazz oriented side of progressive rock. Four stars out of five.
  3. Items: A Large part of my personal collection - Various LPs - THIS IS THE 1980's NEW WAVE & MIXED ROCK SECTION but also see individual lists and the main thread which has all the common information to all threads. Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld - Will post to anywhere in Australia (O/S by agreement) Item's Condition: Very Good ++ to Mint + (Many bought, stored but unplayed) Reason for selling: To raise money to get my teeth fixed. Price: Various - See each item Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (Direct Deposit if you prefer) Extra Info: Some great music up for grabs - Buy with confidence as previous SNA buyers have done. Pictures: Covers graded first (where included) albums next. STOC = Slight tear on cover LTOC = Label tear on cover LOC = Label / sticker / label residue on Cover WD - Water Damage to cover - (a small number were affected after a storm at my parents house when I was a kid) NAC - NYP = Needs a clean, not yet priced. PHIC - Punch Hole in Cover / Cut-out / deletion mark or hole GFC = Gatefold Cover RWOC = Ring Wear on Cover SRWOC = Slight Ring Wear on Cover ILS = Inner Lyric Sheet or inner cover ST = Sticky tape NOTICE - Please record your wants in each LP list - Don't send me a PM to reserve anything as someone else may snag the same album as you wanted before I get to your message. Keeping all wants within the list keeps everything transparent. Hope this makes sense. Have a read of the reviews - they are designed to help let you know about music that may have escaped you earlier. (They are not my reviews however ) (Once an item has been reserved or sold, I may remove the review/s to save space for Marc and reduce the time needed to scroll through what has become a very large list. List # 5 - 1980's New Wave & Mixed Rock *** ' Til Tuesday - Voices Carry NM (+ ICS) M+ $12.50 *** Thompson Twins - Set - EX+ - Slight cut on spine - / M - $12.50 *** Tom Tom Club - Tom Tom Club - NM / EX++ - $12.50 *** Heaven 17 - Penthouse & Pavement - M / M - $15.00 **** David Knopfler - Behind The Lines - NM / M - ILS and promo sheet - $13.50 ***T.X.T. - What About You? - ILS - EX++ - SRWOC / NM - $5.00 ***Neal Schon (Journey) / Jan Hammer - Here To Stay - Ex- / M USA Import - $14.00 RESERVED - ***Hagar / Schon / Aaronson / Shrieve - Through The Fire - NM (Small Cut Out Notch) - M - $12.50 (SPIDER27 *** Simple Minds - Celebration - VG+ (STOC) / NM - $13.50 *** Simple Minds - Sister Feelings Call - Ex - SRWOC / NM $14.00 SOLD *** Simple Minds - Life In A Day / Real to Real Cacophony - 2LP - Ex - SRWOC / M - $22.00 (ALANPARTRIDGE) *** Simple Minds - Sons & Fascination - EX+ / EX - Has the cover for the 33rpm 12" version of "Love Song" / "This Earth That You Walk Upon" for some reason. Album has a few obvious marks that were play tested as OK - only a slight click in a few spots - nothing serious. Their 2nd best album methinks - $9.00 SOLD - *** Yellow Magic Orchestra - Naughty Boys - Japanese Import - NM / M+ - $20.00 (SIMO8989) A review: An unassuming monolith of '80s studio electro-pop texture. Quietly-toiled expertise. Hip unobtrusiveness for now people. If other YMO albums are metallic spacesuits, NAUGHTY BOYS is an argyle sweater spacesuit. More ways to say the same thing. I love the sound of this. Only one song ("Opened My Eyes") borrows the gauche into which most of YMO's material is half-dipped. The rest is a swim in an infinity pool. Bowled over by slickness. SOLD *** Yellow Magic Orchestra - BGM - EX+ (SRWOC) / NM - $14.00 (SIMO8989) SOLD *** Yellow Magic Orchestra - Solid State Survivor - Aust copy on Alfa Records label - ILS - EX- (SRWOC) - M - $14.00 (SIMO8989) SOLD *** Yellow Magic Orchestra - Service - Japanese Import - NM / M+ - $20.00 (SIMO8989) SOLD *** Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra - Aust copy on A & M label - EX++ / EX++ - $12.50 (HENSA) SOLD - ***Ippu-Do - Radio Fantasy - NM (SRWOC) / M - Japanese Synth-pop - like YMO - $15.00 (HENSA) *** The Teardrop Explodes - Wilder - US import on Mercury label - EX (notch in bottom RHS) / NM - The legendary Julian Cope at his best - $14.00 A review: A superb record that is still enormously underrated and criticized for not being another Kilimanjaro.You have to understand that it's a completely different album that for most parts replaces Kilimanjaro's punk edge for a more expansive songwriting. Still "Pure Joy"and"Like Leila Khaled"is as punky as they got. SOLD *** The Teardrop Explodes - Wilder - US import on Mercury label - EX (alternative, more colourful cover but with a punch hole on bottom LHS) / NM - $14.00 (ALAN PARTRIDGE) *** Split Enz - The Beginning of the Enz - EX- SRWOC / NM - $14.00 Reserved - Split Enz - Frenzy - No cover / Album only - Side 1 has a 35mm scratch which caused a few issues, otherwise OK $4.00 (Caddisgeek) ***Rough Trade - For Those Who Think Young - (NAC) NM / NM - Features the classic song "All Touch" - $10.00 *** Malcolm McLaren - Duck Rock - Charisma Label - ILS- EX- SRWOC / M - features that classic track - Buffalo Girls - $14.00 Fischer Z - Word Salad - ILS - NM / EX - a few light scuffs - $11.00 *** Fischer Z - Red Skies Over Paradise - NM - ILS - sticker residue / EX+ - $12.50 The Little Heroes - Watch The World - GFC NM / M - $25.00 The Little Heroes - The Little Heroes - ILS NM / NM - $20.00 SOLD *John Cooper Clarke - Zip Style Method - EX / VG+ - $7.00 (ALANPARTRIDGE) RESERVED New Order - Movement - M- M- a few light scuffs - $14.00 (PRANA89) RESERVED New Order - Low Life - Complete with Onion Skin Outer cover - small tear on top RHS and an even smaller one on the bottom - Vinyl is M - a collectible copy - $20.00 (PRANA89) RESERVED ***Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age of Wireless - M- (SRWOC) / M - a promo copy possibly only played once - $12.00 (DAVEO))) ***Visage - The Anvil - M- (SRWOC) / M - This is an unusual copy from Yugoslavia that you're not likely to see again. - $12.00 Was (Not Was) - Was (Not Was) - NM (+ILS) / NM - $10.00 ***Magazine - After The Fact - NM (SRWOC) / M- $14.00 ***MEO245 - Screen Memory - NM / M- (tiny dimple between 4th & 5th track - slightest hiccup but nothing like a deep scratch that would go "clunk") - great album. $12.50 Here's 2 reviews . This is VERY definitely a product of early 80s New Wave synth. Neue Australische Welle? Quick, edgy and bouncy, comparisons can and should be made with the Machinations, Dear Enemy, UKW, Kim Wilde, Peter Schilling or Mi-sex (+ Little Heroes - my add). The overall vibe is generated through bouncy keyboards and pulsing electronic beats that get diced up by electric guitar stabs and a few extended guitar growls. The one slower track, "Generator", shows it doesn't all have to be frantic pulses all the time. Boxed into the early 80s New Wave genre it will forever remain, yes, but Screen Memory is a tidy example of that genre. Lead guitar and Hammond organ weave the tunes, drum and bass guitar create rhythm – it’s a classical combination. But the rhythms and melodies are fresh and all the songs are punk rock influenced. The vocals are expressive and Screen Memory is rich in musical sound so it is an excellent album done in the spirit of that time. Ves 8 - Vesania - GFC - NM / M (with some dimples - play tested just fine!) Mega rare 80's release on the Powderworks label of this Australian alternative / new wave band that you probably never knew existed. $14.00 ***Blancmange - Happy Families - M- (small label residue) / M - played once - $12.50 ***Gary Numan - Live E.P. NM / M - Rare blue vinyl issue from 1984 featuring his classic songs. $20.00 SOLD - Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist - NM (SRWOC) / M - $18.00 (HENSA) A few thoughts: An incredible piece of work. Copeland travelled Africa to bring some of that authentic African rhythm home and mixed it with his trademark classically-influenced pop sounds. There's just nothing like it. Well before Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, the most famous drummer in the world after Synchronicity braved the third world, mosquitoes and ridicule to bring us gifts of tribal grooviness (My add) - Think Paul Simon's Graceland / Juluka - Johnny Clegg (parts of Deep Forest) but wiv more rivvum. - great music. SOLD - ***Mike Batt - The Hunting of The Snark - M- (fantastic artwork) / M - A minor masterpiece from this underrated but masterful composer. Features: Roger Daltry, Stephane Grappelle , Julian Lennon, Art Garfunkel etc. $14.00 (HENSA) SOLD ***Mike Batt - Zero Zero NM / M - promo copy - almost as good as THOTS above. - $12.50 (HENSA) SOLD ***Mike Batt - Waves - NM / M - One of my favourite albums - the writing is excellent and features some of his best laid back but melodic songs - $17.50 (HENSA) SOLD ***Mike Batt - Six Days In Berlin - NM (SRWOC) / M - $14.00 (HENSA) Real Life - Heartland - GFC NM (slight wear on inside but outside is pristine) / M - Australia's Ultravox? Maybe! A classic synth pop gem from Australia - great music - $22.00 SOLD ***Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder - The Never Ending Story - NM / M - Popular soundtrack for the kids - (OK, I didn't mind it either) - $9.00 - (Pegasus) ***Klark Kent - Klark Kent - NM - slightest damage to "KK" cut-out cover / NM - Stewart Copeland (Police drummer) Pretty rare 10" green vinyl edition that you won't see too often - Median price for this is A$35.00 - yours for $25.00 Real to Real - Tightrope Walkers - NM / M - Mega rare Australian copy from 1980 - New Wave / Ska / Power Pop - Very hard to find this anywhere in the world these days. - $15.00 ***Mother Goose - Stufffed - GFC - NM (SRWOC + ILS in mint condition) / NM - As close to mint as you're likely to find of this really quirky but clever band from New Zealand - If you've been trying to find this elusive album for some time, here's a great copy for $22.00 ***Mother Goose - This Is The Life - GFC - M / M - Ditto - $22.00 RESERVED - Via P.M. ***Monsoon - Third Eye NM (Label mark on top RHS / M- - A stunning album from this Indian Goddess with excellent songs, arrangements and interpretations of some classic songs. Their version of The Beatles, "Tomorrow Never Knows" is incredible. Anyone into world / ethnic music probably has this already but if not, grab this now as it's pretty scarce. - $18.00 (WIM) A review: I used to watch this Asian program on TV in the 80s and they used to play stuff by Sheila Chandra. I thought a lot of this stuff was excellent I think it was called Bangra or something. I found out later that Sheila was not Asian at all but had been born in London of Asian or Indian parents. And she had been lead singer for a band called Monsoon who'd had a hit single in England. So here's the album with the hit "Ever So Lonely", a bunch of songs written by the keyboard player and a nifty cover of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" which somehow sounds more authentic. Guest musicians include Bill Nelson, Clem Alford of the Magic Carpet (another East-West fusion group from the 60s), David Balfe (ex Teardrop Explodes) and Merrick (ex Adam & the Ants), sitars and tablas from real Indian musicians . Not the usual thing to find in a charity shop for a quid. (My add) - No, yer lucky bastard! Great pick up but how often does this happen really? The Reels - Quasimodo's Dream - NM - (SRWOC) / M - excellent band in excellent condition - $18.00
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