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  1. Item: Accuphase DAC-50 Option Board Location: Melbourne Price: $700 ONO (RRP $1500) Item Condition: Perfect, used it for a few months in my E-470. Reason for selling: Have since moved on to separates and sold the E-470 Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A plug an play option board for a number of Pre and Integrated Amps in the Accuphase line-up. Features and Compatible Accuphase products: http://www.accuphase.com/model/dac-50.html Photos: .
  2. Item: accuphase a46 relist Location: campsie Price: 4k Item Condition: perfect Reason for selling: do not need Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: seriously?!! I'm done if it doesnt go at 4k not even bothered to write anything Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: accuphase a46 relist Location: campsie Price: 5800 now: $4900 Item Condition: fantastic Reason for selling: finally downgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: not much to say really, a beautiful amp that has emotion!! Key word. Emotion sad to see my amp go. But i have now settled with a mid fi system for the time being while i go searching for a house . pretty heavy, doesn't get too hot and sounds very very nice. Be very wary about the 90 watt into 4ohm rating on power. I've had class d amps with 400 watts and this is more powerful . Natural sounding and very very far from clinical. ###$$120 sna donation## i had a buyer for 4500$ offered but I'm simply not going to take it. Thanks Original boxing included Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Accuphase E-470 Integrated Location: Melbourne Price: $8000, reasonable offers entertained. Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Someone elses turn to have a listen. Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer, COD Extra Info: Purchased in August 2018, Australian Model, Accuphase warranty is 5 years. Includes all original double boxing, remote control, manuals, power cables . Willing to ship at buyers expense, boxed up it is around 30kg. Price does not include the Add on DAC-50. Links: Amp : http://www.accuphase.com/cat/e-470_e.pdf Reviews https://audiofi.net/2018/09/accuphase-e-470-integrated-amplifier-one-for-a-lifetime/ Photos:
  5. Item: Accuphase E-470 Integrated Location: Melbourne Price: $8300, reasonable offers entertained. Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Someone elses turn to have a listen. Your ears will love you for it. Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer, COD Extra Info: Purchased in August 2018, Australian Model, Accuphase warranty is 5 years. Includes all original double boxing, remote control, manuals, power cables . Willing to ship at buyers expense, boxed up it is around 30kg. Links: Amp : http://www.accuphase.com/cat/e-470_e.pdf Reviews https://audiofi.net/2018/09/accuphase-e-470-integrated-amplifier-one-for-a-lifetime/ Photos:
  6. Item: Accuphase E 213 integrated amplifier Location: Waterloo, Sydney Price: $ 3,100 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: almost no use - going for something smaller for the apartment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: - It is a wonderful amplifier, powerful and excellent sound quality - Ordered from Japan and converted into 220/240v by professional - The amplifier is in very good condition - The remote does not work properly (volume control buttons) - No box (box loss during home moving) - Power cable replaced with better cable - Prefer pick up only Pictures:
  7. Item: Accuphase C37 (100 V unit) Location: Adelaide Price: AUD 5500, or best offer Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Not into hifi nowadays Payment Method: Pickup, or post - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: Super awesome phono stage with 3 inputs. Has been working its magic with my Lyra Atlas. Note this is 100V. I will include a TorTech transformer. You wouldn't even know it was there, or it was running on a different voltage. You can argue amongst yourselves about purity of the electrickery Pictures:
  8. Item: Accuphase E302B Amplifier Location: Brisbane Price: $1850 with FREE postage within Australia Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or Bank transfer Extra Info: Accuphase E302 Integrated Amplifier, 120W at 8 ohms. Rare 230V with AUS 3 pin plug. Power transformer is twice that of the 200 Series models. Specifications: Accuphase E302B Integrated Amplifier Pictures:
  9. Item: Accuphase C-260 Control Center with MC/MM Location: Sydney Price: $2500 ono Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: selling for a mate Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This is the very rare pre amp the universal voltage version set for 240V ( can be set any voltage internally). Comes with MC and MM cards. It has been checked over and given a clean bill by a very experienced technician. Everything works! Don't have the original box. There are a few marks on the top cover (see pics). It's a twin mono construction incorporating independent power supplies. Class A push pull circuit. Link to the brochure <http://www.accuphase.com/cat/c-260en.pdf> Pictures:
  10. Item: Accuphase A70; Accuphase A36; Accuphase C2820; Accuphase DP560; Harbeth SHL5 Plus with Skylan Speaker Stands Location: Melbourne Price: A70 - AUD14500 (Power Amp) A36 - AUD4800 (Power Amp) --> AUD4300 C2820 - AUD10500 (Pre Amp) --> AUD9800 DP560 - AUD8500 (SACD Player + USB DAC) --> 8000 Harbeth SHL5 Plus with Skylan Speaker Stands - AUD5200 (Speakers...) Item Condition: All items looks and works great in excellent condition with all the original packaging boxes and accessories (except Skylan speaker stands there is no original packaging for them). Has been keeping them in a listening room which only myself has access to it (I got a 2 years old kid and that's why I would never put any of the gears in the living room for the time being). Reason for selling: I don't really have a lot of time using them and my listening room is too small to utilise them actually. There are other much bigger commitments in life and the money should help to ease the pressure a bit for my future moving plan. Not that I won't miss the sound but I think one need to make a choice at some point. I won't give up this hobby and if really sold will go for a much simpler setup. You can also see that I have been "cleaning house" to sell all the unused / no longer needed gears (e.g. headphones, DAC, DAP, etc). Reckon I have been crazy and should be more cautious in spending. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Cheque (all payment service fees (if any) and shipping to be paid by buyer, actually I would prefer to trade in person if possible) Extra Info: Most Accuphase gears were brought over from my home country when I moved to here around 2.5 years ago. I hadn't unpacked any of them only after I arrived for 1 year. DP560 was bought last year in Hong Kong. Harbeth SHL5 Plus with Skylan speaker stands were bought from Krispy Audio (which were sold to me as a brand new demo pair) 1 year ago. Will donate to the SNA forum for sure if sold. Pictures:
  11. Item: Accuphase A30 Location: NSW 2135 Price: 3150 Item Condition: Fully functional, pure class A Reason for selling:Upgrading to A47 or upper model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  12. Item: Accuphase dc37 Location: 2008 NSW Price: 6600 (negotiable Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: pick up at central, Sydney Pictures:
  13. Okay, I admit I don't know much about hifi, but why would an enthusiast have multiple phono cartridges? Attached photo shows some of the cartridges in my late brother's collection. I previously thought these were a consumable, but given that some originally cost several thousand dollars I am now not sure of anything. Are used cartridges sale-able? Would appreciate any feedback.
  14. So much has been happening lately and I thought I'd share the journey. Speakers are Magico S7
  15. Item: One Accuphase E460 Integrated amp with both AD20 Phono card and AD40 DAC card fitted. Location: Sunny Nanango Price: $6600 plus postage. Item Condition: Aesthetically very good with some light scratches on the top panel. Reason for selling: I've had my "Best of Japanese Integrated Amps" fun and now it is time to move the Accuphase on. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (buyer to pay Paypal fees if choosing to use Paypal) Extra Info: Comes with remote, manual and original boxes and packing. This is the same amp as listed in the FS thread below: I have had the front panel fixed and have added the DAC 40 card and have adjusted the price to reflect these alterations. Also, I don't have any more of the little grey plastic RCA plug covers, but I do have some cheapo looking red and white ones if you really want them. Pics:
  16. Item: Accuphase Pre C 290 ex condition Location:Melbourne Price: 4200$ plus post Item Condition:totally mint Reason for selling:need funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra information: great working orders see pictures below. please Note:serious buyer PM Only more info . Donations after Sold.
  17. Now I’m not really a bucket list person but if I was then this would have been right up high, top 10 for sure. A sound off between 3 of the Great Japanese Amplifier Manufacturers, Accuphase, Luxman and Sansui (in alphabetical order, just to avoid any accusations of favouritism). Ready for battle. And even before I get anywhere near the sonic performance I can’t help but notice all the differences between the three amps. But before I get to those I’ll just elaborate on the specific models present. The Accuphase E460 debuted in November 2010. Rated at 180wpc into 8 and 260wpc into 4 Ohms, frequency response is 3 to 150,000Hz at +0, -3dB, 0.05%THD from 20 to 20,000Hz from 4 to 16 Ohms. Uses 92 watts at idle and a max draw of 440 and weighs in at a moderate 24.4kg. It is also a MOSFET design. The Luxman L507u debuted at around the same time (can’t find any actual dates but it seems to have been on sale from about 2010 to about 2015). Rated at 110wpc into 8 and 200wpc into 4 Ohms, it is rated 0.22%THD from 20 to 2000Hz (into 8 ohms both channels driven with line straight on) which doesn’t sound that great but it does make 0.015% into 8 Ohms at 1kHz. Frequency response is 20 to 100,000 Hz -3dB or less. It uses 1.5 watts on standby, 82 watts at idle and 325 watts max. It weighs in at only 22.5kg. The Sansui Alpha 907NRA debuted in 1998 and as such is the old man of the three. It is rated at 160wpc into 8 and 190wpc into 6 Ohms and frequency response from DC to 300,000Hz at +0 and -3dB. THD is listed as less than 0.003% at 8 Ohms. I can’t find a power draw at idle but it is rated at 400 watts max. It weighs in at a spine injuring 33kg. These three amps don’t lend themselves well to direct comparisons in many ways, still, what’s life without a few challenges, let’s see what comparison categories we can come up with shall we? Ease of use: Otherwise known as the laziness category the loser here is obvious as the poor Sansui doesn’t have a remote. The winner is harder to pick, both Accuphase and Luxman have a remote with line switching and volume control but only the Accuphase has cd controls as well so I think the Accuphase wins this one. Environmental friendliness: The Luxman is the only amp that has a standby mode, so I can see people using it. That’s bad because it will use power 24/7. The Accuphase does not have a standby mode so I would think people would turn it off when not in use, that’s good, unless people leave it on in which case that’s bad. The Sansui has no standby mode and no remote, on or off people you need to make up your mind with the Sansui. Most people would see the Luxman winning this one. Capacitor bank size: Should be easy right? Wrong! The Accuphase has one large 33,000uF custom made cap per channel, the Luxman has two 10,000uF caps per channel which is more but they aren’t custom. The Sansui is harder to figure out as it has six caps of three different capacitance ratings at 2 different voltage ratings. If we just add up the figures we get 14,200uF per channel. The winner on numbers is the Luxman but it is obvious that the three amps are all designed along different lines of thinking since the amp with largest capacitor bank is also the one with smallest wattage rating. Coolest Running: The Sansui wins this category as it barely discharges any heat at all, the Luxman comes in second and the Accuphase third. None of these amps generate a lot of heat as such but the Sansui is the only one I would consider putting in an enclosed cabinet. Most gratuitous use of knobs in the design: Sorry Accuphase, you lose. The Luxman and Sansui tie with 8 knobs each. (Yes I could called this one “Most controls accessible from the faceplate” but… well… I didn’t) I was going to include a phono section but there wouldn’t be much point, every one has a choice of MM or MC and since I don’t have a turntable I don’t have the chance to try them out. Although the Accuphase doesn’t come with a phono as standard so I guess that could count as a loss with a tie for the Luxman and the Sansui, yeah, what the heck. Optional Accessories: Definitely a win to the Accuphase here with its 2 optional module slots. It can be fitted with optional DAC, phono and line in boards. Why you would want an extra line in board is beyond me but I guess if you do then you just do. Wall Voltage Options: I had to put this one in as since the Sansui Alpha series were only ever available in Japan they are only available in 100 Volt and as such a step down transformer is required to use them in many countries. This is not the case with the Luxman and the Accuphase amps. So a loss to Sansui and a tied win to the Accuphase and the Luxman. A and B speaker options: Sorry Sansui, with your single set of binding posts you lose this one. Most Gorgeous Looking Ass: That copper looks damn fine, Sansui by a mile. And one final thing of note, I really like the binding posts on the Accuphase. They just have the feeling of extra strength and extra grip, a really nice design to use. They give you the impression that you could really put some strength into tightening those speaker cables. So if I put in a “Speaker Binding Posts” category the Accuphase would be a sure winner. I could also put in an “Ability to Power Other Components” category too, with the 100 watt max plugs on its back the Sansui would walk away with that one, admittedly it is much more use in Japan but since that’s where it was designed, built and sold then that is what counts. I could continue on here for quite a while, could probably double the length of this post if I felt inclined, but I think I’ve covered enough info to let everyone get the impression that these amps aren’t really that similar even though they offer many of the same options and have fairly similar output ratings. So if you have to that conclusion then good, it will help minimise the confusion later when I start to say things about how they don’t sound that similar either. I have to go now, things to do, but I’ll be back.
  18. Item: Accuphase Integrated Amplifier E600 Location: Melbourne Price: $7800 + shipping (I shall deliver by myself if you are in Melbourne) Item Condition: Great (except from a few minor "scratches" on top, please refer to the pictures) Reason for selling: Upgraded to pre+power combo (C2820 + A70) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (service charge to be paid by buyer), COD Only Extra Info: Similar to the Harbeth M30.1 I am currently selling, this is my beloved gear which I moved from Hong Kong to here. Haven't unpacked it at all after moving and only did it yesterday night to take photos and make sure it is working properly here. I have confirmed with my original dealer that the 220v voltage version work perfectly fine here in Australia and I tested it yesterday night without issues at all (you can see from the pictures that I have powered on it). While my current combo is better than e600 for sure, but to my surprise this integrated amp still can make me really satisfied and happy with the sound from it. It comes with all the original accessories and package which they are all in great condition. The only cosmetic "issues" you may found is a few "scratches" on the top of the amplifier which I tried my best to show it from the pictures. It is not really noticeable but sorry for perfectionist it may not be an ideal one. Pictures:
  19. Item: Accuphase DC37 DAC Location: Melbourne Price: $6500 + Shipping (I shall deliver by myself if you are in Melbourne) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: "Downgraded" to the new DP560 as I want a SACD player on top of USB Input DAC function Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer to pay service fee), COD Only Extra Info: Similar to other gears I am selling, I used this DC37 in my main system when I was in Hong Kong but haven't unpacked it after moving to Australia until yesterday to ensure it is working properly and to take photos of them. The condition is excellent without any scratches at all and come with all included accessories. My original dealer assured me this 220v version will work perfectly in Australia and it was tested yesterday without issues at all (you can see that it is powered on from the photos). I still have hesitation in selling this as the sound is a bit more natural than the DP560 as I did some A-B testing last night. Still I can't keep so many gears anymore and would rather to have convenience (& money back) so I decided to part with this great DAC with pain... Pictures:
  20. It was suggested that I copy the review I put up in my Addicts Guide thread and put it up in its own, individual post that way people can search for and find it a little easier. So here it is with an extra pic of the remote that I forgot to include in my initial post. I have noticed in the past that some amplifiers cut/smooth off/leave out/trim/blunten the leading edge of musical notes. I can’t say I’ve ever understood why before but with the Accuphase I think I do, that initial impact carries so much power that it kills all the little details that follow. I’m not sure how it does this, maybe it is something to do with the amp itself or maybe it is to do with the human ear decreasing its own sensitivity in response to strong stimuli. If you remove that initial hit then you also remove the veil from all the detail hiding behind it. I usually notice this effect in the bass, because that is where many of the most powerful notes are, but the benefits can be heard throughout the frequency range. For instance, with triangle, while the initial strikes only come across as brightly as tiny little stars in the night sky the ability to hear the triangle itself ring out so clearly after each series of strikes is really something special. Also, while brass instruments come across as incredibly “rough and brassy” they don’t annoy at all and may just be the most listenable that I’ve ever heard. The higher piano notes are very nice, but not as noteworthy as the brass and light percussion. In the days since I typed those first two paragraphs I have done some research and have found that this effect, or at least something very much like it, seems to be characteristic of MOSFET amps. This would explain why the Accuphase reminds me of the Redgum sound as far as the missing leading edge of bass notes goes. The only other MOSFET amp I can remember off the top of my head is Perreauxs Audiant 80i and it certainly does not sound like the other two so I guess the effect is not universal. Anyway, back to the Accuphase, I simply have to mention the volume indicator. The volume is displayed in red numbers just below the green, illuminated Accuphase logo but they don’t stay displayed. The volume level appears when you press the up or down buttons and then disappears again about 2 seconds after you remove your finger from the buttons. Nice! And here's a picture boys and girls. Also, those VU meters are a bit less distracting than those on the Luxman, they are lit up a bit softer and that tan/yellow colour doesn’t draw the eye in as such. You can watch them or not, as you choose. The blue back lighting on the Luxman keeps you looking at them even if you try not to, you can turn the back lighting off on the Luxman, but then you can’t see them at all. I am a little disappointed in the remote control, in the days when many sub $3K amps from China come with a remote that seems to be carved from solid billet Accuphase have stuck with a remote that, while it has an aluminium cover, still manages to feel very light and very plastic-y. Functionality wise it is fine, but it doesn’t feel as though it belongs with an amp as eye-wateringly expensive as an Accuphase. Into specs, the E460 generates 180wpc into 8 and 260wpc into 4 Ohms with a THD of 0.05% from 20 to 20,000Hz at +0 and -0.2dB. Power consumption at idle is 92 watts, max is 440. It does run fairly warm. It weighs in at a quite reasonable 24.4kg. The model I have purchased from Galactic Soap has the optional AD-20 phono card fitted and I went and got all excited and ordered a DAC-40 card before the amp even arrived. I’m still waiting on the DAC-40 card to arrive but I have been assured it is on its way. I found that, rather like the Luxman before it, the Accuphase did not really like my Aurealis IC cables, they just seem to let through too much top end. Fussy Japanese amps require careful IC matching it seems, so I opted for a pair of Redgum Audio Pipeline ICs as they were the closest to hand and since the Accuphase seemed happy with them I didn’t go any further. The source in question was my YBA Heritage cd player, speaker cables were my 10 AWG Ugly cables with Jaycar banana plugs attached and the speakers were my Lenehan S2R stand mounts. Caffeine levels were maintained by the carefully co-ordinated consumption of Pepsico products and sugar levels were elevated via the regular consumption of Nestle chocolate. So, let the evaluating begin. Highs: As mentioned above the triangle ringing out is truly something special and the brass sounds so much more brassy than anything I have heard to date. Piano is nice, maybe even very nice but it does not come close to being as noteworthy as the triangle or the brass. 8.5 (maybe 8.75, I want to give it a 9.0 due to the triangle and brass performance but that level of performance, and that score, should really be backed up across the board) Mids: Slick, clear, clean and just a little smooth and calm. Rise to the occasion with an increase in volume, they are a little soft at lower volume levels but really come alive as you move up to regular listening levels and above. The mids are very good, violins and Santana style guitar are good enough to get an 8.0 by themselves but they jump up to an 8.5 with the addition of magic from the sound stage. More on that in a couple of paragraphs. Bass: Clear, strong and overflowing with smooth, well balanced bass. Never forward, there is no risk of it pushing you back in your seat here, the Accuphase is far too cultured to ever exhibit any of that hooligan-style behaviour. I’m going to mention something here that works in with the sound stage below, the bass is never punchy, it is never felt as such but it is big and it growls very low. At one stage there I could swear it found the resonance frequency of my lower jaw but it did it by pressurizing the room with a hard, deep growl and not by punching me in the head so hard that my jaw felt it. All the bass stays on the stereo’s side of the room, in fact all the music stays on the stereo’s side of the room. There are some drum strikes that I feel are a little odd, perhaps it’s the MOSFET style of bass presentation, but those are few and far between. I’m giving slow bass (such as cello and double bass) an 8.75, faster bass (such as bass guitar) an 8.5, fast-ish bass (such as normal-to-fast played drums) an 8.0, and very fast, punchy bass (such as hard, heavy drumming) a 6.0. It just does not do punchy. For that 6.0 to really come to the fore however the drums have to be the main instrument playing, if they stay in the background the effect is minimised. Vocals: Female: The Accuphase does like the ladies, it adds a nice airy surrounding to songstresses who are already heavenly to listen to. To more regular vocals it doesn’t add or subtract anything that I can identify. But then, regular vocals are by their very definition not anything special. This is interesting because the better the vocals (you could read that as “the more audiophile the recording” if you like) the more effort the Accuphase seems to put in. So I’m awarding an 8.5 for the serious songstresses and a flat 8.0 for all the regular singers. Male: Very open, very honest, but frankly nothing special. 8.0 The Sound Stage: At low levels this is the same as most other amps but as you increase the volume beyond about 70dB something very special happens. The sound stage inflates, it puts me in mind of a soap bubble rising from the floor. It starts out in between the speakers and inflates out until, between 80 and 85dB, it envelopes both speakers and about of the floor space between the listener and the stereo. Once this happens it is difficult to go back, within this bubble the stereo separation is as nothing I have heard before, if you could imagine that instead of 2 speakers set about 3 meters apart you instead had 7 speakers and even then none of the instruments come directly from them. Placement within this space is a bit eerie, no two instruments occupy the same space at the same time so you could say that separation is extreme but it doesn’t feel like it is separation at all, just placement. And it is all portrayed in front of a background that makes the rear wall feel like it has been covered in several layers of warm velvet. So there is nothing that can be heard behind the speakers except the occasional instrument. This is magical stuff! I’m not sure my description quite does it justice. However… there is a catch. It isn’t present on every album. I was devastated when I moved from my pre-test discs to my test disc and found that this effect was generally absent. I’m giving it a 9.0 because I have heard nothing to equal it, or even rival it come to that, but I’m afraid I have to mark it down due to its inconsistency so I’ll call it an 8.5. I think that, if you bought this amp you would seek out discs that this sound stage effect worked with and just not listen to any that didn’t work with it. It’s as close to magical as I have yet heard. My big gripe (and the reason I marked it down a big 0.5 instead of only a 0.25) is that it doesn’t really work with most rock music. Montaigne, Dido, Enya, Amy Lee all sound amazing on the Accuphase but it doesn’t lend the same effect to Kiss, Big Pig or Poison. I don’t have a problem with listening to the first 3 more often but I don’t think I could manage to give up the last 3 completely. Overall Performance Integration: Smooth, calm, smooth again, un-intrusive, with an every so slightly soft/blunt feel to the music. Loves breathy songstresses and unpowered instruments, very high foot tapping factor but can be a little inconsistent. Works much better with female vocals than with male IMO. Ability to Emote: Since all the music stays on the other side of the room from the listener there is a sort of an “Ability to Emote from a slight distance” effect going on. If you are happy to accept that the band seem to be playing for the next table over in the restaurant you are seated in then this is an 8.5. If you prefer them to be performing for you then it would obviously be less, probably an 8.0. Electric Guitar Test: Nice twang, even though it is smooth and not very edgy at all it still came very close to making my teeth shiver, I like! 8.25 It would score better on Santana style guitar (8.5) but by longstanding tradition this score is generated from Joe Satriani’s guitar. 80’s Rock Test: I did not think the Accuphase’s smooth presentation would work for it here, it did do much better than I expected (minus the magic of the soundstage effect). My Whitesnake and Def Leppard albums came through very well. The earlier recording styles (I call it 80’s but that isn’t really accurate) that include more incidental noise and less compression come out much more effectively than I thought they could, let alone would. 8.5. I do miss that punchy bass, but not as much as I thought I would. I now know, and completely understand, why Accuphase amps are so well regarded. That bass presentation does take a bit of getting used to, even after a fortnight I’m not sure I’ve quite got it figured out, but everything else is just fine. And that sound stage, that is just icing on the cake.
  21. Item: Accuphase E460 with AD20 Phono board Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches Price: $5900 Item Condition: 8/10 Please see extra info below Reason for selling: Moving to Accuphase seperates Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this amplifier from @mlinvpp in May 2014. In the close to 3 years I've owned this beautiful piece my system has seen 3 different sets of speakers and up to 4 different sources come in and out, the one thing that has never changed has been the Accuphase E460. To say I love this amplifier would be an understatement. It is the very definition of a statement piece and just oozes overbuilt Japanese sophistication. The sound is classic Accuphase: big, dynamic, full bodied and with just a hint of warmth through the mid-range. The only reason I'm moving on from this integrated is to step towards achieving some of my audiophile bucket list goals and acquire some Accuphase separates. Lastly, I'll add that I had an opportunity to listen to the current iteration E470 recently and I genuinely could not hear a difference between it and this E460. The only issue with the amplifier is the mechanism that controls the flap that covers the tone/speaker controls has given way, as such the flap is now permanently folded down exposing the tone/speaker controls. This has not affected the sound what so ever. I approached the retailer and distributor to fix this under warranty but didn't have any luck as I wasn't the original owner. Disappointing given the amplifier is original Australian 230V stock and not a grey import. I have adjusted the price to reflect this, which if I might add is particularly sharp when compared to the E460 currently for sale on Gumtree HERE listed for sale at $7,500. The only difference being the seller on gumtree has the additional DAC-30 digital to analogue card and my one has the AD-20 phono-board. Please refer to the link below for @mlinvpp's original ad and pictures. I'll update this add with more up to date pictures once I pick-up the amplifier from the retailer who I had hoped would be able to help me with a repair. Having said that aside from the aforementioned issue with the flap the amplifier is identical to the images in the original add. Lastly, the amplifier comes with all original packaging. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/65435-sold-fssyd-accuphase-e460-2-x-180w-integrated-amp-with-ad-20-phono-board/
  22. Hi everyone. Look what just arrived from Japan. Only 1h listening so far. Very nice and transparent. To be honest though, slightly warmer sound compared to plugging my dac direct into the power amp. Otherwise it hasn't made that much difference. That is a testament to how good the DAC is rather than the quality of the new pre. Will update if any changes. It just look almost complete.. DC37 for sale anyone? 😄
  23. I did not want to hijack the "Idealish Server" thread so here is another which offers some first hand experience with some of the creations from the WA team. On my recent visit to Oz had a very enjoyable day hearing the Power Supply/Server creation from the WA crew on Tasso's impressive Accuphase/Magico system.I had already committed to the build of the modified JS2/Hashi on the advice of Tasso and Chanh but was looking forward to see if the money was well spent. We had on hand a Antipodes DX, WA crew Created Sever,Auralic sever various power supplies creation.I was also hoping to have an Aurender W20 on hand as well but a local agent let me down.I will have to purchase/try this one overseas....a real shame. We listened to the WA Crew server with my newly created modified JS2/Hashi and the DC37. This was the bench mark to which all others would be compared to and even though Tasso's system has changed considerably since my last visit it delivered in spades detail and dynamics. We listened at a loudness I am not used to but the system held up quite well.The Antipodes DX was then inserted for comparisons. As the owner of the DX I have been relatively happy with its performance but was quite surprised in Tasso system preferring the JS2/Hashi and WA Server by a reasonable margin of preference. Tasso's system with the DX inserted lost sound stage and dynamics.The DX rounded and compressed things which definitely may be suited to some but not for my tastes. We then removed the DC37 and inserted Kalliope paired with the WA Server .(I won't comment on this comparison as I am an owner of Kalliope).....other participants feel free to comment I know my tastes differ from others.... Next we connected the DX and Kalliope via the unpowered usb input. This is how I use my DX in my all Gryphon electronic system and while I thought it improved things slightly it still seemed to lack the dynamics the WA Crew Server and JS2/Hashi power supply displayed. We then powered the DX with the JS2/Hashi power supply and the improvement of dynamics and soundstage was immediately noticeable. Still quite confronting that a power supply can have such an impact but count me in as impressed. Comparison of the DX and WA Crew Server with JS2/Hashi was not done...but for me they offer very similar performance once connected to the JS2/Hashi power supply in my brief listen.....which says a lot as one has a very large price tag. A quick listen to the Aurilic server and JS2/Hashi power supply gave some quite good sound but lacked the polish,dynamics and soundstage that was on offer from the WA Server and DX. The WA crew of Tasso, Chanh, TJ, Don, JD (apologies if I missed anyone) have found the magic sauce for computer audio. For me the WA server and JS2/Hashi power supply is the first time a DIY creation has matched/equaled maybe even eclipsed the big boys creations, hell I even prefer the case to the DX....I cannot recommend highly enough their creations.If I had to start again I would copy their WA Server and go for the JS2/Hashi supply and be content that you would be getting some of the best CA that is available today. I now have to find an Aurender W20 which has a clock input and compare it to the King from WA ......I think this machine is the only one which may surpass it ...but I would not be surprised if it was eclipsed.....maybe a JS2/Hashi power supply , W20 and master clock may eclipse the best CD spinners....I know I am curious..... Once again great work lads and thanks for the impressive power supply I cannot thank you enough ...running the best Gryphon electronics can offer the JS2/Hashi power supply holds its own on sonic performance and striking looks ..I am looking forward to hearing this on my new system and seeing if the WA crew can improve their creations.... great work Cheers Jones
  24. Looking at maybe moving to an Accuphase integrated. Anyone out there in Victoria with one? Would love some thoughts, feedback and opinions? Thanks
  25. Hello everyone, I am looking at a Accuphase P500 in mint condition. However, I am aware that it's from 1985 as per Accuphase website. I know Accuphase have good build quality but 30years is a LONG TIME. What risks am I taking in buying something like this? Are there any repairers in Melbourne and how is parts availability? How much roughly should I budget for a service +/- parts? Thank you. DT
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