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  1. Item: Usher CP-8571 II Location: Perth S.O.R. Price: $4500 $4200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These speakers are hard to get. Well reviewed by TAS here: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/usher-audio-dancer-cp-8571-ii-loudspeaker/ I've been an USHER man for a while now. I had the Mini Dancer (NOW SOLD) https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/245250-fs-price-drop-relist-usher-mini-dancer-2/?tab=comments#comment-3890219) then I bought the CP-8571 from a fellow SNAer a few months back to upgrade and recently had the opportunity to upgrade again to Usher BE-10. That's the only reason I'm selling. Amazing open big sound with precise imaging and staging. They also look 10x the price. Definitely high WAF 🙂 I have the original boxes and crates but prefer local sale. Pictures: Pictures:
  2. Item: Usher Mini Dancer 2 + Usher BE616 (matching centre) Location: Perth Price: $3000 + $1000 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Lack of space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchase for HT setup, but sale of other gear not going well...BE616 (http://www.audiogurus.com/usher-audio-be-616-d.html) , http://usheraudio.us/?wpsc-product=be-616-diamond , https://soundapproach.com/usher-be-616-center-channel-speaker-single.html cost around $2000 US, and Mini dancers around $5000. Can separate but centre will have to go first ($1000) and $3000 for Mini Dancers. A local dealer in Perth has the same speakers now on special (traded in, no centre speaker or packaging, just Mini Dancers) for $5000 https://www.frankprowsehifi.com.au/product/usher-dancer-mini-two Regretful sale...Happy to demo for serious buyers. Everything comes with clean original boxes. Due to size and weight (56kg each + 25kg for centre) local sale and pickup only. If NHT ST-4 (also advertised for sale on SN) are sold, Ushers will be withdrawn from sale. Thank you for watching... Pictures:
  3. Item: Usher Mini Dancer 2 DMD Location: Perth WA (SOR) Price: $3900 $3700 Now only $3500 Item Condition: mint 9.9/10 Reason for selling: no longer required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the newer model and more desirable DMD version of this highly regarded and reviewed speakers. I have the larger brothers the CP8571 and these dancers are now in their boxes. I can take them out for local buyers and who want to audition them. I apologise for lack of photos as these speakers are already in their boxes. Last pair was sold here by realysm42 in January for $4250. He put lots of great photos and reviews of these amazing speakers. Check it out here. Thanks for looking! Pictures:
  4. Item: Usher CP-8571 II Location: Perth SOR Price: $4500 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: If ur looking at this ad, you know how good these are. Easily the best looking speakers I have ever owned. This is the beryllium version. Pictures:
  5. I am listing these items for a family member who has just gone through a major upgrade to a lot of his system components. All items are located in Subiaco Perth and are available for inspection/demo. Genuine reason for sale. Shipping is available on all items including speakers with buyer paying shipping charges. All photos are of actual items for sale. Item: Usher Mini-Dancer-X’s and RWS728 stands Location: Subiaco, Perth Price: $2050 Item Condition: Pristine Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pair of Usher Dancer Mini-X's with the updated DMD tweeters in pristine condition, along with their accompanying RWS728 stands.Come in original boxing from smoke free and pet-free listening room. Selling due to major system upgrade - just taken delivery of pair of Q Acoustics Concept 500 floor standers, Townshend Audio seismic isolation podiums, total cable replacement, PS Audio DirectStream with Bridge II and a beautiful PrimaLuna HP Dialogue Premium with KT120s all fed by a PS Audio P3 Power Regenerator). Pinpoint sound staging and sweet mids thanks to their updated DMD tweeters. Like to be fed with power (previously supplied by 185wpc Conrad Johnson CA200 with ease). Love to be played loud. I previously ran a pair of Sonus Faber Extremas and these are on their way to that mid range sweetness at a very much lower price. They also share the same lovely lute shape and are pretty heavy at 15.5kg each. Originally cost $3500 and $310 for the stands. Will take $2150 including the stands. Welcome to audition if in Perth. Prefer direct credit to my account and buyer to pay for any shipping. Specifications from Usher's US webpage - note the US price - http://usheraudio.us/?wpsc-product=dancer-mini-x-diamond: Dancer Mini-X diamond 2-way system : Diamond DMD dome tweeter 1.25", mid-low woofer 7" (8948A) sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt / 1m nominal impedance: 8 ohms frequency response (-3 dB): 41 Hz ~ 40 kHz power handling: 100 watts crossover frequencies: 2.3 kHz weight: 15.5 kgs dimensions (w x d x h): 26 cm x 37 cm x 43.5 cm Selection of reviews and information about the stands: http://i.nextmedia.com.au/avhub/australian-hifi_reviews_2013_2013-07_usher_audio_dancer_minix_diamond_loudspeakers_lores.pdf http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/usher-audio-dancer-mini-x-diamond-loudspeakers/ https://soundapproach.com/usher-rws-728-speaker-stand-pair.html http://usheraudio.us/?wpsc-product=rws-728-speaker-stand Item: Nordost Heimdall 2x2m bi-wired speaker cable banana shotgun termination Location: Subiaco Perth Price: $1000 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, postage Extra Info: This is an EXCELLENT condition pair of Nordost Heimdall 2x2m BI-WIRED speaker cables with banana shotgun termination. The cables are about 3 years old, free of scratches and coming from a smoke/pet free house and sound SUPERB. Heimdall cables are STEREOPHILE recommended cables as voted as extremelly valued for money, just short of their Valhallas. Time to upgrade.... Manufacturer's Description: The HEIMDALL loudspeaker cable uses a heavier gauge of twenty four 24 AWG OFC with an extruded silver surface. This cable uses our proprietary state of the art Micro Mono-Filament technology which reduces insulation contact with the conductors by more than 80%. This means that current signals traveling above the surface of the conductor are virtually unimpeded by the insulation material. With an effective dielectric constant of 1.12 HEIMDALL loudspeaker cables transfer signals more efficiently and at extremely high speeds. You can easily hear this with fabulous transient detail, superb imaging and magical sonic performance. A full system wired with HEIMDALL offers tremendous performance and value for money.The AWG Installation Cables come in two versions,?a 14 AWG two conductor cable called 14/2 and a 14 AWG four conductor cable called 14/4. Both cables were specifically developed for use in home theater in-wall installations. Both cables consist of two or four nineteen stranded silver plated 99.9999% OFC conductors for maximum flexibility. Each conductor is specially annealed before it is extruded in FEP. The conductors are then twisted and insulated with a special flame retardant PVC Alloy. Underwriters Laboratories Inc rates these cables as CL3P. This means that not only are these cables superb for home installations they can also be used in commercial installations such as hotels, office buildings etc. CL3P denotes plenum rating. This means that the cable is safe for use in a plenum or building air duct. In the event of a fire the cable will not act as a fuse and transmit flame from one room to another. For commercial in-wall installations in North America insurance regulations and building codes mandate the use of CL3P cabling. Due to its flexible design and low signal loss, it is ideal for running loudspeaker signals in multi-channel applications. Designed for ease of installation, it is an extremely durable cable and it will solve a multitude of installation problems. The AWG Installation cable is designed to compliment the new range of cutting edge home cinema cable products from Nordost. Item: BlueSoud Node 2 and Nordost Purple Flare power cable Location: Subiaco Perth Price: $900 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, post Extra Info: Practically brand new excellent condition BlueSound Node 2 and Nordost Purple Flare Australian power cable. Less than 2 months old. Upgraded to PS Audio DirectStream so are now redundant. All original packaging included. Vastly superior to Sonos for streaming - built for audiophiles. I used to stream DSD and flac files via Tidal HiFi streaming service and to play direct from USB drive with my music library of flac/dsd etc plugged directly in the back and controlled via their intuitive app on my iPhone/iPad/laptop. Voted Best Product EISA Awards 2016-17. Enough said. Priced to sell. BlueSound Node 2 $999 new, Nordost cable $289 (see http://www.nordost.com/leif/purple-flare/purple-flare-power-cord.php https://mcru.co.uk/siteuploads/slichfcreview.pdf http://hifipig.com/slic-innovations-eclipse-c-rca-interconnects/ http://www.mains-cables-r-us.co.uk/blog/2014/08/23/slic-innovations-eclipse-c-interconnect-hi-fi-choice-review/ https://zstereo.co.uk/2017/06/16/slic-innovations-eclipse-c/
  6. Item: Usher Speakers. Location: Perth Price: 2,250 ono Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: Too many speakers.... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Can pack and send on request. Willing to trade for quality valve phono stage Extra Info: Selling pair of beloved Mini X Diamond speakers. These are in immaculate condition. Selling as recently upgraded. Don't be fooled by the size of these speakers, they produce an outstanding sound. They are also beautifully made, and will look stylish in almost every setting. They can be used as bookshelves without the stands. Paid $3,495 for the speakers, and $995 for the Usher matching stands. They were also upgraded by Audio Synergy here in Perth with silver internal wiring ($1000). Total package cost ~$5,500. These are priced to sell! They have been receiving great reviews. See the following: http://i.nextmedia.com.au/avhub/australian-hifi_reviews_2013_2013-07_usher_audio_dancer_minix_diamond_loudspeakers_lores.pdf. Happy to demo. Pictures:
  7. Item: Usher Mini Dancer 2 DMD Diamond Speakers. Location: Melbourne. Price: $3150. Item Condition: Perfect as new. Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are really nice speakers, if you have seen the comments on forums and online or heard them you will know that you get a lot of speaker for the price. Demo is available if required. They also come with the original boxes and crates pictures below, so if you would like them shipped they will survive. Dimensions and weights can be provided if required. Pictures:
  8. Item: Usher 520 speakers x 2 Price Range: any Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: phone BH 03 9816 3337 Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. Item: Usher Audio (Rapport) Bi Wire 3m Speaker Cables (pair) Location: Sydney CBD Price: $250 + $25 shipping AUS wide Item Condition: 7.5/10 (works perfectly) Reason for selling: Surplus after setup change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: See comments regarding re termination These great speaker cables come in their original carry bag (see photos). The cables and speaker end bi-Wire bananas (4 plugs for each speaker) are in very good condition. The Amp end plugs have been reterminated from factory spades into bananas. I then loosened the tape to make the banana connection more flexible (see photo). Would cost $5 of tape and 15mins if you wanted to neatly refinish it - but I think there is merit in retaining the flex. After a change in my setup, I now run longer Chord Odyssey 2 cables for the rear speakers (Kef R100s) and have not experienced any improvement in sound quality. Ie I think the Ushers are pretty good. Pick up is preferred. Please pm with queries or reasonable offers. Pictures:
  10. Item: WTB Usher BE-10 or BE-20 speakers Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please PM me if you know of any Usher BE-10 or BE-20 speakers that may be for sale, now or in the future. Either the beryllium or diamond tweeter. Reference: http://www.hi-fiworld.co.uk/loudspeakers/65-reviews/250-usher-be-10.html?showall=1
  11. Hi All Have been interested in updating my current speakers to a mid level Usher Dancer Mini 2, but apart from the S520's there seems to be no other models available, anywhere. Have they gone under and all current stock is what is left at dealers, even the website is empty? They did have some very nice sounding speakers. JJ
  12. Looking for a pair of Usher S520 Speakers in excellent condition. Black preferred but will consider timber veneer or white. Please send me a PM if you are looking to sell. Also have a pair of B&W DM602 that I'd consider trading if interested. Cheers
  13. Hey folks.. After being lost in the headfi wilderness (and let me tell you, it's a whole new world of kookiness:) I've returned to speakers.. Yay for me:) This is a budget system, that'll be a mixture of old and new, slapped together with a half a wink to audiophile sensibilities - so I'm not expecting it to be the last word in quality:) So, the parts assembled thus far:- My Matrix Mini I Pro DAC/Pre - Yamaha P2075C power amp - (coming via eBay: $150)) Usher S520's - (Just bought from Rab @ CAV:)) (with optional accessory of Blu-Tack for the desk, until I get stands:P) My Fiio X3ii DAP for the source Strung together with cheapy QED strand 79. and Mogami Studio Gold XLR's To be added down the track.. Rega RP3/6 (cart to be chosen yet;) A suitable preamp with MM/MC (quality phono stage to be added down the track) Pics coming:)
  14. Item: Usher S520 Location: Metro melbourne Item condition description: Moderate Price and price conditions: $250 $225 excluding postage willing to post on buyers expense. Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup and bank deposit Extra Info: comes with free speaker cable banana plugs - 2x(3m) SOLD Item: Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amp Location: Metro Melbourne Item condition description: Excellent. Price and price conditions $250 $225 excluding postage willing to post on buyers expense. Reason for selling: upgraded. Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup and bank deposit Extra Info: - Item: Eastern Electric Minimax DAC modded. Location: Metro Melbourne Item condition description: Excellent Price and price conditions $950 $900 excluding postage willing to post on buyers expense. Reason for selling: Upgraded, mainly for the lack of remote as my new amp is a power amp. Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup and bank deposit Extra Info: Modded with a valab stepped attenuator, 4x Burson Discrete opamps (2x duals, 2x singles) includes 4x extenders from audio-gd which allows the discrete opamps to be installed yet having the case closed, Extra rca although not connected. Optical input is removed see pics, only the usb input would require case to be open otherwise it can be closed. Demos/offers are welcome, will provide discount if you take all 3 both items, they work nicely together! Will donate to SNA upon sale of the above mentioned items. Thanks. Pictures:
  15. The June 2013 meeting of the Sydney Audio Club sees us once again at Dence Park for an afternoon of fine music and sound and convivial company. Each month, the Sydney Audio Club presents the finest in high end audio systems for our members and guests. It's a bit like a private audio show once a month where you can hear and discuss equipment that you might not otherwise have the chance to audition. And you can bring along your own music to test the capabilities of the system or to just share with like-minded music lovers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This month we will feature Usher equipment kindly supplied by Ethan Lim of the distributor Westan (refer to http://www.westan.com.au/) and Matt Walker of The Cable Connection in Carlton (refer to http://www.thecableconnection.com.au/). Our main speakers will be the Usher Mini Dancer 2. The Dancer 2 is a 2-way system with a 1.25" diamond DMD dome tweeter, and two mid-low woofers in a MTM configuration. They are fairly sensitivity at 90 dB @ 1 watt/1m, with a frequency response of 28 Hz ~ 40 kHz. We hope to also have the Usher Mini X (book shelf speakers) should they get back in time from a review. The Mini X also has the diamond DMD tweeter, and can reproduce music with lucidity and accuracy. The warmth of a performance is portrayed accurately, neither embellishing nor becoming over-analytical while maintaining a wide, holographic soundstage. Amplification will be the Usher R1.5 power amplifier. The R-1.5 amplifier is designed to drive any loudspeaker, producing warm, "tube like" sound quality. It has been constructed with premium parts, including metal film resistors and film capacitors, reinforcing Usher's reputation for high-quality manufacturing. It delivers 150wpc into 8 Ohm speakers (260wpc into 4 Ohms). Also on hand will be the Usher DV9 processor. We will also have a Classe CP-800 preamp/DAC. The CP-800 introduces a new architecture for high-end preamplifiers. Capitalizing on the potential for computer-based audio and employing powerful processing tools, the CP-800 offers compelling performance, features and value. Speaker cables will be the Usher Rapport speaker cables. Interconnects will be Nordost Frey and Synergistic Research, power cords Analysis Oval Plus. Front-ends will be the new Oppo BDP-105 and the club owned Sugden Connoisseur BD-1 turntable with a Shure V15 Type 3 cartridge. Yes, it’s a humble turntable, but it pleasantly surprises all with its musicality. The phono stage will be the NAD PP 2i that was very favourably reviewed in the current issue of the Australian HiFi. And for the vinyl lovers, Stephen Price of Tube Sound Audio will briefly present the ReVirginizer record cleaning system. The second half of the music sessions will be our popular BYO. Members and guests are welcome to offer music to share with us all. So bring along your favourite music on CD, SACD, flash drive or vinyl. All we ask is that the music and recordings be interesting. We'll ask you to tell us a little about the artist/recording before it is played. Tracks over 6 minutes will be faded out, to give everyone a fair go. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will have the opportunity to listen, learn and share your experiences with others of a similar mind. Members and guests welcome – we are a very friendly club so you don't need to know anyone to join us for an afternoon of fine music and sound. We will welcome you at the door. Venue: Epping Creative Centre Address: 26 Stanley St, Epping When: Sunday 16th June Doors open 1pm Meeting starts at 2pm Best regards, Tom Waters President Sydney Audio Club www.sydneyaudioclub.org.au tomwaters@sydneyaudioclub.org.au On behalf of Tom and the Sydney Audio club Inc. O.Sydney
  16. Item: Usher S520 Location: Metro melbourne Item condition description: Moderate Price and price conditions: $250 excluding postage willing to post on buyers expense. Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup and bank deposit Extra Info: comes with free speaker cable banana plugs - 2x(3m) Item full name and model etc. Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 integrated amp Location: Metro Melbourne Item condition description: Excellent. Price and price conditions $250 excluding postage willing to post on buyers expense. Reason for selling: upgraded. Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup and bank deposit Extra Info: - Item full name and model etc. Eastern Electric Minimax DAC modded. Location: Metro Melbourne Item condition description: Excellent Price and price conditions $950 Reason for selling: Upgraded, mainly for the lack of remote as my new amp is a power amp. Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup and bank deposit Extra Info: Modded with a valab stepped attenuator, 4x Burson Discrete opamps (2x duals, 2x singles), Extra rca although not connected. Optical input is removed see pics, usb input would require case to be open. Demos/offers are welcome, will provide discount if you take all 3 items, they work nicely together! Will donate to SNA upon sale of the above mentioned items. Thanks. Pictures:
  17. Item: Usher 3.0 System. Usher S520 Bookshelf Speakers, SW520 Bass Stands and S525 Centre Speaker Location: NW Sydney Price: $1050 - pick-up only. Priced to sell as a package. If someone wants the bass stands and centre then please PM me but would prefer to sell as a job lot. No offers please. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I am not getting any younger and there are too many speakers to try. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: The bookshelf speakers are about 18 months old and the bass stands and centre were purchased just under year ago from TCC in Melbourne. The postage on these alone was $200. Everything is in 'as new' condition with no marks or damage. The gloss black is actually very durable and does not chip like other finishes. Comes with all original boxes (5 in total).I have the boxes for the centre and the bass stands, but not the bookshelves (doh!). You can get great HT dynamics with this system and the centre channel has plenty of volume. I did not use a sub in my room with the bass stands. Audyssey picks the speakers up as large. The bass stands are quite heavy at 32 kg each. Bonus: Audio Principe 3.5m bi-wire cables. These are made by Peter Graves and are excellent quality. I have tried other cables but always went back to these with the Ushers. Value $70+ Data Links: S520 http://www.usheraudiousa.com/products/loudspeakers/usher-series/s-520-shielded S525 http://www.usheraudiousa.com/products/loudspeakers/usher-series/s-525-center-channel SW520 http://www.usheraudiousa.com/products/loudspeakers/usher-series/SW-520 6 moons review: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/usher3/1.html He spends a lot of time on the jumper cables in this review. I played around with a few different things and couldn't hear any difference. Pictures: Centre: Speaker cable freebie:
  18. Item: Usher 718DMD (Tiny Dancer) Standmount Speakers Location: Canberra Price: SOLD Item Condition: Physically 8/10 but see description below Reason for selling: Moving overseas Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Transfer Extra Info: At the time of purchase these were Usher's top standmount speakers. They retailed for $3K. Recently they have been replaced by the Usher Dancer Mini-X speakers, which retail for $3500. These are by far the best standmount speakers I have owned, and are, IMO, significantly ahead of ProAc, Paradigm, PSB, B&W etc for the same kind of money. They are also beautiful looking; the finish is outstanding. This pair were purchased new by me as the BE version. They have been upgraded to the DMD version, which is a $700 upgrade (I didn't pay this, I swapped tweeters with an owner of the DMD version (here on SN) who preferred the more forgiving BE tweeters). Physically, they are in great condition, bar a chip in the paint at the back bottom corner (you'd never see this from the front). I've included an image of the chip in the photos. Why am I selling them so cheap? Well, several reasons. Firstly, I stupidly disposed of the boxes so they are pick up only. They are seriously heavy speakers (for the size) and have a fantastic finish. I don't want to risk shipping them in a wrong boxes. Secondly, I'm moving overseas in three weeks, so I need to sell them before then. And thirdly (and perhaps most importantly), I possibly damaged the left tweeter yesterday when, after listening to a very quietly recorded classical track, I booted into a new installation of Linux without remembering to turn the volume down. This resulted in the stupid default start-up sounds playing at close to full volume. I've been giving them a good listen since then, and think that there might be slight damage to the left tweeter. I thought it was sounding slightly distorted, but now I'm not sure. I can't seem to get the it to distort in any reliable way, so perhaps it was just the track I was listening to. In any case I don't want to sell them under false pretences, so I've priced them so that if there is any issue, the tweeter can be replaced and the total price will still be exceptionally good. (I contacted an Usher dealer last night and he said he had a replacement tweeter he could sell for $250 -- I'll pass the details on to whoever purchases the speakers and they can decide whether they think the tweeter needs replacing or not). Apart from the stupid mistake last night, the speakers have always been well looked after, and have been driven with quality amplification. Here are a few reviews: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/usher2/tinydancer.html http://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/508ush/ http://www.soundandvision.com/content/usher-be-718-speaker-system Pictures: I took one of these photos before I upgraded the tweeter, so in one image the BE tweeter is shown. Please ignore this, the tweeters are the DMD tweeters as shown in the other front-side image.
  19. Item: Usher BE718BE Location: Melbourne, Keysborough Item condition: 7/10. In very good cosmetic and mechanical condition only rated 7 due to a very small chip on underside of one speaker and scratches on the bottom where it was placed on spiked stands, both of these not visible unless looking from underneath. UPDATE some scuffs on the back but nothing noticeable from 2 feet Price: Reason for selling: It's a hobby so time to try something new Payment Methods: Bank transfer, Paypal, Cash on Pickup Extra Info: Marked these as EOI as I'm not completely decided on selling these as I'v put a lot of work into them. But as this is a hobby i'm always on the pursuit of a new challenge and I feel I have taken these to the best they can be. I bought them a couple of years ago unheard and based on the many flattering reviews (some stating they were the best stand mount they had heard period). After a while I felt that while they were a great speaker it didn't quite live up to the legend, I tried a few different stand mounts and couldn't find anything in my budget better so persisted with them. I started googling them and soon learned of the differences between the local version we received here and the US version which is the one supplied to the reviewers of which only a limited production was made. So I decided to modify these to the US spec. With guidance from speaker guru Danny Richie of GR Research in the USA (who personally redesigned the crossover for the reviewed versions). The following modifications were made. 1. Replaced the stock crossover with the GR Research mod with fully matched Sonicaps and mills resistors. One change I did make was substituting with the ERSE Pulse caps with the more expensive Obligatto Gold Caps which provided a slightly more organic bass sound. This upgrade was a night and day type improvement and it is criminal this is not offered by Usher as a signature version the parts alone cost me $400 however. midrange was much smoother, top end more defined and bass much more controlled. 2. I Repalced the DMD tweeters with the older series Beryllium tweeters. Usher abandoned the BE tweeter after it was discovered they contained very little Beryllium, they moved to a Diamond version as a so called upgrade but it was a forced decision. Regardless of what was in them the BE in my and many other opinions was superior. The BE tweeter offered a much smoother mid range with sightly recessed highs which voices really well with the upgrade crossover and bass driver. While DMD had a more forward top end it did give vocals a somewhat hollow sound and could get fatiguing especially with electric guitars. The BE is ultra smooth and provides a much nicer full bodied sound, the top is more silky much like Dynaudio's with plenty of detail without being overly aggressive , and much more suited to female vocals and rock music. 3. Under Danny's advise I replaced the cheap polyester internal damping with NoRez damping material. 4. Replaced all internal wiring with OCC solid copper wire from Electra cable in the USA, this is a great alternative to the out of my price range JPS Labs Aluminata wire used in the US model. These speakers now sound like the reviewed models, the detail and smoothness is remarkable and they handle all types of music with confidence, transparency and a little added excitement, they excel with rock music and with layered music ie Radiohead you can easily make sense of a dense mix. Now for the caveats, 1.they need a lot of juice, forget value amps, integrated amps or AVRs they will sound best with a clean 200+ watts they just soak up power. I've run them on my moderate Anthem AVR and the bass it lose and slow, I kicked them with a Bryson 4BSST and they came alive with much tighter bass and less congestion in the lower mid range, Class D was also very good provided you had a warmish Preamp. I had great results Bi wired with a Parasound A52 but anything smaller then this and they wont deliver the best. 2.If you love deep bass pair it with a sub, they play low the the rolloff is very sharp. I crossed over the sub at 55hz in my 4.5 X 3.8 room. The sub wasn't working very hard and it is only an 8 inch but it really helped fill in the last octave for upright bass and synth sounds 3. Placement is critical, not so much due the bass resonance as they are front ported but more due to having a narrow sweet spot. Soild stands are a must also, I used Z1's filled with stones and sand!! If interested PM me happy to audition I'm located in Keysborough Melbourne, Have original packaging (double Box) a can get good shipping rates via work so PM for quote.
  20. Hi All Have been a member for around 18 months and found this site to be a wealth of information and entertainment. As a result of SNA I purchased a pair of Usher S520 speakers for my lounge room set up and was stunned by their performance (thank you Mr Darko and twwen2). I run them through a Marantz KI Pearl Lite Amp and SACD combination, bought around the same time at $1200 each. (I know Cafad a bit warm but at the after reading the review in Aus HiFi felt it would be a good match for the SACD player and the price just seemed right). I run a Squeezebox and stream through the DAC on the Marantz. I have an Aaron sub from a no longer used 5.1 set up running as B speakers, (Cables are Bunnings) Although I had already promised SWMBO that this would end my quest for audio I now would like to upgrade the speakers. I really am not yet in a position to change up the electronics (too many other "last purchases" yet to be offloaded) so am looking for a match to my current set up. My room is 4.5m x 3.5m with speakers on the long wall. My listening position puts me about 3m from the speakers which are on stands close to the wall. Looking at spending around 2k. Have really liked the Ushers and was looking at the new Dancer Mini X Diamond reviewed in Aus HiFi. Have recently seen KEF XQ 20 at a good price ($1399) amongst others. I listen to a wide variety of music ( love the Music Forum for expanding the horizons!!!!). Being from Perth listening to speakers is limited. Would love to hear your thoughts on this, Have posted in Speakers & Subwoofers as my be a better fit for my request. Cheers
  21. Item: Usher s520 cherry wood finish PRICE DROP Location: Mitcham VIC Price: $200 Condition: Perfect 'as new' Reason for selling: Just bought floorstanders and need the cash! Payment method: Cash on pick up, will not ship Only a couple months old 100 hours max usage, amazing speakers for their price and size. Cheers, Mark
  22. Item: Usher S520 standmount speakers in gloss white Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: $280 posted within Australia Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These were purchased late last year from Trevor Lees Audio. They will come packaged in their original (double) box with grilles and protective covers. Shipping to Australia is included in the asking price. Reviews: My review: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/44568-standmount-speakers-an-addicts-guide/?p=752010 JD's review: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/01/usher-s-520-standmount-loudspeaker/ Pics:
  23. Item: Usher S-520 bookshelf/stand mount Piano white finish Location: SE Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: Brand new, unused Reason for selling: Wife has barred any thought of using these ! Payment Method: bank deposit or Pickup - Cash or can ship around australia at cost to buyer Extra Info: Have in original box and packaging, these come double boxed for protection. Pictures: see below, I only unpacked these to have a look. and these are still exactly in the condition I got these from the retailer as shown in the pics and now safely packed away. No introduction needed to these extraordinary standmount speakers here for price am selling for. I originally won these as a door prize only a couple of months ago as some may be aware, and was pretty excited and all keen to use these given their colour as front height presence speakers in my surround setup, however wife got wind of this and was told not over her dead body ! apparently my combined 2ch and ht setup with 7.2 speakers is quite enough speakers in our lounge room...bugger ! anyways my loss could be someone elses gain ! melbourne buyers most welcome to come check these out and pay cash on pick up or can happily ship anywhere in Australia at buyers cost
  24. Hi all, I am looking at buying an Usher Power Amp R1.5. I've already inquired for a brand new price from a couple of dealer, but would like to explore if there's available pre-loved unit instead for a reasonable price. Please send me pm or reply to this thread. Thanks
  25. Hi all. I finally joined stereo.net.au and just had an observation and partly a question if you can decipher my puzzle of thoughts. I bought a pair of Usher s-520s a week or so ago and have been listening to music and some movies and tv shows through pc. I am missing some of the midrange richness I get from my shure se535 (very mid forward) and HE-500s (same source). I figured the sound signature would be different but I am finding that I am missing some of that richness. I am getting new cables and an SVS SB12 sub for the lower end, so I am not immediately looking to change the speakers, as I am excited to see how these additions change my experience. Other than that these are fantastic for the price. I will listen longer of course and make up my mind eventually but for now what are people's opinions? Is there another reasonably priced speaker which has all of the Usher's good attributes with perhaps a tad more richness. Wondering what other people's opinions were - does the sound signature will change over time. I suppose I will get used to the sound as it is different and still nice (I'm sure it will be sweeter with the sub coming next week). Btw Deep Hz Audio is a fantastic company to deal with after calling around a few companies down South. But still looking for opinions.
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