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Found 39 results

  1. Hi All, I was wondering whether it might be worth starting up an Antipodes Thread where all comments/questions/comparisons can be logged in one place? EDIT Update...will start off by listing all the reviews I have read: Current Models http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2015/05/antipodes-audio-dx-music-server-review/ http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2015/08/antipodes-audio-update-entry-level-ds-music-server/ http://www.stereophile.com/content/antipodes-dx-reference-music-server#sOHd6roMyrOroWAT.97 http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/audio-ramblings-the-antipodes-dx-music-server/ http://www.audiostream.com/content/antipodes-reference-series-dx-music-server http://www.audiostream.com/content/antipodes-reference-series-dx-music-server-part-2#VqkwxjgBEgm6S6Hw.97 Older Models http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/antipodes/1.html http://www.audiophilia.com/wp/?p=12895 http://www.witchdoctor.co.nz/index.php/2013/03/antipodes-audio-ds1-music-server-review/ My DS: Next, I took delivery today of a new Antipodes DS (mk.3). This replaced a Mk.1. First impressions - very impressive! The first comment is that compared to the original DS, the form factor is at least 1 inch (maybe 2) wider, with some serious heat-sinkage on the sides. I guess the old DS used to get pretty warm, especially during marathon CD-digitising sessions. Please see the photo below. The second comment is that the power supply has gone through a big change, now it is about half the size of the unit as well. Mark Jenkins has previously described this as a hybrid PS. I notice that it has a fan to keep it cool. I don't have the old unit to do a side-by-side comparison, but all in all, I think this has driven a wider soundstage. Sound is not noticeably clearer than before, but bass has more weight. For those that can't (or don't want to) afford a DX, then the DS can perform a pretty good job, at least as good as a CD. (I'll let the unit burn in a bit more and then do a better comparison). I'm also keen to try the SPDIF connection vs the USB, to see if I can perceive a difference. I'm certainly very happy with the new unit, it looks like Mark Jenkins has come up with the goods again! Torben
  2. I have a Panasonic 4k UHD TV but the interface and app support is poor. Thinking of getting either an Apple 4K TV or a Roku Ultra 2019 model. For streaming music and movies, what would you recommend and why. I have watched a number of reviews but cannot choose one of the other at the moment. Cheers
  3. Item: 2 1 x Squeezebox Touch Location: Adelaide Price: $410 for the pair $209 (inc postage in Australia) Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: No longer used / standardising streamers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: You get 2 SB Touch, 3 remotes, 3 psu, 1 SB touch + PSU in original box! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. Been a long time fan of the Sqeezebox but it's time to move them on. With a recent upgrade to Marantz 8012 with HEOS I haven't found we've used them. Plus our kids really getting into music they find it easier to go "Hey Alexa play Goldfwap" (lol as they would say it) One of them was hooked to to my PeachTree via USB async which worked a treat playing 24bit 96KHz. Which I also believe works over opt/coax too. I also have an original SlimDevices squeezbox (hence the remote.. but it's non functional but welcome to have it too if your after a bit of Squeezebox nostalgia.
  4. Hi folks, My Stan smart TV app - on a Sony, android TV - appears to have upgraded. This is not all bad (they fixed a couple of extremely annoying interface issues), but it's no longer pumping out a 5.1 soundtrack - I'm only getting stereo. Netflix is still happily playing surround sound, so it definitely appears to be specific to Stan. I've done some googling and really can't find any info about the upgrade - no one seems to be talking about it, not even Stan themselves! Has anyone heard of this? Or having the same problem? Thanks! Cam
  5. Item: Naim Audio ND5 XS Location: Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill Shop 7/19 Victoria Avenue Castle Hill, NSW Price: $1,700 Item Condition: Some marks on screen and front bezel Reason for selling: trade in Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Cards Extra Info: The unit is fully operational with not a lot of hours, some marks and scratches Pictures:
  6. Item: Naim Audio NDS Music Streamer plus CD555 PSU Location: Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill shop 7/19 Victoria Avenue Castle Hill, NSW Price: $15,890 Item Condition: hardly used Reason for selling: trade in Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Cards Extra Info: The units are in excellent condition and have hardly been used, there is a slight mark towards the top right corner of the power supply as the picture indicates. Pictures:
  7. Item: Nvidia SHIELD TV GAMING EDITION Controller + Streaming Media Player Location: Adelaide Price: $160 plus postage Item Condition: Used: I am very careful with all my gear Reason for selling: Using other streaming options Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2017 model, 16gb, complete with adapter and in box. Pictures:
  8. Item: Yamaha WXA-50 wireless streaming amplifier Location: Melbourne, Northcote Price: $380 firm Item Condition: Refurbished stock from Yamaha AU, cosmetically almost mint, some extremely tiny paint chips on the lid that I could see. I'm picky. Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought on a whim, never used it except to test it, and it works fine. I also bought the pre-amp only version which is more suited to my needs. This one has the built-in 2 channel ICEpower amp module, the pre-amp has more flexible digital outputs, but that's moot if you are using the amp. Impressive list of features and a very capable unit. Grab some speakers and off you go! Pick up very much preferred but if there are no takers I can organise postage for I would say $25 Oz wide. Pictures:
  9. G'day, You'll all probably know that Channel 7 were streaming the Tennis a lot last Summer, in fact they had dedicated streams for each court. I remember collecting the m3u8 files for each of these, ultimately they were the ones being used on the 7tennis website and the app It looks like they've started up the whole streaming process again this Summer, but with different links from last time. So, I'm wondering where these links are located? I've done searches and found only lists of m3u8 files that were used last Summer, it's almost like nobody even knows that they've started back up again, even though they were in testing mode for the Hopman Cup yesterday I suspect there's at least 3 extra streams available, which will pop up during live play or while they keep testing
  10. Hey Folks, I have noticed some really poor audio quality coming from Netflix lately. Especially during Netflix Original shows. When a show or movie is playing in surround sound, I hear very obvious squelching when there is dialogue taking place. Anyone that is familiar with the old days of MP3 encoding etc, would probably have heard this kind of compression issue before. It sort of sounds like a high pitched underwater noise. Ive scoured the net trying to find a solution and the best Ive found is "turn off surround sound". Which is not a fix, but an avoid. Anyone experiencing similar issues on their setup? Im running a Xiaomi Mi Tv Android 6 Smart Player to a Denon 3312Ci and on to Kef T301 fronts and Kef T101 centre. Cheers in advance!
  11. Looks like we might have some more competition in the lossless streaming market by the looks of this article, good news for all the computer audio lovers http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/spotify-adding-hi-fi-lossless-audio-leaked-premium-streaming-tier-could-challenge-tidal-1609451 I do like their play lists better than Tidal, for me over NBN COAX , drops out with Spotify are FAR FAR less than Tidal. Figured you guys might like to know
  12. With the main exception of Vinyl these days it seems on the whole the idea of getting up off the couch and a walking a couple of feet to change the volume or to change CDs completely unthinkable..... While I get the convenience factor of streaming with a couple of taps on the iPad and remote controls in general and I get that convenience technology can be beneficial and make a lot of sense like for example using digital files in the car rather than carrying around a heap of CDs. The question though is when did that convenience become more important the overall sound quality ?? Recently I modified my preamp with a stepped attenuator and by doing so loosing remote control. There definitely was an improvement in sound quality and you know what, it really isn't that bad walking a couple of metres to change the volume !! I still stubbornly listen to CDs rather then CA (and in the process of getting my Vinyl rig setup too) for the simple reason I personally feel I can get a better result with CD. I'm sure there might be some who don't want to hear this but with all this technology at our fingertips these days have we just become plain lazy ??
  13. This week's cheap 99c movie rental is Arrival (2016) which I haven't yet watched but might be good! These weekly movies are a bit of a mixed bag but sometimes excellent.
  14. Hi guys, Some of you may remember me from several years ago - I've been pretty inactive until recently but hope to contribute again a little more regularly. The Minister for War and Finance helped me come to the realisation that our 'front room' had been severely under utilised for far too long and i had the epiphony that i had allowed everything to stagnate and nothing was set up properly. A few tweaks later to tidy up some equipment and enable the easy streaming from the likes of netflix on the big screen i realised that whilst easy video content on demand is pretty much an essential of modern life and that i really enjoy a cinematic experience in my home my real love is good old stereo playback. This had been sadly lacking as my only CD transport options are currently a PS3 or very old Sony BR player (very much entry/midrange player) - and sadly who can find the time to dig through a CD collection anymore to spin up something for a listening session??? I am well aware the whole world has left me in something of the dark ages and HDD/Nas storage has been the way to access a music library for probably an eternity so i began the search to drag myself into the modern day. My needs were simple enough - 1) Store my collection in a central place that can be accessed from multiple rooms 2) Stream subscription services easily 3) Easily interface with the Android platform And so i stumbled upon the MusiCast system by Yamaha - it seemed to fit the bill and i was certain a couple of WXC-50 Preamp/Dac/Streamers would fit the bill for me. Sadly, Adelaide isn't the Mecca of HiFi/HT retail and there were few options to properly demonstrate the system. Enter Denis White AV - In fairness of full disclosure i have bought a bit from them over the years and they have also helped several family members and friends into systems but I hadn't been into the store for a couple of years or more. The team there were fantastic and happy to demonstrate the MusiCast system and it is pretty impressive and imho very well priced. Then they let me play with HEOS. It is SLICK! The interface is fantastic and i love that it streams and can decode everything up to 24/192 hi res (suddenly I've started acquiring some hi res music). So home I went with 2 Heos Links and a Heos1 with Go Pack. Setup was a real PITA to be honest (could be my neanderthal brain struggling to keep up in fairness) and wasn't helped by wifi network issues on the day. Take 2 - both Links are connected to my network over ethernet and the Heos1 is connected via wifi. Once setup it's been very resilient and just works. The main Link integrates beautifully with my HT gear, currently connected to the 'old Nad 747 receiver' and i have a HDD attached over USB. Being able to play my digitised collection via the android app to any of 4 areas in my home is great and Spotify with the same flexibility keeps Mrs Pro happy (almost as much as being able to BT music from her phone straight to the Heos 1 in our bathroom when it's time to get ready). Long story short, I am stoked with the flexibility and sound quality of the whole system. I'm yet to try analogue out and into the main receiver but will get around to this as an experiment. Hi Res Flacs really take the experience to the next level and whilst i am clearly running a compromised setup, trying to optimise for both multichannel and stereo i am tickled pink with how the whole shebang has come together again. Tellingly we have spent time in the 'front room' every day/night for the last few weeks. Cheers for reading! TLDNR: It's great!
  15. I have a Node 2 hooked up as a streamer to my Rega Elicit R and Tannoy XT8F speakers. I am considering the Pulse Mini as a portable option for the kitchen and bedroom. The purchase price is ridiculous relative to the competitors in Australia ($1199 aud vs 499usd). Am I better off looking at something like the Sonos Play 5 or the Naim Qb or even the Dynaudio Emit M10 bookshelf? Any other worthy options to consider? Much thanks for advice.
  16. Item: OPPO BDP-105D Blu-ray DAC Location: Brisbane (Greenslopes) Price: $999 (reduced from $1,099) Item Condition: As new / perfect Reason for selling: Don't need the Disc component - changing to a new Sonica DAC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: As new in perfect condition - this device has been used exclusively for playing high definition digital music files. The Blu-ray Disc player has been used only a couple of times to play a friend's Pure Audio DVD discs. The 32 bit DAC is arguably the best in the business and can be connected to pre-amp, AV receiver, or directly to speakers via balanced XLR or standard RCA outputs. Boasting state of the art discrete circuitry you will be totally amazed when you hear and see the perfectly rendered sound and video that this unit produces. I'm selling this much loved and cared for Wi-Fi enabled player only because I don't use the Disc component - I bought it purely for digital music playback and Pandora streaming from the internet. RRP is $1,899. My price is negotiable including the original box and packaging. The new model will be released soon and is expected to be about twice the price I am asking but I guarantee that it won't be twice as good. Pictures:
  17. Item: Nad MT2 Stremer with Audioquest Evergreen 3,5mm to twin RCALocation: Croydon Price: 200Item Condition: Excellent, around 3 months oldReason for selling: UpgradedPayment Method: Pickup/Deliver within reason - Cash,Extra Info: Spotify, UPNP client, internet radioPictures: pending will update when I get home. The completest in me has upgraded to gear that matches my rig so this has to go. Solid network streamer I found it superior to my Denon. It is all app app driven thru the NAD app, though it comes up as a Spotify destination once it's on your network. Comes with unit, plug pack and interconnect. Pictures pending but it's basically a little black box. Typical nad style.
  18. In my search for the ultimate multi channel/zone HTPC I came across Dante Network Audio. They make use of the existing Computer Network to send and sync audio up to 512 channels and more. The latency seems very low and it can send and synchronize clock signals between multiple devices. They have a virtual sound card (64 channels) which uses your existing network port https://www.audinate.com/products/software/dante-virtual-soundcard They have a physical sound card (64 - 128 channels) with word clock synchronization https://www.audinate.com/products/manufacturer-products/dante-pcie-card And a bunch of other products https://www.audinate.com/products And a bunch of other Dante enabled products https://www.audinate.com/products/dante-enabled This is all for Pro Audio at the moment, but if I would to have a crystal bow, it probably will show this. For me this all makes perfect sense, and it creates many possibilities for our future digital life style. In some way, this already exist in Sonos like systems and in some way in wireless speakers, but none give you the freedom and flexibility that Dante could provide. Anyone else just as exited as me about this?
  19. Hey all. I'm on the way to narrowing a dac choice, but when I think I'm on it, something else presents itself! I see why advice is to poke around and see what pops up, especially second hand. On another topic, I have been asking about how to set all this up in a new home and what I need, but in summary, I hope to eventually have: Sources: nas/streaming>dac>passive pre>, phono>pre, CD>dac, Amps: valve mono's DAC needs to have balanced outs (XLR). I was hoping I could get some feedback on the Audio-gd products (I like the idea of their expand ability and ungradeability). The PS stuff looks like it'd be great (such as the new Jr), but too pricey for me! Thouhgts?
  20. Hi all, I am looking for a bluetooth enabled all-in-one primarily for streaming from an iphone that would be a reasonable box to put in a bedroom. Drooling over a Naim muso but they are too pricey and maybe too big physically for me. Can anyone suggest something in the $500 price range that sounds OK and perhaps might also stream from my NAS over wifi too? Tempted by Camridge Audio Air 100 https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/products/wireless-speakers/air-100 does anyone have any experience with one of those? thanks in advance
  21. Hello. I wondered if anyone is using their PC as a music streamer, but finds the noise of their computer to be too intrusive? I was doing this for a while experimentally, and then part by part took away all the noisy components of the PC, and replaced them till I had a silent one. It takes a little time and know how, but well worth it to get rid of all that background noise. Sound quality wise I think CD players still have the edge, but for those who are streaming and want the convenience of everything coming from their computer without the background noise let me know. I am happy to do this as part of my hobby, since I believe it is not putting anyone out of business. I am happy to help for the cost of the parts, which are reasonably cheap (compared with hi-fi). I am not a computer engineer as such, but I am a sound engineer, and have approx 10 years experience with computer audio. Send a PM or leave a message. Cheers, Richard
  22. Hello all, I guess this has been asked before but i couldn't find anything about it... Does anyone knows how to stream from a Mac to an Oppo BDP-103D?...I see the Mac but i can't connect!... I want to use the better video processing capabilities of the Oppo and retired my old Apple TV (which only does 720p)... thanks in advanced cheers
  23. So today I started to delve into computer audio streaming on a tiny budget I wanted to utilise my iPad 3 and the Apple TV with my DAC But how can it be done to access files stored on another storage devise Let's face it - Audiophiles have more music and in different formats that an iPad can handle So the questions were asked and as the information was absorbed the answer was simple If one has a more modern style of router -- That has at least one USB input -- Download an app ( free lite versions are available ) like 1) Remote File Manager or (2) File Explorer Have your router setup info ready - as in -- admin name & password Plug in either a USB stick or External Drive into the router USB input and your away You then have access to the entire information on that storage media - Audio, Text, PDF ect Choose the file to open contents You open an audio file and its list will be displayed Click track and it will play on the iPad via its own audio player ( see photo ) If you want to play its contents on your Hi Fi system you need to activate " Air Play" The Apple TV that is connected to a DAC will then take over and play the audio files So far I have had fantastic results But will test it further tomorrow Here is a screen shot of the onboard app audio player of Remote File
  24. Item: Oppo 93 with Pro Mod Location: Carlton, Vic Price: $470 + postage Item Condition: Player is in excellent working condition. Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer adds 3%), EFT Extra Info: I'm the first owner of this excellent bluray player. Never had any issues from new. It is fitted with the multi region pro mod which was installed by David from Gattiweb (http://www.gattiweb.com/bluraymod.html) Oppo93 is not infected with Cinavia unlike the newer 103/105 series. All accessories that it came with will be provided. I have the original packaging and happy to post interstate. For pics, please refer to the following url: https://www.flickr.c.../48808385@N05/?
  25. So earlier this week I received delivery of a Luxman L-590AX. I plugged it in and started listening via my Apple TV ( => W4S Remedy Reclocker => Audio GD NFB 2.1)... then my ears started hurting with a sharpness in the treble. Thought, no worries, must be a bad recording, glad the Luxman has adjustments and tried the treble adjustment. Nup. I was thinking... oh no! This is an expensive mistake. Album after album was unpleasant to listen to... But then I put a CD into the Oppo BDP-93 (which follows the same path as the Apple TV) and then suddenly my world was right! Phew! Turns out even with a re-clocker cleaning up the Apple TV, it was making a mess of my music! I heard that it down samples most of the music before streaming, but not heard the reality of how it was changing the music until now. Turns out that my tube amp was just very forgiving I guess - tight bass, warm mid's, laid back highs. The Luxman across the board is very revealing! Has anyone else had this experience with an Apple TV (Gen 3 Revision A)? So now with the source of the issue diagnosed I started investigating alternatives. The decision was jump to the Auralic Aries, Sonore Rendu or even PS Audio Directstream with Bridge or go for something cheaper. Let's face it, I can't afford this kind of upgrade and I stumbled on the Bluesound Node. I was surprised to find it also supports Spotify Connect. I'm not sure why this unit hasn't got more airtime as it is excellent (I note a few people complain about the 90-100K cap on files).. A note in the box promised they are going to be releasing DSD support on top of the 24/192. Overall, I'm impressed. The treble now has more clairty, the sound is easier on the ears. I'm tempted to get another when I've got the money in order to create some multi-room audio. Pros of Bluesound Node: Optical out; Firmware Updates to offer improvements; 24/192 resolution; accepts a USB drive; iOS/Android/Windows/OS X apps; Spotify Connect; Hi-Res streaming like Tidal Cons: No DLNA support (yet); interesting form factor; not quite the detail resolution of Auralic Aries I'd highly recommend it for anyone looking for a budget streamer to play their music off a NAS or computer. I've not compared the analog out on the Bluesound Node, nor the sound before using the Remedy Reclocker... Maybe this is the perfect companion to a budget DAC?
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