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Found 118 results

  1. A thread dedicated to speakers having a rated efficiency of 96db\watt\meter or more. Over the years I have built a number of speakers, mostly single driver, which have been high efficiency. We are all aware that low power valve and SS amps can struggle to produce good volume levels with speakers of efficiency lower then 90db. But team-up you flea power valve amp with a speaker featuring the Fostex FE206En and magic happens. Even SS amps in the 25W range can not always produce the dynamics which more powerful amps will produce into speakers with a more normal 87db rating. I have built four pairs of speakers three using the Fostex FE206En, the driver having a rating of 96db. From simple ported types to the super complex back loaded horn. See images. These have worked extremely well with 2 to 5W SE valve amps but some complain there is no weight behind the music. I think the counter argument to this is that these ultra light weight coned speakers produce better micro-dynamics, general dynamics and detail than there less efficient partners. Weight in notes can be enhanced with the use of active sub-woofers or assisted bass speakers and yet still retain the detail and dynamics of these special drivers. Over the last three or four months I have been using only my DIY 98db efficient 12" Beyma concentric speakers (retro-thermionic - VoXConcentriC). My 5.8W DIY SE 300B plays to ear-bleeding levels when hook-up to the Beymas. They are Tannoy style and with a 2" Titanium tweeter produce reasonable bass to 50hz and bright treble response to 20K+. To pickup a little more weight in the lower register I team them up with 12" active stereo sub-woofers. This way I get bas down to 31hz, crisp micro-dynamics, detail and what appears to be unlimited head room. I have really fallen in love with these speakers. Even my 3W DIY 6V6 SE amp plays to excessive levels with these speakers. Voice, brass, and acoustic instruments sound excellent and alive through these inexpensive speakers. I like these Beymas so much I have ordered the 15" version. Please post your experience, good or bad, with either commercially built or DIY high efficiency speakers. Any projects you may have in the future and would like to discuss here. Images are always good to. Even experiences at shows, demos etc.
  2. Hi All, Revisiting the vinyl scene after many years away and have started out with a Pioneer LP30 turntable and I already had a Yamaha HTR-6130 receiver. Down the track I would like to upgrade eveything, but my budget will not allow that for a fair while. I would like to add better speakers than the ones that came with the receiver and was looking at a few bookshelf speaker options. I have seen a few Edifier model and also a Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speaker. I only have up to $300 to spend. I know nothing will blow me away with my current set up and budget, but it's a start to listen to what I have. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Further information: I am selling my old Chrono series floor standers and center ~ 6 years old very well looked after. I think it's a bargain of a price Pair of Canton Chrono 509.2 DC floor stand speakers Canton Chrono 505CM Centre Channel Speaker Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Having tried a couple of couriers in the past with limited success. I need another pair of speakers (total 70kgs) moved from Melbourne to Sydney. Recent quotes from e-go (cheapest $), Pack & Send ($$$), Smart Send ($$$), Interparcel (via TNT - road were affordable) - any other recommendations? So far, only PackSend and Smart Send offer Insurance of amounts over 2k.
  5. Hi, I've had these beauties tested and all drivers are functioning perfectly, they sound incredible. Matching serial numbers as indicated in the photos and they also come with a stand for each speaker. There is some cosmetic damage so please refer to the photos. Local pick up in Sydney region. I don't have an amp, i had them tested at a hifi store so you'll need to byo if you want to test, my appologies. They were left to me from a family member who has passed away, I know theres someone out there who will appreciate them. Edit: I'm no longer accepting PayPal I'm only accepting cash, my apologies to anyone wishing to use this service but there are too many scammers. Still happy to prove they're fully functional to those who are serious about the purchase. Edit 2: I'd also like to mention that I've included the speaker stands in the purchase price to offset the cosmetic damage. I know their valuable and I believe that's a fair trade.
  6. Further information: These Aussie made Speakers will need no introduction. Lots of great reviews out there They are wonderful stand-mount or bookshelf speakers. Great detail and can go quite low. They are 6 months old and in perfect condition. Have transferable warranty Were bought from Living Sound Centre. I have the original box and all manuals. Price includes shipping Indulge in concert quality music or a stunning home theatre experience. Proud winners of the 2015 Sound+Image Loudspeaker of the Year in the $1000 – $4000 category, the Acoustix Mk2 delivers a seriously big sound for a bookshelf speaker. Mid-range and bass are delivered by dual 130mm high grade drivers with a doped curvilinear paper cone, high sensitivity voice coil and powerful magnet design, providing a powerful bass normally only found in larger floor standing speakers. Highs come from a 26mm ring radiator tweeter with central waveguide for improved intelligibility and transparency. Their big sound can be the basis of a high quality 2 channel stereo system or be used in multi-channel surround sound. Combine them with the matching Krix Graphix Mk2 centre speaker and you have the front stage of an acoustically intricate home theatre experience. Its dual front vent design allows you to mount them on stands, place them in bookshelves, on a TV cabinet, or incorporate them into custom joinery. Wherever you put them in your room, they will look and sound great! For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix. SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range 45Hz-40kHz in room response Power Handling 20 – 160 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power Sensitivity 89dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre Impedance Nominally 6 Ohms (minimum 4.3 Ohms) Configuration D-Appolito, 2-way Enclosure Type Bass reflex, front vented Dimensions 450mm high x 180mm wide x 300mm deep Low Frequency Drivers Fibre reinforced moulded polymer baskets with 2 x nominal 130mm (5″) doped paper cones. 25mm (1″) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with vented magnet assembly High Frequency Driver 26mm (1″) dual concentric diaphragm with wave guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Neodymium magnet Input Terminals Gold plated binding posts Weight 10kg each Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. SN members who recall my earlier listings (incl. Linear Tube Audio, Focal Mini Utopia, Consonance Linear 1 preamp, 845s monoblocks) might have noted my somewhat inherent alacrity to share my own experiences in the quest for that ‘elusive ultimate’ reproduction of music (my own ‘learning curve’ if you like, now spanning almost 40 years) (As the brand may not be as well known locally as it is around the globe, anyone interested can of course access ample material online. I will include just few links to some basic info at the bottom of the listing) My personal appreciation of Piega originated back in 2013 at the Munich High End Show, i.e. the day I discovered how piano can actually sound out of a loudspeaker. Ever since that occasion I kept coming back to that memorable sensation as if to a new reference in my search for that next speaker. When Interdyn took up Australian distribution of Piega products I managed to secure a home audition of the Coax 90.2, which precipitated in farewelling my much-loved Focal Mini Utopias (sold here on SN in Nov 2018). To add some further perspective to where Piega performance sits: more recently I have also auditioned in my system a pair of Focal Sopra 2 which, as great as they really sounded, I did not feel they fully matched the overall coherence or refinement offered by the Piegas. To complete this ‘narrative’ - my latest antidote for this seemingly incurable case of ‘audio nervosa’ has now taken me all the way to a pair Focal Utopia Scala Evo. (yes, my wife has finally kindly agreed to sell one of her kidneys…) At the time the RRP for the Piega Coax 90.2 was $26K AUD per pair. I purchased this pair new in 2018; have retained all packaging and accessories. The condition is as new. For anyone still reading - the key technical aspects behind the extraordinary qualities of the Piega lie in their unique design of the coaxial ribbon drivers which are largely responsible for their exceptionally balanced & refined presentation that this proprietary driver design imparts (refer pic 8). Additionally, the cabinets of top PIEGA models are processed (as in the case of Coax 90.2) from one solid aluminium block. As a result of this unique manufacturing process, they are totally void of any seams and are produced with unparalleled precision. They can also be formed into elegant shapes whilst negating any standing waves inside the cabinet. Piega’s natural sound reproduction is one of the significant benefits attributable to the use aluminium cabinets. Piega Coax 90.2 Specifications: Recommended amplifier output: 20 – 250 Watt Sensitivity: 92db – W/m/ Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency range: 24Hz – 50 khz Dimensions: (HxWxD) 112 x 26 33 cm Weight net: 46kg each unit Design principle: 3-way system; floor standing loudspeaker Equipment: 2 x 18cm MOM® bass, 1 x C1 Coaxial Ribbon Connection: Bi-Wiring WBT Manufacture: Engineered and hand crafted in Switzerland Some of the prestigious ultra High End accolades awarded to Piega: https://piega.ch/en/awards General info: PIEGA speaker Ribbon System and Seamless Aluminium … https://piega.ch/en/insights/unsere-geheimwaffen-bandchen-technologie-aluminium Understandably would prefer a local pick up but can ship at buyer's expense which must include appropriate insurance. Happy to respond to any relevant questions via PM. Richard
  8. For sale: 2x Meridian 5500 DSP Loud Speakers. Bundled with an old studio sale 5 years ago, these have never left the spare room. They have not been tested as they require a DSP main unit to operate which is not included in the sale. I have powered them up and the LED's go on. There is some broken glass on the name plate on one of the speakers. Some paint chips on the timber but nothing obscene. Photo's included. I'm assuming this is a fair price for these speakers. dsp5500-digital-active-loudspeaker-datasheet.pdf
  9. Further information: Dali Rubicon 2 bookshelf speakers, Piano Black, As New, 1st owner, I bought them new in Dec 2018, balance warranty. Superb clear, almost full range, great bass, balanced sound, made in Denmark, close Dynaudio competitor. Great price, you save $$$.. new rrp is $3699 Speakers are full gloss, spotless, no damage whatsoever. Clean smoke-free apartment. The are fully packed in original carton/boxes, ready for your enjoyment at this price. Shipping arranged at your cost. Thanks ! https://www.dali-speakers.com/products/rubicon/rubicon-2/ http://www.tonepublications.com/review/dali-rubicon-2-speakers/ https://www.avaustralia.com.au/dali-rubicon-2-6-5-bookshelf-rear-speakers-pair/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Item: Floorstanders or bookshelf speakers Price Range: max $300 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I had to sell my beautiful Orpheus Auroras recently for emergency cash, thus without music now. I'm after speakers in the Cairns QLD 4870 area for pickup or I can arrange courier pickup from you front door if you can package the speakers. The courier (www.sendle.com.au) constraints are: 100 litre and 25kg per item. So lighter, individual floorstanders are an option. I am aware that I'm asking for a lot with that low cost, but unfortunately that is my budget - for local pickup I can go a bit higher to include the amount I would have spent on shipping. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.
  11. Hi friends, About monitor audio silver 8. It's used for stereo listening the source files are Spotify, and tidal hi-fi Using Rotel RA 971MKll integrated amp connected via Chromecast audio. Looking for a integrated amplifier Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks , SBM @rantan @genkifd @wen @blakey72
  12. Hi all As per the title, it has been awhile since the last time i owned few set of speakers, sub and receiver. I was and still is a beginner in this realm of Bit confused as to how to tie in the preamp vs amp, dac, tube amplifier vs solid state. Currently looking into a system that enables me to listen to music and watch occasional movies. Do we have a sticky page anywhere in this forum where i could read up on the above otherwise if someone could spare few minutes of their time and enlighten me then that too would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance....
  13. Further information: Selling my Set of Polk Audio Signature S20 Bookshelf Speakers which I have had for nearly almost a year and they have performed flawlessly in the time I have had them, they sound very nice with nice clear treble and mids and very good lows for a bookshelf speaker thanks to the power port. These speakers were used as my front speakers for a second room set up. I'm mainly selling these because I have moved up to the s50 floorstanding speakers in the Polk Signature range.
  14. Ascension (Adelaide Speakers)...........Made In Australia Valve series prototype V1062AQTL 2-way Efficient Floor Standing Speakers Purchased direct from Adelaide speakers on 25th January 2020 http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/valve.html Local Pickup Only - No Postage Option Is Offered Due To Size/Weight. Sorry. Condition: Used - But Near New. Can still smell the fresh American Oak! Purchased these from Edward who was a great help in selection of the these speakers. But they are a little oversized in the smaller room. I think they would suit a larger room where they can breath and do their magic down to 32hz. No real need for a sub, but as usual, a sub is best! I have been running these on a Yamaha HTR 2071 (cheap) and also Cambridge Audio integrated amp. AXR100. As they are easy to power, both work a treat, so you don't need expensive high powered equipment to run these. I have never used a valve amp, but these are of course suitable for that duty also. Details: Valve series prototype V1062AQTL 2-way efficient floor standing speakers Size: 1020H x 300W x 225D 8 ohms 140wrms 94dB 1W/1M (easy to power with receivers 5.1 etc.) 32Hz - 30kHz /- 2db with short hybrid transmission line bass load and smooth series crossover design, in American Oak veneered cabinet. Weight 23kg each 10 inch woofer 2 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. Further information: Please find for sale a pair of KEF Reference 201/2 Bookshelf Speakers plus dedicated stands. Tip top Condition!! Non smoking Pet free home. Shipping in a COVID world is possible, please contact me for an individual Quote. The Speaker Cable and Nordost Jumpers are not included however the stands are.....Thanks Richard Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. Item Condition: Used and perfectly working Pickup is available in Ferntree Gully or Footscray Victoria. Used Klipsch 5.1 speaker pack. This kit comes with the newer version of the Synergy series, including the F20 towers, C10 center, S10 surround speakers and a SW450 ported subwoofer as standard. Please view the Synergy series via the link below. PERFECT HARMONY. As the best value in high-performance entertainment, the Synergy Series is the perfect union of great sound and contemporary beauty. Our exclusive Tractrix® Horn technology and aluminum tweeters deliver a powerful, dynamic sound that has long placed Synergy speakers at the forefront of affordable luxury. Lightweight IMG woofer cones enhance the listening experience by creating tight and well-defined bass. A new Linear Travel Suspension minimizes distortion for crisp, clear high frequencies. Not only sonically pleasing, the Synergy Series’ sleek black ash vinyl finish complements any home décor. Features: Dual F-20 Floorstanding Speakers C-10 Center Channel Speaker Dual S-10 Surround Speakers SW-450 Subwoofer Black Ash Vinyl Finish
  17. Further information: Focal Electra 907 Be 25th Anniversary edition What a great pair of speakers by Focal. Launched in order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Focal-JMlab, the Electra Be line is a special limited edition of the Electra line. This was inspired by the famous Electra 906, the compact 2 channels Electra 907 Be is considerably improved retaining from its sibling only the profile. The Electra 907 Be is a whole new construction drawing on the luxurious finishes of the Utopia be line and includes the new W cone optimised by the bass/medium 165mm and the new OPC crossover. Above all, it is essential to stress out that we have put the same pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter as in the world reference loudspeaker, the Grande Utopia Be. Needless to say that the unmatched refinement and natural beauty are the expressions of high quality listening. This loudspeaker is being produced in a limited series of only 1000 models, all of which are numbered. The Electra 907 Be is an exclusive product. The sound spectacular the bass is very tight and full and top end is so smooth and very musical. You wont be disappointed in its performance. Specs: Description 2-way bass-reflex bookshelf loudspeaker Crossover technology OPC (Optimum Phase Crossover) Drivers 6" (16.5cm) W mid-bass, focus plug 1" (2.5cm) pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter Signature: Burgundy In-room response 43Hz Frequency response (-3 dB) 50Hz-37kHz Front cover • Curve grid for mid-bass Removable metallic grid for tweeter Effi ciency (2,83V/1m) 89dB Nominale impedance 8ohms Port Front firing Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  18. Further information: Bought these a couple of months ago, before I settled a new house so, along with some other things, has to find a new home. Drivers are magnavox circa 1960s. Lovely sounding vintage speakers and selling with a (genuine) heavy heart. Photos:
  19. Further information: Having to sell my hi-fi gear due to imminent house move, including these lovely AE-100 speakers. Less than a year old, in excellent condition Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  20. Further information:https://www.whathifi.com/proac/studio-140/review Excellent speakers, happy to demo for serious buyers with some of my amps or BYO. Comes with 2x3m Tara Labs Prism banana terminated cables. Pickup only, no boxes. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  21. Further information: Bought from Klapp Audio in Melbourne, used it since new. Used with NAD T762 ( also for sale) Excellent clarity for movies or music. Used in no smoking, no pets home. Tiny dent on the top/right as seen in the photo. Price for both speakers $220 for a quick sale. (Stands are not included ) Made in England. 100W / 8ohm 88dB sensitivity - easy to drive Dimensions H 286mm W 175mm D 219mm
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