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Found 8 results

  1. Item: Extech 407768 Sound Pressure Meter Location: Perth Price: 200 now $ 100 which is a steal for a sophisticated unit like this Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Getting out of hifi Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this for $ 400, probably more and really never got around to using it very often. cannot remember the last time I used it hence moving it on. It is supposed to be the ducks nuts on sound pressure meters and you can hook it up to a PC for all your data. It measures all types of stuff. I never used it much, in fact, I did not do really anything with it and was bought while I had some hifi OCD issues. Check Ebay and they still want 350-500 for the same unit and does not look in the same condition. As far as I know, everything is with it, but what you see in the pics is what you get. I will also guarantee it works perfectly and if it doesn't and you call or email me within seven days of receiving it, I will refund your dosh in full. Except for the postage. Will ship anywhere in Oz as it is a small package and comes in a pelican case. Postage cost is what I get charged and no more. It is a significant upgrade on the run of the mill stuff, but check the net out and you can read up if your keen? Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  2. Picked up this working amp/receiver recently at an op shop (with some speakers - separate post - and a CEC-BD2000 TT). Have not been able to find munch info at all on Sound / Nippon as a Japanese brand. It seems they were an OEM who made equipment under other brands into Europe...but little else I can see. Does anyone know much about this unit? Powered it up and in good working order - which is always nice on an "as is" untagged 2nd hand pickup. Cheers. Sheeds
  3. Hi, I am planning the build of an HT room, w 3.4m x l 4.75m x h 2.5m. The front (viewing) wall is connected to the garage, the right wall is facing outside, the left wall is for the bigger part connected to the bathroom, has the door opening and is in a small part connected to a cupboard in the hallway, the back wall is connected to my kids bedroom. The walls are double brick with an air gap between them and will "absorb" -20dB on average. The roof is an exposed timber ceiling with a sheet metal roof and 100mm of insulation in between. I would like to soundproof/insulate the room for late night movie watching since this is the only time of day I have the time to do so, and after doing some research come up with a first plan. Wall coverage: 7mm of ply, 3mm of "acoustic" rubber, 10mm of plasterboard. Gluing studs to the brick wall with something like Green Glue, nailing the ply to these studs, staple the acoustic rubber to the play, screw the plasterboard into the studs. Back Wall coverage: The same as the above but with more space in between for some extra insulation bats for added soundproofing. Ceiling: Not sure. Could use the same system as the walls, but the question is how much sound would travel to other rooms via the ceiling? Floor: Thick carpet on concrete slab. Window: Heavy curtain Door: Solid door plus seals. Would a "second" door on top of that improve things more? With the "acoustic" rubber, I am very tempted to go with the timber floor underfloor type than with a pro version. The pro version is astonishing expensive, but a whole lot heavier as well. I prefer to glue the studs to the brick wall instead of using whisper clips, because it would make my life a whole lot easier. There is also a product on the market that is build up from 2 sheets of plasterboard with different thickness and decoupling layer of some kind which looks more like a foam/fury type than a rubber type of material. I plan to go for the heavier acoustic type of plasterboard instead of the regular one. How effective would something like this be, considering it would be air tight? Would this allow me to watch a movie at 65dB or more without waking the family. Love to hear your 2 cents or experience on this.
  4. Hi guys. I need your help! I have recently spent a lot of my time converting my dads and my CD collection to FLAC's to be able to use on my high res media player FiiO X1. Now my music tastes are extremely diverse and I don't just listen to one band or genre, so buying CD's can be quite costly as im sure we all know as well as 90% of the time I only like a handful of songs on a 12-15 song album. Is there sites online where I would be able to download high quality FLAC's free (excluding pirate bay because its just painful) or pay for them in AUD?
  5. Hi, my name is davy and live in perth I am building a Home hifi Home concert Boat and car stereo I am an addict!
  6. hey everyone, new here. Not sure if entirely the correct section so feel free to move, i'm sure i'll work it out eventually. There's a room in my house in which I have rearranged the furniture several times, however this particular time and which, incidentally, is my preferable arrangement, the sound quality of the speakers has been somewhat affected. The audio sounds fine sitting in front of the desk, however it's not until you stand near the door that you notice what you're missing - deep sub bass that sounds as though it should be there, but anywhere in the room it just isn't. Now i understand that it is not a hardware issue, as I have experienced the same effect from both a subwoofer, (under the desk) which i faced the port of in several directions to no avail, and also a stereo system. I play music, movies etc. through my computer, which runs all audio through SRS audio sandbox eq, kept on constant volume. Output is through mic output on computer, cable with wheel volume attached to a female 3.5mm/(red/white audio) into line in into analogue equaliser. Before my subwoofer mysteriously stopped working, I ran the output from the eq into the line in in the subwoofer, which also has a passive line out, to which i connected the line in to the stereo. The subwoofer sounded fine, clear at most frequencies and very satisfying. However, it was only when you stood near the door that you could experience the true ground-shaking bass frequencies, instantly making the audio sound terrible anywhere else. It's just not the same. As I said earlier, the subwoofer died and now I run the eq line out directly into the stereo's line in. When I was running the subwoofer, the bass below about 150hz was essentially completely dropped off on the stereo, as the stereo itself has it's own analogue eq. Now, the two speakers, ~5" driver, tweeter, are receiving the full-range, and the bass is quite clear, moreso than the subwoofer if not as intense/loud. However, again, the same problem persists. Thus leading me to believe that it is not a hardware issue, and that since i have not noticed it in other arrangements that the current arrangement is the problem. But for what reason in particular this arrangement causes the bass to dissapear, i cannot comprehend. I have included a layout of the room, in attempt you guys could help in telling me what i could do, if anything at all, to improve the situation without drastically compromising the layout of the room. However if push comes to shove then I guess another rearrangement is in order. hope anyone can help. cheers.
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to get true 5.1 sound from the original xbox cable? Also what are some of the best games with 5.1 sound. Thanks, Bailey
  8. Hi Guys I'm completely new here and to setting up a HT room. I have 4.2 x 3.5 room that I'm converting into a HT. I'm going to completely strip it back to the shell and remove all existing gyprock from all the wall and ceiling. My plans are to run all the cables for sound and power that I need so that it is concealed and while I'm there I want to use sound proofing insulation and gyprock. I have seen products called soundcheck from gyprock http://www.gyprock.com.au/ourproducts/products/Plasterboard/GyprockSoundchek%E2%84%A2.aspx?ProductId=82 So I have a couple of questions for all you HT gurus. 1. What is a good insulation to use for sound proofing behind the gyprock .? 2. Is this sound check gyprock any good .? 3. I want to also use a sound proof door, any recommendation I know you can buy them from places like soundbarrier but the between the rubber seals and the door its like $800 surely there must be something cheaper .? I have a little kids so I want to be able to enjoy movies at night while they are sleeping without waking them up. Any advice on this is highly appreciated and I thank you in advance for you any replies. Like I said I'm a newbie so all advice is appreciated on creating an awesome HT room. Thanks JD
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