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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys new here just wondering if anyone has any advice they can give me on hooking my Nintendo 64 up to my plasma tv. It’s a Panasonic Viera, model # TH-42PV60A ive gone through quite a few televisions lately trying to play Mario and having no luck. The console is in perfect working order I know that much. Just can’t work out what I’m doing wrong or what I may need. Cheers in advance
  2. Hey guys, Just curious as to speaker set ups and Frequency I should be setting my Speakers at. Currently running 5.1.2 and not sure what settings are best for optimal sound and no distortion. Also whats the key differences between Dolby Atmos and DTS-X... if any?
  3. Hey guys, Just curious as to speaker set ups and Frequency I should be setting my Speakers at. Currently running 5.1.2 and not sure what settings are best for optimal sound and no distortion. Also whats the key differences between Dolby Atmos and DTS-X... if any?
  4. Hey guys, Any suggestions on bean bags. I have got 2 recliners in the media room and 3 seater side wise, else it will block the screen for viewers behind due to height. I am thinking to put 2 bean bags. ( 1 big and 1 for kids). I could see a lot of them online, but will appreciate some feedback on particular ones if anyone has used. Cheers G
  5. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  6. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  7. Hi, I am planning for an HT room and would like to go Atmos/DTS-X. It is more the restricted Atmos setup with the ceiling speakers that is making my life difficult. I have an exposed ceiling with the roof studs starting at 220cm and the ceiling at 250cm. In the picture, the black cubes are the 7 channel setup, (I know, no center or sub in the picture), the orange cube are Atmos 35 degree angle from LS, and the green are Atmos 45 degree angle from LS speakers. The six grey cubes are "chairs" and the blue box in the back of the room is a pantry that I cannot move, I might build a cabinet in the other corner in the back to mirror it. I was thinking for the LS and RS to go with bi-pole speakers, to suit the back row. For the LSB and RSB I will probably go with mono pole speakers due to the pantry (and possible cabinet) For the ceiling speakers I was thinking to go with box speakers angled toward the LS. These speakers within the Atmos preferred dimension will sit smack bang against the exposed roof stud. I could build a lowered floating ceiling to mount the speakers in, but they exposed roof studs will still be in the way since I don't want to lower my ceiling to 220cm height. Going Atmos 7.2.2 will have the same problem that the ceiling speaker will be sitting smack bang against the next exposed roof stud. What would be the best option if not DTS-X
  8. Hello Guys, Newbie here looking for some set up advice. Recently I acquired a Hegel H300 to replace my Creek Classic 5350SE. Hooked up the H300 to the Meridian G08 via Digital Coax and Analogue. After first listen I think the Digital Coax sounds better. The H300 has transformed the sound from the Whatmough P32's with unprecedented detail and an awsome sound stage. QUESTIONS: 1. Will a XLR connection between the G08 and H300 improve the sound? 2. What other cables setup tweaks would help improve this setup. Thanks in advance,
  9. Hi, I am wanting to start setting up my own system and as this will be my first time doing so I have some questions. I have been really interested in high end audio for about six months and have been doing a fair amount of research (reading topics on this forum and articles as well as recommended components lists on sites such as stereophile and InnerFidelity), but as there are so many options it would be appreciated if people have suggestions.I have had first hand experience as to how amazing a very good system can sound with many thanks to John for that. I currently own the following components: Amp - Pioneer SA-708 Speakers - Yamaha NS-30X Headphones - Bose QC25 apple edition. CD player - Panasonic VCR/DVD player. Subwoofer - Yamaha YST-SW80 and a Jamo Sub300 i'm repairing. (will probably sell the Jamo) Cables - Belden 5000 series cable with bluejeancables locking banana terminals on one end. (I am considering replacing the terminal block in the pioneer to run bananas) For computers and related items: File Server running Freenas which I will be getting 3 WD red 2tb drives for. My main computer I built running Foobar2000 and spotify. Enough stuff lying around to build another computer if needed. Apple iPhone 5s. All of my music is either in CD or on my computer a flacs from ripping the CD's with eac or from iTunes. I plan on getting more music I like from HDtracks or similar sites in high quality formats. I am thinking about getting the following items, starting with a DAC. DAC - Schiit Bitfrost AK4490 Headphones - Sennheiser HD650 or HD600 Headphone amp - Bottle Head Crack or Schiit Valhalla 2. Speakers - Building Jim Holtz's "Finalists" from www,speakersdesignworks.com Room: it is currently set up in my bedroom but I may move the system into the lounge room. I will proved measurements in the morning. I would like the system to have a neutral or slightly warm sound, similar to what you would get from a very good neutral tube power amp. I would like it to have a very large and open sound stage and I prefer a slightly air open sound over a darker sound.The highs must not be peaky although let me know if something may be like that as I may hear things differently. I am a student so I cannot go over the budget as I need to save up for other things such as a car and therefor the system will be bought over time. I need something that is not tiring and a treat to listen to as this is what I will have until I go all out on upgrading later in my life. (think in about another 5 - 15 years before really upgrading). I don't like classical or jazz music. My favorite songs and artists include (my absolutes underlined): Billy Joel - Piano man, Leningrad, We didn't start the fire. Bryan Adams - summer of '69. Chris Jones - Long after you're gone. Coldplay - Clocks Carolina Lair - I'm not over. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save tonight. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream. Enrique - Don't turn off the lights, Hero. Greenday. Jimmy Barnes - Working class man. Midnight oil. Moog. Nicholas Gunn - Bamboo. The police - every breath you take. Toto - Rosanna. Queen - Bohemia Rhapsody. Robbie Williams - Angles. Red hot chilli's - Scar Tissue, Other side, Californiacation. Silverchair - Strait Lines. Tears for fears - shout, everybody wants to rule the world. Temper trap - Sweet disposition. Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes. Now for the questions: With a total system budget of about $1500 and absolute max of $2000 if there is a significant improvement for the higher total cost, what would you recommend on me getting. I am all for purchasing used items. I am also okay with building DIY speakers, amps, etc if they provide better value. What do you recommend for how much I should spend for each components? What will provide the most return for extra spent on it? ie. would it be better if I kept my amp and built new speakers and got a bitfrost with the most being spent on the speakers. What sort of a budget gives the best value for money? I want to get the best sound possible for the money. I plan on testing the amp and speakers with a very good dac to see if the are good or not and will let you guys know but if you know how the amp and speakers sound let me know if I should replace them. Do headphones or speakers provide the best value for money? If speakers can provide similar value for money as the HD650's I would be okay with leaving the headphones and headphone amp out out for higher quality speakers but they would need to be able to go very deep and sound as good a HD650's. Full range, 3 way speakers would be preferred. (When listening to Chris Jones's "Long after you're gone" they need to be able to produce the base notes well and reach down to at least the second lowest note with the lowest still being loud enough to be heard. I like the sound of the system I heard which included Sonus Faber speakers driven by an Audio research reference 150 and a PS Audio direct stream dac. It was very open and nice and pleasantly airy sounding. The sound stage was huge and I could place where the singer was and the detail was absolutely incredible while being natural sounding and not fatiguing in any way. The singers and acoustic guitars can alive and it had a nice very slight warm sound to it. The bass didn't over power the system while being controlled and going plenty deep enough. And very importantly the highs did not stick out and blended with the sound. Chris Jones's "Long after you're gone" was beyond words amazing. You could hear every little detail of the guitar, the bass instruments were played very well without over bearing the rest of the song and went very deep with the very bottom note only slightly quieter than the rest but it was hard to tell if it was recorded that way or not because it did it in such a natural way. Thanks, Ted.
  10. I am looking at purchasing a new system for the first time in almost 20 years. Since I was last exploring decent audio there have obviously been some quite considerable changes, and I am still getting my head around some of them. I would like suggestions on possible paths to take, and decent equipment recommendations. My previous integrated amp was a Harmon Kardon before they went mainstream, along with a reasonable quality CD player, and B&W 620i floor-standing speakers. Within the last 18 months, the amp has blown, along with every CD player I owned (3), and until now did not have the budget to purchase new equipment. I am sorely missing the ability to listen to good music. Currently I have ripped all my CDs to a NAS in FLAC format, and would like to be able to use that as my primary source (at least for the time being). I still have the B&W 620i speakers which I will also use initially, with the aim to upgrade in the next 12 - 18 months. So the question is; what are good possibilities for amplifiers? And what network connectivity / streamer / DAC / whatever else piece(s) of equipment do I need. Was possibly looking at Bluestream Node for connectivity and controller app, but this is subsidiary. Budget around the $3000. Thanks in advance. Ben
  11. Hi All I'll introduce myself hear first post. I'm Mark and from Perth Western Australia I do like watching movies and youtube music videos. I am building a house and its at roof cover stage and I'm kicking myself hard because if i'd discovered this forum or the shop that sells the equipment I would of made the home theater bigger; enough for 2rows etc.... now I am dreaming. Anyway I have been reading this forum, visiting shops and reading product reviews. I'm lost and confused... .......but I've not given up I still want a kick-ass ground shaking theater room but I'm a n00b so I turn to you guys as you seem very enthusiastic, with heaps of experience and wise knowledge, which I would love to copy and paste from your brain to mine by a USB I have uploaded and image of my small room that's going to be my theater and the 2 quotes. Yes i know double doorssssss. at least I put 2 conduits in and extra power at the back but my wife wants to cover the hole room with curtains yes 360 degrees and I got thick carpets too. so I am young and don't own any furniture nor equipment so I went to west coast HIFI and got 2 quotes from them and I get the feeling of disappointment. Today I've taken a day off work to go window shopping, there isn't many places in Perth that do Home Theater, theirs only west coast HIFI, surround sounds and Douglas hifi, oh and Frank Prowse HiFI. I have not looked into online or international first I need to know what I need. My room is 4430 wide so nice 4 seat leather couch will go in. but 3890 long bit close to screen Bulkhead (wall to 700in all way round) 28c or 2400 high center of ceiling is 31c or 2700 high Bow i did use this website with the 2 different high i cant work out if i got a good room. Screen size I will be sitting about 3500 away I am counting about 400mm for the recliners space. Some say I could get away with 4K Hisense 75" UHD LED LCD 100Hz 3D Smart TV for $4500 others recommend a projector and 100'' size max Now i love B&W speakers especially the cm10 s2 one shop today said that's over kill I love bass,. in my car i have a nice 10'' that made me sick at the start now I feel its losing power or I'm getting deaf. In my opinion the two quote I got are; over my budget, I wonder if I could save somewhere on parts, and I did not like the Yamaha speaker did not cut it for me. The sales man has also added in the quote krix subwoofer because the psb subwoofer was not loud enough for me the krix did make the room shake i think the panasonic DMR-BWT945GL would be great if i went for projector that unit would be my smart hub. Therefore my question is, what would recommend for me. 5.1 or 5.2 ? TV or Projector ? speaker recommendation ( floor or bookshelf on stands ?) (subs I do like if I feel the sound or vibration or neighbors complaining ) ? ( rear in ceiling or ? ) Yamaha power and pre or normal av receiver ? bluray player do i need to be worried about them did i miss any questions ? feel free to add model numbers if you recommending I will appreciate everything I am give, as now I'm in a dilemma.
  12. Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my existing Foxtel iQ box (model DS460) to the Foxtel HD box. As I have satellite connection I am just wondering if it's a matter of unplugging the existing iQ box and then use the existing wall plate cables to plug into the new iQ HD box? Plus of course using a HDMI cable to replace my existing scart to component connection from the iQ box to the TV. It would be great to avoid any re-installation or pay additional costs for a technician to come out. Appreciate any info.
  13. help! OK just got brand new NFB 3.2 DAC and it won't work. Set it up with ITunes on my iMac outputting through the provided USB cable to the NFB 3.2 DAC. Used nasty RCAs from the NFB to my integrated amp. Moment of truth. For 7 seconds sweet nectar. What a sound. Then it goes wierd. The sound becomes wobbly, it disintegrates then after a few more seconds it fragments to just crackles. I can repeat this. I stop the player and start again and it will play OK for 5 seconds then go bad. Why? Is this jitter (I though jitter was something subtle, not devastating) I have tried an alternative USB - no help. Have not tried optical The output file type makes no difference - Apple lossless, mp4, other Went into 'Audio Devices' on the Mac and set format as 24 bit instead of 16 bit (can't controls the volumes) Changing 'Flavor' (filter?), 'ACSS/RCA' and 'Selector' on the DAC do not seem to mitigate issue Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  14. Hi All, Just picked up my new 9100W and really love the image its producing. One problem the image it produces is not square. Not using any keystone just V & H lens shift. I can line up the top, left and right sides of the screen perfectly but the bottom doesn't seam to be straight. I can mask it out with a bit of zoom but should i need to? Below is a sketch of what its doing. Its basically a 50mm difference from left side to right side of the screen. Only had the projector for 2days so would it be worth going back to the supplier to swap over the units? First projector so not 100% about these things as yet Cheers Link to sketch of whats happening http://www.dtvforum....2
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