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Found 7 results

  1. There are a number of Devialet Phantom owners in the forum. Thought it would be useful to start an owner’s thread to exchange notes and also, be a good introduction for others. Many people know the Phantom as a lifestyle product with incredible bass but do not realise that a stereo pair makes a good hifi system. The Phantoms have 2 ranges, the newer, smaller Reactor and the Premier range. The Reactor is natively compatible with Spotify Connect, Airplay, UPnP and Bluetooth (with more to come) while a Premier has all the streaming connections, see here. The Phantoms are “Roon tested”, which means Roon is accessible via Airplay or via a Roon endpoint feeding the optical input. Phantoms will be “Roon Ready” when Roon Advanced Audio Transport (RAAT) is implemented; RAAT connectivity is in the works, ETA unknown. There are some limitations. The DAC is capable of playing up to 24/192 music, no support for DSD/DSF nor MQA. Roon can compensate by transcoding DSD/DSF and doing first MQA unfold. While the Phantoms are very good out of the box, these things make them even better: Get a stereo pair which is significantly better than one. However, it is not easy to audition them as a pair because most retailers (and Devialet!) position them as a lifestyle product. Thus, retailers usually set them up as singles in the store. Note that stereo pairing of the Premier range requires a Dialog hub (not needed, not compatible with Reactors). Put Phantoms on speaker stands (e.g. Devialet Tree and Treepod for Premier range, but other stands also work) to elevate them to ear level Pay attention to the position in the room, speaker alignment and toe-in. While the Phantoms are much more forgiving than many speakers, focussing on their placement will improve the sound Use Isoacoustics Aperta 100 aluminium stand. Putting the Phantom on an Isoacoustics stand reduces smearing of instruments and is particularly effective when the Phantom is sitting on furniture. Note that these stands are usually stocked and sold as black pairs; to get aluminium coloured pairs, retailer orders from distributor. Apply room correction to improve detail, resolution and bass management. Options include using miniDSP with Dirac Live, DSpeaker (both via optical input) or Roon room correction. For UPnP, use Minimserver Convolution. Official help on Phantoms installation and usage here. Devialet Chat is the unofficial user forum. Please post your experience with the Devialet Phantoms and suggest other improvements that worked for you. And questions are most welcome.
  2. This is probably going to be the shortest showcase thread ever as the upgrade path from here is fairly limited. I was undecided about posting here as it sort of means a pause in the journey but it was deliberate. Kids are starting high school and time for playing around with hi-fi seems to be getting less and less and want to explore some other hobbies. This was actually my biggest ever single purchase but I replaced a pre amp, amp, speakers and many cables so the end investment was not much different. I listened to only one of these in the showroom and was just gob smacked. I took a punt and bought a pair of Silver Phantoms along with the Dialog controller and the remote. Firstly, aesthetics are very pleasing (at least to me and the wife) which is a first. Secondly, it really simplified my set-up. So I currently have the Tbox into Oppo 105 and out to TV to cover TV, Netflix and CD's/Movies. Oppo is optical out to the Dialog which feeds audio to the speakers. Into one of the Phantoms I have the SBT which is connected to Roon/Tidal. SBT does up to 24/192 beautifully via optical. At first I was a bit skeptical about optical and jitter etc but my understanding is the Phantoms correct most of it internally via DSP anyway. Can also do Tidal/music library direct via the Spark app but it is a bit clunky. The optical inputs just switch automagically. One interesting thing is the Phantoms connect to the Dialog via PLC (power line) if they are on the same power board. Nifty. Otherwise you can go ethernet or wifi. I love the sound. It is just so clean, low distortion with the best bass I have ever had in my room. Even if you are not a bass head, this would convert you. Still needs speaker placement etc as per any other speakers and they do have their own stands which are yet to arrive in Oz. I see no need for a subwoofer unless you have a much bigger room. You can just keep turning them up and they just don't have any break up. They do not have the what I call "shoutiness" that some smaller speakers have and are great for TV etc. I am not a big movie watcher so not sure if it will please all in that area. I am toying with the idea of getting an ADC to connect the turntable but am still a bit unsure about it. The nice thing is I can see they can add features through software updates (recently added Spotify connect) and even the little Dialog box which is just a computer could be swapped out for a new one if it added functionality/features. It is a bit of an adjustment going to a full digital system like this as the "tweakability" is almost nil but they make me smile every time I listen and I am digging into the depths of Tidal/Roon throwing all sorts of music at it and I cannot fault them. They may not be hi-fi for some but I think they would surprise many. One thing for sure is they really are an innovative design that I can see will be copied to some extent, it just makes too much sense. Now I need to update the room decor a bit to match the speakers. It really doesn't end does it? I know photos or it didn't happen. Quick video of the woofers having a party! http://stevec.vidmeup.com/view?q=56ce850795d1a.flv
  3. Item: White Devialet Phantom - 1200 Watts - 25KHz to 16Hz - 101dB + Official Cocoon Case Location: Perth, Western Australia (Cockburn, Kwinana, Rockingham area) Price: AUD$3050 for Phantom and Cocoon Case (Can Negotiate) Item Condition: Perfect condition with no dents, marks, or scratches whatsoever. Is four months old now, has not been moved since unboxing. Works perfectly and includes all the original packaging and boxes, including shipping box. Reason for selling: I am moving countries and can not take this with me as much as I'd like to. I have taken a Phantom with me in the past for a long term stay away and it got damaged so Devialet replaced it for me with a brand new one, I don't want to take that risk again of it getting broken so it's best to just sell it. Payment Method: Pickup/Drop-off within W.A. - Cash Extra Info: I am willing to either have you pick it up, or I'll drop it off but I am looking to sell exclusively within Western Australia. This unit uses the newest DSP (the ADH2 chip) and also has the AirPlay hardware which older ones don't. The unit is still covered under Consumer Law within Australia. Pictures:
  4. Item: 2 x Devialet Phantom Silver (RRP $7,180) + Dialog (RRP $499) + Remote (RRP$249) + 2 x White Tree stands (RRP $1198) Total RRP $9,928 Location: Carlingford, Sydney Price: $5,950 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded and back on the merry go round. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Collection preferred at this stage. Purchased locally in Feb 2016, includes all original boxes, cables accessories etc. This is an emotional sale as I really enjoyed these speakers and I did not upgrade anything in my system for the past 2 years! Prior to that was a different story. Now just about every store I have seen them in stick a single Phantom in the corner somewhere and get people to Spotify to it. Yes you can use it that way but that does not bring out the best in them. I honestly preferred these over the Active LS50s. They are known for their bass but if you feed them properly and bring them out a bit like I did then it is not overblown. Their optical inputs are 24/192 and the Spark software (highest quality option in my opinion) can be loaded on your MAC/PC and with an app you can play your music via wifi. Also can do Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and Tidal is in the Spark app. Also has Internet Radio. The stands a very rigid and the speakers are locked in to them so there is no vibration. Also all cables are run through the middle, very neat solution. The remote is the nicest volume control I have ever used. Sit on your sofa and turn the dial. No comparison to using buttons. I had a little RPi with optical out connected to them for Roon use. Also had the Oppo digital out for TV/movies. With the 2 Phantoms and the Dialog you effectively have 3 inputs. I think you could also enjoy them near-field in a smaller room as they are easy to position. They are real all rounders and just a pleasure to listen to. They are too good to put in the second room with the kids, rather someone appreciate them. https://www.devialet.com/en-au/buy-silver-phantom/ https://www.devialet.com/en-au/accessories-phantom-tree/ https://www.devialet.com/en-au/accessories-phantom-dialog/ https://www.devialet.com/en-au/accessories-phantom-remote/
  5. Up for reluctant sale is my DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ in absolute MINT conditionPurchased locally from Digidirect in December 2016. Has balance of warranty. Includes the following:Standard P4Pro+ including original manuals box etc..3 x extra batteries (4 in total)Battery charging hubThinktank Airport Helipak backpackPickup from Sydney only at this stage.Never crashed or rough landings. I'm a very experienced pilot. Instant: $3000
  6. and i'm here to alert the proper authorities and ensure this never happens again to any of my SNA siblings.
  7. Item: Devialet Devialet Phantom x2, Dialog and remote Location: Perth Price: $3800 Item Condition: as new and stored in their boxes. Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new from Sydney Hifi in April 2016. Can post at buyers cost. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE ADH amplification Distortion: 0.001% | Saturation : 0 | Background Noise : < 0,5 dB SPL at 3m SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL 99 dB SPL at 1 meter AMPLIFICATION POWER 750 WATTS peak BANDWIDTH 16Hz to 25kHz ± 2dB at 82dB SPL | 28Hz to 25kHz ± 2dB at 92dB SPL | 49Hz to 25kHz ± 2dB at 102dB SPL DIGITAL ANALOG CONVERTER TI PCM1798 24bits/192kHz PROCESSOR 800MHz dual-core ARM Cortex - A9 MPCore processor, hard IP, and FPGA in a single Cyclone V System-on-Chip (SoC) 512 MB DDR3 Memory POWER SUPPLY Power supply with IEC 100-240 v 50/60Hz 10A TECHNOLOGIES HBI® (Heart Bass Implosion), ADH® Intelligence (Analog Digital Hybrid), SAM® (Speakers Active Matching), EVO® Platform, ACE® Loudspeaker (Active Cospherical Engine) SIZE & WEIGHT Weight: 12 kg | Width: 253 mm | Height: 255 mm | Depth: 343 mm MATERIALS Internal skin: Glass fiber filled polycarbonate | External skin: ABS | Aluminium central core | Aluminum dome drivers COLORS & FINISH White body RAL 9016 Polished stainless steel side White dome drivers DIMENSION & WEIGHT 12 Kg WHAT'S IN THE BOX One Phantom One power cable (2m) 2 manuals (French/English & German/Spanish) Pictures: Stock pic as they are boxed up.
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