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Found 6 results

  1. Item: Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-D5SE CD Player Location: Melbourne (happy to ship in original box!) Price: SOLD (please contact me by PM if you are interested in this player) Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: computer audio / vinyl Payment Method: Cash on pickup, bank transfer, paypal (+3%) Extra Info: I am selling my BAT VK-D5SE CD player. The player uses four Burr Brown PCM1704K 24bit dac chips, arguably one of the best dac chips ever produced. The player has a tubed output stage with four 6H30 tubes. The tubes in the player are the original ones supplied by BAT. I never opened the player. This is the latest version of this player. This is the first time the latest version is offered for sale on SNA. Earlier versions employed 20bit dac chips and/or different Philips drives. The review below has all the details about the different versions. This is very likely the last VK-D5SE player that ever sold new worldwide. I bought it brand new and sealed less than 5yrs ago from AV Gallery, an authorized BAT dealer. The player is in unmarked condition and comes with the original box and all original accessories. The massive remote control has some tiny marks. Also, a battery once seems to have leaked inside the remote control's battery compartment. This has no impact on functionality at all. The BAT remote control also worked with Musical Fidelity and Marantz equipment. This is what lampizator.eu has to say about the BAT VK-D5SE: "This is one of the best CD players ever made. Well built, all design is optimized for perfect analog-like sound. Digital output quality can rival the best transports. It goes without saying that it has balanced XLR and RCA outputs. True balanced topology from one of the best designers in the industry." The designer is Victor Khomenko. I agree. I have not heard a better CD player. I compared it to high-end Esoteric and Marantz players when I bought it and preferred the BAT because of its analog-like sound. It is built like a tank. The original box is extremely sturdy. I am happy to ship the CD player in its original box at buyer's risk and expense. The dimensions of the box are 25cm x 62.5cm x 53cm. The gross weight is about 17kg. Alternatively, the player can be collected from Williamstown or Carlton. The manual is available online: http://balanced.com/sites/default/files/ManD5SE.pdf. An online review of the player: http://www.stereotimes.com/cdp032204.shtml. Pictures:
  2. Pedja has designed a board for feeding the AyaII or any TDA1541A DAC with simultaneous mode which allows the TDA1541a to receive discrete left / right data to attenuate jitter and glitch pulses. The board will be populated so it looks relatively easy for a DIY novice like me to wire up. The board uses the XMOS USB receiver chip, isolation, dual clocks, reclocking, inverted data options for dual differential designs and looks to include firmware options for right justified output needed for the Burr Brown PCM63/1702/1704 family. The design shows the usual excellence Pedja is known for. It looks like it will be around $250 landed . https://www.audialonline.com/topics/asynchronous-usb-to-simultaneous-data-interest-check/
  3. Item: Hagerman Technology HagDAC module Location: Melbourne Price: $400 $300 inc shipping to Australia Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: http://www.hagtech.com/hagdac.html Pictures: See above link. As used in the Hagerman Chime valve DAC. Jim built this unit for me with the K grade DAC chips, which is a better grade than he used in the stock Chime. This module has both low level raw outputs and line level opamp buffered outputs. I intended to use it with the Aikido valve stage by John Broskie to provide the required gain for the low level outputs. I have the unstuffed Aikido PCB I can sell with it if the buyer wants to do the same. I've listened using the opamp outputs powered by two 12V batteries and it is a good DAC. I just have too many DIY projects. Manufacturer's info: "HagDac" Analog-to-Digital Converter (discontinued) The HagDac is a high performance daughtercard designed for the Chime USB DAC. It is optimized to operate solely at redbook CD sample rates. A digital filter provides 8x synchronous oversampling to 352.8k, which is then reclocked into the multibit R2R converters (PCM1704) using a custom low-jitter VCXO PLL circuit. A passive 3rd order Bessel filter provides I-V conversion. This design was done entirely as if each signal were analog. Every digital line is filtered and tuned for lowest noise and crosstalk. Careful use of power and ground planes, surface mount components, and liberal supply decoupling make for a very quiet and tuneful sonic presentation. Features 8x oversampling and 24-bit filtering Low-jitter VCXO flywheel reclocking Passive RLC I-V stage Onboard linear regulation
  4. Item: PMD100 HDCD chip and DF1704 chip on DIP28 adaptor board Location: Ingleburn, south-western Sydney Price: $40 delivered Australia-wide - now $30 delivered for BOTH chips - dirt cheap! Item Condition: PMD100 brand new, DF1704 used but in excellent condition Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These digital filter chips are surplus as a result of converting my audio-gd DAC3SE to a DSP1V5 filter board instead. The PMD100 is brand new, and these sell for between $70-120 on ebay as they are no longer produced. The DF1704 comes installed on a DIP28 adaptor board, which is the same pin pattern as the PMD100. DF1704 adaptor boards are 79 euro from audiotuning.de, although the version I am selling is the audio-gd version. With some creative circuit design and selectable switches/options, you could configure your DAC to suit both of these filter chips, enabling you to swap between them and change the sound noticeably. Suits DACs built around the PCM1704 and PCM63 chips etc. The PMD100 chip is quite legendary and is held in extremely high regard. Google will reveal all. http://tech.juaneda.com/download/PMD100.pdf Pictures:
  5. Item: Hifiman HM801 Portable Music Player with PCM1704 DAC Location: Melbourne, Victoria Price: $399 Firm. Shipping: $10 Item Condition: Near new. Warranty replacement. Used for less than 1 hour since. Reason for selling: Lack of use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Brand new price is about $1000. The condition of the unit is almost brand new. It still has about 10 months of warranty. You won't find a better price for this unit anywhere. Pictures:
  6. Item: Audio-gd DAC-19 DSP1 Location: Canberra Price: $450 (plus postage) (open to offers) Item Condition: Very Good (same as purchase) Reason for selling: Upgraded to another Audio-gd DAC. Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Paypal (add 3% for normal transaction unless sent as a GIFT from paypal balance or bank account) Extra Info: No USB input. It is replaced by BNC. Pictures: attached NOTE: No USB input. It is replaced with a S/PDIF BNC input. For sale is my Audio-Gd DAC-19 DSP1 bought around November this year. I liked it so much that when a Ref 7.1 became available shortly after buying this one, I immediately upgraded. So, this one has to go. The condition is like new. There are some minor scuffs at the bottom side of the unit that were apparently on the device when it was delivered. Note that the original purchaser chose to have a BNC input instead of the old USB implementation. This modification cost a bit more than the original stock price. DAC-19 is said to be the single ended version of Ref 5 and it uses the famous 2xPCM1704UK chip together with DSP1 digital filter. You can choose to play around the oversampling settings with the DSP1 chip in it. Features & technical specs can be found here http://www.audio-gd....C19/DAC19EN.htm Attached Thumbnails
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