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Found 21 results

  1. I've not seen a thread dedicated to gaming, so here's one for us gamers, we the few who lead the cutting edge in PC technology or consoles. Gaming, it's great fun, strategy, turn based or real time strategy. Puzzles - meh, simulators - not my cup of tea, and for a long time first person shooters made me motion sick, till I spent all weekend going through Modern Warfare 2 and Crysis 3 on my new gaming rig. I'm reminded of the SNA'er who mentioned he is the guy off mission in a game because he's testing the games soundstage by exploding grenades. And then late, well early morning actually, one Saturday I kindly took up thy headphones for Cysis3 and was utterly blown away by the immersive experience, in an eye blink nearly making my $30 yogi headphones the new pinnacle of my gaming experience - if only I'd not previously gamed through the vaf i66's attached to my hk990. Yes, that's right $30 headphones just about surpassing $10k worth of gear... if only I'd known I might have created a budget for headphones. Your gaming experiences, technology, hardware n software & games, talk about them here. When the cars seemed like they were dropping out of the sky after an orbital thermonuclear emp in MW2 I was running round like any Gods fearing man might when faced with a potential apocalypse, and died many a horrific death completing the level. Or battling some 9 year old Korean lad at Starcraft2 - and losing of course cause his apm (actions per minute) is 236 apm, and mine at best is 60 apm. I've played every civilisation game in existence, 1 through V with all expansions, yes gaming likely dropped my gpa by several points - but enhanced my problem solving beyond the 98th percentile (as measured by the student tertiary admissions test stat), can one get a job for being brilliant at games... Apparently not bloody likely, not even as a tester. Doom, the great game that became a, cough cough, average movie. Assassins creed spawned books. Halo, a whole heap of plastic junk, and books too. What's your favourite game? What are you grinding through lately? Which game reveals the brilliance of your desktop hifi? Game On.
  2. Item: Custom Built High End Desktop with Intel i7 8700k and NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Location: Sydney Inner West Price: $4500 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Want to upgrade stereo system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is my custom-built desktop gaming/work machine. Full specifications: Intel i7-8700k CPU Corsair H115i Pro RGB CPU Cooler 16GB DDR4 3200mHz G.Skill RGB RAM ASUS STRIX ROG Z370-G Motherboard NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti GPU Samsung EVO 970 1TB NVME M2 SSD Intel 600P 1TB NVME M2 SSD Corsair RM650x 650w PSU Phanteks Evolv mATX Tempered Glass Case InWin Aurora RGB Fans x 3 + Controller + 2 RGB Strips Noiseblocker 140mm PWM Fans x 3 Cablemod Black Individually Sleeved Cable Set Acer X34P 34" Inch Ultrawide Screen Monitor 3440x1440 Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/obopc0c https://imgur.com/a/KyBdTEZ
  3. Item: HP Omen 15 - 15" Gaming Laptop Location: Earlwood, Sydney Price: $1150 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Built a desktop Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Great gaming laptop. Sleek design and runs most of the current generation games very well. Plays Fortnite, WoW just fine among other games. Purchased last year overseas. The GTX 1050Ti is a powerful GPU for this generation. Will install fresh copy of Windows 10 Home Edition for new owner without any of the HP bloatware. Can upgrade RAM and storage on buyers request. Specifications: i7-7700HQ 8GB RAM 15.6" IPS 1920x1080 Display nVIDIA GTX 1050Ti 4GB Graphics 128GB SSD+1TB HD Storage WiFi, Bluetooth HDMI, Ethernet, 3 USB Ports Warning: European Keyboard Comes with laptop sleeve and power adapter Pictures:
  4. Item: Peachtree DAC-iTx digital audio converter Location: Murray Bridge, South Australia Price: $400 Item Condition: Would suit new buyer, has seen little use Reason for selling: I am only listening to LP's nowadays Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: https://www.amazon.com/Peachtree-Audio-DAC-iT-X-DAC-iTx/dp/B00E4WSPBG Pictures:
  5. Hi, I've seen this device for sale on EBay and I wanted to ask the community about it. It is a power filter, supposedly. Elfidelity PC HiFi Filter card PCI/PCI-E Audio Power Purify for Sound card / GPU http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271869855380?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  6. Item: PC memory DDR3 - 4GB x 2, 2GB x 3, total 14GB Location: Forestville NSW Price: $60 Item Condition: Used, but with no defects Reason for Selling: Retired PC and removed memory Extra Info: 1600 MHz, DDR3, xms3 brand. Expressions of interest at this stage as they may get reused or donated.
  7. When traveling I've used an Acer 10" netbook with Samsung ssd which is okay for basic tasks but can test patience occasionally so am thinking of upgrading. I'll be using it for bicycle touring as well as at home. Will be mostly used for surfing and google maps as well as foobar and VLC. Not after blistering performance or high gadget factor but don't want something that's going to be a chore to use. Function over form is the aim so key criteria if possible are good battery life, low weight and not too thick or large as will be packed into a pannier. I haven't got a specific budget yet but for starters around $500 or less if possible. It will possibly also be my main pc when not traveling. Any suggestions are welcome thanks.
  8. Item: Galax Geforce GTX 970 EXOC Black Edition Video Card Location: Sydney Price: $Sold Item Condition: Excellent - see pics. Lightly used - I do not game daily and only play Assetto when time permits. Reason for selling: One last upgrade before my wife and I have our first baby :-P. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Lightly used and in near brand new condition (see pics). A well reviewed card due to improvements on the 970 reference, with better performance (higher gpu/mem speed) and much better cooling (20c less under load). Packed and ready to go. Includes cds, accessories, manuals and box. Pickup preferred. I can also deliver if you are local. Pictures: Attached.
  9. Hello. I wondered if anyone is using their PC as a music streamer, but finds the noise of their computer to be too intrusive? I was doing this for a while experimentally, and then part by part took away all the noisy components of the PC, and replaced them till I had a silent one. It takes a little time and know how, but well worth it to get rid of all that background noise. Sound quality wise I think CD players still have the edge, but for those who are streaming and want the convenience of everything coming from their computer without the background noise let me know. I am happy to do this as part of my hobby, since I believe it is not putting anyone out of business. I am happy to help for the cost of the parts, which are reasonably cheap (compared with hi-fi). I am not a computer engineer as such, but I am a sound engineer, and have approx 10 years experience with computer audio. Send a PM or leave a message. Cheers, Richard
  10. I was searching the web and came across this item. It creates a direct i2S link between your DAC and computer. Not sure if it is good or bad, but the multichannel version has my interest for use in a Home Theatre PC. Pink Faun i2S Bridge (English at bottom of page) http://www.pinkfaun.nl/portal/productaanbod/dac-streaming-audio/1440-i2s-bridge DAC List (bottom of page) http://triplemaudioshop.nl/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=1584&Itemid=116 I am not to sure myself what this i2S signal exactly is, but as I understand this is the pure digital information signal (PCM?) Edit: Some possible implementations of this card down this thread http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/80572-music-streamers-that-are-diy/ Oooh, already mentioned before in this forum. (Thanks @myrantz) http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/80594-pinkfaun-i2s-card-and-directstream-dac/ Link to the forum mentioned in the link above http://www.psaudio.com/forum/directstream-all-about-it/compatible-i2s-source-devices/
  11. Item: Desktop PC with screen and 160GB hard drive & Q9300 CPU Location: Brunswick, VIC Price: $FREE$ Item Condition: as is, working until I decommissioned Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: donation to SNA Extra Info: Still was working but was a bit noisy, I should have some cables to connect the monitor too If no one wants it in a few weeks I will dispose of it Pictures:
  12. FS:Corsair Carbide 200R computer case. Condition: As new, open box, with receipt Price: $80 or make sensible offer (cost over $100 with postage, from PC case gear) Not a mark on it. Reason for sale: Decided to make a second system. As soon as it worked, I lost all interest and sold off the individual parts, the case being the only part left. All proceeds going to hi-fi instead Any extra info: Suit a PC builder, gamer or modder. Tons of room inside. Plenty of "ventilation" and 2 fans. In Melbourne, Brunswick. Will part with it for stupid cash if you are really quick and genuine.
  13. Hi, I am currently setting up 2 PC's and 5 OS systems for a one on one comparison between sound quality and software. I tried a USB hub between the 2 PC's and my DAC but the hub is blocking the handshake between DAC and PC. I was wondering if anyone has tried this as well. I like to connect both PC's to the DAC without having to swap the cables. I am not sure if there is some control chip in, USB hubs, that is preventing the handshake. Any advise here?
  14. Steam appear to be making a play for the space under our TV's. Is it going to be a default standard for HTPC's? Will it run linux? Will we be able to record FTA to the HDD while playing a game? http://kotaku.com/5966860/gabe-newell-living-room-pcs-will-compete-with-next+gen-consoles http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/12/10/gabe-newell-discusses-hardware-plans-packaged-pcs/ What will it be called?
  15. * Item: ASUS M51KR-AS007C 15.4 inch Black Notebook * Location: VIC (postage avail on request) * Item condition: Excellent, complete with ASUS AC adaptor/power cable, computer bag and product manual * Price: $240 * Reason for selling: surplus to need (migrated to Apple Macbook) * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash / Pickup, Australia Post COD or bank deposit * More Info: AMD Turion TL-60 Processor (2.00 GHz) 2GB DDR2 RAM 250GB SATA HDD, DVD+/-RW Dual Layer drive 15.4 inch HD (1440 x 900) display ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 (256MB dedicated) 10/100/1000 LAN, 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN. Modem, Bluetooth High Definition Audio, Webcam, Digital Media Card reader, FingerPrint reader 1x DVI, 1x VGA, 4x USB, 1x Firewire, 1x RJ-45, 1x RJ-11 Windows Vista Home Premium 2007 Service Pack 2 installed
  16. Item: Acorlink 7N P-4030II with Furutech FI11CU OCC IEC and FI-AU-3112(G) Power Plug Length: 6 Feet Price: $430, (free shipment) Item Condition: New, not used. Payment Method: Bank Transfer, PayPal Extra Info: Suitable for Source, such as CD player or BD player, very musical, warm sound with 3D detail soundstage.
  17. I have a few needs that have all come up at once, so time to get some valuable advice. Currently running 2 systems, each with SBT wirelessly connecting to my laptop. System 1 Asus K52J ->SBT->AP2_>Audio Gd Ref 7->Sim Audio P7 Preamp -> Active speakers with Oppo BDP 95 HDMI to Onkyo Nr709-> Sim Audio Pre_> Active Speakers and surrounds. Don't watch movies a lot. System 2 Asus K52J-> SBT->NAD M51-> Lenehan S2R HT via XBOX-> HDMI 2 Channel only (there is an xbox there which I don't use except for Ice Age for my toddler) Mainly use Foxtel here I need to run Quickbooks via Terminal Server and have Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 with lots of licenses for TS which I previously purchased many years ago. The laptop has run out of storage space of 500 gig and I have a third of my collection to go to be ripped with space needed for new CDs/downloads for the future. Love the functionality of the SBT except for dropouts on occasion and particularly with hi res files. I have LAN cat 5 cabling which I haven't bothered to use yet but only to system 1. I have 2 old servers I could use, a Dell Pentium 4 Small Business Server and another one the same age can't remember the specs but probably similar specs. I am thinking run an old computer for Quickbooks/Terminal Server via windows server 2003 and connect a NAS and run System 1 via LAN and System 2 wirelessly using SBT. Perhaps I could upgrade the PC and look at other options of which I am sure there are many including new operating systems which will run Quickbooks. Keen to hear thoughts. (Won't do Apple, will begrudgingly do Microsoft, happy to look at Linux for music playback if of benefit). I need to do something quick for accounting purposes.
  18. Hello members! Up for sale is my HRT Headstreamer. Barely had this for couple of months, I'm selling it because I don't need it anymore. I grabbed this as a temporary stopgap until my WA6 arrived, but I got all impatient and upgraded myself to a WA22 anyway:) so this is now surplus! $100 delivered in Australia, no reduction in price if you pick it up. Australia only. Don't have the original box, but have all the documentation, including the receipt. * Item - HRT Headstreamer * Location - Kilsyth South, Victoria * Item condition description - Lightly used, no marks or scratches! * Price and price conditions - $100 Freight included anywhere in Australia * Reason for selling - Surplus * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash on pickup
  19. Item: Custom Built HTPC - Fanless Design Location:Melbourne Price:$490 Item Condition: Good Condition Reason for selling: We have 2 iPhones, an iPad, 2 apple TV's and a Macbook, Hence I'm getting a Mac Mini to streamline Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: I built this myself 8 months ago and it has been a stable performer. This is 100% silent no CPU or PSU fan. I use Jriver Media player (trail version) and have ethernet to my NAS in another room. This unit is quiet and stable Jriver sees my media content on the Nas and steams it to my HTPC which I control via the Jremote app on my iphone for screen free play! The amp will also let you manage different zones! I rip all my CD's direct on to my NAS via Jriver and built in Sony Blu-Ray DVD combo drive installed. I have the USB output running into a Vlink then into my DAC for 2 channel audio and the HDMI out directly into my receiver for movie watching, Jriver can easily switch between the desired output USB or HDMI. I did a lot of research when sourcing components which were chosen for stability and performance for audio. I started with a HD-Plex case which I purchased direct from the USA it is a fanless design specifically designed for Audio PC's it uses a custom fan less power supply and copper piping and cassis heat sinks for CPU cooling. It uses rubber grommets for all connections to reduce internal vibration. It includes good quality rubber isolation feet which have the ability to take spikes if preferred The mother board is a mini ITX Intel DH67CF which i chose for it's reliable H67 chipset and 1155 CPU support. it has on board 6GB Sata / GB LAN and USB 3 plus HDMI. This MB will also support IR interface with the addition of an IR receiver and remote CPU is an intel i3 (3.1ghz) which i chose for its low voltage for reduced heat and more stability this chip also has on board HD3000 2000 graphics. It has more then enough juice to stream 1080p content to my projector in excellent quality. HD is 500GB WD Blue drive which is very silent (inaudible) and can be easily swapped out for a larger drive or SSD drive the case can support up to 3 2.5inch drives. This drive is only storing the OS and Applications as all media is held on my NAS I also have installed 8GB of Kingston Ram and a Sony slot loading Blu Ray / DVD burner drive OS is windows 7 and I have a trial version of JRiver Media player installed which i highly recommend All up this PC cost me $800 to build I have original box and all driver CDs and manuals for the parts. I can ship interstate if required
  20. Hi Guys. I just grabbed an AUNE mini USB DAC off the forums and the TF10's sound amazing off them. Two questions that i have though: 1. I have a media centre remote control for my PC and the volume control now does nothing since the Aune always has the volume at max. Is there a way i can change this so that i still can control the volume going to the Aune or is there a program that will allow me to do this? 2. I have the Aune aswell as all my other computer gear (PC, monitors, amp, lamp etc) all plugged into a Surge Protector. When i turn my lamp on/off the dac just stops. It doesnt turn off but it stops playing music, if i skip a song it will start going again.. Any ideas here? (It has been upgraded to a 15V 2A power supply) My configuration is as follows: FLAC > Aune Mini USB > Denon DRA375RD > Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 FLAC > Aune Mini USB > Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Thanks for your help, Luke
  21. Good day, folks, I am thinking of putting a PC into my main system as a possible replacement for my media player. Why? Because the media player will not run absolutely everything (most, but not all), will not talk to the internet and because the PC is free. So the question is: What parts would be best to populate this PC with? Soundcard model for the best possible (stereo-only!) sound? Any USB bus types for extra external disks (of which I have many)? What o/s (I am thinking Ubuntu as it is free and can run headless if necessary) and if there are any drivers for using a remote control on such a beast? Any big no-nos here, things to watch out for? I think my other half would like that it is just a PC in the system rather than having to learn the ins and outs of my current media player. As yet I do not know the chip inside the PC, only that it is a small tower (not yet seen it) nor what else it has, but this should kick start the possible project at least... All recommendations gratefully received. Cheers. Al.
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