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Found 22 results

  1. Well. New system new thread. The Monoblocks are home. Haven't heard them yet. Impressions to come. I have included a pic with my 550 hicap for size reference. They are serial number 1&2. Mint. I love them.
  2. Item: ME 25 Preamp with MC phono, Location: Albion Park NSW Price: $800 delivered Item Condition: As per pics. Some cosmetic blemishes on top Reason for selling: Dog needs surgery so i need to raise funds. Really need it sold Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: High performance pre offering fantastic value with factory installed MC Phono. Unmodified example that has not been corrupted by unqualified personnel. A good condition pre with a wide variety of inputs and proven history. No Remote Pictures:
  3. Unforeseen circumstances force me to sell my ME 750 , its looking a bit tired out side and missing one grille and the filters.Works and sounds brilliant. Parts are available ex Melbourne via Peter Steins website http://www.meamplifiers.com.au/. I need a quick sale ,and the amp can be picked up in Maryborough, Vic, 3465. $1500.00 firm. contact Peter on 0400262407. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Item: ME 25 Preamp with MC phono, Location: Albion Park NSW Price: $900 delivered Item Condition: As per pics. Some cosmetic blemishes on top Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements, $$ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: High performance pre offering fantastic value with factory installed MC Phono. Unmodified example that has not been corrupted by unqualified personnel. A good condition pre with a wide variety of inputs and proven history. Grab yourself a bargain for the festive season!! Pictures:
  5. Item: ME 25 Preamp, ME 75 Amplifier Location: Albion Park NSW Price: $1450 delivered as a combo, $950 for the pre, $700 for the power if sold separately Item Condition: As per pics. Some cosmetic blemishes on top of amp Reason for selling: WAF. Need more modern looking integrated that has a remote. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Has served me well with out any issues. Lived in a fan ventilated cabinet. Pics of the internals show the ME branded caps, I've no idea if they are the originals or replacements but i do know the cover had been opened previously. Has been used to drive a pair of VAF floor standers which are 95db sensitive so has not been driven hard and remains cool enough to touch when used for longer periods. I cannot add anything of significance to the volume of writing that has been dedicated to ME equipment on this site. If you need good value, long lasting, high performance equipment these will serve you well. Pictures:
  6. Item: ME850 Location: Adelaide Price: $2,000 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Well regarded power amp, good condition, happy to demo. I have the packing crate and can ship at buyers expense. Serial 850256 Pictures:
  7. Item: ME 550 Mk11 Hi cap power amplifier Location: Glen Waverley Vic. Price: SOLD Item Condition:Very good Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:This ME has been my pride and joy for the last few years and sounds fantastic with any good preamplifier, including my Meridian 502 Control Preamp which I am selling separately. It was serviced and given the thumbs up by Ron from Winovate 2 Years ago and has been used moderately since then so good for a fair few more years before you would need a check up. Has a small scratch on the top near the front panel and a scuff on top lid but pic makes it look much worse than it really is! Happy to demo and to send interstate at cost. )
  8. Item: ME550 MK1 Amplifier Location: St Kilda East Price: $800 plus shipping Item Condition: this amp is like new. It's recently been overhauled by Ron @PonyTail. It had a new fan and sensor installed. And all caps were checked and replaced as necessary. It sounds fantastic. It's just not needed in my system as I use the MK2 a little more. Reason for selling: too many amps. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: One of the best you'll find of this awesome amp. Plenty of info on here as to how great they are. Built like a tank and sound you'd usually pay $$$$ for. Happy to post Oz wide. Will be packed like I'd like to receive it. Pictures:
  9. Item: ME25 Preamp with MM Phono Location: Melb Price: $850 plus postage / fees Item Condition: Has paint deterioration on top but easily resprayed. Had recent service by Trevor at Rage. Please see previous ad link below Reason for selling: different direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal , Bank Transfer Extra Info:Highly regarded pre, of course essential if you have some of the ME power amp models, fantastic value for money. goes well with the 550 I am also selling. Pictures: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/96993-fs-me25-pre-amp/?hl=me25 Like this
  10. Item: ME preamp remote control Location: Sydney Price: Sold Item Condition: good Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A rare original ME preamp remote control, recently serviced and 100% working order. postage Australia wide is $7.50 Any questions please ask Pictures: included
  11. Good afternoon, on a warmish kind of day, have just spent the last 2 days on and off dredging through the old ME threads to glean some direction but (in the words of Bono) I still havent found what I'm looking for. Recently I bought a ME550 on SNA as I was interested to find out what all the fuss is about, and had a bit of a listen but as my system was in flux (I blew it up) it sounded good but didnt leave a lasting impression. With the onslaught of Chri$tmas funds were leaving the building at an alarming rate and I thought it was a good time to rationalise the excessive amps lying around. On went the ME on the classifieds. In the meantime I thought as my setup was stable again (server->Klein Dac 1->, ME25->amp->Duntech princesses) I would try the ME again, and I found I really like it. Now I know its a lowly 550, not hi cap or mega bruiser 1500, but it had a great soundstage, super sweet and detailed and had plenty of go until you really tried to crank it up and even then fairly polite. My question is , is it worth getting another and bridging or biamping? what about running it on the top end and a mega class D on the bottom. Or go up the chain 550 mkII hi cap, 75, 850, etc. It also tickled me that with the ME its pretty much an all Aussie system, (not intended, but pretty cool anyway) What are your thoughts?
  12. Item: ME75B AmplifierLocation: St Kilda East. Will post at cost to buyer. Price: $1200Item Condition: Amazing condition for age. I am to believe this has passed through the systems of some SNA members but can't remember who. I have some photos here but can take more later on. Reason for selling: Have too many amps in storage. I may/will regret selling this amazing amp as it is simply phenomenal. I'm running an ME550HC at the moment which suits the vintage of my ME pre more than this model. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Plenty of content on SNA regarding these amps. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/99064-what-is-the-difference-between-a-me75b-and-me750/#comment-1568529 I'm not a dealer so if you want it posted then take insurance. I will video the amp running my Focals before sending if a local buyer doesn't come forward. Pics below are of actual amplifier.
  13. Item: ME25 Preamplifier with MM Phono stage Location: 3183 St Kilda East Price: $800 Item Condition: Beautiful Condition ME25 as per pictures Reason for selling: Already have an ME14 and bought this to use while I waited for it to come. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3% or bank transfer Extra Info: Great piece of kit that I may regret selling but I need to clear some gear for other shiny things. This pre needs no introduction around these parts. Working on the HT side of things at the moment as I have lots of 2 channel gear Works as it should. I also have an ME550 Mk1 that can go with it if desired. Pictures:
  14. Item: FS: ME25 Preamp and ME550II Hi Cap (Pick-up)Location: Sydney Nth ShorePrice: $2000. Will consider splitting if there are buyers for both items (ME25 - $750; ME550II - $1350)Item Condition: Excellent. The ME25 was purchased from SamZ a few years ago. Has not been serviced since I've owned it as it has operated flawlessly. Does not have the upgraded power supply nor remote control. Has an excellent MM phono stage. The ME-550II Hi Cap has a provenance that few can rival as this was Trevor's personal power amplifier for many years till I purchased from him 18 months ago. Naturally, it is mechanically superb and cosmetically excellent to boot.Reason for selling: Continuing the journey and considering trying something differentPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD OnlyExtra Info: So far this is the best amplifier combination I've heard in my system. The ME25/550II are superbly dynamic and drive my Celestion A3's with remarkable authority. I have no doubt that if I sell this combination, I will come back to ME at some point in my journey but for now, I'm thinking about trying something different and that means the MEs would need to move out. Pick up is preferred and audition is available for serious buyers.Pictures: I will load pictures over the weekend Here's one very poor iPhone pic just to show the combo in its natural habitat...
  15. Item: ME850 Power AmplifierLocation: Belair SA 5052Price: 3000.00Item Condition: 9/10 (took 1 off because there is a slight mark on the front right handle and some very light marks on the top plate)Reason for selling: Currently not used so someone else should use itPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT OnlyExtra Info: So much has been posted regarding these amplifiers. This one is in pristine condition, I am the original owner, used in no smoking, no pet environment. I had it rebuilt 18months ago. Everything was checked and replaced as necessary. The work was undertaken by SA authorised ME tech in discussion with P.Stein. It is in perfect working order. See pictures Pictures: Yes (I tried to get all of my pictures oriented correctly but I admit defeat)
  16. A few weeks ago I took a plunge I probably shouldn't have (for financial reasons) and bought an ME25 from ebay. It turns out that the seller is a member of SNA and I sold him that Cyrus integrated that I didn't feel too fondly of about 2 years ago so we did a bit of catching up (it being a small audio world and all). So I took delivery of this ME25, nice construction, same dimensions as that ME240 of mine, aesthetics are nice and simple, cool. A little wear around the selector knob, can't read the "cd" and two others are half worn off but that's just 20 or so years of use and certainly not a big issue in my view. I was told to give it 3 days of warm up before doing any critical listening, so, naturally, I did not! I gave it two hours or so and then just got too damn curious, I had the Halcro system running the day before so I swapped out the DM8 for the ME25 (no point starting out small, let's go straight to the top!) and settled down with my "female vocals in rock" cd. Well I have to say I liked what I heard, the ME25 gave a much more enjoyable rendition of the female voice than the DM8 (and the DM8 does a pretty good job, as well it should). The entire presentation was a bit smoother and slightly more polished than it felt through the DM8, though I will certainly have to give credit to the Halcro pre in the area of minute detail. The Halcro gets the detail right, but the ME gets it "more listen-ably wrong" I guess you could say. The one big difference I noticed was in the bass, the ME/Halcro combo was light on, where as the pure Halcro combo was quite good (as I have said before, the Halcro bass is generally considered to be slightly light on when compared to what people expect and I contribute much of this to people expecting artificially enhance bass in everything that they like and the Halcro doesn't give them that) but this was quite light, even when I was expecting it to be a little light it was just that bit lighter again. Not a deal breaker as such, the rest of the presentation was good enough that I could forgive this one fault. Besides I can always play with the IC and speaker cables later and see if I can squeeze a little more out of the combo, it took a lot of effort to get the Halcro pre/pwr to really sing in the past so I was pretty happy with my purchase on the very first night. On the second night, after leaving the ME25 turned on all day as advised, I had another listen, and guess what, things had changed. The bass available had moved up from light, gone through heavy, past the levels usually associated with Barry White, beyond the strength needed to cause multiple whale beachings and settled in at about a 9.6 on the Richter Scale, colloquially referred to as "Continent Rending". (Was that too much, I have this strange feeling that the previous sentence might have been too much for anyone who ever posted in that "Things I'm sick of hearing in Audio" thread. Sorry guys, maybe you should just stop reading now! But, for those who are continuing to read the small print, I remember the Burson Timekeepers taking a while to settle in to their bass too, does this happen to all Australian built amps? Anybody know?) Wow! This was bass that was so deep and so slick* and sort of mellow (but a fast flowing mellow, if that makes any sense) that it was instantly addictive, it just sounded so damn good! And not only does it sound so damn good but it does not get in the way of the mids or the top end at all, so it is extremely well behaved bass in addition to being amazingly capable. The massive sound stage of the Halcro combined with the slick, dark background of the ME is an awesome combo. Listeners who like detail and precision may well prefer the Halcro DM8 but for me the combination of the ME25 "polish" and the Halcro DM38 "Tower of Power" gives a sonic presentation that is both pleasant to hear and very emotive, you can feel the music (in your ears and in your chest!) and it is one hell of an experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this combo to anyone who has the chance to hear it! I understand that Halcro DM amps are thin on the ground and stratospheric in price but their MC series (currently available for a big discount for readers of SNA, thanks Mike) is very reasonably priced so one of those fed by an ME pre is also likely to perform very well. I didn't stop there of course, I ran the ME25 with the Burson Timekeepers in their monoblock configuration and rather enjoyed that combo too, a less powerful presence than the Halcro, with less bass and a more open top end. It probably rates very well as a combo but I'm still overawed by the ME/Halcro combination so I'm not sure I can be trusted to be objective on this just yet, maybe in a few weeks, when I've had time for the excitement to die down. The ME25/ME240 combo is very good too, very honest and yet very enjoyable to listen to. I'm not sure the ME240 is giving me everything it can, it is over 25 years old. I have to find employment so I can send it to Zaphod for servicing, until I can do that it probably isn't a fair comparison, even though I'm quite happy with it in general. I've put this Thread up as a poll (my first, hope it works) because I've seen many threads regarding ME products that drag on (and decend into the argument abyss) and I'm interested in comments from people who may have opinions based on experience with the brand rather than opinions based on experience with others who may, or may not, have experience with the brand. In addition to the poll I've got a question, has anyone else out there ever matched up an ME pre and a Halcro power amp? I'm wondering if I'm the first to put these two Aussie Icons together. *Slick, a combination of slippery and smooth (smooth often brings to mind a sort of slow bass that lingers and this is not that at all so slick is a sort of "fast, articulate kind of smooth").
  17. I would like to know what these amps are worth: ME24 (steel case, excellent condition inside and out) ME200 (bought new 1997, MINT condition) I have the original boxes for both. Cheers
  18. G'day everyone. Recently I've come into the possession of a ME100 amplifier after someone left it out for council pickup. On start up it blows its fuse (2.5A 250V). opened it up to find a regulator bolt shorting it to a transistor. i separated the two, it's still blowing fuses. The Left Chanel still plays beautifully, so it hasnt blown the transformer (although, i have a hunch that the transformer is indestructible. just looking at it). i know there are a few guys on here that are well versed in ME amps. I would just replace both components, but i've heard that a lot of care goes onto choosing components for these amps. Any recommendations? i would appreciate any advice.
  19. Hi SNA members please find listed below some of our current pre-loved items on offer! The products listed below are available for inspection but not audition. The components were traded in full working order and will be sold with all faults if any. The ME amplifiers were owned by a single customer and have not been advertised elsewhere at this stage! I have provided web links where available for your further information, however feel free to contact us with any enquires. ME-555 3X100watt power amplifier, Great condition with manual no box $1,600 (not high Cap) PRICE DROP! ME-550 series I 2X100watt power amplifier, Great condition this unit has a series II front facia and has the original packaging plus documentation $800 (not high Cap modified to work with any pre-amp)(SOLD) ME-550 series II 2X100watt power amplifier, Great condition and has the original packaging plus documentation $900 (not high cap) (SOLD) Cambridge Audio 650C CD Player black with Box $150 (SOLD) Denson B420 Silver with Gizmo remote black $1,500 for both EX demo Audio Analogue Paganini silver CD player with box $1,850 EX demo Unison CDE CD player black with box $3,000 EX demo with warranty Arcam AVR-400 AV receiver grey with box $2,000 EX demo with warranty Arcam CD-37 CD player silver with box $1,950 EX demo with warranty Toshiba HDEX1 HDDVD player $100 (SOLD) AMC 3025 2X30watt integrated amplifier no remote $100 Yamaha A-S700 2X90watt integrated amplifier black plus Yamaha CD-S700 CD player black combination with boxes $850 for the two items Vienna Bach Grand loudspeakers with boxes $1,500 the pair Vienna Beethoven Baby Grand with boxes $3,000 the pair (SOLD) Martin Logan Motif active centre speaker with box $2053 Brand new with warranty Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Mini iPod dock (30pin) with box $355 EX demo with warranty Chord Signature 1.8 meter full range speaker cable with spades both ends $500 the pair Rega SC42 3 meter full range speaker cable with gold Audioquest bananas each end $200 the pair Please call us on 02 9899 9079 or castlehill@sydneyhifi.com.au with any sales enquires, we are happy to help!
  20. Item:ME850 AMP Location: BILAMBIL HEIGHTS Price: $2000 ono Item Condition: Great working condition Reason for selling: Need money asap Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great amp for a great price Pictures:
  21. Item: ME 850 Power Amplifier Location: Sydney Price: $2400.00 Item Condition: Electronically Excellent; Cosmetically Fair Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: Hi, For sale is my ME850 Power Amplifier. It’s in good condition electronically, working well in my system at present. It has been checked and serviced by Rage Audio and all is ok – the capacitors have all been replaced, as is usual practice with audio equipment over time. It’s about 20 years old but still performing admirably. Currently paired with an ME25 running Legend Acoustics Kantu 6's. Some extra info on this amplifier - some of this was mentioned earlier in another thread. The black face plate with the power button was made by a local professional engraver (not your average shopping mall engraver) using aluminium and an ME graphic template kindly supplied by Rage Audio so that the lettering is 'authentic'. The aluminium was 'deep fried', 'electrofied' 'electosomething' (can't remember the process); engraved and with gold paint delicately filled in. The same place stripped the air vents on either side of the face plate and gave them two coats of black paint. The foam behind the air vents was replaced by Rage Audio. As mentioned, the caps have been done and the foam around the fan has been replaced too. Its audio performance is, in a word, astonishing! Those seriously interested are welcome to have a listen. Thanks for having a look. Oh, maybe it's electroplating?
  22. Item: ME750 power amp Location: Adelaide. Will post nationally at cost, but it's heavy. Price: EOI Item Condition: Excellent, internally better than new, see below Reason for selling: Downgrading - this is too much amp for me, I've changed to more sensitive speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: No marks or scratches externally except some slight polishing scuffs on the top, though you'd have to hold the amp up to the light to see them. If you can. Completely rebuild by Paul Fenwick, SA's only qualified ME repairs as recommended by Peter Stein. Bought second hand from a dealer who claimed it was fully serviced, he lied - I spent over half my asking price getting it restored in early 2012. I'll offer a six month warranty if you find any defect, as this amp is built like a tank. Note - you will hear the fan working once you switch it off into 'stand by' mode, as this is a cool down cycle. The fan is inaudible in use. This is not a defect. Paul's build notes from our emails: "In summary the ME750 has been completely rebuilt with new top quality electrolytic capacitors where needed and known trouble spots as well as mods to size and voltage ratings of many electrolytic capacitors as suggested by Peter. This has been performed on all boards in the amplifier including the control board which has also had new IC’s fitted as well as the caps. I have also installed copper shielding around the aux/secondary transformer (supplies voltage for IC’s only) as well as fitting new fan support foam. Repairs to the printed circuit board on one channel were performed and new driver transistors fitted (I see this often and have developed a fix for it that is both electrically and mechanically perfect). Repairs to flat multi core control cables were also undertaken. The ME750 has been running beautifully now for the last 24 hours continuously (soak test and measurements)and sounds stunning. I have just re-biased it yet again and DC offset is now zero as it should be (was 600mV on the left channel which I was not happy with and it turned out to be an intermittent resistor and out of spec zener diode killing the servo IC). New filter material has been fitted and it is filtering as it restricts the air flow just enough to raise the heat sink air temperature by 10-15 degrees C when in place and maintaining an average temp of 55 degrees C over 24 hours at varying volume levels. Time spent on this amp would run into 100’s of hours (21 hours were spent on disassembly of the entire amp and cleaning all the old sticky foam out of every nook and cranny and off the printed circuit boards and components)!" And the nameless dealer I bought it from admits: "The end result however, seems to be that you now have an amplifier with better than new performance and with a replacement value of probably $5500. So although this has been a drawn out exercise the end result is pretty good for your musical enjoyment." Pictures:
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