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Found 6 results

  1. Item: Lenco motor Price Range: approx $70 Item Condition: Used but in excellent condition Extra Info: looking for an original Swiss made Lenco motor, it doesn't have to be an 88 motor as the L-75 etc motors are the same dimensions. However must be in 'silent' condition. Can do pick up anywhere near Sydney or most of NSW and ACT. Thanks for looking.
  2. hello Just moved to Australia. Sydney. in Kiev i had: 1. lenco 75 rebuild , 30kg plint, +rb300 (cardas) + miyajima spirit ( true mono) ====> denon 320 =====> leben rs30 ( or EAR 834) 2. rega p25 + grado master (mm) ====> denon 320 =====> leben rs30 ( or EAR 834) EAR ===> MArantz pm11s2 (or Leben cs600) ==== > 47labs lense cables: TCL viper + 47labs cd and tuner- not a big lover... thank you. hope to build something similar here soon. currently for new system i have only Miyajima Shilabe (due to the airline's weight limitation )
  3. Having a vinyl collection laying dormant for many years and with the forced upgrade of a pre amp last year, I took the plunge and decided to get back into vinyl. I now have a Sound Reference turntable which to my ears plays very well, is easy to use and seems to do everything right. I have upgraded the cartridge to a Benz Micro Glider and I am blown away by the dynamics. A much more immediate and involving presentation than my CD player and I couldn't be happier. But I have this itch. The upgrade itch. I am considering buying another turntable. I will probably hang on to the SR turntable, but that could change depending on what I end up with. I will obviously keep the cartridge to use in the new turntable. I never knew there was such a passion for "old" turntables until I joined this forum. The workmanship in restoring and upgrading some of these beauties is incredible. And then I see the technical advances of the "newies" like the Kuzma, the Avid and the Pro-Ject RPM10 , I wonder will these "newies" outplay the oldies? Or are the oldies still doing the basics right and they also have the added attraction of being a piece of the past and still stand up and play with the best of them today. I do have a leaning towards bespoke products and could really see myself with a couple of turntables set up in the lounge room and just spinning away and thinking life is good....glass of red ....sorry about that, back on topic. So if I am looking towards an upgrade and considering what I am using now, what would be the next best step forward in my turntable evolution? As I am prepared to consider new and pre-loved, my budget is flexible and is between$1000 and $3000 for turntable and arm. I have trawled the classifieds here and there are some that catch my eye and some that I think are probably sold but still listed as FS. But again, I am looking for an upgrade so I am not really sure which ones would fall into that category. I really have a lot to learn about turntables in general and hope that I could get a range of opinions from the learned vinyl lovers and turntable "experts" in this forum. Maybe "upgrade" is the wrong angle and I should be looking towards a different flavour, a different sound, a different look. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers, Steve
  4. hello, I have a Linear Design GST 1 with Jelco arm, can't see a Jelco model number bought second hand about 20 years ago so its probably 30+ years old It makes a noise when spinning platters now and the sound output is poor Any opinions on whether this type of turntable is worth spending money or just spend $500 on a new budget Rega or Project have also read good comments re old Lenco turntables but do Lenco fans like the new ones like this budget model? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Lenco-L-82-Turntable-with-USB-Recording-Built-in-Pre-amp-/121153455958?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item1c354f0756&_uhb=1 thanks for any opinions
  5. Hi everybody, I have just found this site and am looking forward to making a contribution. I have been reconditioning/restoring old and damaged Thorens and Lenco turntables for a couple of years and love doing it. I have completed an TD 135, L70, cut down L75 with L70 arm, L75s, L75 and a CBA83n. I have posted some pics below. I am currently restoring a very badly damaged TD125, and have started building some simple pre amps. L75s L75 L70 TD135 CBA83n L75/70
  6. Hey guys, I am hoping that someone here will be able to help. I am currently using a PTP Lenco idler and have another spare, however I have a Teres Audio bearing sitting around as the trees platter that I was going to use is warped. I had it repaired however the repair/machining never worked. I have decided to use the idler from the Lenco and have a platter machined to fit the bearing. This is where I need help, firstly with the platter material as I really do not want to use acrylic, I was thinking more along the lines of bronze, copper, slate or ............? Secondly I need someone able to machine the platter? I am hoping that someone out there will be able to help. Cheers Greg
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