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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I have two identical amps that are humming, which can be (faintly) heard at the speakers as well. My setup is PC, into USB DAC, out via Shielded Balanced Cables, into (4x) Power Amps. All equipment is fed from a single 2GPO power point using 2 extensions boards. I have done the following testing: Only Amp turned on, no input cables; humming amp and speakers Only Amp turned on using 2 lead cable, no input cables; humming amp and speakers Only Amp turned on using different power point, no input cables; humming amp and speakers Only Amp turned on, with input cables connected (to switched off DAC); humming amp and speakers Wholes system turned on, with input cables connected; humming amp and speakers Only Amp turned on, with cables connected, but disconnected from DAC and freely hanging in space; humming on amp and speakers intensify and changes in rhythm and tonality by introducing some buzzing. Different Amp, with input cables connected; no humming amp or speaker Both identical amp produce the same problems, and my other 2 amp are fine . Can someone help me understand what is going on? Is there some kind of ground loop, DC offset, or are my amps starting to fail? Edit: Different setup in the house with a tube amplifier, same kind of problem. Buzzing can be heard on the speaker, but not on the amp.
  2. Hello, i have a wonderful set of Weston Acoustics hand made by Earle and they are stunning, a combo of the time machine and the 300b's mono blocks but i really have an earth hum or noise that i need to try to eradicate. Any thoughts. I might need a sparky to put in a clean circuit to the hi-fi, i tried a Thor and also an Isotek but still mildly noisy at a metre or so from the speakers, thanks Adam
  3. G'day all I have a Tivoli Audio Model One B1 radio, that is ~18months old. It has developed a most-annoying-hum. It is so annoying, i cant stand to listen to the radio. I have been to the Tivoli website, with no info there about the problem existing. So, has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it, or is it another situation where it costs more to have a service agent repair than replace. If you know, should I contact Tivoli direct, or via the retailer? Things should last MUCH MUCH longer than this.
  4. I know there always threads popping up with hum problems and I always thought poor bugger! Just got an ARC SP11 MkII and I have hum. It's not low level transformer hum it's higher pitched than that and gets louder as I turn volume up. My TT arm is grounded to the SP11 and it made no difference when I connected an alligator lead from the SP11 to a gnd point on my 2A3 power amp. When I engage the mute switch on the SP11 the hum is gone. Not sure what else I can say to help diagnosis but feel free to chime in. Cheers
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