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  1. Howdy Folks, Long time lurker, first time poster! moving into a new place shortly as pictured below, this will be the living room space i will have my HT setup. dimensions 5.8m long x 3.7m wide with open plan to kitchen and dining area behind camera. ideally i would like to have a 7.1.4 setup(sub woofer to come) in the room, this may however not be ideal or be possible given where the furniture will be placed(same as pictured) i would like opinions on how you would set this room up for greatest audio experience. biggest concerns are a. placement of side and rear surround ( i would like a good rear sound stage if possible O_O) b. best options for Atmos ceiling speaker placement options( speakers to be purchased ) Equipment Yamaha RX-A3070 receiver PSB Image 5.0 setup (Towers/Centre/bookshelf) + 2 x PSB bookshelf and C40 centre. C8 Oled tv many thanks in advance Jim Hi All,
  2. $1700 for the big 250s on their own. I recommend grabbing the 240c it's a great speaker at less than 1/2 RRP here. The 250s weigh in at 30kg each so local pickup only. Pictures make them look small but they are 44.5 inches tall with twin 8 inch bass drivers. The centre speaker uses the same tweeter and midrange driver as the towers and the blend across the front stage is excellent. Can demo for interested buyers. Please check out my other listings: FS: Nelson Audio Image Monoblock Amplifiers (EL34)
  3. Used Klipsch 5.1 speaker pack. This kit comes with the newer version of the Synergy series, including the F20 towers, C10 center, S10 surround speakers and a SW450 ported subwoofer as standard. Pickup in Ferntree Gully or Footscray. Please view the Synergy series via the link below. PERFECT HARMONY. As the best value in high-performance entertainment, the Synergy Series is the perfect union of great sound and contemporary beauty. Our exclusive Tractrix® Horn technology and aluminum tweeters deliver a powerful, dynamic sound that has long placed Synergy speakers at the forefront of affordable luxury. Lightweight IMG woofer cones enhance the listening experience by creating tight and well-defined bass. A new Linear Travel Suspension minimizes distortion for crisp, clear high frequencies. Not only sonically pleasing, the Synergy Series’ sleek black ash vinyl finish complements any home décor. Features: Dual F-20 Floorstanding Speakers C-10 Center Channel Speaker Dual S-10 Surround Speakers SW-450 Subwoofer Black Ash Vinyl Finish
  4. Hi everyone its been a little while since writing on these forums, however I have had the privilege to be able to officially get hold of a paradigm defiance subwoofer and review it for over a month and see what it has to offer for its price. so here I go. Paradigm is known for there great sounding speakers, I've personally listened to them and have always commended their sound quality, however I was courious to see how their subs would perform given a price tag of about $999, that's where the defiance V10 comes in. This subwoofer is the latest generation of subs that paradigm has to offer which is part of the 'V' series of subwoofers in the defiance range, paradigm also offers an upgraded series of subwoofers in the defiance range called the 'X' series, in which those subwoofers feature more power and includes a bigger 15" subwoofer model in the range. Features: The Defiance V10 features a front firing 10" driver (hence the name 'V10') in a ported enclosure, however unlike some subwoofers such as the Krix Seismix 3 MK7 or the SVS PB-1000 which features the port in front, the V10 features it on the bottom of the sub making it a down ported configuration which usually means that the type of floor can affect the way this subwoofer would perform. On the back of the V10 is a 120 watt rms/ 240 watt peak amplifier, it features two low level rca inputs with one of them being an LFE input ( this input bypasses the sub's internal crossover to allow full crossover control from an AV Receiver/Processor), the V10 also features high level speaker inputs as well, however it only accepts banana plugs and not just bare wire. The V10 has a power mode switch and a setting to switch between local and app control for the V10, speaking of apps, the V10 is app controlled via the "Paradigm Subwoofer Control" app, which allows full control of the subwoofer on a smart device from your seat and because the V10 features Anthem's ARC room correction via a separate app ("Anthem ARC Mobile"), you have the option of either using your phone as the set-up microphone or you can get the optional dedicated microphone. Setup: I had the V10 setup with my Polk Signature speakers which is configured as a 5.1.2 Dolby atmos/ DTS X, I had the S20 bookself speakers as my fronts, the S30 as the centre and two pairs of S10's in which one pair does surround and the other pair does the height Dolby atmos/ DTS X effects. the AV receiver powering up the whole system is a Yamaha RX-V1083 (same as RX-A1070) with the Sony UBP-X700 as the media source. As far as crossovers go, I had the front three speakers set to 80Hz and the surrounds and effects channels set to 90Hz. I connected the V10 via the LFE input and had the sub placed between the left and centre speaker as that was where the V10 like most of my subs performed best. I did the rest of the set-up for the V10 using the apps and ran the Anthem ARC room correction via "Anthem ARC Mobile" using my Samsung Galaxy A20 mobile device as my set-up microphone (not the most accurate way to set-up the sub, but it was good enough), then I went into the " Paradigm Subwoofer Control" app where I had the level set to '-12" (the range is -40 to +8 I believe) and the phase was at 0 degrees, I didn't set the crossover as I already connected the sub to LFE. Performance: After the setup and calibration, I decided to play some music content (in stereo mode 2.1ch) starting with "Phil Collins live at Montreux 2004" on standard Blu-ray to see how well the V10 can reproduce the sound of drums and see how well it can handle the complexity of two drum sets, overall the V10 performed very admirably, thanks to the Anthem ARC room correction, each kick drum was reproduced clean and tight without any noticeable overhang and complexity of the drums was handled nicely with each hit sounding well defined without sounding like a one note wonder, it doesn't have as much kicking energy as the Krix Seismix 3 MK7, but it still remains cleaner than the SVS PB-1000. When playing "In the air tonight" and the bass played, the V10 gave a very satisfying performance where it made a nice transfer of bass energy into my listening area almost giving the impression that I was there, once again the V10 still playing clean but smooth, I played other music content as well such as; Nils Lofgren (bass and drum solo), Dire Straits (money for nothing), Bee Gees (live by request: massachusetts) and Lifehouse (hanging by a moment). Throughout listening to music the V10 performed consistently well and I didn't feel that the V10 needed any further adjustment for improvement in its music playback, so that's a big thumbs up to Anthem's ARC room correction. After finishing with music, it was movie time and for that I started with "BumbleBee" on Ultra HD Blu-ray, I watched the whole movie and all the while observing how well the V10 can handle 'LFE' effects. The V10 produced some satisfying effects, rumbling effects sounded quite convincing with some good punch and soundtracks sounded nice and cinematic and it was quite exciting to listen to, particularly the fight scene between BumbleBee and Dropkick and Shatter, punches and kicks as well as blaster fire shots were reproduced solidly and they didn't sound like the same bass thud, they sounded separate making it easy to tell the difference between a blaster gun and a punch. I then moved on to "Finding Nemo" to where Marlin and Dory are inside a whale, in this scene are some aggressive rumbles when the whale stops and when the whale is talking to Dory, this scene has plagued some subs that I've had in the past sometimes producing a lot of port noise or the woofer would bottom out, however the V10 handled it pretty good, I did have my ear near the port as well to see if there was port noise and I couldn't detect it. I did also play some other movies such as; Transformers (the last knight), Kong Skull Island, Godzilla (king of monsters), Star Wars (the phantom menace) and Tron (Legacy). In all those movies the V10 performed quite solidly, however it wasn't without issue though and this is probably due to the 120wrms amplifier, it doesn't handle dynamics as well as some of the more higher powered competitors in the same price range, this is especially the case when playing "Transformers (the last knight)" and "Godzilla (king of monsters)" where big explosions at times can sound a little underwhelming and if you push the sub level any higher to hear those big explosions to a more satisfactory level it will compress and it is noticeable. Competition: Krix Seismix 3 MK7: this is currently the sub that I own and have always been impressed by its overall performance, so how does it compare to the Paradigm Defiance V10? well in terms of features, the V10 is the way to go if you want app control capabilities and a good range of inputs including high level inputs, which the Seismix 3 MK7 does not have and the V10 has room correction whereas the Seismix 3 MK7 doesn't have that, however if great overall power and performance is what you are looking for then the tables do turn in favour of the Seismix 3 MK7, it has 350 watts rms whereas the V10 only has 120 watts rms and despite the advantage of room correction the Seismix 3 MK7 did better overall, while the V10 did well in music playback, the Seismix 3 MK7 did it better, it had more energy to give and was more engaging, but at the same time its clean and tight. when it came to movies the Seismix 3 MK7 did way better than the V10 mainly because of the power difference which means Seismix 3 MK7 didn't compress at high volume or with high dynamic effects like the V10 did. SVS PB-1000: being a previous owner of a PB-1000, I know that If great movie performance is what you are looking for then it has to be the PB-1000, it has more power then the Paradigm Defiance V10 (300 watts rms vs 120 watts rms) and due to this power difference the PB-1000 like the Seismix 3 MK7 would not compress at higher volume like the V10 did and the PB-1000 does go a bit lower as well, but once again if high tech features, room correction and musicality is what you are after then between the PB-1000 and the V10, its going to be the V10, it plays cleaner and tighter than the PB-1000 and has a bit better definition as well. Yamaha NS-SW300: I use to own the NS-SW300 and in terms of looks it does make a statement for itself, this subwoofer covers all the basics well in terms of features, it even has high level speaker inputs and outputs, but Paradigm Defiance V10 does once again have app control and room correction and it does show when come to the sound, it sounds way cleaner and tighter than the NS-SW300 which translate to better musical performance. When it comes to movies as well the V10 does better than the NS-SW300, its more cinematic and sounds goes a bit lower as well whereas the NS-SW300 sounds like its struggling to hit lower frequencies at high volume below 35Hz and starts rattling pretty badly when trying to hit those lower frequencies. Conclusion: Overall the Paradigm Defiance V10 is quite a nice subwoofer, it has some great features and I'd definitely called it a smart subwoofer given that it has smart device app control and an excellent Anthem ARC room correction system which in turn made the V10 a solid musical performer and it does quite well in movies, however for almost the same price you can more powerful offerings from other brands that may be better especially for movie content that has a heavy demand in the LFE effects. Pros: > App control >Room correction >Solid music performance >High level inputs Cons: > Only 120 watts RMS > struggles with movies at high volume and high dynamics > competition offers more power for similar price
  5. Item: 3 seater Home Theatre recliners & matching 2 seater lounge Location: Sutherland Shire, Sydney NSW Price: $1200 ONO Item Condition: excellent (recliner) - good (lounge) Reason for selling: building new theatre require more seating Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: Please note that only the 3 cinema seats are recliners with headrests. The two seater is a regular couch with no headrests. The 3 recliners all detach into single units for transport, but they are still quite heavy as they're made of steel and hardwood. Description of the chairs: • Kiln dried hardwood frame • Pre glued frame joints for extra strength • High quality plush "Comfortec" cushioning • Zig zag steel suspension instead of cheap webbing • Ergonomic design to suit all shapes & sizes • Top quality leather (Leather is graded into 3 tiers) Colour is "Shiraz" • The optional headrests are height and tilt adjustable Located in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney. Transport is at buyers expense. Original RRP was over $6,200 for these high quality Australian made recliners from the manufacturer. Open to offers around $1,200 would be fair. Photos:
  6. For the first time, I have a dedicated room for HT and Gaming and I have finally finished the acoustic treatment of the room. To create this space of 3.4 x 4.9 x 2.5 meter, I had to move the laundry, toilet and bathroom and knock some walls down. Yes…….. the missus really, really loves me. I had a look at soundproofing the room but decided to not go through with that idea, because the room was rather smallish to begin with and the build a bit complicated, with all the different walls and joist intersecting with each other and with the rest of the house. The room has a double brick outer wall with an air gap in between it, as the front and the right wall. The front wall also has a window in it behind the AT screen. The left wall is a solid double brick internal wall. The ceiling has a couple of 200mm exposed roof joist with some timber on top, 100mm insulation and a flat sheet metal roof. The back wall is newly constructed and is made out of 17mm plywood with 10mm gyprock on top, on both sides, with insulation in between. And the floor is a solid concrete slab. This room is rather solid and therefor rather challenging regarding bass issues. All treatment is DIY, and the total material cost for acoustic treatment is around $1100 AUD. The screen wall is a timber frame held up by corner (bass trapping) towers, resting on top of the floor boards, and locked into place by screwing it into the roof joists. It is sitting 550mm from the front wall and is basically functioning as one giant bass absorption trap with 50mm Autex High Density insulation. The wall around the screen has been finished with 6mm MDF sheets with a RPG binary pattern as a finish, and to bring some reflections back into the room. The area behind the AT screen is fully covered in insulation, except for the center speaker. The coverage of unexposed absorption of the front wall is roughly 60%. This improved clarity and sound stage a lot. It also helped with decay rates in the bass frequency. Enough to improve bass clarity, but not enough to even out the decay rate over the full LF frequency range. The bulk heads around the ceiling have been added on later and consist out of 10mm gyprock with more insulation behind them. The rest of the ceiling has been covered in a binary slat pattern that is hung from the 200mm exposed roof joist, and the space between the roof joist has been filled with more insulation again. The coverage of unexposed absorption on the ceiling is roughly 38% I found that this improved stage depth the most. The back of the room has been treated with panels made from the same 6mm MDF binary pattern and Autex insulation and have been mounted at various distances from the wall, 50-100-150mm. I had the mount one on a hinge as it was covering the door. I found this to be a big improvement in clarity and precision of tracking in sound effects. Thanks to clever placement of subwoofers and listen position I have been able to create a LF response for subs and full range front speakers, without any nulls and only need to cut off peaks to receive a flat SPL response. The frequency response of the decay times is less than flat due to the rooms solid build, but doesn’t kick in for the first 20ms, which isn’t too bad. All in all I am quite happy with the outcome, but isn’t my best work regarding finish, as I have favored speed instead of a quality finish.
  7. Can I preface this by saying I've never owned a television in my life...so please excuse my ignorance :) I'm building my own home as an owner builder in Brisbane. I have allowed for a dedicated home theatre / listening room. The steel frames are about to go up so I figured now was a good time to start planning. It will be approx 6m x 4.3m. I'm hoping for a row of 5 seats at the back on a raised platform and then two x two seats as per the attached image. I'm hoping for a 140" projector screen that I will make. I got a bit excited, and have been buying speakers and an AV receiver over the xmas break. So far, I've bought Denon AVC-X8500H receiver 2 x PMC twenty.25 floorstanders 2 x PMC twenty.23 floorstanders 2 x ELAC BS244 bookshelf speakers 1 x SVS PB3000 subwoofer I'm hoping for both a high quality music listening experience as well as full Dolby Atmos. I've been offered a good price on a pair of PMC twenty5.21 bookshelf speakers as well as a PMC Twenty5.C centre speaker. The floor of the cinema is 200mm thick concrete suspended about 2m in the air. The wall frames will be bluescope steel frames. I'm hoping for great accoustics in the room as well as great soundproofing so that very little noise escapes the room. I have a few general questions 1. Soundproofing - Once the steel frames go in, I was going to green glue a layer of plasterboard onto them. I was then going to construct a new set of timber frames internally and green glue two layers of plasterboard onto this. This will give separation between the two walls. There is a floor to ceiling window, but it is triple glazed and thermally broken. I will then make some heavy curtains to hang floor to ceiling around the room. I will then have a drop ceiling with stary night lighting. Does this sound like it will be sufficient to keep the noise from escaping ? Any suggested improvements. 2. Room size and shape - As I am building internal walls, I have great flexibilty over the shape and size of the room. It there a suggested size that I should make the room to minimise standing waves and improve the accoustics ? 3. Speaker placement and dolby atmos choice - I've looked into the Dolby Atmos setup guides. I suspect the room is too small for 6 ceilings, so was going to go with Atmos 7.2.4. Is this the best choice for the room size ? I'm guessing the twenty.25 should be front left and right and the twenty.23 should be back left and right ? If I get a second subwoofer, will the PB1000 or 2000 suffice or should I get another 3000? Will mixing the ELAC speakers with the PMC be ok or should I buy the PMC bookshelves ? How important is it to get high quality ceiling speakers ? I'm assuming that the dont have to be PMC as they are really only used for limited sections of the movie sound ? 4. Accoustic treatment - I have a company that produces stretched canvas prints for artists and photographers. I was thinking of printing movie style posters and then stretching them over 50mm deep frames and filling the back with accoustic foam. Is this likely to work ? The canvas is cotton. My post is long and there are a lots of questions. I would appreciate any input about anything that you have to offer. Thank you in advance.
  8. Item: 1 x Silver Centre, 2 x Silver 6 Floor standing speakers (L&R), 2 x Silver FX Surrounds (complete 5.0 system) Location: Wollongong Price: $2000 including donation to stereonet Item Condition: Excellent, pristine Reason for selling: Moved House decided to sell as complete package. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is an entire 5.0 speaker system at an excellent price. It includes the following: silver 6 L/R floor standing speakers, Silver Centre and Silver FX Surrounds. This is the 5th generation silver series (i.e. the previous model to the current silver series). They are in a luxurious gloss black. They were purchased in 2016 and are in pristine condition (inspection welcome)- they have the balance of the 5 year warranty and I have all receipts. They are great sounding speakers for both music and movies. They have never even been misused or pushed hard. These speakers cost me around $5000 new. They are all tonally matched with matching 6 inch bass drivers and gold c cam tweeters. I am only selling because we have bought a new house and I made a deal with my wife. I would give up the 5.1 setup to fit better in the new house but I was allowed to get an upgraded 3.1 setup. Pickup will be from my address near Wollongong. I am happy to deliver for free though in the greater Sydney or even Canberra area just ask me and we can work something out. Buyer will not be disappointed! Happy to take further photos or accommodate an inspection. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Item: SHERBOURN PA 2-250 POWER AMPLIFIER Location:PORT MACQUARIE, NSW - MID NORTH COAST Price: $750 Item Condition: VERY GOOD 8/10 Reason for selling: NO LONGER REQUIRED - TOO MUCH GEAR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, DEPOSIT Extra Info: Up for sale is my Sherbourn PA 2-250 power amplifier. For those who don't know, this was the predecessor of the very popular Emotiva XPA-2. 2 x 250w @8 ohms, 2 x 500w @4 ohms XLR and balanced inputs Trigger inputs and outputs Huge torodial power supply Weighs in at 22kg I was using this amplifier with a set of magnepan mg12's I recently rebuilt the frames and crossovers for. I was previously using a Harmon Kardon citation 12 for the Maggies with no compliants, but after the recent modifications , the Maggies dug that much deeper into the bass region that the HK was having a hard time, and got quite a bit warmer than it normally did when a bit of Dire Straits was played...... I found the Sherbourn had a very similar sonic signature to my lovely old HK, but boy could it dig lower without even a hint of breaking a sweat. So much so were the new crossovers, frames and amp working together that well that the lower register was at the point of being detrimental. I made the Maggies into a three way system, put the HK back into the system to cover the mid and top end, and run 2 x 12" sealed subs for the bottom end. And with that, the Sherbourn went back into the box. Would make a great home theatre front channel amplifier, stereo amplifier, or another Maggie owner wanting 500w x 2 @ 4ohms without breaking the budget ( or marriage ). Prefer local pick up as the weight is above some freight carriers limits, and once they know it's second hand audio gear, they won't cover for damage...... been there and done it a few times in the past.......unless you're wanting to pay hundreds of dollars extra ( TNT won't cover for loss ??? only damage ) My username on ebay is also rawcraftwood, so you can look on there for an indication of my feedback. I'm not a trader or seller of audio gear, I'm just like the rest of us, bitten by that darn upgradeitus bug......continually looking for that audio Nirvana. Fleabay is no longer what it used to be 5 years ago, too many crazy people......so I don't sell on there anymore. I have a few other amplifiers to list over the coming weeks....same thing, am happy with the current setup/s and no need to change anymore. I can put the funds to other projects. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Item: Emotiva A5175 amp Location: Gold coast Price: $1200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: upgraded to 7 channel Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD . Can post at your expense Extra Info: 175w into 8ohms 250w into 4ohms Almost new condition. Around one year old Has original box and accessories Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Item: Emotiva UMC-200 HT Pre-Processor Location: Balwyn, Vic Price: $410 ($10 Forum Donation) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR (went Atmos) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Preferred the sound of this amp over my Marantz AV8801 (which I sold here) Have box incl setup mic, remote and all accessories. Happy to post at buyers expense. https://hometheaterreview.com/emotiva-umc-200-71-channel-av-preamp-reviewed/
  12. Item: DALI PHANTOM S-280 in-wall speakers pair in NEW unused condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $7,590.00 Item Condition: Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit card on pick up, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost The PHANTOM S-280 is a no compromise in-wall power-house of a loudspeaker with two 8” bass/mid-range drivers, two 10” passive radiators and a rotatable hybrid tweeter module. It delivers clean, coherent, detailed, powerful and room filling sound. And still it features a slim cabinet that fits into almost any standard wall. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Item: DALI SUB K-14 F powered subwoofer in black, ex demo condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $1,695.00 Item Condition: Ex demo Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit Card on pick up, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost Whether the task is to fill the room with stereo music or to feel the subtle tremor from a movie soundtrack the new DALI SUB K-14 F will deliver! Build around a 14” aluminium long stroke woofer and with a 500 watts class D amplifier the DALI SUB K-14 F has the power and the control for both impressive movie- and delightful music reproduction. Connect the sub to your amplifier through LFE or line-out, and prepare to be pushed down in your seat. Find other DALI Subwoofers or take a look at our loudspeaker series. Features of the SUB K-14 F 14” aluminium long stroke woofer 500 watts class D amplifier Solid aluminium base Black gloss cabinet Comes with box. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  14. Item: DALI PHANTOM S-80 in-wall speakers pair in NEW unopened condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $2,990.00 Item Condition: NEW in a box Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only, Credit card on delivery, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost The PHANTOM S-80 is the most compact in-wall speaker in the range. With its 8 inch bass/mid-range woofer working in combination with the rotatable hybrid tweeter module, it delivers a clear and well-defined audio reproduction - including a surprising bass performance. - The relative compactness of the PHANTOM S-80 makes it perfect for any placement in your audio system. Front, centre, rear or high positions. The compact and slim cabinet offers a full frequency response similar to that of a floorstanding loudspeaker, but without sacrificing valuable living room space. It delivers a no compromise in-wall audio performance with the use of proven speaker technologies. This includes our characteristic wood fibre cones, low-loss rubber surround, solid MDF front baffle, our signature hybrid tweeter module and our superior innovative magnet design including a SMC pole piece. All models are built around a rotatable hybrid tweeter module making them easy to install for any audio use – be it stereo, centre channel or surround. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. Item: DALI OPTICON VOKAL centre speaker in black ex display condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $725.00 Item Condition: Ex display condition Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - COD, Credit card on pick up, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost Also the component that handles the bulk of the direct front action, choosing an effective centre loudspeaker is essential to the whole home cinema experience. This is why we designed the VOKAL to be a fool-proof hit in any home, both in terms of performance and physicality. Firstly, armed with our sublime 6½ inch low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer, Hybrid Tweeter module and front-pointing bass port, you can be assured that the action on the screen in front of you is seamlessly soundtracked, with deftly handled detail drawing you deeper in. Perfect with any of the compact speakers in the series, but at the same time powerful enough to match just about any set of speakers. Secondly, with an eye on practicality, the OPTICON VOKAL has also been designed to fit most makes of Hi-Fi furniture due to the front facing bass ports, meaning it can be neatly stowed away – a plus point for aesthetically minded home owners and home cinema custom installers alike. But it will work just as well out in the open. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. Item: Elite Screens ezCinema F100NWH 100 Inch 16:9 Portable Projector Screen Location: Kew, Vic Price: $400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR, moving house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a fantastic HT screen that can be adjusted for different heights and easily packs away. Local pickup only and you'd want a longish vehicle to safely transport this. More info: https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/elite-screens-ezcinema-f100nwh-100-inch-16-9-portable-projector-screen-maxwhite.html
  17. Item: DALI OPTICON 2 bookshelf speakers in black Location: Leichhardt Price: $1,049.00 Item Condition: Ex display condition Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit card, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost The DALI OPTICON 2 is our second compact stand-mount option that builds upon the power of the OPTICON 1 with a sizeable 6½ inch low-loss Wood Fibre Woofer and a 28 mm ultra-light Soft Dome Tweeter to make it musically meatier and bringing a little more muscle to the party. The OPTICON 2's 6½ inch woofer and the more voluminous cabinet make this loudspeaker a true 2-way compact performer. The size of the woofer is matched with a large 28 mm soft dome tweeter to bring out every detail in the audio signal. Exactingly engineered to extract every last nuance from your music, the use of DALI’s unique SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) magnet motor system (originally developed for the EPICON range) means audio that comes almost completely free from distortion thanks to the SMC’s low-level electrical conductivity. Expect nothing but a dynamic, well-defined and powerful audio reproduction from this loudspeaker. Comes with boxes Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  18. Item: Dali Rubicon 5, floor standing speakers in walnut veneer Location: Leichhardt Price: $2,795.00 Item Condition: Ex display Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - COD Only, Direct deposit, CREDIT card on pickup Exceptional set speakers from the Danish in ex-display condition, with a full manufacturers warranty. Bringing you a step closer to "the real thing". For more than three decades we have been devoted to the pursuit of audio excellence. DALI RUBICON is yet another landmark on that journey. Designed and crafted in Denmark, RUBICON stands on the shoulders of the EPICON series; building on the innovative driver technology to bring a room-filling audio experience to the broadest audience. With a simple, sleek, stylish design, RUBICON elegantly brings the feeling of a live performance to your home. Comes with boxes We can freight at extra cost Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  19. Item: Monitor Audio Silver 500 Speakers Location:Adelaide SA Price: $3150 Item Condition: Excellent, as new Reason for selling: Ex Display Payment Method: Cash, credit card, EFT, Paypal Extra Info: Superb hifi or home cinema speakers 3 way 250 watt RMS power handling 90 db 8 ohms 5 year warranty Full RRP is $4219 -save over a grand! pop in for an audition Pictures:
  20. Arcam AVR400 in Grey/Black in excellent condition. Asking for $2000 or nearest offer. The unit is just under 2 years old and retailed for $3700. I am selling the unit because I am upgrading to a more expensive pre/power setup. The AVR400 features a toroidal transformer which is rare at this price. This also makes it excellent if you wish to use the amplifier for stereo listening. The unit is 7.1 channel. If you only have a 5.1 setup, you can BI-AMP your front speakers if your speakers are bi-wireable (4 terminals) The unit also has a DAB+ radio which is also rare to find on AV Receivers. Dolby True-HD and DTS HD Master are supported and the AVR400 also does 1080p upscaling. If you any questions, please feel free to contact me. Located in Sydney North West (near Hornsby).
  21. Hi guys, im looking for a pair of Paradigm studio surround speakers, ADP590, either version 4 or 5, let me know what you have, thanks Heath.
  22. Hi All, Take advantage of one off end of month clearance. Free shipping for all DTV members in NSW/ACT or take $50 off for in-store pick up from our Central Coast NSW address (4x only left) Also available.....Upgrade speaker pack to 7.1CH Alto 620 100W to match 7.1CH receiver extra $99 Details here https://crazystu.com.au/Sherwood_RD_7505_7_1_Teatro_5_1_Channel_Speaker_Pack-p-325039.html To take advantage of this offer please drop in during business hours, PM me or email admin@crazystu.com.au Stu
  23. Item: VAF Home Theatre Setup for sale VAF i93 Fronts pair (Original price 12k) VAF i93 CC Centre (Original price 7k) VAF i90 Rear pair (Original price 1.5k) VAF Gravitas 0.5 subwoofer pair (Original price 4.5k) Amplifier Anthem MRX 300 (Does not matter! needs an upgrade down the line) Devialet 200 (Original price 10k) Anthem PVA 5 (Original price 3.5K) Power board Isotek Aquarius (Original price 2.5k) All interconnects currently used and an OPPO 83 Blue Ray player (region free) All including the accessories would have cost at least 40k! in total With use and current costing I am planning to sell them as a package at 25K(not going to sell them separately) The Devialet with a pair of i93 alone would cost 20k at the current pricing. The rest is a bonus! The only item that is in need of an upgrade is the AV Receiver. The rest are still in the top of their game Can organise a listen. I have currently setup up the i93s with the Devialet for stereo listening and then using the devialet in bypass mode for a 5.1 setup The Devialet have the SAM function for the i93 Location: Adelaide (9km NW from CBD) Price: 25k Item Condition: USED, Excellent condition (about 2-4yrs old) Reason for selling: Reason for selling, moving place/downsizing. This system would be an overkill!!). Will be using Devialet Phantoms as my stereo/home theatre setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank transfer Extra Info: Christmas may come early in someone's home Pictures: Best to see/listen to it for yourself (at this price/cost!)
  24. Item: Oppo BDP-105 Darbee Edition w/ region free mod Location: Melbourne Item condition: Excellent condition, no damage/scratches, looks as new. Price: $950.00 + postage. Prefer/Preference for local pickup Reason for selling: Not used enough, needing fund for other audio projects Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash – Pickup Extra Info: Comes with everything as purchased. HDMI cable, WiFi dongle, power cable, manuals, region change guide, and original unused/unwrapped batteries. I used it as a network streaming surround preamp. Review: http://www.soundvisionreview.com/hi-fi-home-theater/blu-ray/oppo-bdp-105d-review/ Pictures:
  25. I was wondering what ( if anything) people have been doing as a bit of showmanship to add to their home theatre experience. The things I am thinking about are customised trailers , old newsreels, cartoons etc. I noticed one or two sites where you can download these from but thought I'd throw it open to see what others have come up with, or may have been contemplating. Any ideas?
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