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  1. Further information: Most comfortable headphone i have ever used. Bought in London while i was living there and now im back i dont use headphones as much as i have space for speakers. I also installed https://www.modhouseaudio.com/hd700-mod/hd700-mod-kit this mod kit which took the fatigue out of this for me completely. Non destructive so removable and re install-able. Really good headphone for gaming as well due to its clear wide and open soundstage. Add a mic mod and your setup. Comes with box but the box has been damage on one corner, still functions, just a note. Also can post this one if needed.
  2. Further information: Stereo preamplifier Cambridge Audio Azur 840e for sale. Very versatile preamp in excellent condition with remote. No original box. Free shipping via courier with tracking. (Australia only) Manual available in pdf. format. Lots of reviews on the Net. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Further information: Denon DL-103R with Midas Aluminium body that has been sent to Expert Stylus in UK and fitted with white Sapphire cantilever and ultra low mass Paratrace profile diamond stylus Very low hours because it was too heavy once modified with Aluminium body for Rega RB700 tonearm on Rega P7 turntable - even with Rega's Tungsten heavy counterweight. Includes Midas stylus guard. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Further information: https://ifi-audio.com/products/nano-igalvanic3-0/ As new, price includes shipping to anywhere in Oz- https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/ifi-audio/products/ifi-nano-igalvanic3-0-usb-galvanic-isolation PM me if interested. 200mm regen link included. Photos:
  5. Further information: Hi all. Please see link to earlier ad. I forget I still had to sell these and found them during a cleanout!! Mat Addit: I got in trouble for not posting pics (they are my pics in the link) so I’ll add some new ones.....not the fanciest but you get the drift. Extra Info: I received these tubes originally with my Stereoknight M-100 monoblocks, which ran 4 kt88 power tubes per side or similar. Impressions in comparison to KT-88’s: - the PrimaLuna KT-88 tubes I had were a bit warmer and well rounded, with improved mids and sounded beautiful with jazz instruments and vocals (my main vinyl stuff). They also presented classical very well. Mind you, they are over 3 times the price, so to that end, the KT-94's represent awesome value in my book. - the kt94's had a bit more punch. I tended to bias them rather conservatively (as with the KT88's), but I loved their extended bottom end (to my ear) and staging. They had more presence I suppose. Just different. I loved both tube sets really. Each had their strengths. Each suited those monoblocks really well. I bet if more oooomph is your thing, then running them a little hotter would reward you well. I was certainly never left wanting to reasonable volumes with 4 of these per side! Would also add that extra needed to difficult to drive speakers I'd imagine. My Stereoknight monoblocks had a bias screw for each tube, and I found the tubes, even if moved, seemed to not need adjustment, so I can assume they are all very closely matched. Note that, with my ability to bias individually, that perfect matching was not imperitive. As such, I'm not calling them a matched set per-se (even though they probably are!). I hope that just made sense! As these came with my amps, I can't say how many hours are on them. I do know that the ones in the boxes are brand new and unused. I personally put maybe 40hrs on the octet. The previous owner didn't use them much as I know he upgraded his amps not long after getting the Stereoknights new. I would prefer, therefore, to keep them together as a closely matched Octet, and the buyer can grab 3 spares! I will separate if 8 or more are spoken for. Pickup preferred. I don't have the original boxes (except the 3 new ones) but will package well. Pictures: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Further information: Hi, I recently have a new born with my wife (thank god) so due to changes of lifestyle I need some bigger speakers/amps and dacs to mask-out the baby-cries and the wife-yell. As you know in this hobby you if you change a cable you have to change the whole system to match so these are just an expression of interested at this stage depending on the other items. Speakers by far the best have had for a 4x5m room size, accurate reproduction on strings and drums especially. Extremely dynamic. and EMOTIONS! Willing to swap for the upper range Martens or Tidal with cash adjustments. pm for details. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Further information: 12AT7 triple mica valves. They have had little or no use. Postage Australia wide is $8.50 Any questions please ask. Photos: attached
  8. Further information: Unopened copy of Cecile McLorin Salvant's triple-LP set "Dreams and Daggers". Can deliver to Adelaide and suburbs by arrangement. https://www.allmusic.com/album/dreams-and-daggers-mw0003090170
  9. **** RELIST with significant price reduction. For sale is a pair of very rare fully refurbished vintage 1958 GEC Octagonal Periphonic Loudspeaker Cabinets. I obtained these a few years ago in poor condition and rebuilt the cabinets internally and externally as a project for myself. Like a lot of my projects I just don't have the time to finish them and they're now taking up a lot of valuable space and fear they will get knocked about and damaged. Unfortunately the veneer on these was shot and replacing it would have well exceeded their value. The cabinets have been repaired, braced and fully dampened internally with bitumen paint. There's a lot hours and materials invested in this project. There are no drivers included in the sale, but I will provide the original GEC crossover components, which will require somebody astute to set them up. This would make an excellent project, particularly for tube and horn lovers as the cabinets would easily support horns or other external drivers. They're completely rock solid weighing at least 35kg each. There is also a multitude of set up and component options with these as the cabinets can also be placed in the corners of the room as they're also designed to do, and the plinths are removable. Each cabinet houses 2 x 8" drivers with a separate chamber for the rear/LF driver mounted on the rear baffle. A lot of flexibility and set up options exist with these as 2 x 8" drivers can be mounted on the front baffle, or seperate HF and MF drivers with the LF mounted on the rear baffle. Also the black cloth can ve changed to a retro fabric to completely change the look. They measure 850 (H) x 525 (W) x 390 (D). All the hard work is done and they just need populating with drivers and crossovers. **** The sale is for the cabinets and crossover components only. Cheers Pete
  10. Further information: Full featured High end Kenwood L-1000C stereo pre-amplifier including the original remote control and manual, 240v Australian unit. The Kenwood L-1000C features include tone control, a MM / MC phono input and balanced (XLR) in- and outputs. Solid aluminium body construction, all Elna Cerafines caps & Alps Black potentiometers, very good parts inside. These are still being sold in Europe for over $2000 aud. Check out the Vintage Knob for further information. Photos:
  11. Further information: Sony 16-35 GM in fantastic condition! Filter (not included) was always on from day one. Comes with original box, carry case (although carry case strap not included, don't know where it is). Lens, back cap and front cap and hood. Sad to see it go as it is such a versatile lens and draws beautifully. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Further information: Sony A9 body, fantastic condition, only marks on the body are from the camera straps I used but this is pretty minimal. I've always had the lcd protector on from day one and also the Gariz halfcase which is a must have accessory for ALL alpha bodies. Just makes it feel much nicer in the hand. Shutter count is only a paltry 4415 since tonight. Comes with a total of 4 genuine batteries. Comes with original box and all accessories and strap which is still as new. If you need speed and focus acquisition, there is no better (and I had 2 x Nikon D5's before I made the switch to the A9's). Phenomenal camera. Donation to be made to stereonet if sold here. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Further information: regretfully up for sale. Bought from Australian distributor and under Warranty. All boxes etc. RRP $16,800 Matching Classic 120Se up for sale too Photos:
  14. Further information: Regretfully selling. Been impacted due to Covid. Bought from Australian distributor have all boxes etc. selling matching preamp. Photos:
  15. Further information: The Quad 521f current dampening stereo amplifier came into being after the BBC requested custom additions be made to the 520f. These additions included: Balanced input attenuation controls High quality transformer coupled input modules Inrush current limiter XLR input sockets Speakon output sockets Facility to separate the mains earth from the chassis Amplifier power output per side: 105W at 8 Ohms 160W at 4 Ohms Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz -0.5dB @ 1kHz For more information visit: https://quadrevisionspot.blogspot.com/search?q=521f For the 520f manual (includes 521f info): https://www.dadaelectronics.eu/uploads/downloads/03_Quad-User-Manuals/Quad-520f-User-Manual.pdf This unit was purchased from Studiocare Professional Audio Ltd in the UK in 2015 and was shipped to me in Melbourne, Australia. It was then taken to Dada Electronics Australia for a full service. I have attached the service invoice for details. The unit is in perfect working condition with minor rack rash on the handles and topside. There is slightly more significant rash on the underside. For some reason this unit was fitted male XLR sockets on the inputs. I used a sex change adapter but your could easily replace them with the standard female XLR input sockets. This unit is setup for 240v mains power, which can be adjusted to 110v by moving a link bridge on the power supply PCB and changing the fuse. Service information can be found in the manual PDF (link above) As with many power amplifiers this unit is heavy! Will ship at buyer's expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. Further information: For your consideration is a high end S.A.M. Adebaran turntable from Croatia. This table is fitted with 2x sought after Fidelity Research tonearms, an FR-14 and FR-64S with Empire 1000ZE/X MI and Fidelity Research FR-7 LOMC carts installed. Other upgrades include a Linear Power Supply and Van Damme silver plated OFC tonearm interconnects. The original S.A.M. Calista II unipivot tonearm is included with the table. I've an extra belt available as well. The collective value of the two Fidelity Research tonearms alone is around $5,000, and the cartridges around $1,500 so this really is something of a bargain. Selling as the boss has said it has to go so here we are. The Fidelity Research arms are incredibly engineered with bearings that are second to none. Due to this the FR-14 seems to work well with the highest compliance carts despite being a medium mass arm. The FR-64S is a heavyweight designed specifically for use with the Ortofon SPU, and the FR-7 cartridge in turn was Fidelity Research's answer to the SPU though having owned both I much prefer the FR-7 with it being one of my all time favorite carts. I'll be sad to see it go though I don't have another arm that will work well with it (it's a 30g cart). If interested please give me a week to set up. It's been in storage for a couple of months and I've a baby in the house so time is at a premium. Photos:
  17. Further information: Something that probably doesn't come up very often, this is a hand made tube amp from my friend Adam from ATRAD audio in Wellington. I purchased this about 5 months ago after a friend heard one of his amps and thought it was fabulous. You can read the story of it's creation here (https://atrad-audio.co.nz/index.php/model-7-amplifier/) and the one in the website photos is the one I have, even down to the small chip on the casing you can see in the photos. Adam makes each of these by hand with the highest quality components, in this case about $600+ of transformers from English Acoustics alone. As many tube amp aficianados know, the transformers play a big part in the overall sound quality. Combine that with the fabulous NOS Valvo EL95 tubes and it sounds great. Despite its low power output this amp sounds fabulous, I have paired it with several speakers of 90dB sensitivity and greater and it drives them with very little effort, never needing to go higher than 11'oclock. The reason for selling is that Adam is currently in the process of building me a custom version of it's big brother, the Matariki. Asking price includes insured shipping Oz wide or if you want to pick up we can discuss a lower price. Specifications Topology Line-level amplifier, grounded cathode gain stage, AC-coupled longtail pair phase inverter, push-pull EL95 output in class AB using cathode-bias ultralinear topology, global negative feedback. 300V Plate Voltage. Valve complement Gain stage: 1 X 6N1 Phase Inverter: 2 X 6N1 Output: 4 X EL95 Power Output (measured) 7W RMS both channels driven, 1kHz continuous, resistive load Distortion (measured) 0.2% THD at 1W, 5% THD at 7W, 20Hz – 20KHzboth channels driven, resistive load Output Impedance 8Ohm only Input Impedance 100 KOhms Input Sensitivity 1.0v p-p for rated power (0.35v RMS) NFB 14dB Frequency Response 6Hz – 35kHz ±1dB @ 1W 15Hz – 35KHz ±1dB @ 7W Signal:Noise Noise Floor: -75dB @ 1W, -83dB @ 7W Power consumption 230v 50Hz 90w nominal Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  18. Soundaware D300 Streamer – Near new – excellent condition 22/2/2020 Roon compatible - offers considered Purchased from Dacman Feb 2020. FREE AUS Shipping in original packaging http://www.soundaware.net/productinfo/161495.html D300-High Performance Professional PCM-DSD Network Digital Music Transport Transport is specially designed for professional high performance HIFI playback. Compared to integrated player, transport need more experience of cable connection and equipment collocation, however, the bigger space, better power supply and magnetic shielding, standardized audio transfer channel make transport the best match for Hi-End playback. Soundaware has been R&D on digital transport since 2010. We launched D100 in 2012, D100PRO Deluxe in 2013 and D100PRO femto version in 2016. Along all these years, we have earned affirmation and support from lots of audiophiles worldwide. The D300 incorporates a new generation of linear CPU and professional low-noise linear power supply, aerospace-grade sockets for better responsiveness and significantly lower EMI emissions. At the same time, it uses copper-nickel-zinc alloy to all seal-shield FPGA and clock part in order to reduce external interference. Plus it also uses a galvanized iron plate of up to 5 mm thick to isolate power transformer, filter and PCB boards. The following technical features assure the quality of signal and significantly improve D300’s analytical power as well as sound transparency: 6+4 layers of PCB design Complete isolation of each individual layer The key signal lines are all double isolated. Use the patch instead of the direct plugged components to reduce radiation of the receiving area. Streamer o UPNP/DLNA o Airplay o Samba (NAS) o SDCard: 256GB tested, FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS o High Performance USB Port for external USB Drive Format Supported o DSD: DSD64 (ISO, DSF) o WAV: 32-192KHz o FLAC: 32-192KHz, Compression Level 1-8 o APE: 32-48KHz, o ALAC, AIFF, AAC, MP3: 48KHz Digital Input o Bluetooth: APTX Audio Playback o USB: FPGA Based, Supports PCM192kHz, DSD128 o BNC 22.5792Mhz, 24.576Mhz Output 3V-5V Digital Output o Optical: PCM 16-24bit, 44.1-192kHz o SPDIF Coax: 0.5Vpp, PCM 16-32bit, 44.1-192kHz, DSD64 over DoP o AES EBU: 5Vpp, PCM 16-32bit, 44.1-192kHz, DSD64 over DoP o RJ45 i2s: Native i2s LVCMOS Output o HDMI i2s: Native i2s LVDS Output (DENAFRIPS Compatible) o BNC WORD Clock Output: 3.3V CMOS Dimension & Weight o Dimension: 430W x 88H x 200D o Weight: 7KG
  19. Further information: As new pair of the very welll reviewed Buchardt audio S400 bookshelf speakers. I ordered these from Mads (the CEO of Buchardt) to test in my system as they have a very generous 45 day return policy. They aren't a good match for my perchant for lower powered tube amps (mine range from 8w-22wpc) and I was going to return them this week. Mads contacted me yesterday to let me know that due to COVID-19 the return shipping cost (which Buchardt covers almost all of) has gone through the roof due to COVID-19 and would I consider selling these locally if he provided a discount on my total AND he will provide the full 10 year warrenty to the new owner from the day they purchase these. Considering sending it back, and them then reselling will cost them a huge chunk of cash, I thought i'd see if anyone was interested in these. They are 4 weeks old, absolutely mint, and have been run in for about 40-50 hours in total. Not a mark on them, and have all the original packaging and accessories. Price is less than what I paid + the discount from Mads. Price is absolutely firm - if no interest at this price i'll send them back. Will ship anywhere in Australia for another $50 insured. https://www.buchardtaudio.com/shop/s400-white TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating principle: 2-way Passive radiator system Tweeter: 1 x 0,74" Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide Mid / woofer: 1 x 6" Aluminum cone with break-up optimization Passive Radiator: 1 x 5x8" Long throw passive radiator with very low mass added Impedance: 4 ohms Sensitivity: 88 dB Frequency response: 33 - 40.000 Hz +/- 3dB (in-room) Crossover Point: 2670hz Power recommendation: 40 - 200 W Measurements (h x w x d): 365 x 180 x 240 mm (14.4” x 7” x 9.45”) Weight: 18 kg / set Speaker grilles included Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  20. These speakers were purchased in 1998. They are still working flawlessly. Having decided to move, I have to part with these superb speakers. Original Ambience Technical booklet and set up instructions included. Demo for genuine buyers only. The price includes the speaker cables. The price is negotiable (within reason). These speakers are not going to be made anymore, as the designer and their creator is retiring. https://www.facebook.com/carltonaudiovisual/posts/time-is-running-out-to-get-a-pair-of-these-australian-made-ambience-ribbon-louds/2241324625924305/ 1800 model, 1780mm tall x 260mm wide. Specifications and Dimensions: Crimped Metal Type Ribbon. 180mm SEAS long throw woofer. Rear ported bass reflex design. Nominal impedance 4.3 ohms Power handling 150watts RMS (long term) Sensitivity 89dB @ 1 metre with 2.83 volts input. Crossover 18dB/Octave @ 420Hz. Minimum Amplifier power 30 watts RMS/channel Ideal Amplifier power 100 – 150 watts RMS/channel Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  21. Further information: One of the best MM cartridges I've ever owned. I purchased this cart new and it has less than 200 hours on it. A change in turntable set-up and phono-stage has unfortunately meant this cartridge is no longer being used. Original packaging, stylus guard and instruction manual are present. Apologies for less than stellar iPhone photos! Specifications: OPTIM FGS DIAMOND STYLUS Fritz Geiger Signature FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz ~ 20KHz +/- 2dB CHANNEL SEPARATION 25dB (typical) at 1KHz COMPLIANCE VERT/LAT Approx. 18/18 um/mN OUTPUT VOLTAGE 3.8mV @ 3.54cm/sec TRACKING FORCE 1.7 - 1.8 Grams INPUT IMPEDANCE 47 k/Ohm CARTRIDGE WEIGHT 5.8 Grams Photos:
  22. Further information: I'm selling my father in law's Technics SL-1500 direct drive turntable. This is a classic Technics turntable, that he's had since new and has not used for many years. The unit is in very good condition for its age, and apart from hair line scratches, the lid has no cracks or chips. It comes complete with the factory cable and a Grado + cartridge, ready to plug 'n' play. The turntable works like new. This would suit someone who wants to get into analogue or someone who wants to set up a second system. I can email a 30 sec video of the unit playing to any interested buyers. See photos for description. I don't have the original box for shipping, and I would prefer pick up form Caulfield North. Photos:
  23. Further information: Aventage AVR 9 channel Atmos 11 channel processor Atmos 7.x.4 capable Only selling because I upgraded to a RX-V3079 with DTS:X Can post but won't be in original box but will be very well packed. Photos: First 4 photos only - don't know where the other ones came from and I can't delete them - they are not even my photos !!
  24. Further information: Genuine 6 x 100wpc Bought this to use as an amp to power my rears and Atmos but found my AVR is good enough since I have a Rotel powering the LCR and Surrounds. Has recently been completely checked and broken solder joints repaired at a cost of $400. So should give years of trouble free listening. Does not come with a remote but I do have an RS232 / USB connector to connect to PC/laptop. Photos:
  25. Further information: All except 3 are UK, German or US imports with some original pressings. All in clean pristine condition. Price is for a bulk buy price plus postage for 31 LPs. Will post Australia wide PM if you need any further details. The pictures form the description Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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