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Found 5 results

  1. suprised hardly gets a mention, good to sony bringing back some nice ES (elevated standard) gear back in their range looks like an interesting beastie to match the new high res sources, not much info about, but appears was launched at ifa last year, but some info in links below, http://stereonomono.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/sony-ta-1es.html http://www.tapeheads.net/showthread.php?s=939ea4852f58be02ff6c76be6bb2e253&t=27776 ofcourse would be very foolish to expect sony australia to even be aware of the thing let alone any thought of bringing something like it in the country
  2. So iv been reading through some of the threads in this section, and almost didn't bother posting after seeing some of the amazing gear out there. but i thought i should at least post after searching for KEF in here without getting a single hit.... i might have something to add after all. so with apologies.... here it is.... I have: KEF XQ Five mains in graphite.
  3. Item: SONY HAP-Z1ES HDD AUDIO PLAYER Location: PERTH Price: $old Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This dedicated hi-res music player supports the full range of hi-res file formats including DSD files. Transfer music to the built-in 2TB HDD or connect an external HDD for expandable storage. An incredible media player which now includes Spotify and USB digital out to connect to your favourite USB dac. You can also attach a usb cd drive and rip albums directly to the HDD. This item has been extremely well looked after and is in perfect working condition. I will also include a pair of Accuphase XLR cables. These units rarely come up for sale in Australia. Prefer Local sale but can ship at buyers cost Pictures:
  4. This is just a brief listen over a few days of this ES amplifier from Sony. Those who follow the Vintage Audio thread here on Stereonet know I have a few amps, mostly separates these days, and I’m a big Sony fan. Particular interest is in “VFET ampsâ€, not only Sony vfets. I just find these amps very interesting, the history around the devices is quite remarkable and the sound is pretty special too. No VFETS represented here, but we do have fets in the form of MOSFETS. I have been interested in the later (MOSFET) Sony ES line for a long time, and finally acquired an integrated from Japan. Sony TA-F333esJ - 1992 The esJ is the last iteration in the ES line from the sixth generation of ES integrated amplifiers. Sony of course made all types of audio products marketed as ES. The ES CD spinners amongst their best sellers. This amplifier is rated at 100w into 8ohms. It weighs 21.3kg. There is a slightly more powerful 555esJ model, at 120watts and 24.6kg. Cosmetically, the esJ was, in my opinion, the last in the ‘luxury line†of integrated amps from Sony. It is beautifully made, consisting of the G chassis, heavy build, and finished to a very high standard. Audio grade and boutique parts are used throughout. Though the ES line continued after the esJ for another 7 years, the build quality was not as good. The later TA-FA33ES, for example, shedding some 10kg in weight, and looking decidedly different. The amp was made in Japan in 1992/93. ES is generally referred to as “Extremely High Standardâ€, though this actual wording was not seen on any Sony products until this sixth generation dating from 1985. I will not bore you with all the export designations that started with this series, suffice to say the export equivalent of this amplifier is the TA-F707ES. As far as I can ascertain, there are a few differences with the export model. Being a pair of pre-outs, different top plate, and the export is rated at 90watts? Loads of information on Sony ES here. http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-ES.html The 333esJ is the first ES integrated amplifier where Sony adopted the MOSFET devices in the driver stages and the output stage to give an all fet delivery from input to output, (power fets in the form of vfets were first used by Sony as early as 1974 in the TA-4650 integrated amplifier). For ES, Sony continued this design until 1998 with the TA-FA777ES, the end of the series. Topology The power amplifier is a cascode design. Sony first used this design in their legendary TA-N7B power amplifier (one of which I have) back in 1977. That was cascode vfet and bjt’s at the output stage. A remarkable and complex design. Sony continued to develop and evolve this design right up to this point in the ES series. The object of all amplifiers (power amplifiers) is to reduce distortion, whilst maintaining linearity. Cascode does this by eliminating voltage induced distortions whilst increasing bandwidth. High bandwidth means more speed and dynamics, with high impedance for the input stage driving the voltage amplifier stage. The input stage is therefore virtually unloaded and remains very linear, and inside that cascode VAS, one transistor does the current delivery and the other does the voltage amplification. Sound The MOSFET power output devices, there are a total of eight, benefit from this design, and the sound is exceptional. This is the reason, why when I first heard this amplifier it immediately reminded me of the TA-N7B. Now we know why. It is a high speed, low distortion amplifier. The basic performance is very high. Nicely balanced, with great control and with what appears to be quite large power reserves. The Sony drives the Orpheus Apollo to ear splitting levels if required. I was very surprised by the performance of this amplifier. This is another very nice piece from Sony, which is sounding really good now, but even better after a restoration.
  5. Item: Sony TA-P9000ES Analogue multi-channel pre-amp Location: Melbourne, inner west Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Comes in original packaging, with manual and remote Pictures: see below Buy it because: 1) its a rare 5.1 channel analogue pre-amp. 2) its a fantastic sounding pre. 3) its the last pre-amp sony made and part of the last of the great ES line you loved back in the day. 4) you have a AV pre-pro/power set-up and want to step into the analogue audio world without breaking the bank (it has HT bypass). Great review and full specs: http://members.iinet.net.au/~rutlidge/TA-P9000ES.html Up for sale is my Sony TA-P9000ES analogue pre-amp. What's special about this is it is a multi-channel (5.1) analogue pre-amp, built for the high rez audio age (SACD/DVD-A). That means you can connect it directly to the analogue outputs of your SACD/DVD-A (or universal) player and bypass your AV Reciever for pure analogue sound (ie no re-conversion to digital). You can of course also run it as a normal stereo analogue pre as well. It also has 5.1 HT bypass input, so can be fully integrated in your existing AV pre-pro system. The TA-P9000ES was the last pre-amp sony made and was part of the last "true" flagship ES range in the tradition of the great gear they made through the 80's and 90's. As per Alan's excellent review above, the build quality is also of a bygone age, with overengineered construction, copper shielding and screws, quality components and carefully thought out design. This is an Australian model (not 120v import) and I hunted around a long time to find one in perfect condition that I was satisfied with. Sadly it has sat unused for the last few years, as time for 2ch audio listening has been cruelly whisked away by the arrival of small people. An impending move interstate has now prompted a clean-out of unused items, so here it (reluctantly) is!
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