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Found 14 results

  1. Item: Sony CDP M11 player Location: Bulleen, Melbourne Price: $75 (happy to listen to offers as I want to move this one before I move house) Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Moving house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Works very well, no skips, and track selection is good. Sound quality, for its age, is very decent. However, occasionally the tray closes as soon as it's fully opened. Priced to sell. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Cambridge Audio Azure 640C V2 CD player Location: Melbourne South East Suburbs Price: $200 Item Condition: Good. Some very light scratches on top as per photos Reason for selling: She Who Must Be Obayed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: CD player is in perfect working condition. A couple of light scratches on top of the player as shown in the last picture. Would prefer local sale. However I can help to pack and ship at buyers risk and cost. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Ear Yoshino 890 power amp & Ear Yoshino Acute CD player Location: Sydney Price: $5,000 Item Condition: Excellent 8.5/10, very light scratches on chrome (can't see unless within 30 cm of unit) Reason for selling: Not required as not using system and it is stored in cupboard for 3 years. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Both these units were bought in Australia and is 240 v and I am original owner. The unit had all the tubes replaced before putting into storage. Here are reviews: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue27/ear_890.htm http://www.stereophile.com/tubepoweramps/404ear/index.html https://positive-feedback.com/Issue27/acute.htm Item: Audio Physic 5 speakers Location: Sydney Price: $5,000 Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Not required as not using system and it is stored in dedicated theatre room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: This unit was bought in Australia and I am the original owner.
  4. Item: DENON SACD Player DCD-1500AE Location: WA Price: $499 ONO Item Condition: EXCELLENT Reason for selling: Need money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Legendary CD Player, built like a tank, highly reviewed. No original box but can pack safely. Currently for sale used on eBay for US$999 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DENON-DCD-1500AE-SACD-Player-w-Manual-AC-Cable-and-Remote-Controller-/252946824845?hash=item3ae4ce3e8d:g:IZ4AAOSw3gJZHtm7 Use this by itself or even better use it as a transport & connect it to a DAC Pictures:
  5. Item: Arcam CD23T, Silver Location: Brunswick Melbourne Price: $550 plus shipping Item Condition: Near perfect, one slight scratch on top Reason for selling: Downgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: Original box. Plays like new, super quiet transport. Supplied remote, interconnects and power lead. Bought from "Monochromic" in Sydney. Think I paid $700 for it. Very well looked after, I have the original manual also. It is the text version. Yes. Pictures:
  6. Hi all, I'm about to acquire a shiny new Rotel RA-1592 integrated amp to get a bit more oomph out of my KEF Q700s, and was wondering if there's any advantage to getting a nice matching CD player like the soon-to-be-released Rotel RCD-1572. I have a few hundred CDs, but no dedicated player (just an ageing Samsung BD player I've been using as a transport). Considering the mid-fi nature of my stuff, would I see any benefit in going with the Rotel unit (other than the aesthetic matchy-matchy one)? I have no particular interest in SACD so needn't make that leap in pricepoint, and while I'm open to the idea of an OPPO UDP-205, I don't NEED 4k BD that badly either. Thoughts?
  7. Item: Creek Destiny CD Player (made in UK model) Location: Hobart, TAS Price: $950ono $750ono Item Condition: Factory refurbished with some marks (shown) but working perfectly Reason for selling: Change of lifestyle, simplifying things (downgrading) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I bought this from Epoz Australia as a factory refurbished product. It cost me $1250. It came with full warranty and has never let me down, except for the marks on it that were not mentioned when I purchased it. There are a few scuffs/scratches on the CD player but the device works perfectly. The worst (IMO) is just above the CD tray, as shown. Comes with Creek remote. It sounds incredible. Do your own research or come and listen to it. I have it paired with an Evo 5350. Pictures: Let me know if you have any questions. Locals can come and have a listen. I can post it. Thanks, Jeremy. doakwolf@gmail.com
  8. Hi folks, Come the next tax return time I am looking forward to adding my next component to my emerging stereo setup. I've just recently added a Rotel RMB 1582 mk2 which is presently tethered to my Denon AVR 3310 via the Denons preouts. My goal is to have my stereo system separate to my HT. Well that's not quite accurate as I plan to use the RCA and Balanced inputs on the 1582 to take a signal either from the Denon (RCA) or Pre amp (Balanced). Listening either to stereo or the HT setup will just be a toggle switch position change on the 1582. I've also replaced the previous floorstanders (Whatmough Audiolabs M30s) with the Whatmough P33i - yep - I'm a fan of their build/quality/sound. I've lusted after these puppies for many, many months and despite listening to other speakers in the price bracket, I just fell under their spell. Hence the addition of a power amp to give them a good dose of oomph. To keep the tonality of the new fronts in sync with the centre speaker, I've also lashed out on a new Whatmough centre that shares the same drivers as the P33s. Santa definitely came early this year. So with a good many months to go until Mr Taxman decides (hopefully) to throw some sheckles my way, I'm looking for ideas on a good Pre amp to buddy up with the 1582 with the option of also replacing my existing CDP - a Rotel RCD-06SE with a beastie one or two steps further up the quality ladder. Price wise, I'm looking between $1-$2K for the Pre and around $1K for the CDP. I am yet to be converted to the vinyl dark side and have instead invested in silver spinners with the last 12 months seeing many new additions attempting to slip past the admonishing gaze of my better half (well if I've got to give up riding motorcycles - I've got to replace one passion with another - that's how it works isn't it?). Digital music files might come into the mix at some point, but at the moment I'm happy popping jewel cases open. So the Pre doesn't necessarily need to be optioned up with every conceivable input. Your thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated! Cheers, James
  9. Item: Consonance Droplet 5.0 CD Player Location: Brisbane, QLD. Price: $1,500 plus shipping Item Condition: 9/10 - 3 small scuffs on top Reason for selling: Exploring other opportunities Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I am the second owner and have had it for about 2 years. The original owner had it for 3 years. It has a remote with a couple of small marks on the edge. The is the model with remote volume control. This weighs 30kgs, so will need to go via courier. Pictures:
  10. Item: Modwright modified Sony DVP-NS999ES CD/SACD/DVD (US 120V) + Tortech transformer & power board Location: Melbourne SE Price: Reduce to $1200 ONO + Postage. Item Condition: Excellent condition with new laser replacement and service 6 months ago. Reason for selling: Upgrade to ModWright OPPO 105D Payment Method: Pickup – Cash or Bank transfer Only Extra Info: Up for sale is a Modwright Platinum Level Signature Truth modified Sony DVP-NS999ES CD/DVD player with 192K/24 bit audio DAC. It has new Laser replaced and serviced 6 months ago. The unit are in excellent condition without any mark and is using 120 volts power. I include in the sale is a Tortech 500VA transformer + US 6 outlet board. You can plays both CD and SACD. I am the second owner. I have original box and manual for the Sony. I can find suitable boxes for the power supply and the transformer. Serious buyers can audition as it still connected to my system. This CD beat the NAD M51. I did not use the NAD since bought this CD and eventually sold it. The modification includes the following: 1. Upgrade rectifiers to Harris FRED ultrafast soft-recovery diodes 2. Upgrade main stock power supply filtering caps 3. Replace stereo analog stage with Modwright's own Class A tube stage 4. External custom built tube power supply featuring choke current regulation and discrete FET-based voltage regulation 5. Auricap coupling caps at outputs, tube stage direct-coupled from player 6. AC and slipstream Bybee filter mods 7. Revelation Audio Umbilical upgrade 8. Multi-channel op-amp upgrade 9. Tube stage specifications: 5687 dual triodes x 2. High-current, zero-feedback, Class A design. Low output impedance, capable of driving tube or solid state amp or preamp. Some reviews: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue14/modwright999ES.htm http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue20/modwrightupdate.htm Pictures:
  11. Item: NAD C542 HDCD grey colour (includes original remote, manual & box) Location: Perth Item condition: Good; minor hair line scratch on top metal cover & on plastic display; hardly visible. White patch on display in picture is reflection and not scratch. Reason for selling: upgraded Price: reduced to sell $290 Payment method: Cash or bank transfer; pickup or post (buyer pays for postage) Extra info: 1st owner; bought new from overseas. Comes with round 2-pin head (see photo). An excellent player at this price point. No regrets buying it; hard to part with it. Specifications and reviews, pls check out link below: http://nadelectronics.com/products/cd-players/C-542-CD-Player Pictures: see below
  12. Item: Arcam Alpha 9 cdp Location: Richmond, Victoria Price: Free (but a swap for a couple of cds or vinyl appreciated) Item Condition: Dead, or maybe its just resting. Beautiful plumage. Reason for selling: don't want to spend money on it Payment Method: Pickup only When you put the disc in it initially lists the tracks then reverts to zero and won't read the disc. It also seemed to run pretty hot in recent times. Took it to the service guy who put me off repairing it — good money after bad etc. I hate chucking stuff out, especially something that has given me so much pleasure for the last 10 years. Maybe someone with DIY skills might be able to fix it up cheaply and end up with an excellent cdp, or maybe put the very good ring dac in it to good use. Unfortunately that ain't me.
  13. Hi there, I am looking to buy a CD player and an amplifier to match a set of speakers. The speakers are likely to be a pair of B&W 686 bookshelves, if that helps suggestions. Cheers, Neil
  14. Item: Cambridge Audio 640H Music Server/ CD Player Location: Brisbane Price: $800 Price reduced to $700 Item Condition: Very Good to Excellent, few tiny scuff marks on top , not noticeable Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, EFT Only Extra Info: This fabulous music server comes courtesy of my work colleague who just upgraded to another music server (Olive top of the range). This unit has been meticulously cared for and comes in original condition and was purchased in late 2007 but remains the same as the current model which retails for $2000. It performs wonderfully as a dedicated high end CD player with the added advantage of running as a music server with internet and PC communication. I would keep this but I have invested in dedicated DACs connected to PCs so it would serve itself better in someone else’s hands. Comes with manuals but not the original box. Priced to sell quickly. Although quite heavy, I am happy to ship interstate, $20 eastern seaboard, $30 elsewhere. Azur 640H Music Server - with AudioFile technology Top of Form The Azur 640H music server is an audiophile quality hard-disk server which incorporates the high-quality CD player from the Azur 640C and allows you to load your entire music collection onto the 160GB hard drive. Built on Cambridge Audio’s proprietary AudioFile technology, the Azur 640H music server can access music stored on any PC or Mac when used with a wireless or wired network. The Azur 640H music server can download songs from internet services, transfer music to and from hard disk portables or stream directly via the Internet. When connected to a broadband network, the Azur 640H music server instantly retrieves artist, album and track information using an advanced web-based look-up system. The Azur 640H music server has been carefully designed to keep audio electronics completely separate from higher noise electronics such as power supplies. This enables the Azur 640H to deliver infinitely superior audio output. Like the multi-award-winning 640C, the 640H music server features a Wolfson chip and filter for huge dynamic range, clarity and low distortion. An audiophile toroidal oversize transformer is used where most competitors use a PC power supply. And, like the rest of the Azur range, the Cambridge Audio 640H Music server employs a specially designed low resonance, acoustically damped chassis which takes in a thick aluminium front panel for ultimate rigidity. Available in black or silver, the 640H also features a full function bespoke remote control with hot keys and alphanumeric keys to enable you to search your music collection alphabetically – either by album, track or genre. Want to find out more about AudioFile technology? Azur 640H hard disk music server Features Simple on-screen user interface 160Gb hard drive allowing over 3,000 uncompressed songs or 30,000 compressed songs can be stored. Music compilations can be burnt on to CD from your AudioFile library for use in your home or car. MP3 AAC (MP4) Pictures:
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