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Found 18 results

  1. I have my CD player hooked up to my integrated amplifier - works great. I'd like to add a DVD player & TV into the system. As I don't have a AV receiver, and only a 2.0 speaker setup, I would like to see if I can stick with my integrated amp. In order to have the sound from the DVD player go through the amp, and the picture go to the TV, is a HDMI splitter the item I need?
  2. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding my amplifier. I had bought Emotiva TA-100 amp while visiting USA a couple of years ago (still under warranty). Recently I noticed that it is producing static noise. I unplugged everything except power and speaker cable and have replaced the power and speaker cables but I can still hear the noise if I am close enough to the speaker (Maybe 1 feet away) . Also tried to connect my speaker (Elac UB5 ) to my very old Denon amp which did not produce any noise. Contacted Emotiva and they are saying that its normal for some amps to have noise. I have sent them a recording of the noise and they are still not accepting that there is anything wrong with the amp. To me this much noise does not seem normal. Just wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience with Emotiva or any other amp. Would appreciate any advice that anyone can give me. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have inherited 2 Quad 2905 speakers from my favourite Uncle. They're fantastic and remind me of the hours we listen together to ABC classical radio. Unfortunately it's a real shame that they look so out of place in my study. Does anyone know if the cloth can be replaced? The existing cloth is in excellent condition, but doesn't suit our home as it's the khaki colour. I'd prefer the black cloth on the Quad speakers he owned before he upgraded. We may have to bite the bullet and think about selling the speakers if they can't be recovered. Is this a viable option as I don't know the high end speaker market. Is there interest in used Quad 2905?? Should we have to go down this path, I'd appreciate any advice as to what would be an excellent, though much smaller alternative. many thanks Steve Sydney NSW
  4. I recently purchased a pair of Krix Phoenix speakers, with a Kirx KDX center speaker. Really excited about giving them a go. To get the most out of them I'd like to pair them with a decent (but affordable) amp. I was wondering if anyone out there knows what would work well? The specs are available here http://www.selby.com.au/krix-phoenix-mk2-floorstanding-speakers-pair.html. Thanks!
  5. Hi all. I'm looking for a stereo power amp to replace a Rotel RB-991. The Rotel is going because, long story short, it's mains-grounded (3 prong power cable), and so is my HTPC. Adding a second mains-grounded component to my system, it turns out, introduces a loud ground loop hum that no amount of cable-swapping and re-configuring can tame. If I leave the PC off and listen to vinyl only, everything is fine - buuuuut that's not going to do, and so the Rotel has to go. So, I'm looking for recommendations for a chassis grounded (2 prong cable) power amp, ideally with 150wpc+ at 8ohms, preferably rated down to 4ohms. Some relevant info: System TV: Samsung 4k HDCP 2.2 thing that loathes handshaking with my AVR AVR: Marantz SR6010 HTPC: custom built Windows 10 machine (mains-grounded) Turntable: Technics SL1210mkII Phono Preamp: Emotiva XPS-1 Speakers: KEF Q700s, Q600c, Q400, and Q300s at the rear Budget Up to $3500 for a good solution. This may mean higher RRP, depending on which stores I can source the unit from (some being more flexible than others with price). What am I looking for? 150wpc+ into 8ohms stereo power amp (or comparable solution), capable of handling 4ohm loads, with a high enough damping factor that the bass is tight and snappy (like the Rotel). Unlike the Rotel, I need something without overly harsh or sibilant treble, and it absolutely cannot be something that is mains grounded. In my price range, that last proviso alone rules out: Rotel, Cambridge, Parasound, and Exposure. I'm sure they're all good amps, but they're not going to work for me. What I'm considering Emotiva XPA-2 Pro: heaps of power, good price, similar input sensitivity to Marantz power amps, suggesting it will work well with my SR6010, high damping factor Con: no longer distributed in Australia so there's hundreds or dollars in shipping if it breaks, and there are many stories of them breaking, also, the blue LED aesthetic is a bit too early-2000s Nokia 8250 for me Emotiva BASX A-300 Pro: cheap, could easily get 2 and bi-amp the Q700s and get better channel separation, high damping factor Con: audio quality(?), no longer distributed in Australia so there's hundreds or dollars in shipping if it breaks, and there are many stories of them breaking, blue LED aesthetic Marantz MM7025 Pro: cheap, could easily get 2 and bi-amp the Q700s and get better channel separation, guaranteed to play well with the SR6010, I know I like the Marantz sound, my preferred stockist is flexible with pricing Con: barely more power than the SR6010 (if only one used, not sure about bi-amping), not rated to anything below 6ohms, el-core transformer (does this even matter?) Marantz MM7055 Pro: more channels, guaranteed to play well with the SR6010, I know I like the Marantz sound, my preferred stockist is flexible with pricing Con: essentially a 5 channel version of the MM7025, with all the same flaws, bi-amp likely not as good as with 2 MM7025s because it's a shared power supply and is essentially bi-wiring Marantz MM8077 Pro: heaps of channels, guaranteed to play well with the SR6010, I know I like the Marantz sound, toroidal transformer, my preferred stockist is flexible with pricing Cons: a lot of money for seemingly very little gain over the SR6010 Anthem MCA225 Pro: a tonne of power, especially into low ohms (rated down to 2ohms!), my preferred stockist is flexible with pricing Con: a lot of money for the spec, 225wpc is at <1%THD, rather than a more listenable 0.08% (will this matter if the overhead is just for transients?), much lower input sensitivity than other brands (10kohms vs 22+) which may(?) mean a bad match with the SR6010 NAD C 275 BEE Pro: good price, two sets of terminals for bi-wiring Con: not much more power than the SR6010, reliability issues, harder and harder to find, low input sensitivity like the Anthem Any thoughts or additional suggestions appreciated, especially from those with first-hand experience of any of the above equipment. Cheers, Simon P.S. I'm not going to bother with ground loop isolators to bodge the Rotel into working, as it has other issues (massive draw on power up that occasionally trips the protection on my surge board, brightness, lack of remote trigger) that means it's ultimately better if I replace it.
  6. First post on the forum! Okay, so here's my problem. I currently have a 5.1 surround system all set up in a room. I tested it, it's fine. I want to be able to hook up a Raspberry Pi using HDMI, so I can access movies and music from it. I'll get it to run some sort of media centre oriented OS. Anyway, I'm going to need a screen to operate it of course, but I've recently found out about this thing called 5.1 passthrough...if I run the Raspberry Pi through to the screen using HDMI, and then output sound via Optical to the receiver, I'll only get 5.1 surround if the screen supports 5.1 passthrough. Problem is, I only want a small screen so I can operate the Raspberry Pi. Not a massive 70 inch 4K TV. And it seems that the only screens to support 5.1 passthrough are all the expensive televisions... Does anyone know how I can get around this? Is is possible to output video and 5.1 sound from the Pi via HDMI directly to the receiver, and then output the video from the receiver to the screen? That way, I won't have to worry about having to pass the 5.1 audio through the cheap TV screen. My receiver does have both HDMI inputs and an output. And an optical in.
  7. Hi all, Looking to help out my old man. He's got 2 separate setups. One is the AVR setup and the other just 2-channel setup for music only. AVR setup: 5.2 setup, Denon 4520 AVR with dual subwoofers with his old Fortura 10 speakers. 2-channel setup: Sansui AU 4900 integrated with old B&W bookshelves and his old M&K subwoofer. The Sansui and bookself speakers plug directly into the M&K subwoofer, so he's been able to enjoy the Sansui with great subwoofer integration. Problem is the 2-channel setup is in an awkward place in the house and not used much for that reason and he doesn't have any other place for it, so I'm looking to help him bring his Sansui setup into the living room, to integrated with his Denon's setup. So he wants the Sansui playing with his Fortuara 10 speakers in the family room for 2-channel music, but wants to keep his surround 5.2 setup for TV and movie viewing. But also wants his Sansui to integrate with the existing 2 subwoofers downtairs. This will leave his old M&K and old B&W bookshelves un-used and he's fine with that (I think). If he wasn't interested in the dual subwoofer integration with the Sansui then a simple speaker switcher would sort this out. Like this Beresford: http://www.beresford.me/downloads/TC-7220.pdf The old M&K sub could have speaker cables run through them but his SVS dual subs in his family room doesn't allow that. There's no room for 2 sets of speakers and a 3rd subwoofer in the family room, so that's not really any option sadly. Is this do-able? Appreciate any advice A switch box for 2 separate amps and 2 separate subwoofer cut-off frequencies would be perfect but I don't know if they exist. The Denon AVR has pre-outs but he doesn't want to use the Sansui as a power amp. Cheers
  8. After many years of dreaming of a nice hi fi system I've got some cash to treat myself. I have been playing music through a little jamo i300 via AirPlay/airport express from my phone. I love the convenience of using my phone or iPad to play music and adjust volume, it's particularly useful while cooking and entertaining. I'm looking for a entry/mid level 2 channel system to pretty well do the same thing but with much better sound quality. I also have a NAS on our network so I'm interested in ripping a selection of our favourite CDs in high res and be able to access them by the said phone/iPad or perhaps copy my library to a usb and leave in the back of whatever player/amp. Oh and I'd like the system to be minimalist and aesthetically pleasing! Does anyone have any experience with one box solutions such as: - Pro-Ject Audio MaiA DS Integrated Amp - Bluesound Powernode 2 - Linn Sneaky DSM - others? Alternatively I could go the AB amp option with a streaming device, I'm looking at - Cambridge Audio cxa60, and - Rotel RA-11 I figure speakers are more of a personal choice thing but I'm looking at the following bookshelf's: - Kef LS50 or R100 - Dyanudio Emit M20 - Dali Zensor 3 Speaker stands - isoacoustics? Or for a completely different option I could look at dynaudio xeo4's with the dynaudio connect or Kef300a's. So many options to get confused by! Any thoughts/comments would be welcome. Cheers, Nicole
  9. Hi, I have a Jamo sub 300 that I am currently repairing due to the evil yellow glue. Once I am done repairing it and have removed all of that horrible glue so it lasts for a long time I am thinking of selling it depending on how much it is worth. How much do you think would be a fair price to sell it for? Although I haven't heard it yet I'd assume it would be relatively powerful as the driver has a rather large magnet on it and it does look quite nice. Specifications: http://www.jamo.com/speaker-lines/subwoofers/?sku=SUB300 Thanks, Ted.
  10. Hi, I am wanting to start setting up my own system and as this will be my first time doing so I have some questions. I have been really interested in high end audio for about six months and have been doing a fair amount of research (reading topics on this forum and articles as well as recommended components lists on sites such as stereophile and InnerFidelity), but as there are so many options it would be appreciated if people have suggestions.I have had first hand experience as to how amazing a very good system can sound with many thanks to John for that. I currently own the following components: Amp - Pioneer SA-708 Speakers - Yamaha NS-30X Headphones - Bose QC25 apple edition. CD player - Panasonic VCR/DVD player. Subwoofer - Yamaha YST-SW80 and a Jamo Sub300 i'm repairing. (will probably sell the Jamo) Cables - Belden 5000 series cable with bluejeancables locking banana terminals on one end. (I am considering replacing the terminal block in the pioneer to run bananas) For computers and related items: File Server running Freenas which I will be getting 3 WD red 2tb drives for. My main computer I built running Foobar2000 and spotify. Enough stuff lying around to build another computer if needed. Apple iPhone 5s. All of my music is either in CD or on my computer a flacs from ripping the CD's with eac or from iTunes. I plan on getting more music I like from HDtracks or similar sites in high quality formats. I am thinking about getting the following items, starting with a DAC. DAC - Schiit Bitfrost AK4490 Headphones - Sennheiser HD650 or HD600 Headphone amp - Bottle Head Crack or Schiit Valhalla 2. Speakers - Building Jim Holtz's "Finalists" from www,speakersdesignworks.com Room: it is currently set up in my bedroom but I may move the system into the lounge room. I will proved measurements in the morning. I would like the system to have a neutral or slightly warm sound, similar to what you would get from a very good neutral tube power amp. I would like it to have a very large and open sound stage and I prefer a slightly air open sound over a darker sound.The highs must not be peaky although let me know if something may be like that as I may hear things differently. I am a student so I cannot go over the budget as I need to save up for other things such as a car and therefor the system will be bought over time. I need something that is not tiring and a treat to listen to as this is what I will have until I go all out on upgrading later in my life. (think in about another 5 - 15 years before really upgrading). I don't like classical or jazz music. My favorite songs and artists include (my absolutes underlined): Billy Joel - Piano man, Leningrad, We didn't start the fire. Bryan Adams - summer of '69. Chris Jones - Long after you're gone. Coldplay - Clocks Carolina Lair - I'm not over. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save tonight. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream. Enrique - Don't turn off the lights, Hero. Greenday. Jimmy Barnes - Working class man. Midnight oil. Moog. Nicholas Gunn - Bamboo. The police - every breath you take. Toto - Rosanna. Queen - Bohemia Rhapsody. Robbie Williams - Angles. Red hot chilli's - Scar Tissue, Other side, Californiacation. Silverchair - Strait Lines. Tears for fears - shout, everybody wants to rule the world. Temper trap - Sweet disposition. Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes. Now for the questions: With a total system budget of about $1500 and absolute max of $2000 if there is a significant improvement for the higher total cost, what would you recommend on me getting. I am all for purchasing used items. I am also okay with building DIY speakers, amps, etc if they provide better value. What do you recommend for how much I should spend for each components? What will provide the most return for extra spent on it? ie. would it be better if I kept my amp and built new speakers and got a bitfrost with the most being spent on the speakers. What sort of a budget gives the best value for money? I want to get the best sound possible for the money. I plan on testing the amp and speakers with a very good dac to see if the are good or not and will let you guys know but if you know how the amp and speakers sound let me know if I should replace them. Do headphones or speakers provide the best value for money? If speakers can provide similar value for money as the HD650's I would be okay with leaving the headphones and headphone amp out out for higher quality speakers but they would need to be able to go very deep and sound as good a HD650's. Full range, 3 way speakers would be preferred. (When listening to Chris Jones's "Long after you're gone" they need to be able to produce the base notes well and reach down to at least the second lowest note with the lowest still being loud enough to be heard. I like the sound of the system I heard which included Sonus Faber speakers driven by an Audio research reference 150 and a PS Audio direct stream dac. It was very open and nice and pleasantly airy sounding. The sound stage was huge and I could place where the singer was and the detail was absolutely incredible while being natural sounding and not fatiguing in any way. The singers and acoustic guitars can alive and it had a nice very slight warm sound to it. The bass didn't over power the system while being controlled and going plenty deep enough. And very importantly the highs did not stick out and blended with the sound. Chris Jones's "Long after you're gone" was beyond words amazing. You could hear every little detail of the guitar, the bass instruments were played very well without over bearing the rest of the song and went very deep with the very bottom note only slightly quieter than the rest but it was hard to tell if it was recorded that way or not because it did it in such a natural way. Thanks, Ted.
  11. HI people. I'd love to hear from anyone that knows if it is possible/easy to replace the bulb in the power light on this? Mine went after a week of it arriving from the UK. It's a lovely amp, a real keeper, so if anyone has opened one up, I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks in advance - potential fixer could be bribed in various ways, though a bottle of wine seems to be the best bet if you like?
  12. Hi im looking at getting an new(old) amp to run some mission770s and my rega - rp1. my current amp is a yamaha rxv440, it does not have a phono setting so i was looking at buyin an amp with a phono setting. or should i jyst buy a phono pre-amp? my budget is limited - found two amps one is marantz pm-43, the other is a yamaha rxv-490 - does anyone know which of these two would be better or have they had any bad experiences with them, or... is there an amp that they would recommend that will not blow the budget. really appreciate any help.
  13. Hi Guys, Have been an avid music fan for as long as i can remember and have finally made the decision to invest in a decent audio setup. Am starting from scratch and my focus will mainly be towards records, as i have recently started collecting them as well. As far as turntables go, I have my eye on a Pro-ject Elemental (http://www.aussiehifi.com.au/buy/pro-ject-elemental-manual-turntable-red/PJEMTR). This seems to be a fairly cheap, reliable, entry level turntable, and in my opinion just looks really cool to boot. Any other suggestions? As far as the rest of the audio setup goes, i have no idea. I am open to any suggestions. What has/hasnt worked for you? My budget is approx $1000 (excluding turntable). The room is a regular sized living room, and ill be mainly listening to The Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Led Zep etc etc. Especially keen to hear from record enthuisiests, although any any input is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!
  14. Hi folks This is my first post and as a newbi please take it easy on me lol I have 2 amps 1 is a Yamaha AX 500 the other is a Akai AM-A90 my problem is both amps sound great at volumes to about 3 which is for the most part loud enough for me but, when on occasions I turn it up (never gone past 12 o'clock) the Akai starts to scream, screech ,harsh like there is too much treble Now the simple answer is just use the Yamaha problem fixed yeh the reason I need advice is because the Akai looks to be a really well made amp and inside is a set up which looks like no other amp I have had before. now I could be right off track in this belief. Is there a way to tame the harshness with this amp and does it appear to be a well set up amp is it worth it I have tried different speakers and audio sources with the same result so I'm pretty sure its the amp here are some basic specs I found and I have included a picture of the amp with the lid off thanks for any input you all may have Kind regards Samoya Power output: 130 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.5% Damping factor: 30 Input sensitivity: 0.2mV (MC), 2mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 67dB (MC), 86dB (MM), 100dB (line) Output: 150mV (line) Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω Dimensions: 440 x 120 x 410mm Weight: 12.5kg
  15. Hi All My wife is keen on hiding the screen in our living room. I'm considering a Screen Technics manual pull down screen and am researching projectors. While our living room will be high light during the day (lots of windows), we primarily watch tv/movies at night, and we live out in the bush so when the lights are off it is very dark. The wireless capability of the Epsons appeals to me and my budget could probably stretch to a 9100 or 9200 but is the additional cost over a 6100 or 8200 going to be worth it in a non-dedicated room? What are the chances i'll have a watchable picture on the occasion that the kids want to watch tv during the day? Any advice would be awesome because i'm new to projectors. Thanks
  16. Hi All, I recently picked up this Mitsubishi DA-A15 Power amplifier, I thought it was a great pick up - the look of this thing is impressive. Currently it's not going 100%, It makes a clicking noise and the audio cuts out and then repeats like this. The right heatsink heats up extremely hot after a few minutes and it is in rough condition. Which now leads to my Questions if anyone out there can answer; - Is this particular amplifier worth the time / Money / effort ? - Is there anyone whose had experience with this sort of amplifier that can shed some light on what to expect (Reputable?/Reliability/Soundwise?) - How much $$$ would this amp get against the likes of Pioneers similar models, Seeing as I can't find Mitsubishi amps anywhere Any help or advice is very much appreciated - I have also attached a few pics.
  17. Hey guys, i just joined recently, and would like to ask your advice on good hi-fi stores online. If you have any experience with buying equipment online. WA lacks high end audio stores so i have decided to look online. I saw a couple of amps and speakers on Class A Audio's website (Passlabs x350 and a Wilson Audio Wattpuppy 5) Do you guys have any experience with this store or any experience with these amps and speakers. I would love to get all of your opinions before i make a commitment. Are the amps 240v? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance, Ken.
  18. I have little experience with subwoofers so I hope someone can give me advice. I'm looking for one to hook up to my computer, paired with Audioengine A2 / Aktimate Mini+. Priority will be for music listening, so looking for more quality bass than quantity. I found the following for sale 2nd hand: Richter Krakatoa 100W Wharfedale SW150 150W B&W PB100 70W doesn't seem to have favourable reviews Energy ESW-C10 150W (actually new) Which one of them would you recommend? Or is there others that would suit more? (I have a WTB thread up too)
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