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Found 8 results

  1. Item: Vintage Siemens e83cc (12ax7, ecc83) triple mica tubes x 4 Location: Perth WA Price: $390 for all four tubes. Free post within Aus (only for purchase of all four). Item Condition: test NOS, low noise Reason for selling: too many tubes Payment Method: EFT, PayPal Extra Info: These are the much sought after ‘triple mica’ Siemens 12ax7 Tubes made in the Siemens & Halske Munich plant in September 1963 according to the acid etched codes on the glass. The e83cc was designed to be a very quiet, long lived and and anti-microphonic tube. These four are indeed extremely quite, transparent and crystal clear in my phono stage and preamp. They tested NOS when I bought them about 6 months ago. I’ve put a couple of hours on them at most. The test results provided by the seller I bought them off are as follows (and marked on the boxes - see photos). Tested on an Amplitrex AT1000 Sr.No.261106 T1=Ia=2.0ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.0ma Gm=1500 Sr.No.206028 T1=Ia=2.0ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.1ma Gm=1500 Sr.No.768632 T1=Ia=2.2ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.3ma Gm=1500 Sr.No.769203 T1=Ia=2.1ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.2ma Gm=1500 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Western Electric 420a >> 12AX7 or 12AT7 Tubes with Adaptors NOS - 3 pairs Location: Sydney East Price: $135 per pair plus postage. Without adaptors $110 Item Condition: NOS perfect Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT For sale are these great sounding Western Electric 420a /JW 5755 NOS tubes which when coupled with an adaptor (included) function as a superior 12AX7 or a 12AT7. They are much better in many ways than other 12AX7s I have tried, including: Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex and any Chinese tubes (Psvane etc). The most obvious improvements came in bass drive and resolution. Greater timbral information and texture is evident throughout the mids and bass. Glorious textural information not experienced with any of the tubes mentioned above. Dynamics are scary. Clarity is excellent. Designed for very low microphonics… The WE 420a "features special cathode springs which reduce microphonic response. This characteristic is controlled by a "microphonic stability" test for balance in which the tube is tapped at shock levels of 400 - 600G." Very fine wires (springs) just above the top mica can be seen in pics. The specs are a little different from a 12AX7 which has an amplification factor of 100, 12AT7 is 60, and the Western Electric 420a is 70. I have tried the Raytheon 5755 equivalent and as expected the Western Electric sounds better and is reliable (the Raytheon is not). WE is the real deal! I guarantee these will be keepers irrespective of the tubes you are using. Happy to demo against Mullard and Psvane or your own tubes to serious buyers.
  3. Hello, I have been using a phono amp (no brand name) with tubes 12 AX7's. Two of the tubes are the Mullard 10M Master Series. I was having the switch replaced by my technician and he checked the circuitry and tubes. After repairing the switch, he showed me that the phono amp was producing a curve that was 'cut off' at the top. He lent me an Audio Note phono stage (with different tubes) so that I could compare the 'smoothness' of the sound. Sure enough, the sound was sweeter and smoother! He said that the anamoly could be the design of the phono stage otherwise maybe difficult to say. The tubes are all in excellent condition. My question: 1. Does anyone have another suggestion as to why the upper end of the curve is 'cut off' that produces a less than smooth sound? 2. If I were to upgrade my phono to solve this problem, then I would like to keep using my own tubes ie12AX7's Which brands/makes would anyone recommend that uses 12AX7's. Can Audio Note phonos use 12AX7's? Thx for any comments, Bob
  4. Item: EAT ECC803S matched Location:Perth Price: $OLD Item Condition: Preowned but New. Reason for selling: Surplus, no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these sometime ago with a plan to use them. However the plan was never eventuate...! More infor here; http://www.theaudiotubes.com/eat-ecc803s-12ax7-with-cool-damper.html Pictures:
  5. Item: Various tubes Location: West Footscray, VIC Price: Please see description Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Sold my tube amp, so NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These tubes came with, or I bought for, my Opera Consonance Cyber-100 integrated amplifier which has now been sold. Clearing up as I do not have any use of these tubes anymore. All of these are in perfect working condition and have had very low hours on them as the amp itself was sold in around 7 month's time. Sovtek 5AR4 x2 $40 Came fitted brand new with the amp. I changed to Gold Lion rectifier in few days, so these have had probably a week's worth of usage tops. Price for the pair. EH 12BH7AEH x2 $25 Came fitted brand new as the driver tubes with the amp. Changed to other tubes in few days. Probably had a week's worth of usage. Price for the pair. Sovtek 12AX7LPS $15 Bought to experiment with the preamp tube. Very low hours. Genalex Gold Lion ECC83 Gold pins $30 I was using this as the pre tube in the amp, but I sold the amp with Tung-Sol tube. This may have had no more than 50 hrs of usage in total. Can be picked up from West Footscray, or CBD. Or I can post at cost. Thanks. Pictures:
  6. Item: 12AX7's vintage, and 12AT7 Location: Winmalee Price: $70 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not my tone Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Lovely dutch 12AX7 tube, very nice in P1 of a tube guitar amp. Rich mids and smooth treble. $70 2 x AWV 12AX7, Australia, Long smooth plates, halo getter, very clean, excellent for P1 of a guitar amp also, late breakup, great for Fender tones. $120 Also up for sale a Dutch 12AT7 marked as triangle OD. $40 Pictures:
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here can advise on what good or bad results you've had with current production EL84's? They will be used in a Leak Stereo 20 power amp. Ones of interest so far are JJ's and Mullard re-issues but I've only just started the search so any suggestions much appreciated. If there was a Winged C el84 I'd be onto that as I've found there el34's and 6L6's to be excellent but as far as I know Svetlana never made Winged C el84's. Cheers, Legs11
  8. Item: 1 Matched Pair ShuGuang PSVANE Tubes 12AX7-T ECC83 Location: Sydney Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Time for a clean up Price: $65 + post. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank deposit, wire transfer. Extra Info: Lots of info on-line Pictures:
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