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  1. Item: Krix Tropix 6.5” 110W Outdoor Speakers - Black Location: Perth WA, 6148. Price: 480$ Item Condition: Brand new. Reason for selling: Selling them because no longer plan to install them, changed to wireless speakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer, Shipping at buyers cost/payment prior to shipping please. Extra Info: Brand new box packed, have not opened them. Got them just a month back. Pictures:
  2. Item: Aaron ATS-4 Mk2 Location: Frankston Price: $450 ono Item Condition: Perfect no marks looked after well Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Credit(Bank Online) Extra Info: Have the original shipping boxes Classic Australian Speakers Go loud with little driving superb sound Specifications 4 Driver, 3-Way Floorstanding Design. 2 x 173mm Bass Drivers .Dual Laminated Cones. 1 x 136mm Midrange Driver. Dual Laminated Cone. 1 x 25mm Tear Drop Tweeter. Ferro-Fluid Cooled. Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 Watts – 120 Watts RMS. Frequency Response: 35Hz – 23kHz ± 3dB. Crossover Frequency: 800Hz/5kHz. Separate mid-range sub enclosure. Polyester Imide voice coil windings. Crossover Components: Non-Ageing Components. Impedance: 6 ohms (Nominal). Sensitivity: 93dB. Bi-Wire/Bi-Amplifier Capable: Yes. Synthetic Timber Veneer. Dimensions(WxHxD): 210 x 920 x 405mm. Weight: 18kg each. Made & Designed In Australia. Pictures:
  3. Item: Two Way Speakers Magnavox/Philips, very solid sealed DIY cabinets. Location: Sydney Price: $90 Item Condition: old but working, rough but serviceable Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These are much better than they look! I didn't build them but they are very heavily constructed, sealed boxes. I did some mods as follows: pulled out the old and very overdone crossovers that were choking the life out of these quite good drivers, and simplified this aspect down to minimal! Removed the potentiometer that used to poke out of the back baffle (I'm still working on patching that wound) and installed new binding posts. The drivers are the Philips 0160 mylar dome tweeters (which Ralph Waters and I both like despite them getting bad press from some quarters) and 8" Magnavox woofers. This size of woofer gives good wide dispersion while also presenting good midrange. They now do a good job on music and would make a very cost-effective buy for wherever you want to use them. I also added those chunky wood stands - very rustic but they raise the boxes to a better height. If you don't want the cabinets I can send you just the drivers, wiring and binding posts. Ask about delivery options. Free drop-off in Hills District or nearby. Pictures:
  4. Item: Dynaudio DM 3/7 Speakers Location: Adelaide Price: $850 (original price $999) Item Condition: 9/10. Everything perfect except one minor scratch on one of the cabinets. Picture attached. Reason for selling: Need the space. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Happy to demonstrate to genuine buyers. Pictures:
  5. Item: Tannoy CPA5 speakers Location: Melbourne, 3049 Price: $90 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal, COD Only Extra Info: These are tough little speakers. They can go surprisingly loud, and are efficient and easy to drive. The cabinets and grills are in near perfect condition. There are no dings in the metal perforated grill. All original packaging is included. I would prefer pickup, but I will post if necessary.
  6. Item: Mission 780 Location: Petersham, Sydney Price: $40 Item Condition: Fair, some paint scratched off around edges Reason for selling: Got new ones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, Diect Debit Only Extra Info: 25yrs old but still going strong avd sound decent. Were unused for 15yrs Pictures:
  7. Item: Near New Behringer TRUTH B3031A 2-Way Ribbon Studio Monitors for sale Location: Point Cook VIC, 3030 Price: $400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Returning preamp to first system | Different direction with second system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these of another SNA member about a month ago while I was stuck for speakers on my main system. Since I have now obtained a few other sets of speakers these ones are no longer required. All you need is a preamp and you're good to go. The last seller of these kept them in meticulous condition and I have done the same. Never over driven and all sounds as it should. I understand that these were $800 new as per the last sellers original purchase. Happy to send via courier at the instruction and payment of the purchaser. Still have original double cardboard boxes. Grab yourself a bargain. I have added the original SNA ad for additional info. Pictures:
  8. Item: Dynaudio Contour S3.4 Location: Point Cook VIC 3030 Price: $2500 Item Condition: EC Reason for selling: Not suiting my room / amp sold / returning to tubes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these a few weeks ago from another SNA member (see attached ad). I was using my Music Fidelity M6i to run them as they are Imped-4 ohm and Senstvty-86db which was no problem for the amp to run. They sounded very musical and detailed to me, but my room is just too small and I have moved on the amp and staying with my tubes. There are a few minor scuffs and blemishes. A couple are from the magnetic grills on/off at some stage by a previous owner. Many of the other blemishes looks to be able to be cleaned with an appropriate solution if it bothered you. Prices has been reflected and accounted for this. The MF M6i amp now looks to be sold to another member which places my back into my tube monoblocks and Spendors which is more suited to my listening, room and musicality. My monoblocks just doesn't have the grunt to drive the Dynaudio's. Don't need any reviews as most people will know of the quality of Dynaudio products. Happy to freight for interstate buyers but there were no original boxes so it'd be best to get your quotes from PacknSend and request appropriate packaging to be completed (at purchases expense). You'd be hard pressed to find a set of speakers for this mony. Happy to demo locally and would prefer local pick up, but you might need to bring an amp to make them sing and shine as they should. Taken from Dynaudio website: Natural, life-like sound and precise imaging due to its incredible balance and time alignment. The Contour Cabinet is strengthened by cross braces in specific areas to achieve a solid, vibration-free construction. Internally, the MDF walls are damped with an extremely dense material that absorbs even the most microscopic resonance. In conjunction with the advanced metal baffle construction, an extremely stiff and rigid unit is created, further ennobled by the finely polished surface of a beautifully finished real wood veneer. The innovative base plinth, derived from the Dynaudio Confidence range, serves as a stylish yet solid stand for the speakers. The crossover is mounted on a smaller block, between the plinth and the cabinet, away from unwanted vibrations and resonance, while using the shortest possible path-lengths to the gold plated WBT terminals. The sensitive components are thus isolated from any potential performance compromising factors. In the S 3.4, the new Esotec tweeter is used; it features a double magnet system that ensures extremely high power handling and precise control of movement of the dome. The Contour S 3.4 is available in a choice of real-wood veneer finishes: Maple, Cherry, Rosewood and Black Ash. Several other real-wood veneers and Piano Clear Lacquer, White Piano Lacquer and Black Piano Lacquer are available upon request per special order. Technical specifications Specification sheet for Contour S part 2 Sensitivity: 86 dB (2,83 V/1 m) IEC Power Handling: 270 W Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 25 kHz (± 3 dB) Box Principle: 2-way bass-reflex Crossover Frequencies: 2000 Hz Weight: 33.3 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 357 x 1226 x 366 mm 14.1 x 48.3 x 14.4"
  9. Item: Usher CP-8571 II Location: Perth S.O.R. Price: $4500 $4200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These speakers are hard to get. Well reviewed by TAS here: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/usher-audio-dancer-cp-8571-ii-loudspeaker/ I've been an USHER man for a while now. I had the Mini Dancer (NOW SOLD) https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/245250-fs-price-drop-relist-usher-mini-dancer-2/?tab=comments#comment-3890219) then I bought the CP-8571 from a fellow SNAer a few months back to upgrade and recently had the opportunity to upgrade again to Usher BE-10. That's the only reason I'm selling. Amazing open big sound with precise imaging and staging. They also look 10x the price. Definitely high WAF 🙂 I have the original boxes and crates but prefer local sale. Pictures: Pictures:
  10. Item: Subsonic Fusion III Speaker System Location: Baulkham Hills - Sydney Price: $1200 ono Item Condition: used but good Reason for selling: my hobby is building and/or rescuing speakers; can't keep them all, but it's looking increasingly as if I'll be remodelling the theatre room to fit these in as they sound better than what I'm using now but are an awkward fit for the room as it stands. (That can be fixed if there are no takers) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a set from the late 1990s, designed by Ralph Waters who was also the founder and designer of the Richter speakers back in the 1990s. The large front and rear speakers are the same except that the front L+R+Centre each have an inbuilt powered subwoofer, so the bass generated by this setup is amazing. But it's not just about bass - the audio quality is exceptional and can be used for music as well as movies. They originally sold for around $7k, in fact the dealer's receipt I have for this set shows $7999. The drivers used are high class and have rubber surrounds, so last a long time. The inbuilt subwoofer amplifier is rated at 225w, and the low frequency response specified is down to 25Hz. There is actually no specified power rating for the five speakers, but sensible use will not damage most speakers regardless of the maximum power output of the amplifier. Cabinets are heavily built, with the floor standers weighing in at 18Kg each. Apart from some fading of the Jarrah veneers, the speaker cabinets and grilles are good. The amplifier had some mains filter caps and two transistors needing replacement and this has been done - fairly standard maintenenance in a power amp - with thanks to the original amplifier designer who supplied schematics, and a friendly tech who did the component replacements. The sound is sensational. You'd have to pay upwards of $10k now in new gear to get near this audio quality combined with theatrical slam. Original Documentation: comes with various original brochures and instructions - see photo. How they connect up: They connect from the surround amplifier as follows - on the back plate of the Main (R) speaker there are inputs for L+R+C. The inbuilt sub amp and associated circuitry sorts the bass from the midrange and treble, and directs signals to the appropriate drivers. Signals to the Centre and front Left (Slave) are via thick four wire cables (supplied) from the Main which plug in via Neutrik plugs. The rear effects speakers connect directly as per usual from the surround amp/receiver. The surround amp should be set for front & centre speakers Large, and Subwoofer Off. The three subwoofers have their own volume control on the back plate so the amount of bass can be adjusted to suit your taste and the efficiency of the speakers in your room. My tests with action movies have been exciting - I had to back off the bass volume a bit because it was shaking the room. Dimensions: All four floor standers are 1120x210x285 (hwd) while the centre is 235x700x380 (hwd). Delivery & Setup: free and done by me in the Sydney metro area. Otherwise ask - if it's within the realms of possibility I'll travel further and charge for petrol etc. I have no packaging material for these, so shipping by courier would present problems, but could possibly be organised - ask me about this. Let me know about your surround amplifier and room just to confirm suitability and whether any other cables are needed. Pictures:
  11. I have a pair of Trevor Lee Floorstanders, large sentimental value. Weight 30kg, Height: 112cm, Depth: 39cm, Width: 22cm Previously run through a Sherwood Amp / Pre-amp (gold coloured..) then an Onkyo Tx-nr801 which i have in storage. I'm currently running them as a 2 channel system through a Yamaha rx-v479 as that matched my budget at the time. Now in a position to do them some justice with a decent Amp. Probably remain a 2 channel system in a smallish room. Seeking any feedback on: - How I can find out what's inside. Believe they were custom made and my memory is of them going seriously loud when powered by the Sherwood. - Melbourne based audio shops that I can visit to inspect the speakers, source recommendations on amp etc - Are there any creative ways to use the NR801 in 2018? ie as a pre-amp to the 479 or similar as the 801 has no hdmi. cant see any audio outs from the 479 Would love to get them cranking up again.
  12. Item: Castle Avon 4 – Pair of Floorstanding Loudspeakers in Natural Oak finish Location: Burwood VIC Price: $2,850 (RRP $3,999) Item Condition: Shop Display, in excellent condition with original packaging etc. Reason for selling: Demo Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A great sounding pair of Castle Avon 4’s. Finished in a lovely Natural Oak real timber finish, which is a special order. These have a rich tone, sweet treble and a strong bottom end. This pair is our shop demos, completely unmarked and has done very little work. Avon 4 features twin castle 130m woven fibre cone drives in a TL tuned to 38Hz, while the castle Ribbon tweeter compliments the bass drivers. 3-way floorstanding speaker TDTL - Twin Drive Transmission Line 130mm Woven Carbon Fibre Cone Woofer x 2 115mm Woven Carbon Fibre Cone Mid-range 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon 89dB Sensitivity 25-100W Recommended Amp. Power 97dB Peak SPL 8Ω Compatible 3.5Ω Minimum Impedance 45Hz ~ 20kHz Frequency Response 40Hz Bass Extension 955 x 180 x 310mm 17.6kg each Pictures:
  13. Item: Castle Avon 5 – Pair of Floorstanding Loudspeakers in Natural Oak finish Location: Burwood VIC Price: $3,650 (RRP $4,999) Item Condition: Shop Display, in excellent condition with original packaging etc. Reason for selling: Demo Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Really nice pair of Castle Avon 5’s. Finished in a lovely Natural Oak finish, which is a special order. These have a rich tone, sweet treble and a strong bottom end. This pair is our shop demos, completely unmarked and has done very little work. The Avon 5 features twin 150mm Woven Carbon Fibre cone drivers in a TL tuned to 32Hz. In room the Avon 5 achieves a bass extension (-6dB) down to 30Hz making it a truly wideband speaker. A castle ribbon tweeter compliments the bass drivers. 3-way floor-standing speaker TDTL - Twin Drive Transmission Line 150mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone Woofer x2 115mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone Mid-range 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon 89dB Sensitivity 25-100W Recommended Amp Power 97dB Peak SPL 8Ω Compatible 3.8Ω Minimum Impedance 35Hz ~ 20kHz Frequency Response 30Hz Bass Extension 1110 x 210 x 365mm 24kg each Pictures:
  14. Item: JBL L20T bookshelf speaker pair Location: Point Cook VIC 3030 Price: $180 Item Condition:Good cosmetics. Excellent sonics. Reason for selling: No longer Needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These did a great job of tying me over until I picked up some floor standing speakers. I was surprised at the dynamic response and provided good range. The speakers themselves have been described by the previous seller as "Some dings and chips on cabinets, and one grille with some holes on the edges as shown". I think this is an accurate description. Happy to demo if needed. IMHO I think these are great value for money. Pictures:
  15. Item: NHT VT1.4 SPEAKERS Location: Point Cook VIC 3030 Price: $230 Item Condition: Reason for selling: Not my type of speaker for the music I enjoy Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these about three weeks ago as I was stuck without any floor standing speakers for a while. It was to tie me over until I found something more as to what I was looking for. I have now picked up a set more suitable to my listening needs. I listen to these for about an hour only as I kept using some little JBL bookshelf speakers instead. These are fun speakers with a switch to drive the rear speakers providing a fuller more surround image and sound. I would prefer local pick up as I didn't get any boxes. No grills. Donation to SNA upon sale. Pictures:
  16. Item: Proac Future One Floor-standing speakers Location: Bendigo, Victoria Price: $2900 Item Condition: Good condition. These have been well cared for. LHS speaker does have small damage to veneer only at the very bottom of the rear corners (see photos, not noticeable unless up close). Comes from non-smoking, no pets environment. All drivers are in mint/as new condition. Reason for selling: Part of a second system that I don't have the time to use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: A rare find, as these remarkable speakers don’t often come up for sale. They were a departure from the usual Proac design, with open baffle and ribbon tweeter. When new, their RRP here in Australia was $18,999 and $10K USD overseas. After owning many speakers over the years, I have a distinct preference for the high end Proac sound. These speakers have been part of a second system, however I rarely get to use even my primary system. Primary system includes Proac D80’s, which are amazing. These speakers are the next closest I have heard to them, but it’s time for them to go. After years of trying out many speakers across brands, I have not come across anything better than these used for even twice the amount of my asking price. The birdseye maple finish is stunning, and is by far the best finish on any speakers I have seen or owned. The birdseye looks almost multi dimensional from different angles and in different light. As with all Proac's, these speakers are built to a very high standard and the sound is exceptional. Stereophile review here - https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/1000proac/index.html It is rare to find these in Australia for sale. For reference, overseas sales are typically in the $5-$6K AUD range I would encourage local pickup, with a chance to audition, and with payment of your choice. Bendigo is only 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. I currently have them setup with a pair of Red Wine Audio Signature 70 mono-blocks, and they can be auditioned for as long as you wish (in a separate room from rest of the house). Note that I’m prepared to sell the mono-blocks to the buyer at a very reasonable price if interested. If not, after the sale I will be looking to sell the mono-blocks for anyone interested. If local pickup isn’t practical then I’m happy to look at delivery options. Questions welcomed. Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  17. Item: Rega Rx1 Bookshelf Speakers - Walnut Location: Bentleigh Victoria Price: $1300AUD Item Condition: As-New Reason for selling: Baby on way.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash preferred. Other means considered. Extra Info: These are brand new not used. I bought and shipped them from the UK when we relocated to Melb in September 2018. I wanted a second set of speakers for maybe a sitting room stereo. Now I need to get rid of them to free up some space and cash. I will post some actual pictures of them, but for now i have just added the ones from the website. Beautiful UK made speakers. As with all rega gear they are top quality. Shame to let them go. They come with these cool snap on snap off magentic covers, as can be seen in the photo with the black ash finish. I have seen these advertised new at carltonaudiovisual for $1799. So I reckon this is a pretty good deal at $1300. If you have any questions or want to inspect, please sing out. https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/rega-rx1-bookshelf-speakers.html http://www.rega.co.uk/rx1-loudspeakers.html The RX-ONE’s can be used on stands, a sturdy shelf or mounted directly on the wall via the RX-ONE wall bracket (sold separately). Imaging and bass response can be tuned by adjusting the distance of the speaker from the rear and side walls. As with all loudspeakers, this will depend on the size of room, flooring and furnishings therefore some simple experiments trying different distances will help optimise the performance to your surroundings. Pictures:
  18. I'll advertise these again in February - got no replies or comments first time around. If anyone has views on what I should do with the next ad, please feel free to make (helpful) suggestions! For instance, I can offer delivery and setup assistance to places outside the Sydney area on an at-cost basis if this would tip the balance.
  19. Item: SoundSmith Monarch Bookshelf Speakers (VERY RARE in Australia) Location: Brisbane (inner city) Price: $4,500 O.B.O. (Retail for $8,000 US or $11,000 Aussie) Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm selling a pair of very rare and exceptional Soundsmith Monarch bookshelf speakers. They're made by legendary engineer, and former Director of Engineering at Bozac Loudspeaker Company, Peter Ledermann. They're about eight years old and in really nice condition. The Monarch Butterfly insignia is missing from one of the grills - see photos. They're finished in really beautiful cherry. I'm happy to send by courier within Australia. Basic Specifications Height = 14" Width = 8.5" Depth = 12.5", 20.500 lbs [9.300 kg] (In Box, 19.500" x 13.500" x 18.000", 25.000 lbs [11.34 kg]) 6" Long throw woofer 1" diameter modified wide bandwidth dome tweeter Response 47 Hz = 22KHz SPL 88 db (1 Meter/1 watt on axis) MSRP (USA) 7,999.95 USD Read about them online: https://www.sound-smith.com/speakers/monarch-bookshelf-speakers https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2012/04/26/nyav12-soundsmith/ http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/soundsmith-monarch-monitor-loudspeakers/ Pictures:
  20. Item: TANNOY DC-1000 Bookshelf Speakers Location: Brisbane SE. Condition: Excellent condition. Drivers working well. Checked by Brisbane Speaker Repairs prior to sale. Cabinets cosmetically excellent for age with no corner bumps or dents. Few superficial hardly visible scuffs on top of one – see pic. Couple of driver screw heads have a bit of corrosion. Grilles excellent with no broken tabs. Grille cloth good but missing grille badges. Price: $450 $400 $375 $350 Reason for Selling: Post Christmas bills. Payment methods: Cash on pick-up Pick up details: Pick up Wynnum, Brisbane. Not keen to courier these but may re-consider if local buyer not found. Extra info: The DC-1000s feature the same 2025GG dual-concentric driver as in the floor-standing models in the series. The Tannoy DC range began my adventure into hi-fi and I was blown away by the detail from the dual-concentric drivers and hooked on hi fi from then on. They sounded sweet with an Audiolab 8000A and matched well for my ears with this mellow English amp. Tried them with a brighter modern Vincent and a bit more fatiguing. Locals are welcome to bring own amp to see if it is a good match for you. I love these with jazz, acoustic instrumental and vocals particularly, but they can exercise muscle when they need to. These are all original and un-modified. Had them checked prior to sale by Brisbane Speaker Repairs and all good. Here are specs from Hifidatabase.com (can’t guarantee their accuracy). Recommended amplifier: 10 - 120 Watts Sensitivity: 90dB Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms Frequency response: 48Hz - 25kHz Crossover frequency: 2.3Khz Enclosure: Ducted port Internal volume: 17L Dimensions: 248 x 497 x 205mm (Width x Height x Depth) Weight: 8.1kg Year: 1988 - 1991 Pictures:
  21. Item: A nice set of B&W DM602 S2 in great condition, for the money you'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding set of speakers, I bought these off another Stereo Net member who bought them off someone else who only used them as rears on a AV System Location:Epping Sydney Price: $400 Item Condition: Excellent 8/10 one Speaker has a few light scratches hardly visible Reason for selling: To many Speakers Payment Method: Pickup Cash on delivery Extra Info: I have no boxes so Local pickup only, I'm happy to demo before purchase Pictures:
  22. Item: Tannoy CPA5 speakers Location: Melbourne, 3049 Price: $150 $140 130 $120 $100 $85 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are tough little speakers. They can go surprisingly loud, and are efficient and easy to drive. The cabinets and grills are in near perfect condition. There are no dings in the metal perforated grill. All original packaging is included. I would prefer pickup, but I will post if necessary. Pictures:
  23. Item: ProAc Tablette Reference 8 bookshelf speakers in cherry finish Condition: Very good overall, slight compression of cabinet corners on the bottom rear of one speaker (see last pic) Price: $750 pickup or buyer pays postage ($50 within Australia) Details: Purchased recently to try out in my system, selling to free up some funds. I don't have the original packaging (wasn't provided by previous owner), so pickup is preferred. I will pack and ship interstate however if requested. Auditions welcome, PM me with any questions. Pics:
  24. Hi guys, I am in desperate need of cash, I need to sell these ASAP, so i will be open to heavy negotiation. The KDX-Main's are black. The speakers are in good condition, full working, the only thing is there has been a small dent on one of the woofer dust caps. They are slightly worn on the outside. I am hoping for $280- for the pair- this is really a great price for the sound you get. I also have a pair of Gecko stands, i can do those for $50-. Krix KDX-M Main / Stereo Speaker Product Features: Nominal Power: 110 Watt RMS; Speakers Function: Main / Stereo; Construction: 2-Way; Connectivity: Cable; Frequency Reponse: 50 Hz - 20 kHz; Impedance: 6 ohm; Sensitivity: 89 dB; Woofer Size: 5"; Woofer Material: Paper; Tweeter Size: 1"; Outdoor/Indoor: Indoor; Mounting: Bookshelf, Floorstanding; Cabinet Finish: Wooden; Depth: 10.43 in.; Height: 17.13 in.; Width: 7.28 in.; Weight: 19.84 lb. The RX-797 Yamaha Stereo Receiver is in mint condition. It is a very highly regarded amp- Google some reviews, it never gets less than 4.5/5... mostly 5's.I do not have the remotes or the box available (they are at my ex wife's house, we can't even communicate properly yet)... I am hoping to get $200-, but I will take lower as i really need cash urgently. 100W x 2 (RMS), 145W x 2 (Max) high power output ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) Switchable CD Direct Amplification Pure Direct for short and direct signal path High dynamic power, low-impedance drive capability Multi-zone control capability with dedicated zone remote unit I live in Stanmore, NSW- It will have to be pickup only. Email me on superfastmonkey(at)gmail.com
  25. These are a fantastic pair of speakers, with excellent sound quality. If you are looking at them, you should know them We just got some B&Ws, but these will give any speaker in this price range a run for their money. Sadly, we don't have room to keep them as a second system. Happy to audition on pick up from Camperdown, Sydney. Comes with front grills. Price is relatively firm at $850. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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