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  1. Hey guys, First post here. Recently I have gotten the bug to go into components over a Home Theatre Amp. Im replacing my Harman Kardon AVR145 with a Rotel RSP-985 and so far I have a RB-960BX for the rears and a RB-971 for the fronts. Now for the centre I have been looking at a RB-850 and either bridging it to run a single centre or swapping out my JBL centre for 2 x Klipsch bookshelf speakers for a wide centre field (not sure what got me thinking this way). Is the RB-850 to old? will the mixture of Rotel amps give a slight variation in sound? I know this is all older gear Im doing this on a budget and so far have not had to spend a cent after swapping some old car audio gear I wasnt using for the power amps and pre amp. Current setup: Harman Kardon AVR145 JBL SCS200.6/230 New setup: Rotel RSP-985 Rotel RB-971 Rotel RB-960bx (possibly) Rotel RB-850 JBL SCS200.6/230 (possibly) Klipsch Quintett pair as center channel
  2. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated AmplifierLocation: Melbourne, inner WestPrice: $1600Item Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territoryPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  3. Item: Rotel RA-840BX3 Integrated Amp Location: Perth 6034 Price: $150 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Just bought a Brio R Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: I upgraded to a Brio R from here so the Rotel is surplus to requirements. RA-840BX3 (1988-1990) Power output: 50 watts per channel into 8? (stereo) Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.3% Damping factor: 100 Input sensitivity: 0.25mV (MC), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (MC), 80dB (MM), 95dB (line) Speaker load impedance: 4? to 16? Dimensions: 444 x 86 x 346mm Weight: 7.2kg All controls and switches function without any noise, there are slight scuffs to the front edge of volume knob as pictured. Aux inputs can bleed sound to other inputs, not a problem if the sources are off, its not a hassle - just a honest disclosure. A very enjoyable, powerful Integrated Amp with decent Phono input. Pictures:
  4. Item: Rotel RB-985 5-Channel Power AmpLocation: Melb North EastPrice: $400Item Condition: 8/10 - Minor scuff on the rear, pictured and small nip on front top left. Works perfectly and never had an issue. Reason for selling: No longer used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Specs from hometheatrehifi.com Five channels of amplification, THX certified, 100 watts rms output per channel at 8 Ohms, Frequency response 10 Hz - 80 kHz plus or minus 0.5 dB, harmonic distortion less than 0.03%, input impedance 27 kOhm, damping factor 180, size 5 1/2"H x 17 3/8"W x 15 5/8"D, weight 34 pounds (15.5 kg). Pictures:
  5. Item: ROTEL 930AX MKII integrated amplifierLocation: Bulleen, VIC3105Price: $250Item Condition: Like newReason for selling: I listen with headphones most of the time, it doesn't get much usePayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Great for second system or audiophile on a budgetPictures:
  6. Item: Rotel RA1570 Integrated Amplifier (120W per channel @ 8ohms) Location: Glen Waverley, Victoria Item condition description: Excellent Price and price conditions: $1195. RRP: $2399. Reason for selling: Dismantling unused bedroom setup. Purchasing new HT speakers. Payment Methods: Paypal (add 3%), Cash - Pickup, Bank Transfer. Extra info: Excellent sounding amplifier with many many features. Selling at less than half of retail price. Original box no longer available but unit is in excellent condition and working perfectly. Was used in a very short lived vinyl setup that barely lasted a couple of months and was barely used even during that time. Review: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/rotel-ra-1570-review/ Product site: http://www.rotel.com.au/products/ra-1570-integrated-amplifier
  7. Item: ROTEL RMB-1095 MKII - SOLD Location: Whiteheads Creek, 3660 Price: $1700 (price is firm) + shipping Item Condition: Excellent! Reason for selling: have gone back to stereo setup, no longer require 5 channel amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Wire Extra Info: Comes with factory box and packing Pictures: see below pic of actual unit for sale I'm the original owner of this fine amplifier which needs no introduction. This is the MKII version, there's a swag of reviews available online. I have personally compared it against my Krell 300cx driving Proac Response 3.8 speakers I use to own.. I can tell you all the great reviews are spot on, these are still today one of the best buys in audio. Any serious buyer wanting to compare it against my 300cx is more than welcome !!!!
  8. Item: Multi-Channel Amplifier - 5-7 channels Price Range: $800-$1900 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Finally looking to go separates and I am looking for a 5-7 multi-channel amplifier. Given the rarity of these popping up I'm going to keep the brand general and work with what may be available. But amps from the usual suspects such as Elektra, Arcam, NAD, Anthem. W4S, Rotel etc. are on the radar. If you have one surplus to your needs let me know. ​Happy to pay for freight, I'm on the Sunshine Coast.
  9. Item: Rotel RMB 1075, 5 channel power amp Location: Western Suburbs Melbourne Price: $750 Item Condition: Excellent condition, no original box Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Power: 120 Watts RMS X 5 into 8 Ohms MFR: 15 Hz -100 kHz (-0.5 dB/-3 dB) THD: 0.03% Size: 7 1/2" H x 17" W x 15 1/2" D Weight: 39 Pounds Pictures:
  10. Hi guys Would anyone have any feedback on the Rotel 1095? I found one selling at $1200 in mint condition. However I've already got the 1075 and occasionally I need to turn the volume to -18 to get to the level I wanted. Tell me your experiences and thought on this beast. Please
  11. Hi I have an old Rotel Ra211 from the early 80's I believe. I want someone experienced to have a look over it and give it a service. I really like this little amp and it seems to play nicely with some old B&W DM110's I have in my office. They also need a service but I might have a crack at that myself. Anyone know someone one here in the West that could have a look over the amp. It has been in storage for a bit but is in working order, except for the headphone output. Sometimes I hear a minor fuzz in one channel. Also very Minor distortion at medium volume but I guess that could be my speakers?? I am primarily using it for digital files via macbook pro through an Ifi Nano DAC. Any suggestions would be much appreciated Cheers Doug
  12. I am chasing a Rotel RDD-1580 Digital-Analogue Converter to match my other Rotel components. <$800 + postage as I can get one on Ebay for $790 incl postage. But I would rather buy from a fellow SNE member if someone wants to move their Rotel DAC on. Cheers
  13. Item: Rotel RB-1562 Stereo Power Amp (2x100W) (2x200W @ 4ohm) Location: 2194 NSW (Can deliver interstate via courier) Price: $400 Item Condition: Excellent (one small mark on the top as seen in photos) Reason for selling: Just picked up an Emotive 5 channel amp so no longer have use for this Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Banks transfer Extra Info: Includes box, all accessories (power cable and manual) Pictures:
  14. For Sale: - Rotel surround sound processor RSP-1098 - Rotel seven channel power amplifier RMB-1077 $1000 O.N.O Location: Mornington, Melbourne, Victoria. *Can organise to be shipped
  15. Hi folks, TL;DR: Any owners of the Rotel RA-12 who can share feedback on it? Specially if you're matching them with B&W 685s. Those of you in NSW: hope you're doing ok in the storm. I've been going back and forth between amp options to match the B&W 685 S2 I've set my sights on. So far I've looked at: Arcam FMJ A19 + standalone DAC Marantz PM6005 Rotel RA-10 + standalone DAC Rotel RA-11 Rotel RA-12 At this entry-level I'm operating at ($2k total), 50-70% of the budget should go towards the speakers, since that's where I'll get the most ROI. For that reason, I've ruled out the Arcam and Rotel RA-10, simply because with those options too much of the budget goes to the DAC, which is the 2nd least important part (after cables). However, I've found on eBay a Rotel RA-12 at a decent price ($739). It has built in DAC, 60w per channel...well enough to drive the 685s. However, I can't seem to find many reviews on it and the What HiFi review was a bit mixed. Anyone here using the RA-12 that has some feedback to share?
  16. Hi Im looking for some advice, after a recent post I have decided to upgrade my amplifier, for my system. Current setup is miniwatt n3 tube amp, project tube box ii, wharfedale 10.1 speakers and pro-ject debut with ortofon blue cart. Im just not getting the power i need to run the speakers to their full potential. I have narrowed it down to either the: rotel ra-10 rega brio r arcam fmj a19 If anyone has experience with either of these please let me know. Also is it worth paying almost double for the rega or the arcam over the rotel ? or should i buy the rotel and put the rest of the money into other gear etc ? If you have any other suggestions please also let me know. Cheers
  17. Hi folks, Come the next tax return time I am looking forward to adding my next component to my emerging stereo setup. I've just recently added a Rotel RMB 1582 mk2 which is presently tethered to my Denon AVR 3310 via the Denons preouts. My goal is to have my stereo system separate to my HT. Well that's not quite accurate as I plan to use the RCA and Balanced inputs on the 1582 to take a signal either from the Denon (RCA) or Pre amp (Balanced). Listening either to stereo or the HT setup will just be a toggle switch position change on the 1582. I've also replaced the previous floorstanders (Whatmough Audiolabs M30s) with the Whatmough P33i - yep - I'm a fan of their build/quality/sound. I've lusted after these puppies for many, many months and despite listening to other speakers in the price bracket, I just fell under their spell. Hence the addition of a power amp to give them a good dose of oomph. To keep the tonality of the new fronts in sync with the centre speaker, I've also lashed out on a new Whatmough centre that shares the same drivers as the P33s. Santa definitely came early this year. So with a good many months to go until Mr Taxman decides (hopefully) to throw some sheckles my way, I'm looking for ideas on a good Pre amp to buddy up with the 1582 with the option of also replacing my existing CDP - a Rotel RCD-06SE with a beastie one or two steps further up the quality ladder. Price wise, I'm looking between $1-$2K for the Pre and around $1K for the CDP. I am yet to be converted to the vinyl dark side and have instead invested in silver spinners with the last 12 months seeing many new additions attempting to slip past the admonishing gaze of my better half (well if I've got to give up riding motorcycles - I've got to replace one passion with another - that's how it works isn't it?). Digital music files might come into the mix at some point, but at the moment I'm happy popping jewel cases open. So the Pre doesn't necessarily need to be optioned up with every conceivable input. Your thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated! Cheers, James
  18. Hello everyone, I am new to Hi-Fi but am just assembling my first (entry-level) serious system. I just bought a Rotel RA-1520 integrated amplifier and now I am on the lookout for a set of bookshelf speakers that would be a good match. This is for a 10m x 3.6m x 3m quite dead (mostly carpeted) open-plan space. The lady of the house has dictated that floorstanders are not an option. Ultimately I would also be looking to add a subwoofer to the mix to adequately cover the bass. At the moment I am just using a Pro-ject DAC box for input which I will also upgrade down the track. I was thinking to spend $AUD1000-1500 but could stretch to $2000 if there is a significant and justifiable increase in quality. I know that the only way to pick speakers is by auditioning them which I plan to do shortly. However, it would be very helpful to have a list of vetted options on which to focus. There is an incredible number of different options out there. It would also be helpful to get an Australian perspective given the different pricing and availability here. So far I've only listened to the Polk LSiM703 which I thought were excellent. A lot of people talk about B&W being a good match for Rotel (685, CM1, CM5). From other forums, KEF (Q300, R300, R100, LS50), Dynaudio (Excite X12, DM 2/6, DM 2/7), ATC (SCM11) and PMC (DB1i, twenty .21/.22) have also been recommended, though the latter are a little out of my league. If anyone could share their experiences with the above or suggest any other options, it would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Nick
  19. Match it with any of the power amps being sold here and you will have a killer 2ch system. Bought from Cleff Hifi in Melb in May 2013. Still under warranty (3 years), purchased in may 2013. Will provide receipt. Great sound. Wish I can find a HT receiver with a sound stage as good as this (have to take the risk!). Comes with original packaging and box, manuals, remote (never used), everything. Did not get to play it much due to watching movies instead of 2ch.\ RRP $ 850 Price $400 O. N. O. Photos speak for themselves. Pet, smoke, kids, free environment. Protective wrap is still on it. Small mark on top. Unnoticeable unless you put a very bright lamp pointing at it. Pick up in Ringwood (Victoria), I'm not a fan of shipping Hi Fi equipment but if you have a courier you trust we can organise something. Would prefer to sell it to a local buyer. My system has been slowly evolving from 2ch to HT and this preamp is now redundant. Need to sell to fund a good receiver. Specs can be found here: http://www.rotel.com/NA/products/ProductDetails.htm?Id=487&Tab=2&Pic=1 http://clefhifi.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=37&products_id=1184 Photos:
  20. I am chasing a Rotel 2 channel power amplifier. At this point I am open to suggestions re model etc.... Preference is for a black unit to match existing gear and smaller form factor. Also anything in the Perth area is good so we can avoid postage. Cheers
  21. I'm considering adding a power amplifier such as a Rotel RB-1562 to handle the front left and right channels of my 5 channel set up. Receiver is a Denon AVR-1313 and front pair of speakers would be either Kef LS50 or Dynaudio Excite X12. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade or should I head in a different direction?
  22. Item: ROTEL 1582 power amplifier Location: Hawthorn, VIC Price: $1000 (RRP ~$1700) Item Condition: As new. Very well taken care of, no kids, no smoking, no pets. Reason for Selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Cash pickup Extra info: Includes original manuals but no box available. Also include an IEC power cable (not sure if it was the original supplied). Extremely good value class AB power amp for the spec you get. Clean and honest power. Specifications Power Configurations 2 x 200 watts (20Hz-20kHz, <0.03%, 8 Ohms) THD (20-20,000Hz) 8 Ohms, all channels driven < 0.03% IM Distortion < 0.03% Damping Factor (8 Ohms) 1000 Input Sensitivity / Impedance 1.9V / 12kOhms Frequency Response (+/-1dB) 15-100kHz (+/-1dB) S/N Ratio (IHF A) 116dB Power Consumption 550 watts Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 431 x 140 x 406 mm Dimensions (W x H x D) in 17 x 5 1/2 x 16 in Front Panel Height 3U (5.25â€)
  23. After reading many pages on the internet of Rotel's rcd991 getting the better of people with challenges to reliability, I took a stand and would not let it beat me. I have had the big Rotel for about 5 years and spent a fortune getting it from Greece to me in Malaysia. Why? because I Auditioned a Copland CD266 with dual BB pcm63p Dac chips and the controversial pmd100 filter chip. To this day I don't think I have heard a better disc player. So at the time I did not have the funds to buy and had to let it go. So armed with the knowedge of it's internals I scoured for a cheaper alternative with the same DAC chip and Filter. I came across the much unloved Rotel rcd-991ae in greece. I did pay way too much for it and the shipping but hey are we not all crazy when Hi Fi is concerned.? Once I got it home I listened to it for a few weeks and then decided I was under whelmed. At that point I decided to do something about it and Mod the hilt out off it. Enter Audio GD with 4 discrete op amps and a new clock, Jantzen entered the fray with some silver Output caps and Solen and Wima provided the added extras. After a few weeks of determined ignorance of a novice I finally had finished. Press Play and BINGO it was superb. I fell in love with this big chunk of Rotel metal and listened to it exclusively for weeks. I was 80% close to the Copland and I was a happy camper. After a couple of years of use It got pushed back off the favourites list by the modded duo of Marantz Cd5000's with the amazing Philips TDA1549 Dac chip and discrete op amp and New big Jantzen silver output Caps, and the Modded Marantz cd50 with Nos, discrete output stage etc.. The Audio GD NFB3.2 arrived and that was now the house favourite being driven by my Modded Pioneer DV989avi as a digital transport. Being the fair Hi Fi Father I am, I alternated between the players until my Rotel RCD991 started to behave like the petulant child it has been for so many people. I spent hours and hours inside it looking for why it sometimes would play CD's and sometimes would give me the finger with a "no Disc" message. Sometimes when it actually got going it would go into track skipping meltdown and then I would spend another full weekend of changing yet another laser and checking every capacitor and resistor there was. But to no avail it beat me.. Up until now. I have spent another day of research and discussions on this petulant child and read and read until I could read no more. Doing my best trouble shooting thinking on the Loo it Dawned on me. My enlightenment of the problem was a defining moment in my Amateurish attempts of days gone by. Armed with the soldering Iron and some spare parts pilfered from my now defunct Cambridge audio 540cv2, I changed the spindle motor and the laser motor and prayed that I had demonstrated enough determination to succeed. Load a disc, it reads the TOC straight up, press play and Music, beautiful music once more. Skip forward through a few tracks and tight and fast tracking once again!. I sit before you happily listening to my now Non belligerent Monster Rotel smiling and writing this little experience hoping that my Hi Fi Brothers owning this Player will not give up hope and not let this temperamental piece of Japanese mastery beat you.
  24. Item: Rotel RA-1520 Integrated Amplifier Location: 3130, VIC Price: Sale pending...$500 + Shipping Item Condition: Excellent, owned since new. Reason for selling: Move to a slightly different direction (tubes) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I've had this amplifier since new and it has served me really well. It comes with original box and packaging, as well as the remote. I have a soft spot for this amp, as I've grown accustom to its sound. What Hi-Fi gave this amp 5 stars. It produces a solid sound, with a fairly wide soundstage and puts the listener in the middle of a concert hall. It has driven speakers from Usher to B&W to PMC without any complaint. I think its best partner will be speakers on the warmer side of neutral.
  25. Item: Rotel RCD-1070 CD Player including original box & remote Location: Sydney NSW Price: A$350 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: To fund a redecoration home project Payment Method: Pickup at Sydney metro location & COD only. May consider interstate sale but buyer will have to cover postage/insurance. Extra Info: Modded Rotel RCD-1070 with Audiocom's Superclock II, DBE digital output, Black Gates/Rubycon's caps, deadening damping sheets & diodes upgrades All modifications ($500+) done by Soundlabs in Sydney - Musical, smooth & analogue sound
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