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  1. I have a Yamaha AV receiver RX-V757 and it will not power up. The main display is blank and there is no sound of relay engaging or any sound of life at all. So far I have: - disconnected all cables except main AC cable - measured 247V on the input board where the AC input cable is attached - taken fuse F1 off fuse holder and checked it with a multimeter and is ok - measured voltage at the AC outlet and there is no power at all Any suggestions? I couldn't find a diagram online. I'm pretty confident in trying DIY repair if I find out what to do. I've been quoted $800 for a repair at the hi-fi shop where I bought it, when a new comparable unit would cost $1000. They obviously are trying to sell me a new unit. :mad: Does anyone know any repairer that can be trusted in Melbourne?
  2. Hi all, I used to be a frequent reader of this forum, but alas life has a habit of getting in the way to find the time. Anyway, I'm thinking of upgrading my system at home and getting an amp which has a few more of the mod cons, like HDMI. So gauging if there's any interest out there for my 7.1ch SA-XR55 Panasonic Digital Amplifier, with Dual Amp and Bi-amp, 2 optical and 2 coax digital audio inputs. It's had an easy life since I bought it new. Remote is in great condition and I still have the manual for it. I'd love to keep it, but I don't have the room or stereo set up (yet) to intergrate it into. Can be auditioned working, currently drives Dali Concept 6's and Dali Concept Centre, as well as other not-so-good surround speakers and sub. PM if interested. Cheers Brazzwald
  3. Item: Onkyo PR-SC5509 Location: Perth (would prefer pick-up but will post at your expense and instructions) Price: $2,200 Condition: Excellent, have never had an issue and is used lightly Reason for selling: Wife expecting, renovating house, surplus to needs Hi guys, little introduction needed for this item (Integra 80.3 equivalent). Received this as a birthday gift couple years back. I believe it was purchased in Singapore. Being a gift, I don't have the receipt so probably no longer under warranty. The item works perfectly. Inspection is welcome. This was part of a HT project I was working towards but 2 years on and I've made little progress. Includes manual, Audessey microphone. Feel free to ask questions. http://www.intl.onkyo.com/products/av_components/av_separates/pr-sc5509/index.html
  4. Hi folks, After one of these Denon AVR-4520 beauties to replace my ageing RX-V3800. Please PM me your offers or perhaps point me to a good deal on a new one Thanks in advance!
  5. Item: Yamaha RX - V475 5.1 Channel AV Receiver - Black Location: North Sydney Price: RRP$749 PRICE $400 OBO Item Condition: Pristine Reason for selling: Ended up buying a stereo amp soon after so this is no longer needed. Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Purchased in October 2013 (balance of warranty still remaining). Would have roughly 20hrs of listening time. Some product info - http://www.thecableconnection.com.au/RXV475-Yamaha-RX-V475-51-Channel-AV-Receiver-80-WRMS---Black.html http://www.soundandvision.com/content/yamaha-rx-v475-av-receiver
  6. Item: Cambridge 651R Receiver in Black Location: Kingaroy QLD Price: $1600 + Postage (Current Model and Retail at $2199) Item Condition: Immaculate, no Marks etc.. 9/10 Conservatively Reason For Selling: No longer using 5.1 in Bedroom, and have a Damaged ute to pay for! . (Will be Replacing with the 851A Integrated when I can afford to) Payment: Cash on Pickup, Bank Deposit Extra Info: The amp has maybe 80 hours of use on the machine, purchased about 6 months ago, all original Accessories, Remote, Mic, Zone2 Remote ETC included Great amp, 175watts/ch (2 Channel) and rated to something like 120Continuous running all 7. Zone 2, With zone 2 Remote, Auto set up, Fully customisable inputs etc. http://www.synergyaudio.com/Cambridge-Audio/AV-Receivers/651R-Home-Cinema-Receiver/585/productview.aspx%C2'> For More info on the amp, or send me any questions you have.. I don't have pictures on the computer yet, But I thought I'd jump the gun and get the post up. If you would like to see pictures of the unit just let me know, I will be uploading soon when I can get to them, But the unit is immaculate, I can't find a mark or smudge to even show that its been used.
  7. Hi all, Currently on the hunt for a new receiver, but this time round looking for something with front L/R pre outs. The story goes like this.... Had a standard 5.1 setup which I was running my turntable through via a dodgy phono preamp. I've since invested some coin in my analog setup, so mow I've a RP6 through a good Graham Slee phono stage into a Yamaha A-S1000, through to a set of Kappa infinity speakers I picked up cheap, but sound nice. So, I need a new receiver with pre outs for front L and R so I can utilise the better speakers and new yammie amp. Problem is, I don't have a lot of money to spend on this. Can stretch to $1000, but would rather get something a little cheaper if possible. Most low end receivers have sub pres, but that's no good for me. Any suggestions? Saw a Marantz NR1403 on sale before Xmas for $529 which seemed to be the go. Having to wait until after Xmas saw me miss that one. Secondhand is always an option too if there are some good models poeple can recommend? So far I'm looking at $1k+ or the slimline Marantz (1504). Is it just me that gets a little concerned when googling receivers and se something like the Marantz 1504 going on Amazon in the US for $300, yet in Aus its $850!?! Complete joke.
  8. Item: 1976 Realistic STA-90 Receiver. Vintage gear been rebuilt by me. Location: Jimboomba, Brisbane Item condition: Receiver has had a nice refurb and so is in good condition for its age. Price: $120 ono plus shipping of probably around $30(would have to check shipping cost). or zero shipping cost for local pickup * Reason for selling: Would like some money for some more hifi purchases. Item is excessive for needs. * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup * Extra Info: This is a great piece of vintage gear. 45w rms per channel. AM, FM, Phono , aux inputs. The case has been sanded back and re-coated in 2 part epoxy. Has a nice feature when the station is tuned in the needle glows red at the end.(see pic) * Pictures
  9. Item: Onkyo TX DS787 AV receiver Location: Cairns Price: Free, just pick it up Item Condition: Not working Reason for selling: Old, cant be bothered seeing what the problem is Payment Method: None Extra Info: I'll give it to the end of the week, then off to the dump it is Pictures: Its gold
  10. Hi all, Selling my Denon AVR-1912 . Price: $400 Immaculate condition. Comes with original box and all the accessories. Over 1yr remaining on Warranty. Has been a great amp with latest features - 3D, HDMI, Airplay etc. http://www.audioprod...her/AVR1912.pdf Located in South East Melbourne but can arrange courier delivery for a small fee. Also listed on Gumtree: http://www.gumtree.c...ver/1029053530# Thanks
  11. * Item full name and model etc. Onkyo TX-NR818 * Location Melbourne (North Suburbs). Will ship at buyers expense. * Item condition description : 2 months old - mint condition. This has only ever been used as a Processor. The amps are un-used. * Price and price conditions $1550 firm. Paid $1750 from local retailer (and this is NOT a grey import like many on the market). Comes with 3yr warranty which is transferrable. * Reason for selling: Chance to upgrade to much higher level - however happy to keep this if no interest. * Payment Methods: Pick up -Cash , COD, can organise direct debit or paypal (gift). * Extra Info: What doesn't this thing do?! Pretty much everything you could hope for. The important bits: Support for 4k, Two HDMI out (1.4a), Audyssey Multeq xt32 (this is AMAZING), Spotify etc..... I have all boxes, manual, Audyssey mic, remote etc etc.. * Reviews: http://www.whathifi.com/review/onkyo-tx-nr818 http://www.gramophone.co.uk/editorial/onkyo-tx-nr818 * Pictures: on request
  12. Item: Pioneer SCLX71 AVR Location: Melbourne's North Price: $700 (Bought for $2k) Item Condition: Great. Reason for selling: Don't need an AVR with amplification, as I have power amps. Changing to a pure processor. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Well reviewed AVR with an absolute bucketload of features (most of which I've never used!). No box (hence pick-up) - but comes with manual, remote and microphone for room adjustment sweeps. Pictures: To come
  13. Hi all, It's been a while since I dabbled with home audio so I'm a bit out of date. I'm helping my parents with a simple setup in their bedroom and these are the core components: Samsung Series 6 TV Apple TV Two speakers Here are the two primary use-cases: 1. Watch TV (standard tuner) or watch the Apple TV. In either even the sound will go via the television. 2. Steam music to the AppleTV via AirPlay. In the latter situation, it'd be ideal not to have to turn the TV on. I don't think I need an A/V Receiver at all as there are so few components but I do need something to drive the two speakers. Here's what I currently have in mind: Apple TV (HDMI) -> Samsung via HDMI (handles audio and video unless I'm much mistaken) Samsung -> AudioSource AMP100 or similar Apple TV (TOSLINK out) -> AudioSourceAMP100 Input 2 If this setup sounds logical, I'd appreciate advice on: A. Does anyone have experience with the AudioSource AMP series, is it any good? B. When watching the Apple TV (not listening) the AudioSource will receive the same output from the Apple TV direct and via the Samsung. Will the two input system on the AudioSource work in such a way that Input 1 will be prioritised and it'll ignore Input 2 (this sounds too good to be true). Thanks all! Chris
  14. Item: Marantz SR6300 Receiver - Self Learning Remote; Location: Horsham, Victoria Price: Sold Item Condition: Very good/Excellent Reason for selling: No use for it anymore. No room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This receiver has been wonderful. I bought it brand new in 2003/2004 for $1699. It has heaps of power and is VERY musical for a receiver. Small scratch on top near front and battery cover missing on remote (damn kids). I just use insulation tape. See pics. Review here: http://www.audiorevi...86_2718crx.aspx Pictures:
  15. Hi all, Just recently I came across an ad on Gumtree, For sale was an old jvc system with 4 speakers, no pictures, that's it. Went to investigate, and what i found was quite something. The system is from the 70's i believe, consists of: JVC 4VR-5436X Fm-Am 4 Channel Stereo Receiver with built in CD-4 Demodulator (Quadraphonic) - http://www.thevintageknob.org/jvc-4VR5436.html JVC SK-12 4 Way 6 speaker boxes with wood lattice - pair JVC VS-5399 Bi-directional rear speakers - pair - http://www.thevintageknob.org/jvc-VS-5399.html A woman was selling it, i don't think she realised what she was selling. All she wanted was $20!!!!!!!!!! SOLD All the pieces are in fantastic, original condition, and the receiver works beautifully. The SK-12's are unbelievable for something from the 70's! Does anyone know what the REAL resale value of this system is? Thanks
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