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Found 55 results

  1. Hi there guys. I need some help with choosing the right components for my home theater system. 5.4 My system at this stage is: Receiver Onkyo tx-sr876, Samsung Bluray player, Power amp is Emotiva xpa-5 5 channel, speakers are Paradigm Studio v4 60's, 40's and CC690 center, 4 x 10'' jensen subs, 110'' screen and Sony VPL HW50ES projector. My problem is: I would like to eliminate my Onkyo receiver and the crappy samsung blue ray player. (weakest links in my system) Ive been looking into getting the Emotiva umc-200 7.1 pre/pro and the new oppo bdp103 or bdp105 player. Im after the best possible sound and picture quality i can possibly get out of my system (without spending heaps of $$). Also do i actually need the Emotiva pre/pro, apparently the oppo bdp105 can remove the need for a pre/pro, would this be correct in my setup? Or would having the Emotiva pre/pro be more beneficial to my sound quality? I need the help from experienced audioheads here as im not up to speed with connectivity between certain components (im still learning the ins and outs of modern components, and loving it) : ) Any advice will be appreciated, thanks Heath.
  2. Hello There, After two failed attempts to use those silly Burson Discrete op-amp modules, I figured if I wanted to get serious about a pre amp, why not reach for the stars! A single-ended Class A design by Nelson Pass The board is from "my friend" at Jim's Audio.. I have bought many items from him, the quality of his products is excellent, as is his ongoing technical and customer support!! Since this is a true mono-block design, I thought to go the extra yard and use a separate Transformer and RFI / EMI filter for each (L & R) Channel.. The volume circuit is a "stepped attenuator" type, and is NOT in the signal path! The 'volume' pot is used to set DC voltage for the stepped volume circuit.. I wanted to use a motorised pot for remote control,, but just couldnt find a motorised 50K linear type! I even destroyed 3 motorised pots trying to "retro fit" fit them with a 50k linear pot! There is room in the case should I want to re-visit the remote control volume option?? It was a lengthy build, but enjoyable for the most part Results?? Well, I havent had much time to listen, but initially I am very impressed!! This will make a good match for my Class A mono-blockamps which have sat un-used for ages.. I will report back with more listening time.. Ta CM
  3. Item: Grave Science 3 Way Passive Switch Box Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $350 ono (includes shipping) Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Surplus to requirements, need cash to buy a new guitar Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: ***PRICE DROP 30/8*** These sell for around $600 new from Grave Science or Magenta Audio. Their websites have more detailed specs if you want. I purchased this item brand new from Magenta Audio about 12 months ago. At the time I needed a massive improvement at the pre-amp stage, as my old receiver just wasn't cutting it with all the other parts in my system having been upgraded in the preceeding year or so. As my sources had volume controls, this switch box with hard wired cabling minimised the connections in the chain, and is as close as it gets to connecting your source straight to your power amp. It's great quality. The Grave Science cabling is nicely run in, and is detailed without harshness, and really allows the music to shine. It's a beautiful looking piece of hardware, with a matt black metal alloy body, with a bottom and top made of a beautiful reclaimed Australian timber. Grave Science can modify this for approx $100, so that the grave science cables are removed and replaced with RCA connections so you can use your own choice of interconnects. If you have 2 or 3 quality sources with their own volume controls, and you want to consider upgrading your pre-amp, why not bypass your pre altogether, via this top shelf switch box connected straight to your power amp? Note the colour of the timber does change depending on the light in the room. If its in a dark area, it has a mahogany look, if it has plenty of light, it has a Beech-esque look. The pictures will show you what I mean. Pictures:
  4. Item: Audio GD NFB 10 SE Location: Melbourne Price: $350 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: getting out of head fi Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: excellent unit I preferred it to the Woo Audio 6 SE + DAC19 combo I had previously Happy to ship aus wide if required Pictures: available on request, unit is very clean
  5. So, I succumbed. I found a power amp in here for sale at a reasonable price that I feel will be all I ever need in terms of amplification. It is an ME85, thank you for asking. It looks in good nick (had the top plate off, gave all the surfaces a wipe down, including the cooling fins, checked for raised capacitor tops and applied a quick and gentle Dysoning). It all looks the biz! I have a cable I could probably use as a trigger - just a stereo jack at either end. It fits at my Arcam Alpha 10 end, so it's likely to be the same on all amps, right? Nope! I should have known, really... Can't have standards in an industry, why anyone could then DIY. The ME appears to use a banana plug speaker-type binding post, it seems; possibly logical, but nonetheless a pain. Still, no worries, cut the phones off an old pair of ears that have ceased to be used and plug the one end into the Arcam trigger socket. Bind the bare wire to the ME85, et voila! Doddle... Nope - not a sausage. Tried both the left and right channel wires, both individually and together, but the ME85 just does not seem impressed by this approach. Well, that's ok, I have some spare speaker wire kicking around that I can make use of... But how to get a (presumably mono) jack plug, the ubiquitous 2.5 cm type by the look of it, onto one end of the cable? No idea. I have just hit a brick wall (two sleepless nights with flu does that to me). So I once more throw myself upon the mercy of some amp gurus who know what a trigger cable should look like and could perhaps post a pic or two to give me clues, guide me as to a possible solution, Please...! Forgot to mention, the trigger cable is going to make my better half's life much easier. She wouldn't like to bend down to switch on a completely separate box after we spent money on a universal remote... It might just save my life.
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