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  1. Well it’s been a long time in coming but it’s finally here. Part of the reason it took so long was that it’s difficult to start a project like this because that first amp is both evaluated and stipulated at the same time. So if I give amp number 1 a seven for its bass performance then I’m saying that it has very good bass performance and that every amp that follows will be compared to that level of bass that is now stipulated (ie: set in stone) as a seven. You could say that I’ve declared that level of bass as a seven rather than evaluated it as a seven. In a way you have to listen to several amps to get an idea of the level of variety you expect before that first amp can actually be evaluated. Anyway, I have managed to wrap my oblong noggin around the concept so here we go with the very first Power Amp entry. 1. Burson PP-160. This is an amp I quite enjoy listening to, I’ve described Burson gear in the past as sounding crisp, snappy and airy and this amp is no exception. I should probably add detailed to that list as the performance of this amp is very good. It is not an amp to puff up its chest and announce its presence so at times it does seem to be a bit lazy because when the music dies down the music really does die down, but when called on it gives an excellent performance with nicely extended, airy highs (with a very nice “twinkle†effect on the triangle and piano), snappy mids (with transients in between that are very pleasing to the ear) and nicely defined deep and clean bass. What’s more Burson gear tends to keep this sound across a wide range of components that it is paired with, I think it may be partly due to the fact that it has a very even representation of the entire frequency range (so it does not emphasize highs, mids or bass). The PP160 is a stereo power amp with 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms and only one RCA input. It does have a booster amp function so that a lowish (sub 25 watt) valve amp can be plugged into it via a pair of “speaker in†binding posts but mine has been disconnected internally so I can’t test that function out. Test Rig. The Burson was fed from a Consonance CD120 via LBP Parapiao ICs into a Burson PRE-160 and then via Ribbonflex ICs into the PP-160. Then via Ribbontek speaker cables into my Lenehan S2Rs on their matched stands. Power was fed to all source and preamp components via a Consonance PS1 power filter board and to the PP-160 via a PS3 power board. Detail Highlights. Highs: Nice twinkle on triangle and piano, less air than there was when used with the Osborns. 7.5 Mids: Good snap, not as crisp as on the Osborns, excellent transients and nice airy space in between each instrument. 7.0 Bass: Deep and clear with distinct impact, depth and decay evident on drum strikes. 7.5 Vocals: Accurate and clear with female vocals clear in top end. F: 7.0 M: 6.5 Average: 6.75 2D and 3D Soundstaging: 7.0 each, instruments nicely separated and placed within the stage. Overall Performance Integration: Doesn’t excite in the short term, but if you stick with it you come to realize just how capable this amp is. An excellent listening amp that does not over emphasize any one part of the performance. It took a swap to another amp to make me realize just how good this one actually is, an excellent listening amp but not really a party amp. I would describe it as subtly brilliant and I’m giving it an 8.0! Ability to Emote: 6.5 Let down by a slight dryness in the mids, it believes it is up to you to enjoy the music, not it to make you enjoy the music. Electric Guitar Test: 7.5 Very good, very accurate, if it just had a tiny bit of agro energy (and I mean a very, very small bit) it would be a 8.0. 80s Rock Test: Everything is as it should be, including the tape hiss in the background (which is a bit of a mixed blessing). 7.0 Total Score: 71.75 I think this was an excellent amp to start with, it sets the bar a bit high but why not, right? Pics will be added just as soon as I find the charger for the camera. Edit: And I did. At rest. And ready for action. And in the interest of full disclosure. I am a Burson fan, every piece of Burson gear I've heard has been what I would call "above average" in performance and very well built. I have made every effort to conduct this evaluation in a fair and impartial manner. Though not necessarily in a mature one. The chair in use was a recliner of acceptable comfort level with adjacent shelving that is frequently used as a drink stand. The air conditioner was not in use for the review and I suspect this is the reason that the ice in my Pepsi melted long before I was finished. My long haired cat was strangely absent for the review so it worked out well that the room heated up a little as my feet would have been a bit cold otherwise. Scale: 1 to 3 means a performance below par with one being somewhere in the vicinity of fingernails on a blackboard while a poorly tuned AM radio shrieks out static in the background and 3 being just bearable but still rather messy. 4 to 6 is average, listenable but nothing noteworthy, 4 being a bit messy or harsh and 6 being pretty good but nothing to write home about. 7 to 9 is better than you would expect them to be, with 7 being a good performance, 8 being an exceptional performance and 9 being the best you are ever likely to hear. And it is pretty damn unlikely that I will ever award a 10 because that would mean it is the best of the best of the best. (Add them all up for a final score out of 100, and remember from 30 to 60 you can go from an absolute stinker to an amp that is pretty good at what it does, anything above 60 is likely to be something worth investigating) Next up is a stalwart of the power amp industry, the Rotel RB1070 which have on loan from ellrots.
  2. Recently I have been experimenting with my cd players once again. I have 2 marantz cd5000 in which sits the venerable Philips TDA1549 which is a dac chip as rare as hens teeth. In this Philips based cd player sits a digital volume control and normally a standard ic op amp for analogue stage. A couple of years ago I upgraded and modified these Marantz cd players with discrete op amps and jantzen capacitors in the analogue stage as well as new capacitors in the digital power supplies. This brought a marked improvement over an already great sounding stock player and I was happy to compare it with some great high end cd players as it seemed to hold it's own. After Lukas Fikkus's suggestion that this DAC chip has enough voltage out to drive an amp I by passed the analogue stages and I connected the dac chip up to the RCA outputs via Jantzen silver caps. Wow what a difference, I run the output directly to the modified version of a Marantz pm7000 power amp section only by passing the pre amp section entirely and use the cd players digital volume control to vary the spl. I am amazed at how much better it sounds and to be Honest I kind of like it better than my Musical Fidelity a3cr pre amp and power amp setup with an Audio GD dac being fed by a digital only Pioneer avi989 dvd player as the transport.(removed the analogue stage and power supplies) very clean, great bass control and crystal clear midrange and treble. very happy to say that I will not be looking for an upgrade in the future and am now considering bypassing all the pre amps in my systems with this method. I also have a Sony cdp308 esd that has been clocked and discrete op amps and jantzen poly caps in the output stage. The Sony is a different kettle of fish and must run through the analogue stage but it also has a remote volume control and variable output and direct into a power amp brings this tired old bird to life once again. A tube stage may add some benefit to the Sony but with the Direct DAC to power amp of the Marantz cd5000 I am in heaven. regards Jonathan
  3. Item: Elektra Theatron 7 Channel Power Amp With Upgraded Relays Location: Caroline Springs Melbourne VIC Price: $1750 (including donation to SNA) plus freight if required Item Condition: Excellent, 8.5/10 with upgraded relays Reason for selling: upgraded to the HD model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (family and friends) Extra Info: Up for sale is my Elektra Theatron. I am the original owner, I purchased it new from the Big Picture People in Hoppers Crossing Melbourne. It is in excellent condition and I have never had a problem with it. Lovingly cared for and comes from a smoke and pet free home. I just had it serviced by Arthur and he replaced the relays with the gold plated ones. I never had a problem with the original relays, rather I wanted to ensure it was in tip top condition before I sell it. There are many reviews of this beast. All I can say is that it is truly a wonderful high end amp produced by a passionate local manufacturer at a value for money price. Local pickup from Caroline Springs Melbourne VIC is preferred as I don’t have the original box. However, I can ship it at the owners expense, I would need to source a suitable box for transportation though. Pictures:
  4. Hi All, I have an RB1080 (2 x 200w/ch @ 8omhs) still in it's box unopened. Let me be clear.....purchaser shall open the box for the very first time! Kept for a rainy day but, it's something that never came to fruition. Come on, you've always wanted a power amp.......He's your chance to pick up a brand new unit at half current price. $900.00 ONO Cheers! C17 http://www.rotel.com...etails.htm?Id=8
  5. Item: Lexicon LX5 power amplifier Location: Sydney metro Price: $1950 Item Condition: used excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: moved and downsized Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: see below Pictures: see below Lexicon LX5 Power amp. 200 x 5 or 400 x 2 Bridged. Excellent condition 9/10. No scuffs, scratches or sun damage. Regretful sale, but I no longer have the room for a big 5.1 rig. Does not have original box, but with Manual etc. I have included the blurb below Designed to exacting standards, the LX-7 and LX-5 provide top performance and power even under the most rigorous operating conditions. With extensive protection circuitry, they deliver maximum performance without risking failure. The strong industrial design makes these amplifiers perfect companions for Lexicon processors and disc players. The LX amplifiers deliver ample power in a compact package.With individual amplifier cards, each channel drives an impressive 200 watts into 8 ohms, and is stable into 2 ohms. Bridgeable architecture makes it possible to drive even higher-power outputs, combining up to four 200-watt channels into two imposing 400-watt channels. Each 200-watt channel is capable of driving loudspeaker impedances of 2 ohms and above, while each 400-watt channel can drive impedances of 4 ohms and above. Massive toroidal power transformers and several oversized capacitors allow the amplifiers to retain ample power reserves even when all channels are delivering maximum output. Following the Lexicon design philosophy of flat frequency response, low distortion, and high signal to noise ratio, the LX amplifiers deliver the finest reproduction of extreme music and film soundtracks with exceptional fidelity. Selectable balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA), and 1/4-inch Tip/Ring/Sleeve inputs and four custom-designed, hand-graded output transistors per channel allow them to reproduce the subtlest sonic details with stunning clarity and dynamic range. Heavy-duty, gold-plated output connectors allow the LX amplifiers to accommodate a wide range of loudspeaker connectors, including bare wires, banana plugs, and spade connectors.A ground-lift switch is also available to minimize the audible hum that can result from multiple grounding paths. Lexicon LX5 Power amp. 200 x 5 or 400 x 2 Bridged. Excellent condition 9/10. No scuffs, scratches or sun damage. Does not have original box, but with Manual etc.
  6. Item: Pair REF9V3SE Monoblocks And P-9 Preamplifier In Rose Copper Colour Location: Kingaroy QLD Price: $5000 NOW $3500 Plus Postage For Quick Sale! Item Condition: Excellent, One or two Tiny Marks (See Photos) Reason for Selling: Got a Silver Pair of Ref9's to match other Gear, Replacing Pre with BCD Pre2p For Tape loop/Phono Stage. Payment: Paypal, COD, Or Cash on Pickup (Preferred for Audition & Personal Inspection) Extra Info: Remote, Leads, Booklets Included.. Turns out there is a slight colour difference between the Mono's and the Pre, Which I only noticed when I stacked them to take pictures, Sitting in separate parts of the cabinet it is not noticeable, and I went for a year without even realising! Cosmetically they are very good with only minimal marks (See Images), and In perfect working order. I would be keeping the power amps but I've swapped for a pair of silver ones to keep the Mrs happy (everything Matches now), So these are selling to pay for them .Upgraded To the better Power Supply, Latest V3 Boards Installed By Tony Moore @ Ambience Loudspeakers. Auditions/Inspections welcome In Kingaroy.
  7. Item: Pair Ref9V3SE Monoblocks and Matching P-9 Preamp in Copper Orange Colour Location: Kingaroy QLD Price: $5000 Including Postage Australia-Wide Item Condition: Excellent, One tiny Scratch on One Piece of the Pre-amp. Reason For Selling: Replacing With the 7Channel Model; Need the money for a Bike. Payment: Paypal, COD or Cash on Pick-up (Preferred so you can see the units in person before purchase) Extra Info: Original Amp Boards from Before Upgrades supplied, Remote and all Power/Control Leads. Approx 3-3 1/2 Years old. Gutted to see them go, hope they go to a good home!! RCA and True Balanced XLR on Monoblocks. I Apologise for the bad light in photos, they are perfectly matching in colour etc, Identical size as well for stacking. I just chose not to so I could go cheap on leads by putting them a metre or so closer to speakers!! ^_^
  8. Just a quick question to the more technically minded out there. I notice that my Halcro gear has both voltage and current outputs on the pre and current and voltage inputs on the pwr amp. The only thing mentioned in the manuals is that using the current inputs can eliminate ground hum and some similar issues but I was wondering... Is there any difference in the effectiveness of using current instead of voltage? Is one method potentially superior or inferior to the other? Or is there no real difference to talk about? Just one of those things that might otherwise have kept me awake a little longer at night, so I thought I might as well ask the minds that know.
  9. Item: Audio Research VT50 power amp Location: Clayton, VIC Price: SOLD Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Need to free up some funds. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Details: This is a lovely amplifier. It was my first valve amp, and made quite an impression. Build quality is excellent, this thing is a tank. It sounds like I expected a valve amp to; meaty bass with a lovely warm midrange and smooth highs. Even though it's only rated at 45wpc, it didn't have any trouble driving my Dynaudio C1 and Magnepan MMGs. Going by a previous owner, the valves are approximately 2 years old and would have relatively few hours on them (I can't say how many exactly but I know the previous owner used the amp sparingly). The unit will come in its original double-box packaging with power cable, proof of purchase and manual/booklet etc. Demos are welcome, as is pickup from Clayton 3168. Shipping to eastern states should be $60-70 via insured courier. PM me with any questions! Reviews: http://www.drhifi.net.au/Reviews/ARC%20VT50%20Review/1.htm http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/audio-research/vt50/prd_115604_1583crx.aspx More info: http://www.audioresearch.com/vt50.html Pics:
  10. Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Emotiva range? I'm looking at 2x XPA 100, XPA-2 or possibly the XPA-5 (depending on the stereo quality compared with the stereo and mono's). Also I'm looking at the XDA-2, USP-1 or UMC-200 (if i went with the XPA-5) to drive them. The biggest deciding factor for me is sound quality for stereo. Surround sound in the same unit would be handy for the future but stereo is my focus for now. For now it will be powering a pair of KEF LS50's and a pair or AXIS HTLS (floorstanders) but in the near future will be upgrading to something that can take advantage of the extra power. Also if there are any other suggestions around the same price range that would be great too. Thanks
  11. Item: ME750 power amp Location: Adelaide. Will post nationally at cost, but it's heavy. Price: EOI Item Condition: Excellent, internally better than new, see below Reason for selling: Downgrading - this is too much amp for me, I've changed to more sensitive speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: No marks or scratches externally except some slight polishing scuffs on the top, though you'd have to hold the amp up to the light to see them. If you can. Completely rebuild by Paul Fenwick, SA's only qualified ME repairs as recommended by Peter Stein. Bought second hand from a dealer who claimed it was fully serviced, he lied - I spent over half my asking price getting it restored in early 2012. I'll offer a six month warranty if you find any defect, as this amp is built like a tank. Note - you will hear the fan working once you switch it off into 'stand by' mode, as this is a cool down cycle. The fan is inaudible in use. This is not a defect. Paul's build notes from our emails: "In summary the ME750 has been completely rebuilt with new top quality electrolytic capacitors where needed and known trouble spots as well as mods to size and voltage ratings of many electrolytic capacitors as suggested by Peter. This has been performed on all boards in the amplifier including the control board which has also had new IC’s fitted as well as the caps. I have also installed copper shielding around the aux/secondary transformer (supplies voltage for IC’s only) as well as fitting new fan support foam. Repairs to the printed circuit board on one channel were performed and new driver transistors fitted (I see this often and have developed a fix for it that is both electrically and mechanically perfect). Repairs to flat multi core control cables were also undertaken. The ME750 has been running beautifully now for the last 24 hours continuously (soak test and measurements)and sounds stunning. I have just re-biased it yet again and DC offset is now zero as it should be (was 600mV on the left channel which I was not happy with and it turned out to be an intermittent resistor and out of spec zener diode killing the servo IC). New filter material has been fitted and it is filtering as it restricts the air flow just enough to raise the heat sink air temperature by 10-15 degrees C when in place and maintaining an average temp of 55 degrees C over 24 hours at varying volume levels. Time spent on this amp would run into 100’s of hours (21 hours were spent on disassembly of the entire amp and cleaning all the old sticky foam out of every nook and cranny and off the printed circuit boards and components)!" And the nameless dealer I bought it from admits: "The end result however, seems to be that you now have an amplifier with better than new performance and with a replacement value of probably $5500. So although this has been a drawn out exercise the end result is pretty good for your musical enjoyment." Pictures:
  12. OK, earlier this year I had the Redgum monoblocks fail on me and cause much wailing, gnashing of teeth and stress induced panic. They shorted (somehow) and had to have the transistors replaced. Now I have, just this morning, had an Exposure Classic 28 fail on me and send a deep, intestine twisting, thrum through my much loved speakers. What I would like to know is: 1. What causes this? and 2. Could it be due to me doing something wrong? If it happens to be 2 then I'm going back to integrateds as of today. You don't have these issues with integrated amps, 50 (or thereabouts) integrated amps and not one bass note of death. I haven't even got to ten power amps and this makes two (three if you count the Redgums as 2 monoblocks) times that the Grim Reaper has dropped by my sound lounge to tune his Bass guitar. What is going on guys?
  13. Hi All, I recently picked up this Mitsubishi DA-A15 Power amplifier, I thought it was a great pick up - the look of this thing is impressive. Currently it's not going 100%, It makes a clicking noise and the audio cuts out and then repeats like this. The right heatsink heats up extremely hot after a few minutes and it is in rough condition. Which now leads to my Questions if anyone out there can answer; - Is this particular amplifier worth the time / Money / effort ? - Is there anyone whose had experience with this sort of amplifier that can shed some light on what to expect (Reputable?/Reliability/Soundwise?) - How much $$$ would this amp get against the likes of Pioneers similar models, Seeing as I can't find Mitsubishi amps anywhere Any help or advice is very much appreciated - I have also attached a few pics.
  14. Item: Bel Canto Evo 200.2 Location: Bathurst, NSW Price: $925 Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Bought the Bel Canto Evo 4 (run in bridged stereo mode) so this one is excess to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer Extra Info: I loved this amplifier so much I upgraded to the next model up. The Bel Canto is a large slice of high-end audio at a really affordable price. Neutral, with a wide deep stage, I find it superb with almost all forms of music that I like; classical , blues, rock and roll and jazz. Can also be run as a mono bridged amp, pumping 700W in 4ohms. Image is stock image; I'm having trouble getting a decent image out of my camera at the moment. Pictures:
  15. Hi All Anyone have recommendation for good Amp to drive these speakers? Regards A
  16. I just had a potentially expensive idea but I have to ask more practical minds than mine. If I were to buy two Myryad Z162 power amps, could I bridge them (or have someone else bridge them, a much more likely scenario) to get a pair of more powerful mono amps? I only ask because the Myryad Z series amps sound so good to my ears that I am wondering if I can go that one step further and get a more powerful version of the Z series sound. Anyone?
  17. I was asked quite a while back in my "Integrated Amps" thread to start a similar thread for power amps and at the time I said that was not going to happen. Since then I have aquired a power amp or two (and several of the integrateds have separate pre and power stages) so I have reconsidered the idea. The big question though, is how to go about it. twwen2's "Standmount speakers" layout has inspired me to have a go at structuring things a bit more. The Integrated thread has been easy because I only mention the aspects of the performance that stand out as obvious, the thing is with power amps there will be less standing out since the pre will always be the same so the differences should be harder to spot. I was thinking something like this: As standard (these won't change much from contestant to contestant). Cables: As standard I plan to use the Redgum Audio Pipeline ICs and Little Blue Penguins Taranui speaker cables. If the performance is not to my liking I'll chop and change these with whatever else I have on hand and report the effects. Preamp: 2 choices here, I have a Burson PRE 160 and a Halcro DM8. The Burson is a good pre and within the constraints of affordability of most serious audiophiles (though it is now only available second hand) so it is first choice. The Halcro is as transparent as the air at 30,000 feet but amazingly expensive, so it can serve as a backup, just in case I can't wrap my head around what is going on using the Burson. The Halcro also supports balanced in and out where the Burson does not. Source: One Consonance cd120 cd player, still going strong. Speakers: ML1s, with Osborn Eclipses as backups. And the individual reviews. Name: Physical Details: Weight, power rating, construction details, balanced/unbalanced input, max power consumption, transformer rating and anything else about the physical aspects of the amp, including how good or bad it looks. And the music. Highs: Mids: Bass: Vocals: 2D Soundstaging: 3D Soundstaging: Overall performance Enjoyability: How well does it gell everything together. including Foot Tapping Factor and PRAT. Electric Guitar Test: Does it do Joe Satriani, Steve Via, Brian May, Santana and others justice. 80's Rock Test: Does 80's rock still sound like 80's rock. *Extra Test*: All rated from 1 to 10 to give a final score out of 100. Personality Summary: A summary to go along with and/or explain all the above scores. And finally a pic of the front and back. (Now that I've got a gorillapod I'm dangerous with a camera!) Any suggestions for the *Extra Test*? I can't think of one at the moment.
  18. Item: Exposure 3010S2 "Stereo" Power Amplifier Location: Perth, WA Price: 750 + postage Item Condition: excellent - no marks i can see Reason for selling: Unfortunately the AV receiver i just got (Yamaha rx v673) cant integrate an external amp to drive my front speakers which is what i planned to do. Those sneaky sods at Yamaha, it shows the functionality available in the manual, however the manual is for both the rx v673/773. The 773 has this ability, not the 673...i guess i should have paid attention to the fine print before buying! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: This is in excellent shape, no marks or scratches i can see. Its a reassuringly solid unit with a really nice finish, described on the website as having a "full-aluminium casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields". I have the original box and packaging, along with quick start guide etc. Believe i am the third owner. The first owner paid around $1,200 AUD in early 2012. (I have receipt) As my wife loves the yamaha and how its created less "clutter" (... sound is unimportant obviously), and i no longer have a pre-amp, this power amp must now go :/ Please note: this unit can only accept banana plugs (see picture of rear of unit). Looks really clean, and i quite like the implementation, however anyone who uses spades or bare wire for that matter, cant use this power amp or will have to get different speaker cable. • Power Output (Stereo) : 110 Watts per channel at 1KHz into 8 Ohms • Input Impedance : 18K Ohms • Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20Khz ± 0.5dB • Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.015% at rated output, ref. 1KHz • Signal to Noise Ratio : >100dB, ref. rated output • Channel Separation : >60dB, 20Hz - 20KHz • Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set) • Power Consumption : <400VA, 8 Ohm load both channels driven • Dimensions - H x W x D : 115mm x 440mm x 300mm • Nett Weight (unpacked) : 12kg • Gross Weight (packed) : 14kg You can get more info here: http://www.exposurehifi.com/3010s2-stereo-power-amplifier.html Pictures:
  19. Looking for a PP 160 power amp to team up with my Pre 160. Edit: Found one, all good!
  20. Item: ModWright KWA150 Class A-A/B Power Amp Location: Queensland Discovery Coast Price: $3750 negotiable Item Condition: Excellent (small scratch on front fascia – see pics) Reason for selling: Gone Active! (SGR CX4F speakers) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only Extra Info: Bought from fellow SNAer (Eagle). Came paired with MW LS100 tube pre-amp. I’m keeping the LS100 to run the SGRs. The KWA is a wonderful amp, and with the right pre-amp will blow your socks off, and thrill your ears. Seriously! I could rightly be classified as ‘loony’, as was Eagle, for selling this! My loss is going to be the gain of a very happy audio-loving soul. Here’s the link to Eagle’s original SNA For Sale ad: http://www.stereo.ne...__hl__modwright Pictures: See below Specifications: http://www.modwright...cts/kwa-150.php Reviews: http://www.6moons.co...right5/amp.html http://www.theabsolu...tas-199/?page=1 Comes with original packaging so can courier (at buyer’s expense) anywhere in Australia. Reckon on $100-200 courier charge, especially if you are in WA. It weighs in around 38kg so make sure you’ve had your Wheaties before trying to lift it!
  21. Item:Audiolab 8000P Power Amp Location: Doncaster, Victoria Price:$350 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank deposit Can post - please PM for prices Extra Info: General Description: Stereo Power Amplifier Output Power: 2 x 100W RMS 8 ohms 2 x 150W RMS 4 ohms Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz ±0.3 dB 0.1Hz-75 kHz -3 dB. Gain: 29.0 dB at1kHz Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.05% Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than 95 dB Input Sensitivity (RCA): 1V rms for 100W into 8 Input Impedance (RCA): 50kΩ Power Consumption: 500 VA Dimensions (W x H x D): 445×74×337mm- Reportedly much better than current Chinese manufactured model Prior owner had amp serviced at Secher Audio. Run very well with no pops, crackles, or unwanted DC thumps. Pictures:
  22. So, I succumbed. I found a power amp in here for sale at a reasonable price that I feel will be all I ever need in terms of amplification. It is an ME85, thank you for asking. It looks in good nick (had the top plate off, gave all the surfaces a wipe down, including the cooling fins, checked for raised capacitor tops and applied a quick and gentle Dysoning). It all looks the biz! I have a cable I could probably use as a trigger - just a stereo jack at either end. It fits at my Arcam Alpha 10 end, so it's likely to be the same on all amps, right? Nope! I should have known, really... Can't have standards in an industry, why anyone could then DIY. The ME appears to use a banana plug speaker-type binding post, it seems; possibly logical, but nonetheless a pain. Still, no worries, cut the phones off an old pair of ears that have ceased to be used and plug the one end into the Arcam trigger socket. Bind the bare wire to the ME85, et voila! Doddle... Nope - not a sausage. Tried both the left and right channel wires, both individually and together, but the ME85 just does not seem impressed by this approach. Well, that's ok, I have some spare speaker wire kicking around that I can make use of... But how to get a (presumably mono) jack plug, the ubiquitous 2.5 cm type by the look of it, onto one end of the cable? No idea. I have just hit a brick wall (two sleepless nights with flu does that to me). So I once more throw myself upon the mercy of some amp gurus who know what a trigger cable should look like and could perhaps post a pic or two to give me clues, guide me as to a possible solution, Please...! Forgot to mention, the trigger cable is going to make my better half's life much easier. She wouldn't like to bend down to switch on a completely separate box after we spent money on a universal remote... It might just save my life.
  23. Hi there, First post here! I'm looking to buy a used MF KW750 power amp if anyone is willing to sell. Looking to pay around $6000 for one in full working order. I am in Sydney, but can either travel or arrange a courier pickup if you are out of state or in whoop whoop! Please get back to me if you can help. Thanks!
  24. Item: BAT VK-500 Balanced Power Amp with BAT-PAK Location: Sydney Price: $2300 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Excess item Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal Only Extra Info: This is a fantastic power amp with seemingly unlimited power. True to BAT philosophy, it is a full balanced, dual mono design and it ONLY accepts balanced input (you can use adaptor but not advised). It is in fact two mono blocks in one chassis, as it has one power switch for each channel and each channel has separate power cord and transformer. It allows you to turn on one channel after the other so that it will not draw too much power at once. This is a reluctant sale if not becasue it weights 50kg and it will break my back if I ever have to move it. Here is one of the many positive reviews you can find on the net: http://www.hometheat...0amplifier.html V K - 5 0 0 S pe c i f i c at i o n s Output power: 250 W per channel into 8 ½ 450 W per channel into 4 ½ (both at less than 1% THD) Frequency response @ -3 dB: 2 Hz to 300 kHz Slew rate: 300 V/μS Input impedance: 100 k½ each phase Input signal for maximum output power: 1.6 V Output impedance: 0.4 ½ Power supply energy storage: 350 joules standard 1100 joules with optional BAT-PAKTM Gain: 30 dB Power consumption: 400 VA maximum at idle 2000 VA maximum at full power Dimensions: 19†W x 9.5†H x 23†D (48 cm W x 24 cm H x 58 cm D) Weight: 105 lb. (48 kg) unpackaged Pictures:
  25. ITEM: SGR EL15s POWER AMPLIFIER Purchased new Nov. 2010 LOCATION: Buderim QLD. ITEM CONDITION: Mint condition. PRICE and PRICE CONDITIONS: $3200 REASON FOR SELLING: Change of system,and no longer using it. PAYMENT METHOD: Pay Pal, Cash pick up, Aust. Post COD. Bank transfere. EXTRA INFO: Purchased for $4880 (have receipt) Used for 12 months to drive BG ribbons, have since sold the speakers and need to find a home for this superb litte amp.
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