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Found 136 results

  1. Item: Paradigm Monitor 7 v3 & CC370 Speakers Location: Geelong - Melbourne Price: $450 Item Condition: 9/10 (excellent condition - no original boxes and couple of very minor scuff marks on the 370.) Reason for selling: Upgraded. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Seriously good pair of Paradigm floor standing speakers with matching center speaker. Only selling as I got bitten by the upgrade bug and now have Paradigm Prestige 85F and 55C in pride of place. I have owned and used these for 8 years in my HT, will be sad to see them go. Never over driven and given all the love care and respect speakers of this quality deserve.
  2. Looking to buy a Paradigm CC690. Maybe someone is upgrading to a signature series. Black ash only thanks. Please PM me if you have one. Based in SA but may consider shipping if original packaging is available. Please message me with condition, approximate usage and any photgraphs would be useful. Cheers
  3. I have the three above items to sell, as I'm moving overseas. 5 x Paradigm MilleniaOne speakers, in white. With all brackets and stands. $1050 ONO SVS SB12-NSD Sub - comes with a free sub cable. $550 ONO Denon AVR-X2000 Receiver. Comes with remote, set up mic etc. $550 ONO Or the lot for $2000. All in good condition, pick up from Brighton East in Melbourne. Cheers Dan
  4. Item: PParadigm Surround System - CT110 (5 Speakers+Sub) Location: Sydney Price: $550 Item Condition: 8/10 . Remote and Manuals, Surrounds - new unsed Reason for selling: Don't need them due to upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from Eastwood hifi. Specs can be seen here : http://www.paradigm.com/products-hidden/type=system/series=cinema-leg/model=cinema110ct-leg/page=specs
  5. Hi, I have a Paradigm Ultracube 12 + Perfect Base Kit -1 for sale. Purchased brand-new from Eastwood Hifi around August 2015 so about or just under 1 year's old. Took it out of a box and been sitting in a corner unmoved so not a single scratch on it. Pretty good sub but I think it's time for an upgrade. Retail is $2,148 for both. I can do both for $900. I threw the box away but has all the manuals etc. Pick up or I can deliver around the metro Brisbane area (if not too far). Didn't have time to post a picture but since it's like new condition, there's really no need. Pls ask if you have any questions. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I was after a pair of studio 100 v5. Pls let know if anyone wants to sell. Preferably in NSW. Thks
  7. Hi All, I've decided to go for a 7.1 setup, which is new to me. To get a good match with the Paradigm Studio 100's, CC690, and ADP590's I'm looking for a pair of SA-15R-30 in-ceiling speakers. I'm prepared to wait, as it's not a necessity, and I know these would be scarce these days. Thought putting the topic up now would be a good idea in the event anyone is searching here prior to selling some. PM me if anyone has a pair for sale. Cheers, Dan
  8. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a Paradigm CC-690 v5 in Black Ash. PM me if you have one for sale. Cheers, Dan
  9. Hi I'm selling a pair of Paradigm Signature ADP-3 V3 Surround speakers in perfect condition. RRP is $7499, I paid 6500 new. They have been mounted on my walls since new (approx 1 year) and have hardly been used. I'm Happy to consider offers so don't be shy, just PM me if interested. Pick up from Stanhope Gardens 2768 or Shipping is also available. Thanks!
  10. Hi Everyone, Just after a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 V5 floorstanding speakers. Gloss black preferable as I have a cc690 in gloss black already but will consider other colours. I'm in Canberra but willing to travel around NSW for pick up or pay for courier. Thanks
  11. Item: Paradigm Studio CC690 V4 Black Ash Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $1500 neg Item Condition: New, still in box Reason for selling: Bought it but ended up going a different way with my setup as its a huge centre speaker. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. direct deposit Extra Info:
  12. Hi Guys, I bought the Paradigm Monitor 11, Centre 3 and Surround 1 speakers with Ultracube 12 recently. These are plugged to Yamaha RX-V 1079 receiver. I have got few questions regarding the setup and will appreciate your suggestions. 1. Yamaha Rx-V 1079: This is my first receiver after very old Sony receiver which I used for sound only and my Tele was connected to it with Optical cable. Now, I have plugged my 3d LG Blue ray player and xBox to it. It is connected to my network using Ethernet cable. I have got an iomaga 2 TB NAS (DLNA server) which I use to stream videos on tele or 3d player as bigger size movies cannot be played on the Tele. Now, I want to use DLNA from my receiver and I could not find the option to play the video. I have installed the Yamaha AV receiver app. on my mobile and when I select the input: Server, it connects to my NAS drive, but I can only play audio and no video. Any idea how can I do that? Is there any other app where I can control this thing. I find the app a bit complicated or may be I am new to it and still learning. 2. Ultracube 12 Sub: I heard few songs on the setup and they heard pretty good, but I thought the bass was a little less. now, I have not changed knobs at the back of the sub woofer and was wondering if I have to change anything to get good bass. 3. AVR: Another question regarding my Sony 40ES projector. Do watch TV on that, I will need to buy a PVR. Any recommendations? Is there any other setting I need to do for speakers or any calibration required for the setup which I can do myself? Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi Everyone, I am building a new house and getting a dedicated media room by next month. ( Finally). Small room (4.45 * 3.6m) and thinking to set it up up with Sony 40ES Projector - Bought 110" Motorised (Fixed) screen ( high window at the back). - Bought Showtime fixed premium from TCC after experiences from many users here and DTVForum. Paradigm Monitor 11 - Bought Paradigm Centre 3 - Bought Paradigm Surround 1 - Bought Paradigm Ultra Cube 12- Bought AV will be Yamaha 10 series. Earlier it was 3050, but blown the budget now.- Bought the RX- V 1079 for $300 less compared to RRP Projector Mount - Bought- $189 delivered: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/525470-REG/Peerless_Industries_PRG_UNV_PRG_UNV_Precision_Gear_Projector.html During the build, there were many surprises and from a budget of 10-12k, I have got now very limited budget and thinking to get these items cheap or used in good condition for 7-8k if possible. Actual Budget: $8600. Tried to save money by buying in package. One of my friend suggested me this site from DTVForum and I thought I could try here if any of the above gear available here or at good price somewhere. Any help will be highly appreciated. Gaggy. Edit: Updated the stuff I have bought. Final process will be to get these fitted to the new media room next month.
  14. For sale. 1 pair of brand new, cherry black Paradigm Signature series ADP3's - still unopened in their boxes. I have a 5:1 Paradigm set-up and don't have space for the additional speakers. Purchased last Sept for $6,499. Willing to sell for $4,500. Also, I can offer matching Paradigm J-29 stands for $450 (original cost $799). Also brand new and unboxed. I can include Van Den Hul The Clearwater Speaker cable with Banana plugs for free - 2x7m.
  15. Hi All, This is perhaps an odd time to be asking this, since the Studio line is being phased out. I have a Paradigm Studio v.5 setup, (Studio 100s, and 20s for surrounds)... but I'm asking now because I've got an opportunity to buy the CC-690 for a reasonable discount before they entirely disappear. Before I "jump the gun" I've been looking for an auditioned comparison between the three centre speakers, and it's nigh-on impossible to find online. Has anyone compared the three centres against one another? Would anyone like to share their thoughts? I've heard the CC-590 (at length.... thanks to a friend's gracious hospitality and willingness to loan me his) and I found it to be articulate, and very good match for the 100s, it's certainly not a slouch, but it had a little less impact at higher volumes in my somewhat cavernous living room. What are the sonic differences between the models? I'd expect better bass from the 690, I don't know if the 490 would work as nicely with the floor standers. From what I've read online, the 490 was aimed for folks running the non-floorstanders as fronts/surrounds. Does anyone have the 690? I'd like to hear your thoughts, and why you chose that one. I can get the 590 a little cheaper, but I don't want to regret my purchase.. but if I do buy the 690, it would be extremely difficult to audition before purchase. All help will be greatly appreciated! All the best! Hamish.
  16. Item: Paradigm Studio CC-590 Piano black Location: Canberra ACT Price: $1200 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment method: Cash - Pickup or ship - Direct Deposit Extra info: Have original box and packaging. Will ship at buyers expense.
  17. SOLD For sale is my Paradigm Reference Studio Sub 12 Subwoofer in Piano Black/Gloss Black. Please PM me with any questions
  18. 4 sale is a Brand new pair of Paradigm series 7 surround 3's. Brand new in boxes only opened boxes to make sure they were in there! Ive had a complete change of direction with my theatre room, my lose your gain. Apparently these use the Studio series components! So great value for money. Links: http://paradigm.com/products-current/type=surround/model=surround-3/page=specs Current retail for $1499.00, sell for $995 with free delivery to your door, or pick up from Gold Coast. Thanks 0404 120820. *Please note: I bought these Brand new from Big Picture People store! they are Not floor stock or demo's or damaged , or factory 2nd's etc
  19. Hi people. For sale i have Paradigm Monitor 9 V6 Floor Standers and a CC-290 Center Speaker for sale. Price is $1000 for the lot. Great sounding speakers for home theater and music reproduction. These were the last versions from Paradigm to be built in Canada before production moved to China. I am in Altona Melbourne so they are pick up only. Cheers
  20. Hi guys, I am after a pair of Paradigm ADP590, if anyone offloading or going into a different direction please contact me. I would also be looking a cc690 Thanks
  21. Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my cc590 to cc690. dont have a set budget or color. if anyone is looking to upgrade or downgrade pls pm. Also a good paradigm in wall for my back surrounds. Thanks
  22. Item: Paradigm Studio 100's V5 Piano Black Location: Canberra ACT Price: $3,000.00 negotiable. Item Condition: Very Good, slight 3cm scratch in clear on side off one cabinet. barely noticeable, had to get the flash to bring it out in a photo Reason for selling: Caught the upgrade bug. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. Extra Info: 2 years old, have boxes and receipt. Pictures:
  23. Item: Paradigm Monitor Center 1, Black Ash Colour Location: Canberra Condition: As New. This item is less than 3 months old. Price: $300 Reason: Switching all my paradigm gear to dynaudio, as paradigm studio floorstanders got veto'd on looks.
  24. Item: Paradigm Studio 20 v3, Black Ash colour Location: Canberra Condition: Excellent, would be mint except for a mark on one of the tweeter domes Price: $500 Negotiable
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