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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I am hoping for some good advice for an outdoor projector for use with the Australian Summer looming! I would prefer a battery powered unit to save running a cable every time I use it. Also want something that can easily be used with Netflix and similar, either with apps on the unit itself or streaming via an iPhone / iPad. Options seem limited in Australia. The best generally on sale here seems to be the Nebula Capsule but my research found the Nebula Mars 2 which does seem a much better product though only available here on import. Then there is the Philips PicoPix Max being crowd funded: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/philips-picopix-max-1080p-full-hd-pico-projector?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh-SylMbt5AIViIePCh0NDwdAEAAYASAAEgKuQfD_BwE#/ That looks great but I am concerned about no product reviews being available. Has anyone gone with this or have any thoughts I should consider. Also, what do I need to look for in an outdoor screen. I really want something quick and easy to put up. Thanks so much
  2. Item: Krix Tropix 6.5” 110W Outdoor Speakers - Black Location: Perth WA, 6148. Price: 480$ Item Condition: Brand new. Reason for selling: Selling them because no longer plan to install them, changed to wireless speakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer, Shipping at buyers cost/payment prior to shipping please. Extra Info: Brand new box packed, have not opened them. Got them just a month back. Pictures:
  3. Hi all I'm having a fairly large patio built in the next month or so with a cedar lined vaulted gable roof, much like the one in this example image. Basic details are: length 12.9m width 5.4m at one end stepping in to 4.2m at the other end 2.1m high at the eaves rising to 2.8m at the flat section beneath the ridge liquid limestone floor slab I've attached a sketch layout showing roughly where the lounge, dining and BBQ areas will be. My question is, what's the best way to achieve a reasonably decent (but not audiophile level) setup for ambient music and the occasional chill out session? It pretty much has to run off a Sonos Connect or Connect:Amp as we use that elsewhere in the house, and that I have budget approval for ~$1500 all up from SWMBO (excluding installation). My thoughts thus far are a Sonos Connect:Amp running 4x 80W 8 ohm B&W CCM382 down-firing ceiling mount speakers installed at regular intervals along the centreline of the patio in LRLR configuration, wired in parallel to give 4 ohms per channel. That'd give 55W RMS per speaker which should be satisfactory given they won't ever be driven hard. I've auditioned the CCM382 and liked the sound of the ceiling-mounted pair in store, but I'm not sure how that's going to translate to a patio with two open walls and a solid limestone floor slab beneath...? Any suggestions? I have a quote for $1650 from a local hifi place for the Connect:Amp, 4x CCM382 and 30m of 4 core 16g cable ... slightly over budget but within normal wriggle room =) Cheers
  4. Item: 1 x pair of JBL P36AW Outdoor speakers Location: Melbourne (3011) Price: $250 or $300 including shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these a few years back for $699 plus shipping and used them occasionally for about a year in Perth before moving to Melbourne. They've been sitting in the box in my shed since then so time to move them on. Amazing sound and pretty much the best outdoor speakers you can buy. Based on JBL Studio Monitors. Condition is actually amazing. They look practically brand new! Comes as is in the box and can easily ship if need be. Box is dusty from the shed but speakers are in amazingly beautiful shape and ready for a new home. Specs are in picture below: Pictures:
  5. Hi, I've just signed a contract to level our back yard and put in a pool. To level the yard, will require retaining walls along the 3 boundaries. From the back deck, the yard will be about 15m long (to the back fence) and 10m wide. I thought I'd take the opportunity to wire up the back fence so I can install a pair of outdoor speakers facing back towards the deck so I can listen to music from the deck or pool area while kids entertain themselves inside. I'm having second thoughts as to whether this is the best way to go so I'm seeking any advice. Aesthetically, I think this would provide a bit of wow factor rather than placing speakers under the eaves or back wall of the house but I do want to get half decent sound and that might be where my idea falls down. The speakers I've been eyeing off are Yamaha's NSAW992 model which have an 8 inch woofer to provide a richer sound (I've also looked at Polk's Atrium 6, Klipsch's AW-650's and Bose's 251 environmental speakers). I haven't looked at any of the in-ground speakers as kids, dirt and speakers don't tend to mix. My budget will max out at $700 (and I haven't even costed any decent speaker wires yet). They're hard to demo because I'm yet to find anywhere that has an open 15 x 10m audition area. Now the speakers will be completely exposed to the elements if I go this way and I know along with rain and the summer heat (I'm in Brisbane) I also have the added bonus of them being crapped and wee'd on by possums and bats (and who knows what else). I'm starting to think a limited warranty might not cover that... I'll be using Zone 2 on my Integra DTR-7.8 and I estimate that the speaker cable will be at least 22m end-to-end (maybe one will be longer if they're run in parallel and then needs to get to the other corner). Should I just ditch the eye candy and put them under the eaves/back wall? Why I've avoided this to now is I'm thinking when we're entertaining on our deck, kids will be watching the tele and there won't be as much separation from the sounds sources as there would be if I were to install along the back fence. I also won't be able to hide the conduits with this option (unless I start putting holes in walls). Any advice appreciated.
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