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  1. Hey guys, I have my OPPO BDP 93 for sale bought new by me from Merlin Audio and has basic region free Mod done by Merlin and is in immaculate condition, comes with all accessories and box bag and all packaging like new. This has only ever been used in my dedicated theatre feeding my projector so has had little use you will not find a better one $450 plus shipping. I am on the south coast NSW. any questions pm me and see photos below ( thanks KAZZ). regards Chrisso.
  2. Item: Oppo PM1 Planar Magnetic Headphones Location: Kew, Vic Price: $900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: See Below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: I bought the Oppo HA1 amp and PM1 headphone combo last week from @Em84. I didn't really need to grab the headphones. I think they are fantastic but the HA-1 unit is now setup on my gear rack as a Dac and pre-amp and the PM-1s will likely not be used with it. Someone else could get regular enjoyment from them! They come with some extras too: -Brainwavz Headphone stand -2 extra packs of replacement lambskin leather earpads (3 pairs in total including the ones currently on the PM1s) -3 meter Neutrix balanced headphone cable that is an optional extra for $190 Pictures: Here is Em84's link from his sale. Condition hasn't changed. PM for more info.
  3. Hi Everyone, After the success of my last question I am need of everyone's assistance again. It's time for my next addition to my HT/Hifi System. Currently I am using the setup for both music and movies, both of which I am generally streaming from a network. So what should come first, a good music streamer, dac or combo, or a good blu-ray with streaming capabilities. The 2 items on the hit list is the Oppo https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-103/blu-ray-BDP-103D-Overview.aspx and the Cambridge CXN http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/products/cx/cxn I have heard only good things about the Oppo and I am pretty settled on this unless someone else has other opinions. Regarding the CXN, this is only new and I havent found much in the way of reviews. Has anyone got one/demoed one? I went to the local store over the weekend however they didn't have one set up, nor had they demoed it themselves. Currently the setup includes the following: 1. Denon AVR-2313 2. Q Acoustics Concept 20 fronts 3. Q Acoustics 2010i rear 4. Q Acoustics 2000i centre 5. SVS PB-1000 sub (as recommended by the population) 6. Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-Ray Your advice is once again truly valued. Cheers DC
  4. Item: Oppo BDP-103D AU Region Free Blu-ray Player Location: Yarra Ranges (Melb Outer East) Price: $650 $600 + shipping if needed Item Condition: 9/10 Only because it's not new Reason for selling: Upgraditis (again) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal welcome if shipped Extra Info: This is the Darbee version of the Oppo 103, a great player in excellent condition, with region free mod installed by the then Australian Oppo distributor Merlin Audio. Included is the original packaging, manual,remote which has hardly been used as I use a Harmony remote, the wifi dongle and usb cable and I've thrown in a HDMI cable. Pictures:
  5. Item: OPPO PM-3 Location: Chadstone 3163 Price: $330 Item Condition: Very Good. No original box but has the included carry case. Missing the extra long cable but includes 1.2m cable. If i find the cable I will of course include it. Reason for selling: Moving overseas and only using IEMs now. Payment Method: Cash/Bank transfer Extra Info: Have had these for around a year and they have been my go-to headphones. Excellent sound in a closed, efficient headphone. Sound great with an iPhone and even better with a proper source. I will also be selling HD800 and Stax headphones soon.
  6. Heya all. Anyone with a JLTI oppo had theirs modded to the 4.2 revision, and the 'analogue clock booster'? I'm currently on revision 4.1 - and whilst being very happy, would love to hear it compared to the new 4.2 ACB+ version. Joe's currently doing a roadshow in NZ, but if there is sufficient interest, I'm sure we can convince him to do likewise back over the ditch. Excerpt from website: "The acronym ACB stands for "Analog Clock Booster" and although it sounds like a novel idea, to use an analog amplifier to control the strength, power and level of a clock signal, the difference it can make is truly surprising. It has been proved pivotal in the development of our ultimate clocking technology. The clock inputs of both the Sabre DAC and the Oppo Master Clock benefits from clocks with tightly controlled source impedance to precisely maintain their level and timing. Clocks are non-switching devices which require non-switching loads and the degree of isolation needed for the best results can only be achieved by using sophisticated analog amplifiers which have complete control over the insertion points of the clock signals. A full implementation also needs a large and complex power supply which together with the amplifiers makes for an extensive upgrade. This is a new concept and a White Paper will be prepared to further explain how the technology works; why the clock inputs are so extremely sensitive to the source impedance of the clock. The conclusion seems clear, that we are more sensitive to jitter than ever, that nothing in nature approximates it and detracts from naturalness"
  7. Item: Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones PM1 Location: Melbourne (city or South East is ok for pick-up) Price: $900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I hardly use my headphones and the matching HA-1 headphone amp at the moment. My Hi-Fi setup is getting all of the love these days. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - Original box and accessories included. - Happy to sell both the PM-1 and HA-1 together for $2000 (they retail for $3200 together). Pictures: Pics below. These are excellent condition with an extra un-used pair of Oppo lambskin pads ! The HA-1 amp is lurking in the background and in the last pic.
  8. looks like Oppo have taken to social media to tease on the upcoming release.... https://twitter.com/OPPODIGITAL OPPO Digital ‏@OPPODIGITAL Jun 3 "Oh, look. It's the display on our upcoming 4K player, lighting up for the first time." see you again.... 1/19 ? not sure if this means - see you again on jan 19 2017 ? same thing on their Facebook page as well. in previous communications to anyone thats asked they have said availability late this year early next year. so I do think CEDIA perhaps for concept if they are aiming to launch for CES next year. for us in australia thats perhaps a month or two later we might get it. other responses from them has said there will be a 103 style replacement 1st followed later for a 105 level replacement. oled display ? perhaps this player isn't just a direct replacement using their current 101ci player as basis ps am glad got my sammy uhd player to keep me going in the mean time... can now sit back and wait... I'm scared what the oppo might cost being their 1st gen player...but fingers crossed not too much more than their current players and the 101ci starts t $599 the 103 at $799 samsung and particularly the panasonic look out ....
  9. Hey Yasitha, Are you negotiable on the Belkin? I remember seeing it on special a few times for around 65$ or so sometimes with delivery from shopping express.
  10. Hello, Well I just put in an order for a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones, and am now in the market for a USB DAC/headphone amp combo to drive them. Any recommendations? I intend to mainly use these in a noisy office, with the view to take them with me on long-haul flights, just like satanica did a couple of months ago: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/78977-bose-quietcomfort-25/?hl=bose So far the short list goes like Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS Meridian Explorer DAC Oppo HA-2 Soundblaster E5 First three would be tiny to carry around, whereas Oppo and Soundblaster both come with battery pack built in, but it seems hard to find reviews beyond the usual marketing spiel. Budget? Not quite sure, $150 - $450 maybe. Cheers, lasseo
  11. Looks like the Tidal Beta Firmware for Oppo is now available for AU machines. Downloaded and installed on my 105 this evening. App on my iPhone had automatically updated making this an easy upgrade. Seems to work as advertised, but have experienced some drop outs - probably due to my crappy wifi connection.
  12. Hello all, I guess this has been asked before but i couldn't find anything about it... Does anyone knows how to stream from a Mac to an Oppo BDP-103D?...I see the Mac but i can't connect!... I want to use the better video processing capabilities of the Oppo and retired my old Apple TV (which only does 720p)... thanks in advanced cheers
  13. I am looking for an Oppo 103 Au in good working order. I dont mind the odd bit of dust, a nick in the casing etc, but it must be fully functional. I am not sure if they come in any colour other than black, but would prefer silver if it exists. I live in Bathurst NSW postcode 2795. I am willing to pickup within 50km range, otherwise happy to pay reasonable postage. If you have one and are willing to sell at a reasonable price, please PM me with details Thanks Lars
  14. Hi, With Netflix finally starting in Australia at the end of March, does anyone know if the embedded Oppo Netflix app will work with it?
  15. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/oppo-releases-ha-2-portable-headphone-amp-and-dac/ http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/oppo-releases-pm-3-closed-back-planar-magnetic-headphones/
  16. Hi, I was wondering if people are using the Oppo as a pre amp, and what their opinion is. I am considering to buy a pair of active speakers for a 2.1 channel setup for the living room. The Oppo unit is going to be placed in a closed cabinet so heat production is one of my interest. Also, can you use the xlr outputs icw bass management for 2.1 movie sessions? The fact that I can control the unit via the network helps to eliminate any ir remote control transmitter/recievers. The other option is to buy an integrated amplifier which have to be placed into the same closed cabinet and will likely produce more heat.
  17. Hi guys, I want to try a Darbee Darblet DVB-5000 . If anyone looking to sell or upgrading to an oppo 103D or 105D let me know with your price. Thanks
  18. And the price is US $1090 http://www.oppodigital.com/headphones-pm-1/ That is more than I like it to be. I had hoped for a Head Phone system from Oppo for about $1200. Oooooooh wait, ........ Oppo PM-2 for US $699 http://www.oppodigital.com/future/ Now the waiting is for the Oppo HA-1 (or HA-2?)
  19. I have an old Rotel RSX-1056 which is doing the DAC duty with incoming digital signals from Apple TV, Telstra T-Box and a cheap Blu-Ray player. The Rotel started struggling to identify the digital input (coax or optical) some time ago and now is failing less often than not. So, I'd like to upgrade to something that can handle the DAC duties for both 2.0 and 5.1 duties. I'm currently thinking of either: A. Oppo 105 into the analogue section of the Rotel RSX-1056, or B. New AVR for approximately the same price as the Oppo ($1200-$1500, e.g. Rotel RSX-1550) My main priority is two-channel sound quality. I'm currently running old Mission 734 floorstanders, looking to upgrade to something in the $3K range such as PSB Imagine T2. Some of the features of the Oppo 105 appeal, but really I can do everything I want at the moment via Apple TV and the crappy Blu-Ray player (I don't even own any Blu-Ray disks). I like the sound of the Rotel RSX-1056, and would hate to retire it just because of the digital section failing. I have been reading quite a bit on DACs lately and appreciate the difference they can make in a system so don't want to skimp there. Obviously I could add a stand-alone DAC later but this makes for a complicated living room arrangement. Music is generally ALAC files played (currently) via the Apple TV. I guess the main question is: Would the Oppo 105 DAC section thoroughly outshine a $1500 AVR DAC section, or would a one-box solution sound just as good? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  20. I have been running the my Oppo BDP105 analogue outs to my SS amp via a Yaqin CD3 Tube buffer. I notice the sound to be that little more "warmer" and easier on the ears, than just listening through hdmi. I thought perhaps a change of tubes from the standard chinese 6sn7 might be improve it marginally. After researching for a few days, I decided upon the Sophia Electric Grade A matched pair. They looked lovely and were recommended by a trusted source. What followed was quite surprising, the sound was that little more detailed and definitely less fatiguing once the volume was being turned up. Without trying to cause a debate, do SNA members out there think listening to tubes is less fatiguing than SS amps? Before After
  21. Hi all, Selling my Oppo BDP-83 with region free kit installed as part my equipment downsizing, due to home theatre being converted into nursery It's had very minimal usage over the years (I tend to stream my content) and is in fantastic condition. All original packaging is included. Asking for $350 Pickup is strongly preferred (not a fan of posting anything with an optical drive), and is available from Melbourne CDB or inner city (Collingwood).
  22. Hi guys, i know this has been covered many times but i am loosing my mind here lol.... I cannot get the HT bypass setup write in my system, here are the basic components in the system: Source: Oppo bdp 95 Stereo pre amp: Rotel Rc 1580 (which has Ht bypass (tape 2) Receiver: Onkyo SR 876 Power amp: Rotel rmb1095 5 channel I cannot seem to get it connected right! What on earth am i doing wrong here grrrr lol...What am i missing? Ive tried it about 5 wrong ways now and seem to only be getting the dac in the oppo or the dac in the receiver to output sound but not getting sound from the ht bypass in the pre amp!
  23. Hi all, looking forward to reading and contributing to forums and using classifieds. My current equipment mostly comprises Cyrus, Dynaudio, Denon. Oppo. Cheers, Huntsman
  24. Hi there guys. I need some help with choosing the right components for my home theater system. 5.4 My system at this stage is: Receiver Onkyo tx-sr876, Samsung Bluray player, Power amp is Emotiva xpa-5 5 channel, speakers are Paradigm Studio v4 60's, 40's and CC690 center, 4 x 10'' jensen subs, 110'' screen and Sony VPL HW50ES projector. My problem is: I would like to eliminate my Onkyo receiver and the crappy samsung blue ray player. (weakest links in my system) Ive been looking into getting the Emotiva umc-200 7.1 pre/pro and the new oppo bdp103 or bdp105 player. Im after the best possible sound and picture quality i can possibly get out of my system (without spending heaps of $$). Also do i actually need the Emotiva pre/pro, apparently the oppo bdp105 can remove the need for a pre/pro, would this be correct in my setup? Or would having the Emotiva pre/pro be more beneficial to my sound quality? I need the help from experienced audioheads here as im not up to speed with connectivity between certain components (im still learning the ins and outs of modern components, and loving it) : ) Any advice will be appreciated, thanks Heath.
  25. I have recently joined Stereo.net and relieved to find such a fantastic resource where you can tap into some of the knowledge of the audio and AV cognoscenti out there who seem happy to share their understanding of this subject. I have been reading many of the Forum topics to try to make sense of modern AVR systems with various ways of managing audio and visual signals. My current problem ralates to the set up of my Oppo BDP-93 Nu Force Edition Player with a Pioneer SC-LX85 AVR. For those of you wanting to know about the rest of the system, I have a pair of Elac FS 249 fronts, Elac CC241 centre, a pair of Elac 211D subs and Canton bokshelves for the rears. Zone 2 is a pair of Dyn bookshelves purchased from another member last week. My aim is to play, Movies from Blue Ray and DVD discs as well as WAV and MP4 files on a hard drive via HDMI into a 5.2 speaker setup. Music from CDs and also FLAC files on an external hard drive, usually in stereo via the analog outputs and MP3 from my office Mac via airplay, this is so convenient when working at home. I would also like to be able to play the music in a second zone from the Zone 2 speaker terminals. On initial setup I had HDMI and Multi Channel analog outputs (5.1) from the Oppo into the Pioneer AVR. This worked ok but was limited because the Blue Ray and Multi Channel sources are not available to Zone 2 with the Pioneer unit. Also way to hard to explain to my wife how this all works, selecting CD would be much easier. I thought that I had found a solution by just using the front left and right analog outputs from the player into the CD inputs of the AVR and setting the player "Speaker Config. - Down-mix" to stereo mode. I figured I would get Movies and music via HDMI or have the option for stereo analog source for music playback by selecting the CD source on the AVR in stereo mode. The CD is also one of the available sources programmed for Zone 2. Hooked this up last night but no result. I can play music via HDMI (BD soource) but when CD source is selected it recognises that there is an analog source but no sound. Does anyone have any ideas to solve this? PS. I am about to raid the kid's education and braces account to get a power amp to run through the Pre outs for the fronts. Does this change anything? Thanks.
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