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  1. Item: Aaron XX 20th Anniversary Limited Edition integrated amplifier Location: Erskineville, Sydney Price: $1200 $1100 Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Am trying out 5.1 audio for a while Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer. Prefer pickup, but am happy to post if buyer can organise I am selling my fantastic Aaron XX 20th Anniversary Limited Edition integrated amplifier. The amp is flawless and hasn't put a foot wrong. I have got very interested in the world of 5.1 audio and unfortunately can't afford to keep this just for the stereo fronts. For me the amp brought a warmth and intimacy to the sound. And buckets of gain. I originally purchased this from Len Wallis. It comes with the additional chunky, metal remote and manual. I have attached two reviews (Australian HiFi, HiFi Plus) that have all the specs as well as information about the amp. Here is a link to the 6moons review that first got me interested; http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/aaron2/aaron.html I do not have the original box though, so would prefer pickup. But am happy to work with buyer on shipping if needed. aaron_xx_20th_anniversary_integrated_amplifier_review_lores.pdf aaron-xx-hifi-plus-uk-review.pdf
  2. Hey guys, Very sad to do so but i have to let go of my collection. Prices are fairly firm but negotiable when purchased in a bundle. A donation of $100 will be made when all items listed are sold. Cash on local pickup only. Cheers Min Item: SOLD Rega Brio-R (Black) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: As new with original manuals and packaging Reason for selling: Need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: The Rega Brio-R needs no introduction. Great little integrated amplifier Official: http://www.rega.co.uk/html/Brio-R.htm Review: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/12/rega-brio-r-integrated-amplifier/ Item: SOLD Rega DAC (Black) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $650 Item Condition: As new with original packaging Reason for selling: Need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Official: http://www.rega.co.uk/html/DAC.htm Review: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/08/rega-24192-dac-2-x-wolfson-wm8742/ Item: Rega RP1 with Performance Pack (Titanium Grey) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $600 Item Condition: As new with original manuals and packaging Reason for selling: need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Originally purchased from Carlton Audio Visual. Less than 50 hours of use. Official: http://www.rega.co.uk/html/RP1%20performance%20pack.htm Review: http://www.stereophile.com/content/rega-rp-1-record-player Item: SOLD Magnepan MMG (Black) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: Near new with original packaging (purchased from JD) Reason for selling: need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Official: http://www.magnepan.com/model_MMG Review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/magneplanar-super-mmg-system/ Item: SOLD Spendor SA1 Zebrano Finish Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $1,900 Item Condition: Near new with original manuals and packaging (purchased from danter) Reason for selling: need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Official: http://www.spendoraudio.com/HTML/SA1_specification.html Review: http://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/spendor_sa1_loudspeaker
  3. Item: BAT 300X Special Edition (SE) integrated amplifier Location: Sydney Price: $3,000 (reduced from $3,750; price to sell) Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Bought as a backup but no longer required Payment Method: Bank transfer Extra Info: New price $10K Happy Christmas all. For those that in need a little Christmas loving I have up for sale my BAT 300X Special Edition (SE) integrated amplifier. This is a really a superb hybrid amp with plenty of power and refinement in need of a new home. It is a fully loaded unit with 6H30 “Supertubes†+ the optional phono stage + optional VK-R3 solid aluminum remote control. It is mint condition (no dings or scratches), RRP just shy of $10K in this configuration (although US retail is $7K). Originally purchased from the Australian reseller so not grey marketed and always given rock solid performance. For those unfamiliar with BAT or Balanced Audio Technology for short, they are a US based mid to high end company specializing in both valve and solid state audio equipment. They have a reputation for introducing the 6H30 Supertubes into high end audio. Their kit has the battleship build quality and the engineering prowess of a Russian nuclear sub. The designers are ex-Russian I believe. I think of them as an alternative or road not taken to brands like Audio Research and Conrad Johnson. The BAT 300X SE represents their one box solution which combines high end separates into one box without the compromise. Admittedly this is pretty standard story for many high end companies. What BAT brings to the table is a hybrid valve and solid state power (150w into 8 ohm) to combine the best of both. The BAT 300X is often compared against Pass Labs and Conrad Johnson integrated amps just shy of the absolute high end brands such as Vitus, Dartzeel, Boulder, etc. To quote from BAT :- “Balanced Audio Technology is pleased to introduce our superlative new VK-300x integrated amplifier. The VK-300x is so versatile, beautiful, and powerful that it will define a new reference for integrated amplification. When we began this project, our goal was to design an integrated amplifier that could satisfy the needs of the world's most discriminating music lovers. The Balanced Audio Technology VK-300x exceeds our highest expectations in this regard, and can form the nucleus of the finest high-end music system. The VK-300x provides a robust 150 watts per channel into 8 Ohm loads and easily doubles this output into 4 Ohm loads. Not only can the VK-300x form the nucleus for outstanding music reproduction, it can be configured to meet almost any system need. Add remote control for the ultimate in convenience. Specify the built-in phono module and you'll obtain superb reproduction of your analog record collection from either moving magnet or low output moving coil cartridges. Add the musical texture that only tubes can provide by specifying the optional 6922 tube-based front-end. Or choose the ultimate in sonic performance by adding the optional 6H30 SuperTube front-end gain stage. The extraordinary versatility of Balanced Audio Technology's VK-300x allows it to perform without peer and thus truly stand apart from the crowd. Many integrated amplifiers offer the benefit of convenience and little more. The VK-300x is different by design. Its circuitry has the same caliber as those found in Balanced Audio Technology high-end components. The VK-300x output stage is a symmetrical bipolar design as used in our award winning VK-6200 multi-channel power amplifier. The VK-300x input stage is configured to the same high standards as our award winning preamplifier line. We are also proud to offer an optional 6H30 SuperTube Special Edition gain stage (based on the one found in the top-of-the-line VK-51SE preamplifier) complete with paper-in-oil signal capacitors. The VK-300x user interface (the same as on our preamplifiers) offers the superb flexibility and ease of use that has set the standard in the industry. Even the VK-R3 remote is machined from a solid block of aluminum. This is an integrated amplifier of preeminent design and pedigree. The best part, if one can get over the sheer beauty of the VK-300x, is the way it sounds. The VK-300x is pure BAT. "Open", "delicate", "smooth" and "powerful" are words that come easily to mind when trying to describe its sonic characteristics. We can say without hesitation that the VK-300x is competitive with reference-level separates at up to three times the price. Finally, musical finesse and superb performance have been combined without compromise into one convenient package." Also throwing in a spare pair of new Sovtek 6H30 Supertubes so unit can not only look new but sound new.
  4. Item: SoundQuest SQ84 Integrated valve amplifier - 10wpc with headphone and speaker outputs. With NOS JAN 6V6 tubes. Location: North Sydney, NSW Price: $850ono Item Condition: Excellent with original double box. Happy to post to anywhere within Australia. Buyer to pay shipping and insurance costs. Reason for selling: No longer required. I have given up on headphones. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Postage -Direct Deposit only. Extra Info: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue26/soundquest_sq84.htm http://www.head-fi.org/t/457946/sound-quest-sq-84 http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/soundquest_sq84.htm Pictures: [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
  5. It's with a heavy heart I write this classified - I really don't want to let these go but I simply don't use it enough to justify keeping it. I'm selling my 2 channel setup as I simply do not have the time to enjoy it at my current stage of my life. I actually spend any spare time I get watching movies instead. I purchased this in 2005 and probably in the first 3 years spent a bit of time listening to heaps of music on it. This unit is a gem and it oozes Japanese build quality. The dials are smooth to turn and the blue lights create an inviting appearance. I've been using this SACD player and integrated amplifier to drive my Jamo Concert 8's. I've attached stock interior photos and have also have added lots of my own photos I've taken recently. Marantz PM-15S1 Integrated Amplifier The amplifier section puts out 70 W x 2 (8 Ohms) and 125 W x 2 (4 Ohms). There's a in built MM/MC phono which is top notch. WBT speaker terminals. Pre-out capability. Made in Japan Marantz SA-15S1 SACD Player SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW playback Built in headphone amplifier! Cirrus Logic CS4397 DAC Frequency Response SACD 2Hz-50kHz (+0, -3dB) Frequency Response CD 2Hz-20kHz Dynamic Range SACD / CD 111dB / 100dB Channel Separation SACD / CD 100dB / 100dB Made in Japan $900 for the PM-15S1 $1000 for the SA-15S1 $1800 for both. I live in a pet and smoke free home. Pickup available at Springvale.
  6. Item: Luxman LV-111 Integrated Amplifier Location: Doncaster, Victoria Price: $150 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for Selling: Too may amps Payment Method: Cash, Bank Deposit Extra Info: I am the original owner of this amp, and was purchased in the late eighties. It had no problem powering 4ohm ELAC's that I owned during the 90's, and provided a detailed, solid sound. Power is 45 Watts into 8 ohms, but sounds better than a lot of 100 Watts Amps I've owned.
  7. Item full name and model etc. Electrocompaniet ECI-3 * Location Sydney Australia * Item condition description: About a 8 to 8.5 just have no box - but can bubble wrap * Price and price conditions: $1800 less than half price in AUS. ex shipping but will ship all over aus. * Reason for selling I'm that guy that's STILL trying to buy a house! so I'm selling everything from every room!!! In other words 14 years worth of Audio Industry rolled into SALE! * Payment Methods: Paypal (inc 3%), cash preferred, bank cheque, direct debit. * Extra Info: I've had this for over 18 months and considering the gear I have in my main room (Nagra, Wilson Audio, etc) the Electrocompaniet is a giant killer. I've always been impressed with the sound and it certainly makes my old retro Rega's sound top notch. This is a pimp daddy of a integrated with balanced imputs and outputs if you wish to buy some more power amps at a later date! It's got discrete inputs with a remote control plus a relay switching which is just very sexy! Please note this was bought in Aus too from the folks at Tivoli Hi-Fi. More information http://www.tivolihifi.com.au/product/integrated-amplifiers/electrocompaniet-eci-3-integrated-amp This amp is good value at $4,000 which is their asking price; I'm asking $1800 because that could almost buy me a pest inspection... (HOORAY FOR BUYING A HOUSE!) * Pictures
  8. All, Anyone out there using the Rotel RA-05SE? I auditioned it last week (it was driving a pair of 685's), and I was mightily impressed with the sound. The local hi-fi store is offering it new in the $549 price range (hopefully I will get them to knock that down a bit). Am keeping my eye on eBay bargains in the meantime but I would like to sort out the new amp before Christmas. I am taking back in my 686's this weekend to see if they will sound as good, and if they do will be very tempted to buy. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has had it for a while and what their impressions are. Ultimately, I will probably sell the 686s and upgrade them to a bigger speaker. So would also be interested to hear from people using the Rotel with a floorstander setup? I have a $750 (circa) budget (mentioned in a previous WTB post) for an Amp and CD player. But the CD player is less important now as I will use my MacBook as a music server (with HRT Streamer II DAC), and will prob spend the bulk of the budget on the amp. Any feedback is welcome. Cheers, Neil
  9. Hi there, I am looking to buy a CD player and an amplifier to match a set of speakers. The speakers are likely to be a pair of B&W 686 bookshelves, if that helps suggestions. Cheers, Neil
  10. Item: Creek Destiny Integrated Amplifier (original) Location: Wynnum West, Brisbane (will courier interstate – ask me for quote). Item condition description: Very good. One or two tiny marks but you have to look hard. Price: $1200 Reason for selling: Need $$ to upgrade speakers. Payment Methods: Cash on pickup, Paypal, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: I purchased this amp off fellow SNA’er a couple of weeks ago but have decided to sell it on as I prefer the overall sound of my Vincent valve hybrid. I would love to keep this amp but have decided to upgrade my speakers so need to make some sacrifices. Previous seller has kindly allowed me to use his description, the content of which I entirely agree with, and is also far more eloquent than anything I could come up with . Quote: “I got this amp to try out with my Dynaudio focus 110's. It's one of the rarer all-black units, which in my opinion looks smarter than the silver model. The unit is well built and reassuringly heavy. In addition to plenty of input options, the Destiny has the handy feature of having A + B speaker outputs - a god-send when you're A/B testing speakers! The headphone jack also comes in handy - overall this is a very flexible amplifier. In terms of sound, it is extremely musical. It's strong point is tonality. It's not as clean clear as some amps I've heard, but on the other hand it's not sterile as a result. Instruments have more character than I've heard elsewhere; guitar and piano in particular are beautifully rendered. Bass is deep and hits hard, I was surprised to hear it had a better bottom end than my Musical Fidelity A3CR power amp. But then the Creek is rated at 100W/8R, so it's certainly no tiddler! The midrange is nice and warm; reviews describe this amp as having a tube-like sound. Treble is brilliant, very crisp and detailed (where some of my other amps have been overly sweet, or in other cases a bit thin and dry). Review: Stereophile http://www.stereophi...edamps/107creek Review: Smarthouse http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Real_Sound/Amplifiers/U9N4R2Q5?page=4
  11. Item: Denon PMA-1500AE Hi Fi Integrated Amplifier Location: Wellington Point, Brisbane Price: $700 neg. Item Condition: Near Mint (minimal use, hard to find a mark) Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup from Wellington Point, Brisbane, or Paypal with courier payable by buyer (send me your postcode and I will obtain quote - I must insist on courier service with transit insurance to protect buyer and seller). Extra Info: I have had great enjoyment from this amp, bought as an upgrade from a Rotel RA1062 a couple of years ago, and it was a noticeable and welcome upgrade. Lovely match with with Orpheus Aurora 3 series and B&W 600 series speakers (imo). I mainly enjoyed jazz, electric blues and a bit of indie rock through it. Has had minimal use since I have owned it, maybe half a dozen times a month (thanks to work commitments). This amp won the best two channel amplifier award for 2006 - 2007 (EISA - European Imaging and Sound Association). A plus for vinyl lovers is the incorporation of a high performance phono stage. Weighs approx. 15kg on its own and includes original packaging, remote and manual. This amp retailed at the time for around $1700 (from memory) and is still available new at some retailers for around $1400. I would love to keep this amp but only have room for one system at the moment. Specs at Denon: http://www.denon.co....uctId=PMA1500AE Reviews: http://www.avreview....cle/mps/uan/600 http://en.audiofanzi...E/user_reviews/
  12. * Location Toowoomba, will ship anywhere in Australia at buyer's expense. * Item condition description Perfect condition apart from some minor cosmetic wear. Do not have original box. purchased second hand from another stereonet member. * Price and price conditions $180 negotiable * Reason for selling Need the money * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup, or Australia Post COD.
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