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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for a good amplifier with DAC or amplifier + CD player. My budget is around $3000. Appreciate any help. Have a good day. Irek from Sydney
  2. Item: Trade-In NAD C316BEE integrated amplifier Location: Tivoli Hi-Fi, 155 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, VIC, 3123 Price: $300 Including Shipping anywhere in Australia Item Condition: Trade-in item in good condition. Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Credit Card including AMEX with no fees or penalties. Extra Info: A legendary amplifier from NAD, which is still a current model with an RRP of $599. This model has drive! Its power rating of 40 watts per channel continuous does not convey how much control it can bring to a system. This is a multi award winner, and is a perfect starter amp for anyone keen to get into hi-fi. Would also be ideal for a study, bedroom, holiday home etc. Pictures: to come
  3. Hello all, I'm a new forum member and am relatively new to the hifi world - I'm grateful for the extensive knowledge and support shared on this forum. I have the following equipment: Marantz SR7002 Orpheus Aurora 2.3 Floor Standers (4 ohm) (bi-amped from SR7002) Orpheus Centaurus Centre Speaker (4 ohm) Definitive Technologies SuperCube I subwoofer I listen to a fair bit of two-channel music via a HTPC or Apple Airport Express (toslink) I have been fortunate to pick up a Marantz PM8005 (from a forum member here!) and I intend to add this to the mix (haven't got it home to plug it in yet!) as a power amp from the SR7002 pre-amp outputs for L+R channels to power the Aurora 2.3s (with bi-amping). As the PM8005 has no digital inputs, I plan to use the SR7002 as a DAC to deliver the 2-channel music to the PM8005. What are your thoughts about this plan? Will I benefit from the (well reviewed) PM8005 in this setup, or am I "diminishing" its potential by still "going through" the SR7002 (which sounds pretty good) Eventually, I'd like to pick up a nice CD player WITH a digital input, to play my CDs (which I love doing) and to act as a DAC for ripped music. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts/opinions on the above plan. Thanks again for having me on-board!
  4. Hello all. It has been almost a month since I've received my Luxman L-550AX and I wanted to shared my first impression and also to talk about one concern I was presenting in a previous post when asking for help to choose between the different integrated models offered by Luxman. So first, it would be good to say right away that my main worry in regards the 550AX not been able to drive my B&W CM7's was absolute nonsense!... Yes the 550AX is only 20W per channel at 8 ohms, and yes the CM7 only has a sensitivity rated at 88db which makes it not particular sensitive BUT the 550 is powerful enough (and much more) to drive them effortless, like a hot knife cutting butter, very smoothly but accurate...Been a Class A amplifier really makes a difference, not just in sound signature but in power. In fact it drives the CM7 better than my previous 120W Rotel RB-1552 amp use to. What I really like about the 550AX is not that it can drive the CM7's without problem but that it drives them beautifully. I've never been able to have the amount of bass I get from them now, and the quality of it in terms of impact, register and control. Just that is an amazing improvement in my system. Also the Treble is much pleasant than before, not edgy or harsh but with the right amount of detail and sweetness. The CM7's have a clearly forward presentation but somehow the 550AX manage to polish and smooth the "rough edges" giving an extremely musical but detailed experience. Best way I have to explain this is the fact that some days I listen for hours after hours even at high volume with not a single discomfort, or ever feeling the need to lower it. Also, another good thing about the 550AX is that it doesn't matter the volume you set, it always sound good and dynamic, which was an issue I used to have with my previous amp at lower volumes when everything seems extremely flat and boring. Between other good things this amplifier have are the black background, depth and imaging . It is not death quite but pretty good, making the impression the music is coming from nowhere. I wouldn't say the soundstage is particularly wide or impressive but the depth and imaging really are. Is just brilliant, it renders a sense of space that I was not having before, which is amazing when listening to jazz records or classical ones. I reckon I can go on and on trying to describe the good things and values of the L-550AX, but I will say now a couple of things that are not so good or affects me specially because we are talking about an amp of a RRP of $6,000. Yes, the build quality and materials used in the amp are amazing, except for the 6 small knobs under the big beautiful VU meters. They are made of plastic!, they look like aluminium but they are plastic! Why?!!...I like their shape, they fit perfectly, they move well, but the feeling and weight of the plastic is just not right...I think (but I might be wrong) the 590AX has them made of aluminium? Another thing I'm not quite happy is that the Rec Out (or tape out) function only works when the amplifier is switch on, which is annoying because I wanted to be able to connect my external Phono amp and Dac to both this integrated and to my headphone amplifier. So if I'm planing to listen to Headphones through my Violectric V281 I have no choice but to switch on the 550AX! What a waste of Class A amplification...I've tried to fix this by using a Y splitter from the phono but I've noticed a reduction in quality in particular in the bass definition. Finally I have a question in regards of the VU meters. First I have to say I absolute love them, they are amazing to watch and the orange tint is perfect (In fact I much prefer the warm orange to the cold blue of the Class AB Luxman models) But my question is about, first the speed and second the behaviour when changing the volume. I found them a bit slow and why do they are affected by the volume? do they measure the output or the input signal? Not that I really care or does any difference to me but I'm trying to figure it out what is the real function of them beside been extremely beautiful!... And if they have none I'll still like them. As happy as I'am now with the Luxman I know the CM7's have become the worse link in my chain and that eventually I'll have to upgrade them but I'll leave that for the future in order to have some fun later on...and off course I will be asking for opinions and advice here to pair the right speakers with this beauty... Anyway, here are a couple of shots of how my music setting looks like now... cheers!
  5. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier Location: Melbourne, inner West Price: $1000 Item Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territory Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  6. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated AmplifierLocation: Melbourne, inner WestPrice: $1kItem Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territoryPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  7. Item: Cambridge 840A V1 Integrated Amplifier Location: Blue Mountains, NSW Price: $490 + postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: See below Pictures: See Below Up for sale is a Cambridge 840A V1 integrated amplifier. This amp was the first of the Cambridge flagship amps and features an oversized torodial transformer, 120W / channel into 8 ohms, a digital display, 7 RCA inputs plus the option of a balanced input. There is a pre amp connection for a subwoofer or a power amplifier, a HT bypass option, and the Cambridge can be used to run multiple rooms through its A-BUS ready outputs. I purchased the unit as demo stock from the Australian distributor Synergy Audio in 2013. I used the amplifier in my system for about a year before upgrading. Apart from lending it to a friend for a few months, it has sat in my cupboard ever since. As far as service history goes, the amp was repaired under warranty a couple of years ago when the volume pot had an issue and the problem has never resurfaced. Recently I have tested it in my system and it sounds great in two – channel mode and in HT bypass. The unit comes with a remote control and an instruction manual (which is marked V2 but I don’t believe there is any functional difference between models, just electronic changes). The unit is in great shape with only a few minor cosmetic marks on the top of the amp. I have the original packaging and can post at buyer’s expense. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/amplifiers/cambridge-audio-azur-840a-279351/review
  8. Brand: Arcam Item: FMJ A49 Integrated Amplifier Item Condition: Showroom Display Stock. As-New condition More information: Colour: Black Full warranty provided With a class G amplifier, toroidal based power supply, acoustically damped chassis, paralleled transistor output stages and exceptionally low levels of distortion and noise the A49 is capable of reproducing music with all its original authority and detail. Web Page: https://klappav.com.au/products/fmj-a49 Price: $ 4,990 (RRP $ 7,999) __________________________________________________________________________________ Location: KLAPP AV, 72-74 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181 Phone: Call us on 1300 668 398 Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit/Debit Cards __________________________________________________________________________________ Pictures:
  9. Item: Music Fidelity M8500S Amplifier (Black) Location: Sunshine Coast Price: $5000 (less than half the RRP) Item Condition: Very very Good Condition Reason for selling: Upgrading to the same amp in monblock version (M700S) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes TNT Express sensitive freight to all Australian main centers (excluding mine shafts in remote locations Bought this amp about 3 months ago from fellow sn member. 500 watts per channel. Absolutely love this amp! Effortless, clean, powerful, superb open, separation, dynamics transient response are all excellent. Absolutely Beautiful amp. Does everything perfectly. smoke and pet free environment. You won't find a better quality amp for this price anywhere! Please visit http://www.musicalfidelity.com/products/m8series/m8-500s for more information on this amp and check the rave reviews on the forums also! It not only has good specs it sounds superb! Pictures:
  10. Item: Roksan - Caspian M2 - integrated amplifier black. Bought on December 2013 Location: Hampton Park, VIC Price: $2500 (Negotiable) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrade of the system and not longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Local pickup only or postage paid by buyer. Pictures:
  11. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated AmplifierLocation: Melbourne, inner WestPrice: $1600 (pm for neg)Item Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territoryPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  12. Hi Everyone, I am new to the Forum. Recently purchased a pair of Paradigm Prestige 95F to replace my old Dali 909. Currently running the 95F on Atoll IN80 Integrated Amplifier with Pro-Ject DAC Box S USB. The Atoll Amp and Pro-Ject DAC was the left over gear to run the old Dali. Can any 95F owners or anyone with experience suggest a good matching Integrated Amp and DAC to run Paradigm? The Atoll sounds alright but just got a feeling that it's nor bringing the best out of the 95F. Thanks
  13. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated AmplifierLocation: Melbourne, inner WestPrice: $1600Item Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territoryPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  14. Item: ROTEL 930AX MKII integrated amplifierLocation: Bulleen, VIC3105Price: $250Item Condition: Like newReason for selling: I listen with headphones most of the time, it doesn't get much usePayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Great for second system or audiophile on a budgetPictures:
  15. Item - Musical Fidelity A300 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier. Location - Brisbane. 4053 Price - $850 + postage Condition - It is in Very Good Condition.I cant see any marks on it at all. Comes with the original remote also in VGC. Reason for Selling - Upgrading Tubes in my main system Amp which leaves this Amp driving some Usher S 520's in a desktop set up.(That's just not right) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD . Happy to Post anywhere in Australia. I bought this Amp from SNA member _S_A_S_H_ in July and it hasn't missed a beat.Ive also bought a Tube Amp and as much as I like this MF A300.I like Tubes more. This Amp sounds beautiful.Its Detailed ,Muscular, Powerful.You really new you had some power there when you were listening. It rarely went past 10 o'clock on the volume control.It would have absolutely no trouble at all driving most speakers. It looks great as well.A very nice addition to someones room. Power Output. 150 watts per channel into 8 Ohms 260 watts per channel into 4 Ohms Manufactured in England and weighs in at 15kg. Here is a Review link http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/musicalfidelity_a300.htm Here is the Online Manual link http://www.musicalfidelity.com/uploads/manuals/English/a300int_eng.pdf This is the original for sale thread Cheers craka.
  16. Hi all, I recently purchased a 100w tube amplifier (8*kt66 with a RRP of around 9k) and placed it on a solid piece of furniture of 1.3m wide with a 5cm think top of solid wood. I placed my new 40kg integrated amp to the left and placed my Rega RP3 40cm away on the right, on top of my Marantz CD player. After running the amplifier for a day or so I touched the plinth of my record player and noticed it vibrated. I traced the vibration back to the amplifier. When I then touched the front sides of the amplifier I could feel the entire chassis vibrate….which got me a bit worried. Next I also noticed a hum (like a computer hum) coming from the speakers which I could hear softly but distinctly throughout my 4x5m room - even with the volume all the way down. I then tried unplugging components, checked all wiring, changed power cables etc etc. Also tried a power cord without the ground pin which should rule out a ground loop.. No change. Next I moved the amp to the other side of the house where I run a Pima Luna ProLogue Classic which had no vibration at all. The speakers, PMC DB1, are pretty much dead with the volume all the way down unless you put your ear right up against the tweeter. Then I swapped the Prima Luna for my new amp and experienced the same vibration and hum - with all different cables and components. The amplifier is now back at the distributor and the message I am getting from both the distributor and the retailer is that this sort of vibration and hum are normal / not unusual for this type of amp and that I should start isolating and separating the amp and record player to fix this issue. To check my sanity I rang a few other retailers which sell high-powered tube amplifiers and they told me they would consider this unacceptable and pointed towards a transformer winding issue. One famously said “you pay for music, not noiseâ€. The reply from the distributor was that “retailers will tell you what you want to hearâ€. Great! My stance is that had I known this amplifier vibrated and hummed like this I would not have purchased it and that as such I would like a refund. The retailer seems to disagree. I also understand that vibration of the amp itself negatively influences the sound quality and reduces the life-span of the tubes. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts! Do you think this is normal for this sort of amp? Should I push to get a refund?
  17. Hi guys, I need a new integrated amplifier (tube or hybrid) to drive a couple of Martin Logan Motion 20. I play mostly rock-pop-indie and jazz. I am looking at the three in the post title. Any advice? many thanks
  18. Hi all, I am after a second hand Arcam A38 in fault free excellent condition. Can be either black or silver. As this model is now superseded I can get a brand new one at clearance prices but it exceeds my budget unfortunately. Please PM me if you have one you no longer need. Thanks in advance. Regards, Dean
  19. Item: AVM A5.2T Integrated Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $7000$6750 ONO, Current RRP: $8750 Reason for sale: Upgrade Item Condition: 9/10, less than 6 months old Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Up for sale is my practically-new AVM A5.2T Integrated Amplifier. When setting up my new system, I went around listening to a few amps. I was never really impressed by any of them, until I heard the AVM. Guitar Strings and piano kings were just right to me, and the sense of refinement, pace and imaging on this is just fantastic. It helps that this is the AVM A5.2T model, "T" denoting Tubes, which adds just the right amount of sweetness to vocal and acoustic pieces. So why am I letting it go? I have been given a chance to own a nice piece of kit for a great price, and unfortunately that means something's got to give. It doesn't help that the "nice piece of kit" in question has been my dream amplifier ever since I started out in Hifi. Take advantage of my situation to get this German-made (just so you know it's as dependable as their cars), Burmester-influenced (AVM's head received his audio education at Burmester Audio Systems) and beautiful (Silver, with a nice "window" at the top to look at some sexy tube action) amp, at a great price. AVM has also been awarded best-of-shows constantly, so you know you are getting quality. Some reviews: "I have one of the new AVM integrated amps.Its a 5.2T amp with tubes in the pre-amp section.Very fast,detailed,smooth 3-D sound.When I listen to this amp the music doesnt sound like its coming out of the front of the speakers,but all around.The drum set sounds like its right in the middle between the two speakers.Each instrument sounds like its in its own space with air around it,I guess that would be the best way to describe it.This is I belielve the best amp Ive ever owned.Cant wait to get a better set of tubes because its only going to get better."-Audiokarma forums http://www.audio.de/testbericht/test-avm-evolution-a-5-2t-avm-evolution-cd-5-2-1472011.html Pics:
  20. Item: One Perreaux Audiant 80i Integrated Amp rated at 80wpc with built in 24/96 DAC. Location: Bowen Nth Qld Price: $1650 including postage to the eastern states of Australia (I have yet to see one of these amps available second hand, so I had to buy it new, which is why the price is so much higher than my amps usually are) Item Condition: As new, barely 200 hours of use. Reason for selling: Bought to review and now would like some cash to use to recap an older power amp and fix up an older cd player. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This amp has a very musical midrange, it has a high damping factor so the bass is a little light on but has a good level of detail and control on what is actually there. The built in DAC is rather good, IMO. In pictures 1 and 3 you can see that the plastic strip that protects the the front perspex layer (where all the buttons are, along the front under the volume knob) is still stuck to the amp. Pictures:
  21. Item: Bel Canto eVo2i Integration Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $950 (original price nearly $5000) + shipping Item Condition: Used minor marks rear of top panel and some lettering worn off remote from lots of use (see photos) Reason for selling: Moved on after many happy years Payment Method: Cash on Pickup, Direct Deposit preferred Extra Info: I bought this unit brand new as a Gen I unit, but had it upgraded by Pat from W.A.R. Audio with improved caps in the output stage. Pat also did some magic inside the unit with ERS material. It came home a much better unit :-) This amp is very flexible, allowing individual input labelling, enabling/disabling, default volume and muting volume. It has RCA and XLR inputs, and a pre-out I've been using for subwoofers. Power output 120W/8 Ohms and 200 into 4 Ohms. The sound is sweet and precise, if not overly warm. Google indicates that many people prefer this generation of amp to the newer ICE-powered ones. Lots of reviews online, see 6moons, StereoTimes, SoundStage etc. Supplied with original packaging. Pictures:
  22. Item: Marantz PM-15S1 Integrated Amplifier Location: Sprinvale 3171 or Melbourne CBD Price: $700 FIRM. Item Condition: 9/10 pet free and smoke free household. Always kept in Hifi Rack. Reason for selling: Non-use. Payment Method: Cash on pickup, courier quote with e-go required for interstate buyers. Extra Info: Great integrated amplifier with a high performing phono. WBT speaker terminals. Made in Japan. Purchased as Australian stock from authorised distributor. Review here by Ken Kessler: http://www.qualifi.c...news_sep_05.pdf Comes complete with original box, manual and x1 remote control. I'm also selling the matching SACD player, the SA15-S1 Features Include: The amplifier section puts out 70 W x 2 (8 Ohms) and 125 W x 2 (4 Ohms). There's a in built MM/MC phono which is top notch. WBT speaker terminals. Pre-out capability. Made in Japan
  23. I posted this review in Cafad's Addicts Guide to Integrated amps, but thought it deserved its own thread . Most regular members would be aware of Victor's SIA-025, so i'll constrain my comments to my personal experience. Firstly the Vitus has wonderful Danish industrial design that is timeless. Everything about its design and attention to detail is excellent right down the the shipping materials and remote control (which is the best i've ever seen & is rechargeable). The SIA-025 is a true balanced, dual mono, 25 Watt class A amp which uses an efficient Vitus-designed UI-core potted "floating" transformer with separate windings for the left & right channels. The preamplifier stage is made from one single "buffer" module which is also used in the SL-102.. so .. really good, whilst the output stage is drawn from the SM-010 mono amps. The Vitus in every respect is the best integrated amp i've owned by a fair margin. This amp is very flexible and has 100 watts of class a/b power @8ohms which is perfect for background listening or for movies, but can also be switched over to class A mode for best sound. At power up the amp defaults to class a/b operation and a moderate volume level of -46db from memory which I like, though i've heard atleast one other audiophile state he'd prefer the amp default to class A. I personally like the factory settings however. But all that build quality would be useless if it didn't sound good! The easiest way to describe the sound of the SIA-025 is it sounds like real music. It avoids straying into sterility or sounding analytical by offering up a nice balance of warmth, tonal purity, richness (body) and tube-like liquidity. The Vitus has excellent resolution which reveals subtle, but important information in the music such as a bell chime in the background, or the light brush of a snare drum. It also has fast transients and can be delicate when the music calls for it. The treble is somewhat softened and the lower midrange slightly emphasised, giving the amp a sound resembling good vinyl. And the effect is cumulative as you add more Vitus components. In short, Vitus sounds best with other Vitus components. In saying that however, the SIA-025 is remarkably flexible. Not only because it can be switched from class a/b to class a, but also because this amp has the uncanny ability to sound good paired with a range of speakers and setups. It just "does its thing" and always produces great sound. Perhaps its ability to make average recordings sound very good extends to less than perfect speakers? I also strongly agree with Chris Thomas's comments in his HiFi Plus review in which he stated - "From stand-by, straight into class A I would say that you are looking at a half hour before it really begins to sing and then it just seems to keep getting better. Even after a solid afternoon and evening's listening I would swear that the amplifier was growing more fluid, textural and resolute with better dynamic contrasts, tonal shading and the delicacy of its musical message just seems to become more profound." As a side note, good isolation is very important to bring out the best sound from this amp. Notwithstanding the potted, floating transformer and anti-resonant chassis, stuffing so much gear into a modest sized chassis does create some resonance. Placing the amp on a solid rack with Stillpoints Ultra 5's and an Ultra LPI on top made a big difference which created a blacker background, improved bass & brought the sound stage into clearer focus. I now consider the Stillpoints mandatory with the Vitus Sig Series such has been the level of improvement. But has it got balls? That is a question I get quite a bit. With "only" 25 watts class A power, on paper it doesn't look like this amp is capable of driving a full size speaker with a moderately difficult load. Let's look a bit deeper. Most of the amp's real estate (and 42kg weight) is taken up by a huge 1.4kVa Vitus-designed UI-core transformer. Most audiophile-grade toroidal transformers lose up to 25% voltage (both channels driven), however the Vitus loses max 1.5% voltage tested. It is also a very high current amp, meaning that 1.4kVa tranny feels more like a big 2kVA tranny. In practice I have found the SIA-025 drives my Magico S5's without breaking a sweat and at only 130hrs is already delivering deep bass and a nice, coherent sound stage. Of course once my amp and speakers reach 500hrs the bass and sound stage should open up even more & sound more resolving. In summary, this is a sublimely good integrated amp. I never thought i'd find an integrated which would convince me to dispose of my previous Boulder 1060/1010 combo, but the Vitus achieves that feat and sounds like very good high end separates. That revelation coincided with a wish to reduce my box count and change direction with my system. What I didn't realize at the time was how much of a sea change that would prove to be! Cheers, Bodhi. The Vitus securely packed on its own plastic pallet.. Initial setup.. On my Taoc rack with Stillpoints Ultra 5's installed.. With both Taoc racks installed.. So what's under the hood?
  24. * Item full name and model etc. A&R Cambridge A60 Integrated Amplifier with MC phono stage * Location Langwarrin Victoria * Item condition description Perfect working order. * Price and price conditions $sold * Reason for selling better playing your music than packed away in my attic. * Payment Methods: Cash - Local Pickup * Extra Info: Genuine one owner. I bought this new in 1985 from Intersound. It was not switched off for the entire first 6 years,running my supex, denon and FR cartridges through it. It was bought in and out over the next ten to help me evaluate new gear, and was eventually put out to pasture. Have fired it up once more and it works beautifully. It is fitted with the MC60 phono board (see pic) which has 63dB gain,enough to run you Atlas or Anna. Exterior shows the fine 29 year old patina, while the interior looks almost like the day it was signed off by John Dawson & Chris Evans of Amplification & Recording. Will throw in a couple of those 5 pin thingies that plug in the back so you can get the juices flowing through it. Original Manual included. Great inexpensive way to start or improve your vinyl journey.
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