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Found 11 results

  1. Item: BenQ XL2411 Location: Balwyn, Vic Price: $190 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Comes with DVI and power cable incl. Have box and can ship at buyers expense.
  2. Item: Grand Tourismo Sport game set with Thrustmaster steering wheel and pedals + Playseat + PS IV Pro Location: Southern Sydney Price: 1300 Item Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: not in use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, EFT Extra Info: Top Quality gaming set (racing); $50 donation to SNA Pictures:
  3. Hello gamers, What are your favourite games with the best sound design or soundtracks? Normally, I find games to have fairly lacklustre audio but every now and then some games really knock the chair from under me. Some of my favourites are: Total War: Warhammer (PC) - This games sound design is awesome... During battles, thunder clouds rumble in the distance, arrows and cannon fire whizzes past the camera, lumbering giants stomp the ground with huge thuds, flying monsters terrorise the skies and swoop down on your troops. Overall it makes the experience very immersive. Creative Assembly put extra effort into making this game sound as good as it looks in my opinion (Although the soundtrack is a little average). even on Youtube it sounds pretty great: Crysis 3 - Not my favourite game of all time but the soundtrack is impactful and well recorded. Sound effects are also top notch. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Awesome soundtrack and probably my favourite RPG (with the witcher 3 a close second). The soundtrack perfectly fits the setting and really makes adventuring through Tamriel a joy. I never really loved Skyrim, but Oblivion will always have a special place in my gaming collection, (and the soundtrack probably plays a big role in that!). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Great sound design, great soundtrack, great voice acting, great game. A true triple A title worthy of your time. The music really has a way of adding intensity to battles although, after 50 hours of playtime, being yelled at by the Slavic medieval choir wears thin and you will probably be reaching for the volume knob to turn it down during battles. Anyway, that is a few of my faves... What are yours?
  4. Item: XBox One 500GB Location: Perth. NOR Price: $200 FIRM. Will ship at buyer's expense. Would prefer local sale but will ship interstate if required. Item Condition: Immaculate - no marks or even cleaning scuffs on unit. Perfect. Reason for selling: Moving soon. Use the PS4 more at the moment. Payment Method: Cash. Direct Deposit. PayPal (buyer pays fees) Extra Info: Unit has been located in well ventilated space and hasn't missed a beat. Unit comes with all cables and controller, however while the box shows a Kinect camera, this is not supplied.
  5. Hey guys - I thought I would start a thread to get the hype train going for all new games announced at E3. Personally, I am probably most excited about Star Wars: Battlefront, as I don't have the time to put into single player campaigns - I like being able to get in for a 20 minute shoot before dinner, and then a couple of hours after the family go to bed. DOOM will be a bit of fun, love what Bethesda have been doing of late (namely Wolfenstein) Fallout 4 So, what is everyone looking forward to?
  6. Item: Playstation 4 + 7 Games + HDMI Cable Location: 2207 or 2113 Price: $700.00 $600.00 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: I'm selling this on behalf of my brother, he is leaving the country and he can't take it with him. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Extra Information: Games included are: FIFA15, The Crew, Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Unity, GTA5, NBA2K15 and Destiny Payment Method: Direct Transfer or Cash Pictures Below:
  7. Hi everyone, I have for sale an Astro A50 wireless gaming headset. www.astrogaming.com/a50 It is multi-platform for PC & all consoles & features Dolby Digital 7.1. The headset is used, but it is in virtually new condition & everything works flawlessly. The reason I am selling is because I have recently changed my personal setup to a wired amplifier with a pair of open-backed Sennheisers. Due to this I have no further use for the Astros, even though they are an exceptional headset. These typically sell brand new for $350 & up, so I will be asking $250 or nearest offer & I am willing to post for free within Aus. Cheers guys.
  8. I've not seen a thread dedicated to gaming, so here's one for us gamers, we the few who lead the cutting edge in PC technology or consoles. Gaming, it's great fun, strategy, turn based or real time strategy. Puzzles - meh, simulators - not my cup of tea, and for a long time first person shooters made me motion sick, till I spent all weekend going through Modern Warfare 2 and Crysis 3 on my new gaming rig. I'm reminded of the SNA'er who mentioned he is the guy off mission in a game because he's testing the games soundstage by exploding grenades. And then late, well early morning actually, one Saturday I kindly took up thy headphones for Cysis3 and was utterly blown away by the immersive experience, in an eye blink nearly making my $30 yogi headphones the new pinnacle of my gaming experience - if only I'd not previously gamed through the vaf i66's attached to my hk990. Yes, that's right $30 headphones just about surpassing $10k worth of gear... if only I'd known I might have created a budget for headphones. Your gaming experiences, technology, hardware n software & games, talk about them here. When the cars seemed like they were dropping out of the sky after an orbital thermonuclear emp in MW2 I was running round like any Gods fearing man might when faced with a potential apocalypse, and died many a horrific death completing the level. Or battling some 9 year old Korean lad at Starcraft2 - and losing of course cause his apm (actions per minute) is 236 apm, and mine at best is 60 apm. I've played every civilisation game in existence, 1 through V with all expansions, yes gaming likely dropped my gpa by several points - but enhanced my problem solving beyond the 98th percentile (as measured by the student tertiary admissions test stat), can one get a job for being brilliant at games... Apparently not bloody likely, not even as a tester. Doom, the great game that became a, cough cough, average movie. Assassins creed spawned books. Halo, a whole heap of plastic junk, and books too. What's your favourite game? What are you grinding through lately? Which game reveals the brilliance of your desktop hifi? Game On.
  9. New User, so be gentle I have been referred here from whirlpool, and after a lengthy troubleshoot Process,http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2249692 I am in the market for a new projector. I want to move to FHD and looking at these two wireless options to help solve my 15m handshaking cable issue over HDMI. Can anyone who uses this for gaming comment on the fidelity and reliability of such a system, also noticed a GB on the BenQ, how do i get more info on that?
  10. Item: Logitech G27 Gaming steering wheel & Next Level Racing wheel stand Location: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Price: $400 ono Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: surplus to needs. Deserves a loving home. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Way too heavy and awkward to post. Extra Info: This is a great set up for those wanting a compact and portable driving simulator set up. Can be folded up and stored away within seconds. Extremely stable stand and adjustable for height, pedal reach and angle. Includes USB extension cable and extensive cable management to allow quick pack away/set up without risking damage to cabling. Wheel and pedals stay on stand when folded away. Pictures: stock photo only at this stage but set up is in as new condition. http://www.pagnianim...atec-wheel.html http://www.pccasegea...CFc1YpQodHmAA7g based on the above links the replacement cost would be $550 plus any freight etc.
  11. Hi, I was looking at upgrading my old 32" Samsung LCD and was after some advice and this seems like an excellent place to get some. I narrowed it down to the LED range and most likely around the 40" – 42" size. I could push it to 55" but I tend to sit relatively close to the TV so that's probably too big for my lounge. I am however happy to hear advice in the 50"+ range too. The Sony W800A and Samsung F6400 seem good. JB have the F6700 which confused me a bit as it looks like the F7100 series which only come in 46" and above from what I saw on their site. So I assume it's the F6400 with a different case. The Sony apparently has really good input lag (or lack thereof). While I'd mainly be using it for gaming, I'm after something that also has great image quality, colors and good contrast. 3D and internet is really not important. What would you guys suggest? Any models you have that you've been happy with? Sony W800A Lowest input lag which is great for gaming. 2" bigger than the Samsung counterpart. Good color reproduction. Downside is that I noticed some flicker on some scenes that the Samsung didn't have. Samsung F6400/6700 These seem like the same panel to me but the 6700 is apparently a JB exclusive and looks like the 6400 internals on a 7100 case. Colors were nice. Higher input lag than Samsung. Panasonic ET60A Nice colors and decent TV but apparently has some contrast issues and input lag problems. Also came across this which I'm dubious of but found interesting:
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