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  1. Item: Dynaudio Stand 6 (pair in gloss black) Location: Clayton, VIC Price: SOLD Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Got some Stand 4's that bolt into my C1's Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Details: The Stand 6 is Dynaudio's new flagship stand, replacing the Stand 4. They have a twin-compartment center column; one section can be mass loaded and the other used to feed speaker cable through. The Stand 6 is not yet available to purchase in Australia, but will be shortly for $700. I can't find the box so these are pickup only unfortunately. Good stands are so hard to find in Australia, so jump on these while you can! More info: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/accessories/stand_6.php Pics:
  2. Item: Dynaudio Stand 6 (pair in gloss black) Location: Clayton, VIC Price: $550 $500 $480 pickup only Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Want to get some silver ones. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Details: The Stand 6 is Dynaudio's new flagship stand, replacing the Stand 4. They have a twin-compartment center column; one section can be mass loaded and the other used to feed speaker cable through. The Stand 6 is not yet available to purchase in Australia, but will be shortly for $700. I can't find the box so these are pickup only unfortunately. More info: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/accessories/stand_6.php Pics:
  3. A few weeks ago I purchased a new set of Dynaudio Focus 160 (from a special at Rio Sound and Vision). FINALLY, I've had the time to unpack out and try them out. Currently, I'm running a Denon AVR 2807 with B&W 603s3 front, LCR 600 centre and B&W LM1 rears. I live in a smallish apartment so no sub (it would be total overkill with the 603s). My main transport is a Logitech Squeezebox Touch linked to a Synology NAS (full of my .flac files) feeding into a Moon 100D DAC. The turntable is a Project Debut Carbon with standard OM10 cartridge feeding into a Moon 110LP Phono amp and Chord Crimson RCA interconnects for both the Phono and DAC. I've heard over and over that Dynaudio speakers require a lengthy run-in time, however, I'll give you my first impressions after 2 hours of medium/high level listening. Also, I've set the Dyns up temporarily sitting on their foam packaging on little Ikea tables and I appreciate this is far from ideal (plan to purchase some stands for them). Specs (from manufacturer) Sensitivity 85 dB IEC Power handling > 200 W Impedance 4 Ω Frequency Response 44 Hz – 21 kHz (± 3 dB) Weight 7.6 kg Dimensions (W x H x D) 202 x 350 x 294 mm 7.9 x 13.8 x 11.6" Build Quality From the moment they were unpacked, these speakers exuded quality. The black piano finish is precise and this is evident by the fact that you can see your own reflection without leaping back three feet after being greeted with a horribly distorted figure. The boxes feel solid weighing 7.6kg each and the overall finish and precise placement of the drivers is second to none. They are rear ported and their rear terminals, although single inputs (no bi-wiring/bi-amping) accept either banana plugs or sufficiently thick bare wires. Aesthetics Beautiful... really! As mentioned above, the piano finish is excellent and the tapered (to the rear) cabinets look smart and I'm sure have a practical function. The detachable grill sits approx 1cm from the cabinet's front face. They have a contemporary look and would fit in with almost any decor given that they are available in a range of finishes. I often hear dynaudio speakers described as being very 'industrial' like design and although I think this is true for the DM series and C1/C2, I think the Focus series is a far more conventional and versatile (not to say that I wouldn't jump at a pair of C1s given the opportunity). Sound Quality (The most important bit) Okay, I'm not adept at reviewing audio gear, but i'll do my best here. I set the the speakers up in an A/B config on my receiver, although I must add that the B&W towers were running in a bi-amped config through the receiver so potentially had an advantage (debatable). Room placement was also different with the Dyns sitting at least 1.5 foot in front of the B&W (this may affect bass response). Firstly, any buyers remorse faded very quickly. The Dyns exhibited a extremely controlled response with seemingly even response across all frequencies (excluding the very low bass <45hz). When I first powered up the Dyns and switched the receiver to 'B' speakers, I had to double check the setting as my girlfriend immediately asked "When can we listen to the new speakers". To my amazement, the settings were correct and we had the Dyns pumping away while the B&Ws sat silent. The treble response is crisp without sounding over-analytical and the finest details are reproduced effortlessly. Even at high volumes, I felt comfortable and not overwhelmed by harsh treble tones. I found the Dyns to a be a more forward sounding speaker over the B&Ws, although their placement woud have contributed. The refined treble meant that listening to these babies at high volumes did not leave you feeling like you'd just had your ears drilled out by a Black & Decker. The mids were smooth and presented vocals in a truly life-like way, which really took Tracy Chapman's self-titled album to a new level for me. I would describe the mids as being realistic and balanced with a focus on vocals. I've often heard speakers that make the vocals sound distant or muffled, the Dyns brought them to life in a way I have never heard. In terms of bass, these little guys do a tremendous job. For this task, I turned to Kraftwerk's 'Electric Cafe' and various rap tracks from 2pac. The first thing I noticed about the bass response was 'controled'. Surprisingly, the little Dyns handled frequencies that I never thought possible from a standmounted speaker. If your primary listening is rap/electro then I would probably suggest a subwoofer, however, I found the lower bass sufficient. The B&Ws definitely have the edge with low-down bass, however, that is to be expected given their 2.5way floorstander design. In saying that though, the Dyns were more than capable of filling my 18ft x 13ft living room. Conclusion Straight out of the box these speakers amazed me particularly with their ability to bring music to life. I would be keen to see if their performance improves from further listening and I think a 2 channel amp upgrade would improve them even further. If you are in the market for speakers in this price range ($3,200 retail), then I would highly recommend placing them on your audition list. Cheers, David
  4. Item: Dynaudio Confidence C1 MkII (gloss black) + Dynaudio Stand 4 (silver) Location: Clayton, VIC Price: Withdrawn from sale. Item Condition: Speakers are mint, stands are brand new (still in box) Reason for selling: Going in a new direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Details: I didn't see this day coming. I've always been a Dynaudio fanboy from back when I first listened to the little Excite X12 and fell in love with the Dynaudio house sound. Since then I've owned the Excite X12, Focus 110, and Focus 160. The Confidence C1 MkII is Dynaudio's flagship and has been an object of desire for years. I had the opportunity to buy these earlier this year as an ex-demo pair at a discount, and jumped at the chance. They only had 10 hours on them at purchase time and I've probably added another 50 since then - they're likely still breaking in. This pair are MkII status, which means they have an upgraded crossover over the originals. The C1 MkII is exactly the same as the C1 Signature (same cabinet, drivers and crossover); the latter differing only by coming in exquisite high-gloss finishes. The Confidence C1 has been lauded by many, and described by some as one of the best standmount speakers in the world. Fit and finish is top-rate; there's lovely attention to detail on display everywhere. In terms of sound, they very much subscribe to the Dynaudio theory; powerful bass (I mean it - these go unbelievably low and hit with ferocity), a slightly forward but smooth midrange with a touch of warmth, and energetic treble that simply sparkles. Detail and instrument separation are excellent; feed these a good recording and be amazed as you're transported to the recording studio or concert hall. So why am I selling? These were a significant investment for me, and it's not easy to move them on. However I've recently had the privilege of listening to some panel speakers, and I'm besotted. It's a complete departure from what I'm used to, and it's something I'd like to pursue further. Thus the regretful sale of what I was certain would be a destination speaker for me. The sale price includes the matching stands (Dynaudio Stand 4). The stands are brand new in their box (the ones in the photo are a second pair I have been using). For those who aren't aware, the Stand 4 were designed specifically for the C1 and bolt directly into the base of the speakers to ensure optimal fastening and mass loading. Each speaker will come in it's original box with manual, proof of purchase and accessories. The stands will ship in their original box (so three boxes total). Shipping is included in the asking price (this alone is probably worth >$200), but local buyers are welcome to come and demo/inspect on pickup. Please PM me with any questions or to arrange a demo. This is a unique chance to obtain a pair of some of the most impressive standmount speakers available, in mint condition and at a price you're not likely too see again in Australia anytime soon. RRP on the C1: $10k (gloss finish adds $1k) RRP on the Stand 4: $500 Reviews: http://www.tonepublications.com/review/dynaudio-confidence-c1-ii/ (this one is of the MkII and is particularly good) http://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/1107dyn/ http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/dynaudio_confidence_c1.htm http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue29/dynaudio_c1.htm http://www.whathifi.com/review/dynaudio-confidence-c1 http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/audio-research/vt50/prd_115604_1583crx.aspx More info: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/confidence/confidence_c1.php Pics:
  5. Item: Dynaudio Stand 6 (pair in gloss black) Location: Clayton, VIC Price: $550 $500 pickup only Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Want to get some silver ones. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank deposit Details: The Stand 6 is Dynaudio's new flagship stand, replacing the Stand 4. They have a twin-compartment center column; one section can be mass loaded and the other used to feed speaker cable through. The Stand 6 is not yet available to purchase in Australia, but will be shortly for $700. I can't find the box so these are pickup only unfortunately. More info: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/accessories/stand_6.php Pics:
  6. I've recently set up a pair of Dynaudio Focus 160 standmounters and have been running them through a Denon receiver. Although they sound great, the receiver is just not doing them justice. I'm looking for either a good integrated or pre/power setup to drive them and I have been told that the Dyns like a lot of power (rated at 4 ohms and 85db). So here are the main requirements: Integrated or pre/power combo Min 150W into 4 ohms (or a pwr output able to drive these guys) Should have >3 analog inputs (phono and digital inputs not necessary) Aesthetics not a major concern but great if it is available in black Budget - I'd like to keep it under $3k I have a preference for new or demo model as I would like to retain warranty etc. My shortlist (based on internet research) so far: Roksan Kandy K2 integrated Parasound P3/A23 Any thoughts and ideas about other suitable amps I should be auditioning would be appreciated.
  7. Item: Usher BE718BE Location: Melbourne, Keysborough Item condition: 7/10. In very good cosmetic and mechanical condition only rated 7 due to a very small chip on underside of one speaker and scratches on the bottom where it was placed on spiked stands, both of these not visible unless looking from underneath. UPDATE some scuffs on the back but nothing noticeable from 2 feet Price: Reason for selling: It's a hobby so time to try something new Payment Methods: Bank transfer, Paypal, Cash on Pickup Extra Info: Marked these as EOI as I'm not completely decided on selling these as I'v put a lot of work into them. But as this is a hobby i'm always on the pursuit of a new challenge and I feel I have taken these to the best they can be. I bought them a couple of years ago unheard and based on the many flattering reviews (some stating they were the best stand mount they had heard period). After a while I felt that while they were a great speaker it didn't quite live up to the legend, I tried a few different stand mounts and couldn't find anything in my budget better so persisted with them. I started googling them and soon learned of the differences between the local version we received here and the US version which is the one supplied to the reviewers of which only a limited production was made. So I decided to modify these to the US spec. With guidance from speaker guru Danny Richie of GR Research in the USA (who personally redesigned the crossover for the reviewed versions). The following modifications were made. 1. Replaced the stock crossover with the GR Research mod with fully matched Sonicaps and mills resistors. One change I did make was substituting with the ERSE Pulse caps with the more expensive Obligatto Gold Caps which provided a slightly more organic bass sound. This upgrade was a night and day type improvement and it is criminal this is not offered by Usher as a signature version the parts alone cost me $400 however. midrange was much smoother, top end more defined and bass much more controlled. 2. I Repalced the DMD tweeters with the older series Beryllium tweeters. Usher abandoned the BE tweeter after it was discovered they contained very little Beryllium, they moved to a Diamond version as a so called upgrade but it was a forced decision. Regardless of what was in them the BE in my and many other opinions was superior. The BE tweeter offered a much smoother mid range with sightly recessed highs which voices really well with the upgrade crossover and bass driver. While DMD had a more forward top end it did give vocals a somewhat hollow sound and could get fatiguing especially with electric guitars. The BE is ultra smooth and provides a much nicer full bodied sound, the top is more silky much like Dynaudio's with plenty of detail without being overly aggressive , and much more suited to female vocals and rock music. 3. Under Danny's advise I replaced the cheap polyester internal damping with NoRez damping material. 4. Replaced all internal wiring with OCC solid copper wire from Electra cable in the USA, this is a great alternative to the out of my price range JPS Labs Aluminata wire used in the US model. These speakers now sound like the reviewed models, the detail and smoothness is remarkable and they handle all types of music with confidence, transparency and a little added excitement, they excel with rock music and with layered music ie Radiohead you can easily make sense of a dense mix. Now for the caveats, 1.they need a lot of juice, forget value amps, integrated amps or AVRs they will sound best with a clean 200+ watts they just soak up power. I've run them on my moderate Anthem AVR and the bass it lose and slow, I kicked them with a Bryson 4BSST and they came alive with much tighter bass and less congestion in the lower mid range, Class D was also very good provided you had a warmish Preamp. I had great results Bi wired with a Parasound A52 but anything smaller then this and they wont deliver the best. 2.If you love deep bass pair it with a sub, they play low the the rolloff is very sharp. I crossed over the sub at 55hz in my 4.5 X 3.8 room. The sub wasn't working very hard and it is only an 8 inch but it really helped fill in the last octave for upright bass and synth sounds 3. Placement is critical, not so much due the bass resonance as they are front ported but more due to having a narrow sweet spot. Soild stands are a must also, I used Z1's filled with stones and sand!! If interested PM me happy to audition I'm located in Keysborough Melbourne, Have original packaging (double Box) a can get good shipping rates via work so PM for quote.
  8. Item: Dynaudio Focus 220 MkI Floor Standing Speakers. Cherry colour (don't know why they call this cherry) Location: Wynnum West, Brisbane Price: $1700 Item Condition: Excellent. One or two minor nicks but nothing noticeable on front or sides of cabinets. One lug broken off grille but it’s an inside one so doesn’t affect attaching (has four outside ones and 1 inside – think these are replaceable anyway). Reason for selling: Was going to use for HT but idea abandoned due to lack of space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: These were a significant upgrade for me at the time from Orpheus Aurora 3.3's and B&W 603 S3's. I was astounded by the improvement. Great for someone looking to take the next hi-fi upgrade step or would be excellent HT fronts. These originally retailed for around $4.5k. Impedance 4ohms. Sensitivity around 87dB. Includes speaker spikes and grilles. I have boxes with packing but not the original ones. Pictures:
  9. Hi All, I'm currently building a system and have a pair of dynaudio dm 2/6 speakers, I was just wondering what would be a good amp to match these? I'm on a bit of a budget so the two I was considering was the Marantz PM6004 or the Rotel RA-10. Does anyone have any views on these or is there something else I should be looking at? Cheers
  10. Great Dynaudio Excite X12 bookshelf speakers in gorgeous Cherry finish. Complete with stands and 20 metres+ of cable each. Slight scratch on side of one of speakers (see photo) Pickup from Neutral Bay, NSW $1,100
  11. Item: Dynaudio Focus 160 standmount speakers in gloss black Condition: As new. Price: $1700 pickup or buyer pays shipping Reason for selling: This cuts deep, but I have to pay for my new C1s somehow. Details: The Focus 160 are part of Dynaudio's "upgraded" line of Focus speakers - new drivers, cabinets and crossovers saw definite improvements over the previous models (110 and 140). I can say without reservation that the 160's are much, much better than the 110's that I used to own. They're more honest compared to the older models which were quite warm and thick through the midrange. The 160's are my favorite bookshelf speaker (prior to owning the flagship C1's); they're fantastic speakers that want for nothing. They employ a new tweeter based on the famed Esotar2 and it shows - compared to the cheaper Excite X12's the 160's are much smoother and listenable without losing any energy. Very, very impressive. Bass has always been Dynaudio's forte and the 160's don't disappoint; they go lower and hit harder than any other bookshelf speakers I've heard. They genuinely surprise and shock when the levels rise... The speakers were imported from the UK as an ex-demo pair earlier this year. They will come packed in their original box, along with all accessories and the manual. RRP on these is currently $3200. Price is for pickup from Clayton or Southbank; postage within Australia should be about $50-60. Auditions are welcome, PM me with any questions. More info: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/focus/focus_160.php Review: http://www.whathifi.com/review/dynaudio-focus-160 Pics:
  12. Hi all, looking forward to reading and contributing to forums and using classifieds. My current equipment mostly comprises Cyrus, Dynaudio, Denon. Oppo. Cheers, Huntsman
  13. Caught the Home Theatre bug again after hearing one of the best Home Theatre setups recently...... Wondering if anyone has heard the Simaudio MC-8 5 channel or Plinius Odeon 5 channel? Or can recommend any other suggestions for Home Theater amps or power amps for Home Theater? Thanks in advance.
  14. Item: Dynaudio Audience 52 (Cherry) with Dynaudio Stands Location: Sydney Price :$1400 Item Condition: Great condition, some tiny scratches on the bottom, but you'll never see them being on the stands. Reason for selling: No longer used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The stands have never been filled, so they are in perfect condition. I have a nad c352 and a nad cdp542 for sale too if you want a nice complete system with great sound character. If I could afford to keep them around for future use I would as I do love them and hope somebody can enjoy them as much as I did.
  15. Item: Dynaudio Excite X32 Floorstanding Speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $1400 $1300 Item Condition: Used (mint condition) Reason for selling: Upgrading to Focus series Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, Can ship interstate Extra Info: Purchased new from Stereophonic 2 years ago. Comes with original packaging, original receipt, foam pugs and floor spikes. These are in as new condition with no scratches or dents. Well cared for in dedicated music room and run with quality Parasound Halo amp. see below link to reviews http://www.whathifi.com/Review/Dynaudio-Excite-X32/ http://www.hometheater.com/content/dynaudio-excite-speaker-system
  16. Item: Dynaudio Contour SCX Centre Speaker with Matching Stand Location: Brisbane, Qld Price: $1750 with Stand. $1500 without stand. Item Condition: 9/10, Excellent Reason for selling: No Longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit Extra Info: I am the second owner of this speaker and bought it off the original owner about 2 years ago. It is in perfect unmarked condition and comes with the optional (adjustable) Dynaudio "Centre Base2" Stand. The stand alone sold for $900 I believe. The CSX Centre speaker (rrp $4199) is significantly better than the standard Contour SC Centre (rep $2799). The next step up the Dynaudio range in the way of a centre is the $10k Confidence centre, so in my mind the CSX is the pick of the bunch (bang for buck wise) if you are looking for a centre speaker to match Dynaudio Foucs, Contour or Confidence front speakers. The SCX uses the Esotar tweeter which I believe is the same one used in the Dynaudio Confidence range. This centre speaker sounds superb. Voices are articulate and natural sounding through this centre and it really brought my home theatre experience to the next level. I apologise if I have any of the above RRPs wrong. I got them all from google - http://www.rio.com.au/brands/5/dynaudio/ I just wanted to give you an idea of where this speaker sits in the Dynaudio range. There are no marks, dings or dents on the speaker, and it is in perfect working order. There is a small mark on the back corner of the "Centre BAse2" stand which I have tried to show in the last pic. You can't see this mark unless you bend down behind the speaker and look carefully. I have the original box and manual and can post anywhere in australia at buyers cost and risk. Pictures:
  17. Item: Dynaudio Focus 110 standmount speakers Location: Heidelberg 3081 Price: Sold Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or direct transfer + shipping Extra Info: bought from Stereophonic Docklands in July 2011, i have receipt and orginal box + manuals. Price drop is final, orginal rrp was ~ $2300. I am also happy to ship since I have the orginal box. Contact me for shipping quote through transdirect. Am happy to demo for serious buyers as well. Reviews: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/dynaudio_focus_110.htm http://www.whathifi.com/Review/Dynaudio-Focus-110/ Pictures:
  18. Item: Dynaudio Excite X32 floorstanders in gloss piano black Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: SOLD Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Something else has caught my eye. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Bought new about a month ago, used for less than 10 hours. Not a single blemish on them. RRP for a new set in the gloss black finish is ~$3k. Stereophonic is selling an ex-demo set for $2.4k, which gives you an idea of the value on offer here. These will come in the original boxes with manual and accessories. These are priced for a very quick sale - absolutely no offers please. Reviews: http://www.whathifi....dio-Excite-X32/ http://www.theabsolu...peaker-tas-205/ More info: http://www.dynaudio..../excite_x32.php Pics:
  19. Item: Dynaudio Excite X22 centre speaker in gloss piano black Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: SOLD Item Condition: Brand new in box Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: The X22 is the dedicated centre speaker in Dynaudio's Excite series, and uses the midrange drivers from the 3-way X36 floorstanders. The speaker is brand new - I haven't even opened the box. These retail for ~$990 (extra for gloss black), so grab a bargain. More info: http://www.dynaudio..../excite_x22.php Pics: Stock photo (note: speaker mount shown below is not included) Another (different finish) showing the drivers:
  20. So I purchased a new pair of Focus 160s from Douglas as a Christmas present to myself in 2011 and I've been thoroughly enjoying them since pairing them up with my Plinius Hautonga earlier this year. Now I've come across a pair of S1.4s selling for cheaper than what I paid for my 160s and I'm seriously considering upgrading. My question is, would the S1.4s be a step up from the brand new Focus 160 line, considering the 160 utilizing newer hardware? Also I'm unaware of how old these S1.4s are, would it be worth going from brand new pair of 160s to older speakers?
  21. Item: Dynaudio Focus 110 in maple Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: $999 pickup or buyer pays postage Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: More speakers incoming, gotta move some on. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: The Focus 110's are typical Dynaudo - impressive bass with a nice smooth midrange and sparkly highs. Anyone who has owned or heard speakers from the Focus range will tell you that they have a warmer sound which is never fatiguing. I found the 110's to be smoother than my Excite X12's with a more extended treble response. Bass was much stronger too, thanks no doubt to the larger driver and enclosure. These are in very good condition and will come in their original box with manual and foam bungs. More info: http://www.dynaudio.com/int/home_loudspeaker_systems/focus/focus_110.php Review: http://www.whathifi.com/Review/Dynaudio-Focus-110/ Pics:
  22. Item: Dynaudio Excite X12 in gloss black Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: Withdrawn from sale Item Condition: Very good. Some very fine scratches in the gloss coating from being handled over time. Reason for selling: Replaced by Dynaudio Focus 110 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These are one of my favourite speakers; I'm sure I'm going to regret this sale. I've had them for over a year, and I believe I am the second owner. In terms of sound, these speakers are fantastic. Amazing bass from such small speakers, with a nice smooth midrange (typical Dynaudio) and sparkly highs. They really are a lot of fun. For a more detailed description, please see my review here: http://www.stereo.ne...-addicts-guide/ I'm selling because the Focus 110's that I got earlier this year improve on the X12's in almost every way (though only just, and at a price). The X12's will come in the original packaging with the manual and a copy of the receipt. They might even still be under warranty, but I'll confirm that tonight. Pics:
  23. Hello all, I would like to inform every one of the Sydney Audio Club’s upcoming meetings for anyone who may be interested in attending. Each month I will post a copy of our newsletter highlighting who will be presenting at our next gathering. See post below. All are welcome, so please post here for more info, or see our website for calender dates, www.sydneyaudioclub.org.au/ You don't need to know anyone to join us for an afternoon of fine music and sound. Hope to see you there. Potential Presenters: I’ve been a member of the Sydney Audio Club for over a year now and love it and have recently joined the committee in the role as Events Coordinator. This is a joint role with another committee member whose career background is in Pro Audio. Together we source and organise Home and Pro audio equipment from Distributors, Retailers, Direct to Market Companies, Representatives and our Members, to showcase their gear for the enjoyment of our members and guests at our monthly meetings held at Dence Park Creative Centre in Epping. The Sydney Audio Club offers companies an opportunity to present and demonstrate their equipment to the club. It could be a single piece of kit or an entire system, something new to market or an old favourite. Also we have recently updated our website to list our presenters over the last 12 months in the public area. Anyone interested in offering and presenting any gear at our future meetings, feel free to contact myself for further discussions. Meetings are on Sundays and openings are available from Feb 2013.
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