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  1. My sisters Denon all-in-one CD-AMp (UP-M50) has problems playing tracks from various CDs. It's about 12 years old. What do I need to tell my sister to repair the CD? forefly
  2. Item: Denon Automatic Direct Drive Turntable DP- 35F Location: Adelaide Price: $100 Item Condition: Good considering age Reason for Selling: moving Payment method: Pickup - Cash, COD only Extra Info: I am selling this for a friend who is moving interstate. Item is around 15 years old. In full working order. Have manual. Plays 33-1/3 & 45s, includes MM cartridge. Adjustable stylus force gauge, tracking error within 3degrees, Speed deviation below 0.002%, (from specifications in manual) Pictures: to add later Item: Morel MPL 400 Two way Stand-mount Speakers Location: Adelaide Price: $200 Item Condition: Very Good - considering age Reason for Selling: moving Payment method: Pickup - Cash, COD only Extra Info: I am selling this for a friend who is moving interstate. These large stand mount speakers are in good working order, understandably considering the age there are a few minor scratches etc to the finish. Drivers in excellent condition. They are around 15 years old and really do sound good. 3Khz crossover first order low pass, second order high pass, 88dB/w/m, 615h x255w x315d - from specification sheet. Pictures: to add later
  3. I recently sought advice on upgrading from a 1200 to a decent audiophile TT with the only requirement being electronic switching of 33/45. Many good suggestions had been put forward and whilst going through this process, I managed to "salvage" an old Denon off a school mate. Have finally picked up this deck, a Denon DP-55K with DA-405 arm and "mystery" Denon cart. The unit has the following problems. 1. Tone arm lever will not lift 2. 45 speed runs slow and inconsistent (33 ok) Have looked at the schematics and they are scary so hoping to find a technician that can make sense of it. Can anyone suggest a technician in Sydney that is able to repair these units? Thanks
  4. Hello SNA Members! Ok, getting down to last of my kit for sale. I've had this since 2002, and bought it from Carlton Audio Visual. I have the manual, but no receipt or box. I'm happy to pack it for the interstate buyers at extra cost, which you will see below. I also bear no responsibility if it gets damaged in freight. The unit has operated flawlessly, and strangely, when I bought it, it had a Euro plug in the box! I will supply the that cord with an adaptor, so you can plug it in straight away. It has an optical output too, so I guess it can operate as a transport for a DAC. I'm selling it due to all my CD's being transferred to my Mac these days, and I listen to vinyl mostly. I hate having things around which I don't use! Original remote included. * Item full name and model Denon DCD-435 * Location Kilsyth South * Item condition description Used, but great condition * Price and price conditions $100, non-negotiable pickup preferred. Freight Australia wide is $30 extra * Reason for selling Not being used * Payment Methods: Paypal, or cash on pickup
  5. Hi All, I'm finally looking to upgrade from the trusty, bomb-proof Denon DVD-2930 to a Blu-Ray Player. a few boxes i'd like to tick are -Dual HDMI -Network Media Streaming -Damn good quality I'm really only looking at Digital transport as I let my AVR do all the D/A decoding anyway. So i figure that a unit not trying to do all the analogue tasks aswell should have better quality digital and optical componentry inside (maybe) My first port of call is the new Denon DBT-3313, I like my Denon gear and it seems that it'll do what I need But for similar dollars i can also look to the high end of the Oppo players. thoughts/ advice opinions would be appreciated, I'm finding it difficult to track down the actual specs/ componentry used in the Denon player
  6. Item: Denon PMA-1500AE Hi Fi Integrated Amplifier Location: Wellington Point, Brisbane Price: $700 neg. Item Condition: Near Mint (minimal use, hard to find a mark) Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup from Wellington Point, Brisbane, or Paypal with courier payable by buyer (send me your postcode and I will obtain quote - I must insist on courier service with transit insurance to protect buyer and seller). Extra Info: I have had great enjoyment from this amp, bought as an upgrade from a Rotel RA1062 a couple of years ago, and it was a noticeable and welcome upgrade. Lovely match with with Orpheus Aurora 3 series and B&W 600 series speakers (imo). I mainly enjoyed jazz, electric blues and a bit of indie rock through it. Has had minimal use since I have owned it, maybe half a dozen times a month (thanks to work commitments). This amp won the best two channel amplifier award for 2006 - 2007 (EISA - European Imaging and Sound Association). A plus for vinyl lovers is the incorporation of a high performance phono stage. Weighs approx. 15kg on its own and includes original packaging, remote and manual. This amp retailed at the time for around $1700 (from memory) and is still available new at some retailers for around $1400. I would love to keep this amp but only have room for one system at the moment. Specs at Denon: http://www.denon.co....uctId=PMA1500AE Reviews: http://www.avreview....cle/mps/uan/600 http://en.audiofanzi...E/user_reviews/
  7. Now SOLD Item: Step up transformer Location: Seven Hills, NSW Price: SOLD Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus, Missus does not appreciate my DIY cosmetics, says the 'electric rabbit is ugly' Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, DD Extra Info: Purchased a bunch of NOS Beyerdynamic studio grade transformers and made a few different SUT's. Die cast alloy box, gold plated insulated RCA's, 3 way binding post, Cardas quad eutectic solder, uber compact with shortest signal path. The transformer model is 351 015 006. Translated: 351 = stud mount, flying leads. 015 = turns ratio 15:1. 006 = ?? dunno. Secondary impedance is 45K, reflected primary @40ohm is 209 ohms. Translation: perfect for DENON low output 40ohm carts, ie DL-103 and DL-304, NO resistor tuning required! I use one myself with a DL-304 into a tube MM stage and it's very good. A quick google search will reveal many user experiences. The negative phases are tied together for zero hum. These little Beyer transformers were specced for studio gear from Studer & Revox et al, pedigree plus. Ruler flat response with 40 ohm input with a gentle roll off to 20kHz, no ultrasonic ringing. I'll ship anywhere in Aus at buyers expense, return within 14 days for full refund less postage if you're not 100% satisfied. Pictures:
  8. Item: Denon DL-S1 Location: Bega, NSW Price: $700 posted Item Condition: Brand new in box Reason for selling: Need the money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank transfer Extra Info: As some of you may know I recently organised a Denon carts. They all arrived yesterday but I am no longer in a position to keep the DL-S1 that I bought for myself. This cart needs little introduction and is a work of art in my opinion. For those not in the know, It is Denon's top of the line MC cartridge and retails for $950. See this page for more info: http://www.needledoc...DL-S1-Cartridge Believe me when I say this is a very regrettable sale! Sadly my bank account dictates that I sell it PM me with any questions.
  9. Item: Alphason HR100S MCS tonearm Location: Rushcutters Bay, Sydney Price: $700 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need to raise some $ Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, bank transfer A legendary high-end titanium tonearm with the mono crystal silver wiring option. Very nice. Local pickup would be ideal but I can also post it, taking great care in packaging of course. Item: Denon DL300 "special elliptical" MC cartridge Location: Rushcutters Bay, Sydney Price: $120 Item Condition: Excellent, as new (under 10 hours on it) Reason for selling: Need to raise some $ Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, bank transfer This cart was bought NOS in the last year and has been sitting around not being used. It's a great cart, apparently quite a step up from the DL103 and DL160. In perfect condition with box, etc. Postage would be no more than $10.
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