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  1. I bought these Legend speakers from a Stereonet member a few years ago. I was still new to all of this and didn't appreciate the difference between the watts written on the stereo box and current. Needless to say, these little speakers need a fair whack of current. My Yamaha RN-602 had no chance. I recently purchased some more efficient Klipsch speakers which are singing. Interestingly, I took the Legends to Lifestyle Audio in North Parramatta to do a listening test with the Klipsch speakers. Obviously, a proper amp was used. For the first time I understand why these Legend speakers were so special. It wasn't until "rockier" music was played that the 20 year newer Klipsch taught the Legends a lesson. To be honest, I was already sold on the "bronze" speaker cones of the Klipsch. I wanted them. and hence the Legends are for sale. I believe (but do not 100% know) they are Kurre's of approx 1998 vintage as it's very tricky to research. I found these 2 review sites. http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/Backup-old-site/kurre_r2.php http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/reviews/ I bought them from a stereonet member some years ago. I think its excellent buying if you have a decent amp. No point testing at my place as my amp can not drive them properly. If you buy them and they are not what you want, just bring them back within 3 days (in same condition) and I'll refund your money. It's stupid to keep them in storage thinking I will use them one day. I need to start letting go of items. Maybe I'll move onto some of my records soon (way to many double-ups. I can't help myself). They are in good 2nd hand condition with normal minor scratches but nothing serious (BTW the George Benson vinyl is not included. Just there to reference size). Pick up is North Rocks (between Carlingford and North Parramatta). I am often in Manly (NSW) if this helps. BTW - before any smarties suggest the speakers are upside down - they are designed to have the tweeter at the bottom! Kind regards, Kierin
  2. Further information: Tannoy Mercury MX 1 and MXC Center speakers. More than 20years old,but play like new. Well looked after. Specs : https://m.hifidatabase.com/Tannoy_Mercury mX1_4148.php https://m.hifidatabase.com/Tannoy_Mercury mXC_5231.php MX1 Bookshelf - 150 MX C Centre speakers - 100 Pick up Macleod. Cannot post. Can do Uber connect. Can Demo Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  3. Brand new, unopened box. Rosenut finish. Can freight at buyer's expense. Can deliver to Brisbane/Ipswich are (within reason) for modest fee. Questions welcome. First picture is for illustration only, as I don't want to open the box. Cheers, Rob.
  4. Further information: Tannoy Mercury MK1 bookshelf speakers. 20+ years old but have aged gracefully. 🙂 Sound great. Pickup Macleod. Can support uber connect.Cannot post. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  5. Further information: Hi all, first FS post here. Let's see how I go For sale is a pair of British made classic pair of Mordaunt Short MS10 bookshelf speakers. In very good condition for its age. Last sold on this community in 2012 I believe (as per my Google search). Anyway, speaker wire and Nakamichi plugs are also included in this sale. Rated at 60w, and weigh just over 3Kg each. Great working condition. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  6. Further information: Now surplus to my needs is this pair of "Made in the USA" Infinity Reference 20 bookshelf speakers. I'm open to offers on these speakers from the late 1990s but which are in great condition. They are finished in black ash and I have owned them from new. They have been very well looked after. Cabinets were polished regularly and look as new. They've been used with several amps over the years, ranging from 20 to 75 watts/ch, and performed well with them all. I sat them on Concorde SP24 stands (which I also have up for sale). The woofers were re-foamed by SpeakerWorks in Sydney in 2013/14 (see post-repair frequency response graphs in pics). I bought these speakers because they were used as the monitors in the small (mainly speech work) sound recording studio I once worked in. Maybe it was because I got so used to them but I found - and still find - they give fatigue-free listening for long periods, especially for speech and vocals. I have to downsize and regrettably they must now go. They come in the original box and packaging. Note: They have been in storage for about a year, and on taking them out to photograph them I noted that in 3 spots the foam has started to lift on the woofers (see pics). They still sound great, but obviously those spots need to be re-glued. Specs: Frequency Response50Hz - 25kHz (+/-2.5dB) Crossover Frequency 3kHz Sensitivity 90dB (2.8V/1 meter) Nominal Impedance 6 ohms Power Handling, RMS 15 -100 watts Woofer 20.3cm IMG Tweeter 2.5 cm polycell Dimensions: 465 mm h x 268 mm w x 252 mm d. Box is 61 x 36 x 55 cm and weighs 18.6 kg. It can be sent by Auspost. As as example, postage to Melbourne 3000 would be $54.90. Delivery might be possible if your are in inner Sydney suburbs or close to the M4, please ask. Will be listed on eBay after a few days. Photos:
  7. Further information: Picked up two sets of these a while back. Hooked a set up in my gaming room and these have been in the box untouched. I think I've opened the box to verify contents but they've never been wired up. Would prefer pick up but can work out shipping. Thanks!
  8. Further information: Purchased about 6 months ago, great speakers in mint condition, unfortunately I don't have the boxes for these anymore but I'm throwing in some MS-70 Studio Monitor Stands. Happy to audition them for anyone who is curious, pick up only please. Photos:
  9. Further information: Regretly let them go after 10 years serving me well. I paired them with Italian Pathos Classic One which is listing for sale also. They are very sweet French taste, vocal, rhythm, dynamic etc are so surprisingly well controlled. I have original shipping box. Flat rate shipping is $60.00 to any destination in Oz. I also listing on Ebay. Will donate after sales. Description: Two-way, reflex-loaded loudspeaker for use with stands 20–30" H (not included). Drive-units: 1" titanium-dome tweeter in molded horn enclosure, 6.3" coated pulp-cone woofer. Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz. Frequency response: 50Hz–20kHz, ±3dB. Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 4.4 ohms minimum. Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m. Dimensions: 16.5" (420mm) H by 7.9" (200mm) W by 13.2" (335mm) D. Shipping weight: 41 lbs (18.7kg). Review: https://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/408tri/index.html Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  10. Further information: Non functional on one side, maybe due to bad connection or cable, the amp side work and is in excellent condition. I did not have the equipment or time for proper diagnostic, chose to upgrade. Broken side does not hiss when connected. Photos:
  11. JBL 4312M II COMPACT MONITOR *Includes NEW Atacama Speaker Stand Isolation Gel Pads (box of 8 pads) - worth AUD $55 Downsized to desktop. The JBL 4312M II delivers the legendary JBL studio sound to audio enthusiasts with limited listening space. With a tempered pure titanium dome and white pure pulp cone with pleated cloth surround, the 3-way compact monitor loudspeaker has been reworked from the previous version with new drive elements and a dividing network and enclosure to dramatically improve power, clarity and efficiency. Innovative cabinet construction techniques increase internal volume for superior bass performance. A walnut lacquer veneer cabinet with “monitor blue” baffle and grille imbues a rugged, professional look for the new speaker, which provides classic JBL studio monitor performance. Purchased new for $1,499 AUD in May 2020. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Low-Frequency Transducer: 133mm (5-1/4") white pure pulp cone driver with pleated cloth surround Midrange Transducer: 50mm (2") pure pulp cone driver with pleated cloth surround High-Frequency Transducer: 19mm (3/4") tempered pure titanium dome Recommended Amplifier Power: 75 watts Frequency Response: 55Hz – 50kHz (-6dB) Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 90dB Crossover Frequencies: 7kHz, 12kHz Controls: Attenuators for MF and HF drivers Finish: Walnut lacquer veneer Grille Colour: Monitor blue Dimensions (H x W x D): 300mm x 181mm x 180mm Weight: 4.0kg JBL WEBSITE https://www.jblsynthesis.com/products/loudspeakers/type/bookshelf-loudspeakers/4312MII-.html JBL 4312M II COMPACT MONITOR - OWNER'S THREAD on SNA JBL 4312M II Brochure.pdf
  12. Looking for some advice on new speakers please. I thought I had it all figured out until I read an article on Darko's site by Srajan Ebaen http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2014/02/kih-6-loading-the-room/%C2'> I've been saving up for some floorstanding speakers at around $3K, probably second hand. They will go in a surround system, but my real focus for sound quality is for two channel, not surround. I currently don't have a sub but am also looking to add one of those, probably about $1K, e.g. SVS SB2000. My room is about 7m x 5m x 2.7m (22x16x9 feet), with lots of hard surfaces and few opportunities for treatments. I have a young family, so moderate listening levels will be the reality 95% of the time. I listen to a wide range of music, but folk, rock, blues would be a good ball park. Using RRPs, one example might be Kef R500 ($3,700) vs. Kef R300 ($2,600) + SVS SB2000 ($1,000). So will I be more likely to get better sound from floorstanders or standmounts plus sub? Pros and cons of each set-up? Thanks Corey
  13. Hi new here to the forum, After many months of COVId19 enforced WFH, I've gotten the itch to improve my home office setup. Ive mainly been into IEMs in the past, and own universal AAW w900, flc8s, dunu titans. I tend to prefer neutralish signatures with good bass texture and natural soundstage. My budget is around $1000 and tossing up between either some desktop speakers or open backed headphones. (Including DAC/amp) My office is pretty small at about 3m by 3m so any speaker would have to be placed fairly close to the wall. Any suggestions for setups? I prefer the sound of speakers, but with my budget and room I'm thinking a midfi rig (like a Sundara or 2nd hand AFO + dx3) might be a better option.
  14. Further information: These speakers were purchased new from Greg Osborn in Feb 2020. In May I bought them from the original buyer (who bought a different pair of Osbornes due to change of listening situation). The Titans are wonderful speakers. As someone fairly new to hifi they introduced me to audiophile quality and I had many a goosebump listening to them. However, going by Greg’s advice, I don't believe I can get the most from them in my small cluttered listening space (bedroom used as media/music room) where I also have to position them on the long wall. They need a moderate sized room or above to breathe. And while my eye was caught by the stunning value, my other components are not yet near the level where I can realise their potential, so I think they are better off with someone who can. I will play around with other options for now. Check out Greg’s website for info. I also have available the 3m Osborn cables for biwiring them. No box, printed manual included. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. Further information: For sale are my beloved Harbeths. Condition: Good. There is a scratch on the top of one speaker and on one the stands there are two scratches. Please see photos. Functionally, the speakers have worked flawlessly. Purchase history: Purchased second hand from fellow SNA member approx. one year ago. Age: unknown. Included: All original boxes, literature and spikes for stands (not shown). RRP: $6000+900 (approx.) Specs: Transducer system: 200mm Harbeth RADIAL™ bass/midrange; 25mm ferr-cooled soft dome tweeter Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB, free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response Impedance: 6 ohms, easy to drive Sensitivity: 85dB/1W/1m. Addit: see stereophile review. Measured about 87dB if that matters. Amplifier suggestion: suggested from 25W. Addit: I've used this with my First Watt F7 and an Ayre AX7e. Both great. Power handling: 150W programme Dimensions: 460 x 277 x 275mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts) Finish: Cherry Weight: 11.6kg each without packing Reviews: On top audio https://www.on-mag.fr/index.php/topaudio/tests-auditions/13555-audition-privee-enceintes-harbeth-hl5-plus-p3esr-et-monitor-30-1-chez-high-end-audio 6 moons http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/harbeth5/1.html The absolute sound http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/preview-harbeth-monitor-301-loudspeaker/ Aushifi https://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/hi-fi/harbeth-302-anniversary-loudspeakers-review-test-496810 New audiophile http://www.new-audiophile.com/ Stereophile https://www.stereophile.com/content/harbeth-monitor-302-40th-anniversary-edition-loudspeaker Steve Guttenberg https://harbeth.co.uk/hifi-speaker/5/www.cnet.com/uk/audiophiliac/ Photos:
  16. Item: 2.1 bookshelf/sub setup for home office. Price Range: Up to $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Flexible around brand/model, just want something that will sound nicer (with a flatter frequency response) than my 18 year old Logitech HTIB system. No fancy features in amp/receiver required, I'd be happy with stereo 3.5mm analog or optical (SPDIF) in. Sub is optional, but I do like deep bass so if no sub, then speakers that can go lower than 45Hz would be required. Location: Adelaide preferred so I can audition.
  17. A spare pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20 that I no longer require. They were only used as rear speakers, mounted on the matching stands (I am keeping the stands) Very good to excellent condition. Very faint/light swirls from dusting down with a microfibre cloth, but only noticeable if you are looking for them. Will be shipped in the original box, wrapped in the usual Q Acoustics microfibre bags. Hopefully someone will get some enjoyment out of these killer bookshelves.
  18. Item: B&W 805 D3 Price Range: 4000 - 4500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a pair of 805D3 in excellent condition.
  19. Further information: These came with a high quality micro system (no longer around). When I acquired the system Sony UK had a it's own hifi design studio and I was led to believe the system, including these speakers, was designed there (they were assembled in Taiwan). These are robust bookshelves, heavy for their size (27 X 28 X 16 cm). They have approx 15cm kevlar woofer and a domed tweeter. Ported at the back (top) they also have quality binding posts. The front baffle is bevelled for strength and to improve sound dispersion, the tweeter is mounted in a cool looking molded 'wave-guide' type fitting. These are great speakers for all types of music particularly jazz, rock and female vocals. The bass will surprise you with control and depth. They can easily fill a small to medium size room. They were part of Sony's most expensive micro system (at the time). Given their condition and asking price they represent some fun value. Grills included but have some fade in patches, but leavethem off and relish the cool retro style! No marks or blemishes on cabinets or veneer. Posted at buyers expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  20. Further information: Dali Rubicon 2 bookshelf speakers, Piano Black, As New, 1st owner, I bought them new in Dec 2018, balance warranty. Superb clear, almost full range, great bass, balanced sound, made in Denmark, close Dynaudio competitor. Great price, you save $$$.. new rrp is $3699 Speakers are full gloss, spotless, no damage whatsoever. Clean smoke-free apartment. The are fully packed in original carton/boxes, ready for your enjoyment at this price. Shipping arranged at your cost. Thanks ! https://www.dali-speakers.com/products/rubicon/rubicon-2/ http://www.tonepublications.com/review/dali-rubicon-2-speakers/ https://www.avaustralia.com.au/dali-rubicon-2-6-5-bookshelf-rear-speakers-pair/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  21. Further information: Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 Limited Edition in beautiful walnut. I am the first and only owner. Purchased locally in 2018 from Class A. The speakers have had an easy life driven with 150w amplifier. The Contour is a very capable speaker and I would suggest pairing them with at least 150w amplifier to get the most out of it. You can find many reviews online. I have all the original boxes for shipping. It does not have the foam port plug. For official specification, please refer to https://www.dynaudio.com/discontinued-models/contour-s/contour-s-14-le Dynaudio Stand 6 in black. I purchased this from a seller in Brisbane who bought it brand new, but never used. I've used it with the Contour and they look great together. Apparently you can sand fill it if you want it to be sturdier. There are some scratches from my recent move, and also paint flake caused by Smoegal - my robotic vacuum cleaner. I am still mad a Smoegal, but it does a great job cleaning the floor daily. Please refer to the photo for the marks and chip. Comes with original packaging. One thing missing is the floor protector for the spike. https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/accessories/stand-6/ I am not keen to split the items unless there is buyer for both at the same time. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  22. Further information: In excellent condition pair of s400 $2800 ono. A lot of good reviews on line and all the hype is true.Speaker stand and cable not included. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  23. Item: Dynaudio Emit M20 (Pair) Location: Brisbane, Northside Price: $800 Item Condition: Perfect, As New Reason for selling: Have upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This pair of Dynaudio Emit M20's was bought new by me from The Audio Tailor here in Brisbane less than 12 months ago. They are satin black lacquered finish, in perfect condition and have never been abused - less than 100 hours use. I ended up deciding to upgrade after I upgraded my turntable - the wicked cycle of 'what's next' after an upgrade. These speakers have received multiple awards for their price point. Would prefer local pickup but can ship at buyers expense.
  24. Struggling to find a decent Bookshelf speaker under $1k (maybe able to go higher) Liked the specs on Q Acoustics 3030i https://www.stereo.net.au/news/q-acoustics-3030i-standmount-loudspeakers-now-available The ELAC DEBUT 2.0 B6.2 are not bad on paper too. What are my options to get anything better than 46Hz and higher than 130W?
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