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Found 8 results

  1. We had a thread on Anthem MRX 310/510/710, models which are superseded. Thought it would be useful to start a new one where the growing group of Anthem owners on this forum can share their experience with each other and with others exploring the Anthem range. Suggestions for improving this post most welcome. Anthem website: www.anthemav.com Anthem news blog: http://blog.anthemav.com/ Anthem Room Correction (ARC): Official description Video: Official video, ARC Overview (Home Theatre Lounge) Articles : Calibrate dual woofers with ARC (Poor Audiophile), Interview with ARC developers (Audioholics) Good summary ARC & others (ARC, Dirac rated best, Sep 17) ARC (Secrets of Home Theatre) Pt 1, ARC + sub (Secrets of Home Theatre) Pt 2 Geeks Guide to using ARC-2 (Secrets of Home Theatre) Super Geek Guide to Tweaking ARC-2 (Secrets of Home Theatre) ARC-1 used on MRX x00, AVM 50V, D2V ARC-2 used on MRX x10, MRX x20, AVM 60, STR Integrated, Pre-amp (ARC-2 on MRX x10 has 2 profiles cf 4 in others, no slope of rolloff for target customisation of mains & centre) Snoop's ARC Tips & Tweaks Anthem owners: (please post if I either missed you or added you in error): AVM50V : Tassie Devil, IXXI (3D), arftech (3D) AVM60 : Getreal95, , SimonNo10, franin, Isaac Otaiza D2V : recur, pezz, jrisles Integrated 225 : JamesMay, The Bluesman M1 : parayam, Devialet, georgehifi, ufo MCA 20 : roboo307, doomigee2 MCA 30 : quantam_l3@p MCA 50 : benje MRX 310 : Naydn, Agneswaran, Tommy_tucker MRX 510 : Cinemafan, Sound_addict, BenH, mpearce38, DarkNark MRX 520 : Toothdoc MRX 700 : apgood, Blackwash MRX 710 : tigger384, skinner84, gillmaverick, snoopy8, Wonka1, woogie59, harmo_hammer, Familyguyhifi, 1224 MRX 720 : benje, bellyup, bandyka, The Bluesman, 2LOUD2OLD, zakblue, ph3ng, MRX 1120 : michaelharvey (review here), SNA review, Slightlyforward1503565351, Sir Triode, Mobe1969, 1120 with music, kitschcamp, CapitalK, richiey P2 : Sterlo PVA5 : GoudaK, ufo
  2. Hi, I’m a bit confused about this now, because I’ve gotten different answers. I am using the HDMI arc connection ( it’s the only HDMI out) (Denon avr-x1600h) connected to the HDMI arc on my tv ( Panasonic fz950 OLED (which is full bandwidth) I have my 4K blu ray player and PS4 Pro connected to my avr HDMI ports. When I’m playing a 4K movie with Atmos on my blu-ray player, am I getting it down-converted to something lower quality, or full lossless atmos? I understand that playing something from my tv, eg the Netflix app, I wont be able to get Atmos. Eg; When playing a movie with atmos connected to the HDMI ARC port of my tv, my AVR says Dolby Atmos – True HD. Now when playing it on the HDMI non arc port, it says the say thing, Dolby Atmos -True HD. Everything sounds the same.
  3. Calling all audio research pro's!!! Hi guys i have the ls27 arc pre and now looking into replacing the best tubes i can find My question is what tubes are the best? Reflector 6h30p maybe? Also if anyone has tried different ones what advantages do you gain I'm a big believer in power cables and upgraded xlrs etc. So surely a better tube would be advantageous. I'm running stock ones. I'm only new to arc so any advise would really be appreciated I'm also very aware that the ref 3 and 5 se are alot better than the 27. But I'm sticking with what i have. Cheers in advance.
  4. Item: Audio Research Ref 3 Location: Perth Price: $4700 Item Condition: Used, Excellent Reason for selling: upgradw Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this used from Audio Fidelity in September this year. I changed the handles to silver for the Ref 5 look (looks much better and sounds better too! ;-) Seriously this preamp sounds as good as they said, I'm selling because there's an opportunity to upgrade to Ref 5. Pictures:
  5. Well, a bit of background to kick things off. I upgraded my speakers to Kef Rs about 2 years ago, and had intended to buy a new AVR once Atmos came out. Between that, my wife and I had our first child, so it was a bit pointless upgrading for the sake of it! We now find we are able to sneak in the odd movie and I thought we may as well upgrade to Atmos too! The shortlist was always the Anthem 1120, then came along Arcam with the 550 and Dirac, so it got added to the shortlist too. After demoing both, they were both very similar in sound quality with the Arcam having a slight edge. Considering it had Dirac, that ended up being my choice (despite effectively being $2k more once you get extra amps for Atmos). At home with the Arcam...... Once I got it home, that is where all the problems started. The idiots at Arcam put out a dodgy version of the Dirac software on the website, which failed to work with my calibrated Umik-1. Additionally, the rubbish microphone Arcam provide failed to work too. I wasn't too happy. After some sleep, I was kindly sent the previous version of the Dirac software. This at least worked with my Umik-1, although it isn't the easiest software to get running. Basic TV viewing was sounding great, so it was time to get onto some demo material. I immediately got out the Dolby Atmos demo disc and played a few clips which went well, until I got to the Horizon Demo. This is where the next round of trouble started. The Arcam kept shutting down at the same point in the demo clip at reference volume. I was a bit puzzled, surely the Arcam would have enough grunt for this? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated. Checking the Dirac filter, it applies a 10db boost around 150hz, about the same spot my 8ohm rated speakers drop to around 3.2ohm on their impedance curve. Basically, the Arcam (550 at least) cannot handle difficult loads very well, which is why it was shutting down. Testing with Dirac off it passed this same test, and it also passed with Dirac on at 10db less volume. Ok, well I figured that would be solved by a power amp, so I could live with it for the time being. Some more viewing (via Plex on XboxOne), saw the Arcam flick between a 5.1PCM and 7.1PCM source, despite the XboxOne being set on 5.1PCM. This was something minor that I could live with, but Arcam just dismissed this blaming the source. I also had been reading all the issues with Dirac on AVS, which seemed to blow up during my period of ownership. Testing on my end using REW, easily replicated the same issue. Basically, the correction filter for one speaker (i.e. Left Front), was still being applied on content sent to the sub. Playing a few more familiar clips, the bass disappeared from my room (7db reduction between 35hz to 65hz), so much so even my wife noticed. Arcam technically firstly dismissed this complaint, then commented that the filter at a certain frequency is correcting the room, so it shouldn't matter what speaker it was sent to. Obviously this is total BS! I said to Arcam technical, that if they were intending to solve the issues I would be happy to keep the product, otherwise I would seek a full refund. Anyway, they maintained there was no problem so I got a refund. Arcam Summary + Great sound quality (just ahead on Anthem) + Great build quality + Dirac very effective above the crossover, especially at low listening levels - Dirac implementation is (currently) incorrect (unless you have genuine full range speakers) - AMP cannot handle difficult loads - Some HDMI issues - Rubbish included microphone - Very expensive in Australia, even more expensive once you had amps for Atmos - Likely needs power amps with difficult speakers At home with the Anthem...... Well, with the Arcam gone I could immediately notice the difference going back to the Denon, but thankfully it was only for a few days. Setting the Anthem up was extremely easy, it was all just very logical. First impressions are good. I quickly had everything plugged in, all the inputs renamed and was ready to run ARC (although not at midnight). Waiting until the next morning, I was very impressed with ARC. The microphone is very impressive, and the software is also very impressive. This is a very polished product! A minor issue with running ARC, it was misinterpreting the 150hz null in my room as the speaker roll-off, so I just manually adjusted that, which was again very simple! Ok, straight into it. Can it handle the Dolby Horizon demo clip? Yes, it certainly could, and it was even louder than when the Arcam shut down! I was impressed, but how did it handle bass? Straight onto a few demo clips and the room came alive. I was a very happy camper! Just to double check, I measured with REW and the hole the incorrect Dirac implementation created was virtually gone. A few tweaks with ARC quick measure improved things even further, so I did another calibration which improved things a little further. Anthem Summary + Great sound quality (just behind Arcam) + Good build quality + Excellent amplification, it seems effortless and no need for power amps + Quality included microphone + ARC is a very polished product and very simple to use + 11amp channels on board + Great pricing in Australia - Looks a bit cheap - Display not the easiest to read (I'm nitpicking) Overall Well, to be honest they are both outstanding products, but the Arcam is particularly let down by their incorrect implementation of Dirac (which they are only now starting to investigate). I would give Anthem the win, but (ignoring cost) if Arcam do fix Dirac, I would give it the edge overall.
  6. Item: Audio Research EC-4 three way active tube crossover Location: Adelaide (will post interstate) Price: $450 Item Condition: Good used condition Reason for selling: Using digital DSP (shock, horror) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a classic and rarely seen three way active crossover by Audio Research. It dates from the mid to late seventies. Frequencies are adjusted by changing capacitors on the circuit board. Crossover points are selectable at 50/100/400/500/800/1k/1.5k/2k/3.5k/5kHz. Uses 6 x 12AX7 tubes. This particuar example has been modified both for practical reasons (to operate at 240v) and for sonic improvements. A new 240v transformer has been added, along with an assortment of upgraded capacitors and resistors. In the process, RCA connectors have been moved to the front of the chassis. Unfortunately these modifications have not been carried out with aesthetics in mind. Nevertheless, if you can get past the less than immaculate appearance, this crossover will not disappoint. This is a rare, collectible – and for someone with an active three way system, a serious consideration. Info and photos of this unit in its original state can be found here: http://www.arcdb.ws/EC4/EC4.html I am happy to package and send this item interstate at buyer's expense. Please budget $30 to $50 for this, depending on your location. Similarly, a buyer in Adelaide is welcome to collect in person from the Adelaide CBD. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. Pictures:
  7. Item: Audio Research DS-450Location: PerthPrice: $7500Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: trying something Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: I'm the first owner; bought this from a dealer a few months ago. Can provide receipt. I upgraded from Parasound JC-1 monoblocks and the DS-450 is more punchy and a lot faster than JC1. Amazing amp. Current model still selling now for AU$13495 http://www.synergyaudio.com/Audio-Research/Amplifiers/147/catmenu.aspx Absolute Sond review: http://www.absolutesounds.com/pdf/main/press/ARC DS450 HFC1010web.pdf Here are some actual user's reviews: "I purchased the DS450 (along with the LS27) about 6 weeks ago. Did extensive listening including McIntosh and Ayre. Found the transparency, musicality and soundstage on the DS better to my liking. The McIntosh had a deeper bottom end - but not by much. I'm driving a pair of Revel Salon 2s with the DS450 and I'm very happy with the results so far" - Ritrmo from Audiogon Pictures:
  8. Item full name and model etc. Audio Research DS450M Mono Power Amplifier 450 Watts of BALLS! (single amp) * Location Sydney Australia * Item condition description: BRAND NEW! 5 month old! * Price and price conditions: $2,900 - plus shipping will ship all over Australia. - have boxes etc ($7,495 inc GST in Australia each new) * Reason for selling buying a house! Audio must go! this is enough to buy many bottles of champers (because I'll need it to get over the fact I sold my Hi-Fi system) - * Payment Methods: Cash, Paypal (3%), Direct Deposit, bank cheque * Extra Info: Well a man comes to a stage where he has to think about his options; partner or SUBWOOFER!... Partner won! So the subwoofer left quickly and now the power amp driving it I bought 5 months ago is feeling lonely. I can't bear to look at it any longer. This can be used as a sub power amp or for a center channel (or any other mono duties for that matter) - or talk to the new Audio Research Distributor 'Synergy Audio' and buy another DS450M and have a stereo pair! - the price I'm selling this at is cheaper than what he can buy it for anyway so you'll have a pretty cheap deal. I've got the boxes etc all brand new and I can ship this anywhere - This was bought from the old Aus distributor and if you have any issues call the new one haha or myself. Anyway - Please put me out of my misery and buy this power amp this amp will make anyone happy like my other half when I buy her a house... sigh! No bites on this little baby; so I'm prepared to throw in the deal my Harmonic Tech AC10 20 amp power cable with this amp. http://www.harmonict...ntasy-ac10.html This cable I used with the amp and would most likely be lonely if separated. The cable retails in Australia for $799! Yours Free with this baby * Pictures (Mac Mini on top of the power amp not included) I'm allowed to keep that! Attached Thumbnails
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