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Found 12 results

  1. Item: Complete Aaron speaker set, Yamaha RX-V3081, Rotel RB-985 Location: Gold Coast Price: 2700 (price drop) (rrp over 10k) (donation to stereo.net) Item Condition: good - mostly very good Reason for selling: Home reno and losing cinema Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Aaron speakers and condition: 2 x ATS-4 (left/right) 9/10 1 x CC240 (centre) 7.5/10 4 x CC120 (surrounds) 9/10 2 x SS60 (surrounds) 9/10 4 x SS10 (height) 9/10 You can use either the ss60 for rears or all cc120 surrounds (what I used) Subs Aaron sub240 9/10 Aaron sub240 6.5/10 Each sub240 is 200w dual 10inch woofers To get a sense of size, subs are about 76cm high Receiver Yamaha RX-V3081 9.2 with 11.2 pre-outs (ATMOS/DTS-X) Condition 9.5/10 Power amp Rotel RB-985 THX certified power amp (5x100w) Condition 8/10 Also includes enough 14awg speaker cable for any configuration (100m). Happy to split as long as most of the stuff goes so please let me know if you're interested, last time I wanted all of it to go before splitting so might make it work this time. Happy to ship (its not as expensive as you might think on a pallet). Home reno means we're going open plan and losing a few rooms, one of those rooms is the home theater. Happy to demo for serious buyers in completely unsuitable open plan room (without height speakers but even so theres enough there to still put a smile on your face) Pictures:
  2. Item: Aaron CC-240 Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi Folks, I'm looking for an Aaron CC-240 centre speaker. I've got Aaron ATS-5 fronts and really want to finish off the set but Aaron went and closed down before I had the good sense to grab one.... so here I am. I would prefer a more recent one (say, 2012 onwards) so that it matches my set a bit better (purchased 2015) in both finish and sound. And if it happens to be the mahogany finish, then my dream is complete. But, there's not too many floating about so I more than happy to hear from anyone with a CC-240 they no longer need. I'm a bit clueless on postage/freight options, but more than happy to have a chat about how best to make it work, so I'm happy to talk people from any location. I'm also very keen on an Aaron sub. That's less of a priority but since we're here and all, please feel free to let me know if you have one you'd like to offload Thanks! Cameron
  3. Hi Folks, I’m hoping I can get a bit of help with, well, what I hope is a set-up issue and not a technical issue. I’ve written a pretty detailed background below (a short novel – sorry!) which I hope helps. Background is: I have a Marantz SR5009 receiver running a set of Arron speakers - ATS-5s at the front, SS-120 rears and, up until recently, an Accusound Ref 8.6 centre. I’m afraid there’s no sub at the moment – which has recently been pointed out to me as something I should address, but that’s another story… It’s all in a moderate sized loungeroom, 4.2m x 3.2m So when I got this set-up towards 3 years ago, I plugged it in, let Audyssey do its thing and that was pretty much it… I know I eventually had to set the rears to ‘small’ because Audyssey set them to ‘large’ (crazy!) and maybe I did something else – I really can’t remember in detail – but largely it worked nicely from the get go (I’m sure a pro could have tweaked it better of course, but from where I started it was a damn fine solution!) I recently grabbed an Aaron CC-120 centre speaking – I badly want the CC-240 but it turns out Aaron closed down recently so I jumped at a 120 that was available, thinking it would at least be a tad better than the Accusound. (Still keen on a CC-240 if anyone’s got one hanging around they want to offload??? ) Again, I plugged it in, let Audyssey do its thing, but this time it just didn’t all gel like it previously had. Biggest problem funnily enough is the centre, it just seemed a bit muffled. I thought it might have been just due to a new speaker needing time to settle in, so I left it for a bit but the more I listened the more I could hear it. Plus, the volume I had to turn the system up to in order to (just) understand dialogue was now 55+, as opposed to 45 that previously worked a treat for just about everything. Next step of experimenting was to put the Accusound back in, but it seems even with the Accusound it was sounding like it had a thick towel draped over the front. So it feels like something has gone awry and I can’t figure out what! It really seems like tonal thing more so than a volume thing – people with deeper voices sound muffled while higher voices are a bit better but not perfect. I’ve also dabbled with increasing the volume of the centre speaker and that hasn’t really helped much (and I never had to do that before.) A couple of key tweaking areas I’ve tried: Dynamic EQ: I set this to ON initially and have experimented with on and off. It seems better with this OFF. Since turning it off I can understand dialogue a bit better, but it’s still not right. Dynamic Volume: Currently set to HEAVY. I’ve tried turning it off and I find I have no volume in the system at all when I do that (definitely not how it was before my centre speaker experiment) Crossovers: I have to note that in my original setup I never played with the crossover setting, partly because I didn’t understand it, partly because I didn’t have a sub and, ultimately, cos it just kinda worked – so I never ventured there and I haven't touched them myself this time either, but at the moment it looks like this Audyssey says Front ‘Full Band’, Centre ‘40Hz’ and Surround ‘Full Band’ If I look at manual config it says it’s doing Individual selection, but ‘Surround’ is the only one I can select and it says ’40Hz’ Bass: LPF for LFE 250Hz So, there’s my story – sorry for the length but hopefully there’s good info in there for receiving advice. Many thanks in advance!! Cam
  4. Item: Marantz CD84 Location: Gold Coast Price: $200 (ono) Item Condition: Excellent for age Reason for selling: Streaming Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: An excellent japanese cd player. Over 25years old and still sounds great with the well regarded TDA1540 DAC. Will be hard pressed to find one in better condition. The cd tray sometimes needs a VERY gentle nudge to open, sometimes it opens without any help. I'm sure an easy fix but it didn't bother me and I didn't want to make it worse. Would prefer pickup (can demo) but can post at your own risk. CD player only. Disc format: CD Digital converter: TDA1540, 16-bit linear CD Mechanism: CDM-1 Frequency response: 4Hz to 20kHz Dynamic range: 90dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB Total harmonic distortion: 0.003% Line output: 2V Dimensions: 416 x 90 x 300mm Weight: 9.2kg Year: 1984 Pictures - Item: Aaron ZA-100 Stereo amps x2 Location: Gold Coast Price: $100 (each) Item Condition: Excellent (9.5/10) Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used in my HT, one bridged for center channel and one for 2 atmos speakers. I have upgraded to a 5 channel rotel power amp so these are now surplus. Have the boxes so can ship at buyers expense. 70w/channel (130w mono bridged)
  5. High end, top quality, home theatre 5-piece speaker system by Aaron (Australian made) in excellent condition. Great full bodied sound for both music and movies (I never needed a sub). See Aaron web site for full speaker specs and reviews. All speakers black woodgrain finish. Includes: 2 main floorstanding speakers – Aaron Audio Technology Series ATS-4 (160 Watts) 1 centre channel speaker – Aaron CC-120 (160 Watts) 2 rear (bookshelf) speakers including wall mounts – Aaron Audio Technology Series ATS-1 (100 Watts) Looking for $600 but open to offers. Any questions – just ask. Pick up only (Buderim) or possibly negotiate delivery to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Region.
  6. High end, top quality, home theatre 5-piece speaker system by Aaron (Australian made) in excellent condition. Great full bodied sound for both music and movies (I never needed a sub). See Aaron web site for full speaker specs and reviews. All speakers black woodgrain finish. Includes: 2 main floorstanding speakers – Aaron Audio Technology Series ATS-4 (160 Watts) 1 centre channel speaker – Aaron CC-120 (160 Watts) 2 rear (bookshelf) speakers including wall mounts – Aaron Audio Technology Series ATS-1 (100 Watts) Any questions – just ask. Pick up only (Buderim) or possibly negotiate delivery to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Region.
  7. Hi, I'm fairly new to home theatre, only really started a few months back. Only ever had HTIB setups previously as I lived in units, but have moved into a house this last year and wanting to get a decent setup. The first speaker I was able to get was a Aaron cc120. Long story short, got it off a mate for a case of beer after he upgraded. At this point, my little pioneers were being outclassed by the centre and while on gumtree I saw another cc120 going cheap. I had a read a few times that matching LCR is the way to go so I went for it and started looking for a third which I was able to get. Now I have 3 of these for my LCR channels. 2 vertical, the centre horizontal. I was in the process of looking for some bookshelves to put as the surrounds but in my searching, I noticed 2 cc120's on an auction site and looks like I can get them at an absolute steal! So, would 5 of these speakers (the rears vertical as well) work in 5.1 setup? I really do like the sound of these speakers but I have also read MTM (mid-tweeter-mid) style speakers aren't well suited for surrounds. Would I better leaving these and getting bookshelves even though its an almost too good a price to pass up? Would the benefits of timbre matching outweigh the downsides of MTM surrounds? I my lounge, the fronts are around 3.8m from the main seat, and the rears will be around the same.
  8. Hi all i recently just got an aaron cc-240 centre and am chasing some speakers to go with it I got my eyes on the Aaron ATS-5 Floor Standers in black and was wondering if anyone had some for sale thank you
  9. Hi all, I'm in need of help in regards to swapping the tweeters in my Aaron ATS-5 main speakers. This all started when Ditu's Aaron HMF-600's became available for sale and I was the intended buyer until I wrote my car off the following day and funds aren't there atm! Anyway I had been trying to decide for some time about swapping the tweeters out for the Vifa XT25 which Aaron actually use in there top end (Hyperboloid) model. The only thing I would like more with my ATS-5's is the tweeter although it is nice and mellow for my liking (newly owned them since 98!) they seem roll off at the top end just a little to much and I would like to try the XT25. The Dali's I bought are just to bright for me and although they have great detail they are very fatiguing but also are only bookshelf speakers so maybe its a combination of that? My friends Jamo are similar to me in that they are to bright and although this can seem good for HT with movies it is a killer on my ears very quickly. I thought that if the Vifa's fit the cutout no probs or with little mod I'd be willing to buy a pair and make the crossover separate to match. Aaron use all electro caps so no big dollar stuff needs to be applied but I will need help for what crossover components to use? I have photos of my model of ATS-5 but believe the standard tweeters were crossed at 5khz (as are the HMF's). I can supply pdf's of their crossover layouts as they provide them on there website. Vifa sell a couple of different models in the XT25 though and I'm not sure which ones to use? They have the XT25TG30-04 and the XT25BG60-04 but was thinking of using the TG30? My speakers have the specs are- Freq Resp- (28Hz - 23kHz (+/-3db) Power-(30 - 200 watts) Sens-(93db) Imp-(6 ohms) and the design is of (Low Q Ratio)! Not sure the 93db sensitivity is correct but they are efficient and at least over 90db using fabric cone surrounds! Can a 4ohm tweeter be used with the 6ohm system no problems though as this is out of my knowledge base? I thought of just copying Aaron's crossover design from there HMF-600 Mk1/Mk2 which is also at 5khz with also what I think is a filter for the resonant freq? Anyway all or any feedback is much appreciated and can add links, schematics or pics if needed. Thanks, Brett
  10. Greetings, I came across this forum after determining I was keen to venture into the audio hobby. Coming from car modifications background, this has been a different experience for sure! Found the crowd here very helpful and not too quick to flame the newb! haha. Anyways, I was initially going to go for a dac on my pc and some bookhshelf speakers. Having lurked around here I opted for a separate 2ch setup. I did want to go vinyl but I feel I'll appreciate it more once my ears get more used to cleaner sound, plus being able to experience the change. Didn't want to rush it. Here's what I ended up with: The tv and soundbar were already there, they do me fine for foxtel/ps3/bluray use. Managed to source a mint NADC320Bee amp, set of Aaron ATS-5s with some tweaks done by a local group (Rage Audio iirc) and ofcourse the NADC546Bee. I'm still waiting to pick up some speaker cables. Just a 16g cable from JB. Listening through my headphones was pretty decent, I was amazed how no distortions and how much clearer (pure?) the sound was. First track I played was Daft Punk's OST for Tron Legacy, Overture. I'll just focus on building my collection for now - hopefully graduate to turn table down the track. Cheers for veiwing and thanks to the folks who've guided to date. (PS disregard the magic carpet on the table xD)
  11. Item: Aaron XX 20th Anniversary Limited Edition integrated amplifier Location: Erskineville, Sydney Price: $1200 $1100 Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Am trying out 5.1 audio for a while Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer. Prefer pickup, but am happy to post if buyer can organise I am selling my fantastic Aaron XX 20th Anniversary Limited Edition integrated amplifier. The amp is flawless and hasn't put a foot wrong. I have got very interested in the world of 5.1 audio and unfortunately can't afford to keep this just for the stereo fronts. For me the amp brought a warmth and intimacy to the sound. And buckets of gain. I originally purchased this from Len Wallis. It comes with the additional chunky, metal remote and manual. I have attached two reviews (Australian HiFi, HiFi Plus) that have all the specs as well as information about the amp. Here is a link to the 6moons review that first got me interested; http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/aaron2/aaron.html I do not have the original box though, so would prefer pickup. But am happy to work with buyer on shipping if needed. aaron_xx_20th_anniversary_integrated_amplifier_review_lores.pdf aaron-xx-hifi-plus-uk-review.pdf
  12. Item: Aaron ATS-5 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Location: Elsternwick VIC Item condition: Acoustically excellent, cosmetically some scuffing (pics to follow) Price: now on ebay: http://bit.ly/YJB249 Reason for selling: see extra info Payment Methods: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: I purchased these late last year via ebay for my teenage brother, who subsequently had a change of financial circumstances. I have hooked them up and listened and they sound fantastic. All the drivers are in great shape, but the box and grills have some wear and tear (will be posting pics tonight). $317 is exactly what I paid for them and is therefore not negotiable. If I can't sell them at this price, will re-list them on ebay and take my chances. Pictures: on the way...
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